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Portfolio Portfolio Presentation Transcript

  • TEA Fellow:
    Content area:
    English as Foreign Language (EFL)
    The Kingdom of Cambodia
    Nation Religion King
  • 1. Introduction
    This is the classroom environment which I am in. Students have less chances to interact or share ideas. Learner-based approach is very difficult to implement
  • Students are squashed in row
  • 2. Philosophy of Education
    “ Be the leader in the classroom can ensure the success of learning and teaching”
    “ Lecturing is better than asking students to share because it will make so much noise in class”
    “ Grammar-Translation Approach is the only way to help students learn”
  • 3. Growth in Different Areas
  • 3.1. Teaching Strategies
    ** Demonstrations of best practices including group-centered approach
    Seats are arranged in groups
    Students are provided enough
    time to work
    All questions are organized
    Activities are planned and
    arranged in order
    Roles of teacher are to give support and feedback
  • Students are given choice
    Students are provided enough scaffolding via various techniques
    Students are always given chance to answer and do all tasks before exact answers/ideas are given
    Factual and real life examples are used to explain
    Instructional differentiation is almost always used
  • ** Culturally relevant teaching strategies
    Make use of students via asking them to share their understanding or the differences and the similarities of their own experience in their culture
  • ** Action Research
    • The reasons why research is needed
    • What action research look like
    • How to avoid plagiarisms
    • How to do action research
  • ** Self and Student Assessment
    Teacher reflects on daily plan to see how much she/he has achieved her/his objectives and to see what should be changed for the next class.
    Exit ticket is used.
    Presentation is needed to see how much students have learned.
  • ** Assessment Techniques
    There two types of assessment which I have learned here:
    Bloom’s Taxonomy:
  • ** Collaborative teaching
    Inspire the ideas of working in group
    Lessons are more effective and efficiency
    Gain more ideas in terms of planning lessons and presenting lessons and flexibility in teaching
    Build up confidence
    Students get more supports
  • 3.2. Instructional Materials
    Flip chart
    Marker pens
    (various color is the best)
    Internet access in classroom
    Enough course books
  • 3.3. Effective Learning Environment
    There barrier between students and teacher is fluid and flexible but with limits
    Students call teacher by last name
    Teacher and students can share their personal feelings and not afraid to talk about their family
    Relationship is like one family
    Students can tell the teacher what they don’t like or can express when they are not happy with what the teacher has done
  • 3.4. Role of Culture; Diversity
    Diversity of the culture creates more challenges for teachers
    Autonomous learning will be created
    Students will learn faster and more effectively because teens enjoy new things
    Students will be so flexible in their life
    Students can adapt themselves to different situation easily in life.
  • 3.5. Technology
    LCD is used to make accessibilities in teaching and learning
    Internet access is available in school campus
    Students are allowed to use internet when they get stuck with some questions
  • 4. Synthesis
    “ Getting the students involve and let them do activities in class is the best way to get them to learn”
    “ Everyone in the classroom is the learner so I have to give more chance to my students to present the class something which they know about topic I am going to teach them”
    “ The way to success in learning and teaching is the engagement of both sides on the same task”
  • 5. Implication
    + How I will use approach in classroom
    Providing enough time to work
    Stand on the role of facilitator and monitor
    Giving choice to students to choose task they want to do
    Providing more scaffolding
    Using instructional differentiation
    Using factual and real life examples to explain or link with the daily lesson
    Exit slip
    . Advisement session
  • + Gain activities / strategies / techniques used
    Group discussion
    Listening and ask for more information
    Think-pair share
    Read aloud
  • + Interaction
    Assigning task and activities to make students more actively involved in the lesson
    Open the discussion together
    Providing support is part of their learning and teaching
    Creating family relationship in the learning environment
  • + Classroom management
    Making sure that all students have chance to speak
    Students’ achievements are displayed on the wall
    Exit slip box is placed near the door
    There is a word wall
  • Estimated difficulties in applying these ideas
    1- Advisement session:
    using the fixed classroom cannot be done
    spend much time to help students and colleagues to see advantages of this session
    be hard to motivate and encourage teachers to facilitate the session
    + Plans to deal with these difficulties
    . Make suggestion to principal to use library as an advisement classroom
    . Put “Advisement Session” in the weekly meeting agenda
    . Ask for some incentive for teachers who volunteer to help this session
    . Give those teachers more opportunity
  • 2. Provide enough scaffolding:
    - Lack of resources
    - Time consuming
    + Plans to deal with these difficulties
    . Write requests to Asian Foundation and Room to Red and Local library
    . Combine some lessons together if they are connected
    . Use “Exit slip” to check students’ comprehension in order to save time
  • 3- Develop lesson plan structure:
    Inspectors will complain about ignorance of Format given by Ministry
    Fight with the conservative ideas of colleagues and person in charge
    Promotion will be postponed or cancelled
    + Plans to deal with these difficulties
    . Be patient, listen to their complains and use their input to improve the transition to these new strategies
    . Explain them about the advantages of “Flexibility”
    . Promote ‘the idea of taking risk’ “No risk, No change”
  • Extra reading
    Whole document about my objectives for TEA program
    Bloom’s Taxonomy
    Service-Learning (pdf)
    Service-Learning samples (1 and 2)
    Service-learning powerpoint