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MoBots (from DEIMOS) is a revolutionary system that allows any person to configure and share small mobile applications for the everyday use. Some quick examples could be "if my boss is near (I detect …

MoBots (from DEIMOS) is a revolutionary system that allows any person to configure and share small mobile applications for the everyday use. Some quick examples could be "if my boss is near (I detect her bluetooth id), make my phone vibrate", or "if I have a missed call from one of my friends, send him my location by SMS". Possibilities are unlimited.

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  • 1. By
  • 2. Imagine a user can set its phone to…
    If you miss a call of your friend
    And you are at the disco
    Send a SMS telling where I am
  • 3. Imagine a user can set its phone to…
    If a shake my phone
    While receiving a call
    Change my profile to silent
  • 4. Imagine a user can set its phone to…
    If I enter a Pub location
    and I´m open to dating
    Publish in Twitter I´m at the Pub
  • 5. Imagine a user can set its phone to…
    “Place misscalls to Facebook buddies just before an Outlook appointment”
    “Vibrate if my boss BT is comming around”
    “Call Police if my car moves because is being stolen”
    “Ring if any friend BT is around at local party and send my pic and blog it”
  • 6. Imagine others enterprise users can…
    “If I receive mail from a VIP customer, nudge in Messenger to the team”
    “If I receive a VIP call while in a meeting, send SMS to my assistant to call”
    and thousands more “small applications”…
  • 7. Phones dynamic user´s context…
  • 8.
  • 9. 3. What is ?Robots in your mobile
    MoBots are simple on-device user created algorithms usign a very easy visual interface to automate daily life
    Similar to “spreadsheet” concept, MoBots allows to develop simple applications to “non-programmers”, i.e. any user,using only its own mobile phone
    Due to initial young target, MoBots are represented by robot avatars whose respond to single events like time, enter/exit location or Bluetooth ranges, receive SMS, calls or miss calls, shaking motions, profile changes and any sensor that will be available on the future handset…
    Simple condition may be applied like “if X calls me and I´m at L location, answer with an SMS inviting X to come to L and place a misscall to my friend”
    MoBots algorithms are created by users, and shared in community as free open “source” or download as games or utilities by a premium cost
  • 10.
  • 11. Mobile Operator benefits:
    “Now I can can create micro-services, push them on the fly to all my users indepently from phone platform … and change them everyday !”
    “I can gather the dynamic user context, beyond what I already know about my customers”
    “There will be thousand of downloads of MoBots app´s and games from my Market Place”
    “There will be services, like overnight downloads that are 2 blocks MoBots”
    “Premium MoBots downloads, will bring new revenue streams..”
    “I can bundle flat sms alerts tarif with some MoBots apps...”
  • 12. Phone Manufacturer benefits:
    “So now, I can offer a new category of easy programmable phones that will enhance user experience…”
    “Now customers realize new uses of the technology (multimedia, sensors) build on our phones, that before was negligable”
    “If I launch MoBots now, we can claim a feature that iPhone can´t do”
    “With MoBots, we´re offering visual API´s of our platform to end users, so they will be loyal to our brand”
  • 13. Web Developer benefits:
    “So now, I can access devices capabilities (location, accelerometers, PIM, BT…) from a standar d Web2.0 RESTful proxy”
    “Handsets platform fragmentation won´t be a worry anymore”
    “Using SMS and misscall push I can trigger application on mobile phones from my Web mash-up, like any other API”
    “New uses of mobiles discover my the MoBots Community will bring a lot of fresh air to Web”.
    “Mobile 2.0 mash-ups are now feasible…”
  • 14. Mobile Marketing benefits:
    “So now, I can rise the value of my mobile marketing Ads impacts by conditioning to dynamic users context, and even mix pull/push techniques for Ads display events to rise redemption and lower rejection…”
    “..and finally access mobile marketing critical mass by breaking manufactures, operators, and geographical fragmentation”
    “and furthermore, end-users will be satisfied because MoBots brings a new value for its current phones.”
  • 15. VC´s view :
    “So now there is a new startup with IP´s (patent) over a real NEW category of services called "User Generated Application" .
    “This is a real innovation differentiating from "yet another social location app", that is interesting to manufacturers, Telcos, software developers, open source communities and mobile marketing companies"...”
  • 16. “Mobile Mashups for the Masses”
    More info: