Electrics	  Tech	  Plc.	        Digital	  Communica6on	                        	  Study	                    C...
Carlose	  Lopez	  •  Working	  with	  clients	     defining,	  planning	  and	     execu=ng	  marke=ng	  &	     digital	  s...
Who	  We	  Are:	  •  We	  are	  a	  global	  group,	  managing,	  exploi=ng	  and	       developing	  our	  technologies	 ...
Star6ng	  Point	  	     1.  (1)	  Corporate	  website	  	     2.  (15)	  brand	  websites	  	     3.  (4)	  external	  web...
Key	  Ques6ons	    1.  Digital	  strategy	  à	  (1)	  corporate	  website	  and	  (15)	        brands	  vs.	  Consolida=o...
Key	  Elements	    1.  Business	  goals	  à	  before	  thinking	  about	         technology	  we	  must	  think	  of	  bu...
Strategy	  Defini6on	  	  •  Workshops	  to	  define	  strategy:	  	     1.    Define	  mission	  &	  vision	     2.    Scan	...
Strategy:	  Workshop	                                                         Objec6ves:	  Digital	      Priority:	  uniqu...
Effec6ve	  Website	  Design	    1.  Aligned	  with	  vision	  and	  business	  goals	    2.  Integrated	  into	  marke=ng	 ...
Phase	  Approach	                  •  Mee=ng	  with	  marke=ng,	  product	  managers	  and	  business	  managers,	  best	 ...
Phase	  Approach	                 •  Coding,	  create	  design	  elements,	  SEO,	  tes=ng	                 •  Deliverable...
Phase	  Approach	                 •  Project	  review	  (lessons	  learned)	                 •  Site	  metrics	  kick	  in...
Tenta6ve	  –	  High	  Level	  Project	  Plan	                                                          Carlose	  Lopez	   ...
Content	  Marke6ng:	  Idea	  •  Crea=on	  /	  sharing	  of	  content	  for	  the	  purpose	  of	     engaging	  current	  ...
Social	  Media:	  Idea	  •  Once	  the	  content	  marke=ng	  strategy	  has	  been	     implemented,	  Social	  Media	  i...
Online	  Media	  Room:	  Idea	    1.  It	  is	  a	  cousin	  of	  Investor	  Rela=ons	  Room	    2.  To	  reach	  journali...
Top	  Challenges	    1.  Digital	  /	  Marke=ng	  /	  Social	  media	  strategy	  is	  part	        of	  the	  business	  ...
Carlose	  Lopez	  www.carloselopez.com	           	  Ideas	  about	  strategy,	  digital,	  marke=ng,	  branding,	        ...
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Electrics plc - Digital Communication


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Digital communication strategy, corporate website, media room, content marketing, social media ans web project

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Electrics plc - Digital Communication

  1. 1.    Electrics  Tech  Plc.   Digital  Communica6on    Study   Case           www.carloselopez.com  
  2. 2. Carlose  Lopez  •  Working  with  clients   defining,  planning  and   execu=ng  marke=ng  &   digital  strategies  •  Vast  experience  in   marke=ng,  digital   transforma=on  &   change  management   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  3. 3. Who  We  Are:  •  We  are  a  global  group,  managing,  exploi=ng  and   developing  our  technologies  within  the  fast  moving   engineered  products  sector  in  business  to  business   markets    •  Our  mission  is  to  deliver  a  highly  compe==ve  return   to  shareholders  by  using  our  technologies  to  create   innova6ve  solu6ons  for  our  customers   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  4. 4. Star6ng  Point     1.  (1)  Corporate  website     2.  (15)  brand  websites     3.  (4)  external  web  agencies   4.  Common  technologies:  ASP.net  –  PHP     5.  Google  Analy=cs     6.  No  social  media  integra=on  (TwiTer,  Facebook,   LinkedIn,  Blog)   7.  Look  &  feel  can  be  improved  (consistency)   8.  Usability  can  be  improved       Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  5. 5. Key  Ques6ons   1.  Digital  strategy  à  (1)  corporate  website  and  (15)   brands  vs.  Consolida=on  in  (1)  site   2.  Unique  CMS  efficiencies  à  maintenance;   training,  content  audit  /  crea=on  /  update  /   opsimisa=on;  central  repository;  roles;   communica=on     3.  Look  &  feel  and  branding   4.  Content  Marke6ng  à  SEO  and  Social  Media     Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  6. 6. Key  Elements   1.  Business  goals  à  before  thinking  about   technology  we  must  think  of  business  goals   2.  Marke6ng  objec6ves  à  by  brand  and  customers     3.  Internal  resources  à  knowledge  &  pla`orms   4.  Business  process  à  How  they  need  to  change  to   support  the  vision   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  7. 7. Strategy  Defini6on    •  Workshops  to  define  strategy:     1.  Define  mission  &  vision   2.  Scan  environment  (SWOT)   3.  Set  priori=es   4.  Set  objec=ves     5.  Create  strategy   6.  Define  opera=onal  plans   7.  Develop  &  manage  project  plans     Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  8. 8. Strategy:  Workshop   Objec6ves:  Digital   Priority:  unique  CMS,  look   strategy  crea=on  &   &  feel,  SEO,  social  media     implementa=on  by  Q3   2012   Strategy:  consolidate  digital   communica6ons  into  one  site  and  the   use  of  social  media     Management:  internal   Plan:  Agile  Project  –  User   leadership  using   centre  design   specialised  3rd  par=es       Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  9. 9. Effec6ve  Website  Design   1.  Aligned  with  vision  and  business  goals   2.  Integrated  into  marke=ng  strategy   3.  Clearly  defined  purpose   4.  Customer  centric   5.  Intui=ve  and  usable  (usability)   6.  Relevant  content   7.  Maintained  without  major  rework  or  resources   8.  Performance  can  be  measured  an  con=nuously   improved   9.  Search  engine  friendly   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  10. 10. Phase  Approach   •  Mee=ng  with  marke=ng,  product  managers  and  business  managers,  best   prac=ces  (what  we  have  done  in  the  past  to  reach  objec=ves)   •  Business  case,  this  come  out  from  vision  and  strategy   Discover   •  Deliverables:  SOW,  Project  Charter  and  Project  Plan   •  How  much  will  be  outsourced?,  what  technology  will  be  used?,  exploratory   user  research,  scenarios  and  personas  crea=on   •  Deliverables:  Compe==ve  Analysis,  Preliminary  Requirement  Document,   Define   User  Stories,  Project  Strategy,  User  research  report  and  Crea=ve  brief   •  Informa=on  Architecture  (IA);  apply  scenarios  and  personas;  content   strategy   •  Deliverables:  Prototype  Model  (wireframes),  First  Usability  Valida=on,  Brand   Design   Guidelines  and  Look  &  Feel,  Mock  Ups,  SEO  Strategy,  Site  Map   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  11. 11. Phase  Approach   •  Coding,  create  design  elements,  SEO,  tes=ng   •  Deliverables:  working,  tested  web  site   Develop   •  User  Experience,  Func=onality,  Performance  and  Stress  Tests,  Content   and  design,  Proof  reading         Tes=ng   •  Deliverables:  Wri=ng  approval  from  all  the  par=es  to  deliver  website   •  Cut  across  from  stage  /  tes=ng  to  Live   •  Deliverables:  Release  plan  (backup,  procedures,  communica=on)   Deploy   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  12. 12. Phase  Approach   •  Project  review  (lessons  learned)   •  Site  metrics  kick  in:  measure,  analise,  op=mise    -­‐  performance  improvement   Post   •  Deliverables:  Case  study,  Maintenance  Plan,  Service  Level  Agreements   (SLA’s)   Launch   •  Website  objec6ve:  Usability  is  our  constant  reference  point   •  Business  /  communica6on  objec6ve:  Building  brands,  genera=ng  response,   solving  customers  problems  and  build  customer  rela=onships   •  Preference:  Agile  methodology  to  deliver  the  project   •  Guerilla  development:  spent  wisely,  abandon  easily,  keep  moving  on,  keep   innova=ng,  keep  diversifying       Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  13. 13. Tenta6ve  –  High  Level  Project  Plan   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  14. 14. Content  Marke6ng:  Idea  •  Crea=on  /  sharing  of  content  for  the  purpose  of   engaging  current  &  poten=al  consumer  bases   delivering  high-­‐quality,  relevant  &  valuable   informa=on  to  drive  profitable  consumer  ac=on  à   enquire,  purchase,  download,  par=cipate  •  Magazines,  newsleTers,  digital  content,  websites,   microsites,  white  papers,  webinars,  video  portals,   interac=ve  online,  email,  events…   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  15. 15. Social  Media:  Idea  •  Once  the  content  marke=ng  strategy  has  been   implemented,  Social  Media  is  used  to  share,  get   insights  and  for  customers  to  engage  and  create   content  •  Social  Media  can  be  used  for:  Marke=ng,  PR,   Communica=on,  Customer  Service,  HR…   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  16. 16. Online  Media  Room:  Idea   1.  It  is  a  cousin  of  Investor  Rela=ons  Room   2.  To  reach  journalists,  customers,  bloggers,  employees   3.  For  many  companies  the  this  sec=on  is  one  of  the   most  frequently  visited  pages   4.  Benefits:  SEO,  central  repository  of  informa=on,  we   control  the  content   5.  Key  elements:  Search  and  browsing,  mul=media   content,  calendar  (Execu=ve  appearances,   conferences,  trade  shows),  call  to  ac=ons  for   journalists  (Execu=ve  interviews),  RSS     Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  17. 17. Top  Challenges   1.  Digital  /  Marke=ng  /  Social  media  strategy  is  part   of  the  business  strategy  and  not  separate   2.  Customer  experience  must  be  seamless  across   different  channels   3.  Think  like  your  customer   4.  Recognise  social  media  as  a  game  changer   5.  Customers  believe  on  what  other  customers  say   about  the  brand   Carlose  Lopez   www.carloselopez.com  
  18. 18. Carlose  Lopez  www.carloselopez.com    Ideas  about  strategy,  digital,  marke=ng,  branding,   communica=on  and  e-­‐commerce      
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