WISeKey disrupts and evolves


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WISeKey disrupts and evolves

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WISeKey disrupts and evolves

  1. 1. THE SWISS STYLEWORLD ECONOMIC FORUM SPECIAL DALIAN— WISEKEY DISRUPTS AND EVOLVES »»» by Raymond Langley WISeKey disrupts and evolves from infrastructure digital security to consumer digital securityS ecret codes, hidden ciphers, information encryption, hidden extreme-security data centres inthe Swiss mountains, military-gradeUSB keys and participation in cutting- securely, secure access to your social networking accounts and even ensure that your valued membership to a sports or other club (and the online perks that can come with it) can be sure will be interesting to more than just a few of us: e-Key+ – Imagine having a USB key that securely stores your bank accounts, credit card details, healthedge projects such as the world-first exclusively leveraged from your mobile records, pictures, music, movies andInternet voting system and securing phone, laptop or even from a public other personal data on the key and inthe data of the Alinghi Team (the internet café. a Swiss secure data centre. If you losewinners of the America’s Cup, world- As it is nominated for the third the key, no problem, nobody will berenowned formula-type sailing race), year running as a Swiss New Champion able to access the data on it as it ishave all been the mainstay of of the World Economic Forum Global protected with a combination ofWISeKey’s business since its Growth Companies, WISeKey wants to biometrics and cryptography. You canfoundation in 1999. give consumers the value of its security even recover your data from your Exciting? The WISeKey team systems in ways that avoid their online data store later on.thinks so as they have eagerly worked traditional complexity without That’s what WISeKey’s eKey+ is. Itday in, day out to help their large and watering down their trustworthiness. can also be used to encrypt data and tosmall government and corporate With these guiding principles in digitally sign documents, as well as ancustomers worldwide to secure their mind, WISeKey has worked intensively access control key to your laptop orIT systems, buildings and data – and over the last two years to make this a home computer. It’s the digital versioneven their executives as they travel reality through what they call the of the Swiss pocket knife.around the world. As any member of electronic identity (e-ID) 2.0 and 3.0 WISeKey is now hard at work tothe WISeKey team will tell you solutions, which mirror the allow its customers to access manyunreservedly – it’s never boring at developments represented by the Web other secure personal data servicesWISeKey! 2.0 (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, etc.) and available through the eKey+, which it Web 3.0 (e.g. location services, will be surprising its customers withThe security of security ubiquitous banking, telecommunica- in the comings months. As it moves towards its IPO, tions or other services adapted to your WISeAuthentic secures yourWISeKey is bringing these exciting preference, location or other attributes investments – Paying for an expensivetechnologies, products and services to associated to you at any given moment). luxury watch, bag or other luxuryyou as a consumer to, for example, product is always a bit scary when onehelp avoid identity theft, ensure the What’s to come thinks of the amount of counterfeitbrand-name products you buy are Here is just some of the cool stuff products that are out in the marketauthentic, store your data online WISeKey is launching – which we’re today. During the financial crisis, the24
  2. 2. “WISeKey developed its WISeAuthentic solution that, essentially, enables the purchaser of aHublot watch to validate the authenticity of the watch online as well as access the Hublot CertifiedOwners Club, where unique privileges are available to its members … WISeKey is now expandingthe application of WISeAuthentic to many other luxury brands and expects its patented technologyto become a standard in the avoidance of counterfeit luxury goods globally” 25
  3. 3. THE SWISS STYLEWORLD ECONOMIC FORUM SPECIAL DALIAN— WISEKEY DISRUPTS AND EVOLVES »»»issues surrounding this phenomenon recorded games online, the online VIP Going green with WISeKeyhave come to a head as counterfeiting lounge (where they can chat with the All of this doesn’t mean WISeKeyhas increased and consumers seek to players and managers), get fast-track is forgetting its government andmake the luxury goods they own more access to the stadium, use team-branded corporate customers. It is also launchingliquid. As many people have seen, selling e-mail accounts securely, store their its solutions to “Go Green wit ha luxury-brand good over eBay and personal data securely through their WISeK ey” . These solutions enablegetting paid what it is really worth is no team’s online Fan Club and even get organizations to eliminate the need toeasy task due to the counterfeiting special discounts on merchandise print paper while ensuring legal validityuncertainties that exist. purchased online. of electronic documents across more WISeKey developed its Using its ground-breaking e-voting than 38 legal systems, even for highlyWISeAuthentic solution to this with a technology, WISeKey can even enable it regulated documents such as invoices.world-first launch at BaselWorld 2009 to be used for voting online to choose (A recent survey showed that a 100-(the watch industry’s global premium who will be on the next board of employee organization typically spendsevent). Essentially, it enables the directors of the team. at least US$ 46,700 annually just onpurchaser of a Hublot watch to validate power, paper, postal services, physicalthe authenticity of the watch online as Identity convergence archival and staff time.)well as access the Hublot Certified With these and other consumer It is already providing theseOwners Club, where unique privileges products, WISeKey is realizing the services from its data centres inare available to its members. dream of allowing individuals to Switzerland to multinationals for WISeKey is now expanding the manage the mind-boggling diversity of invoices, just-in-time supply-chainapplication of WISeAuthentic to many online accounts and the passwords that digital contract signing and otherother luxury brands and expects its we accumulate over time. WISeKey’s documents and processes.patented technology to become a mantra is “make it secure and simple”. With the typical excitement thatstandard in the avoidance of counterfeit Their hard-earned experience has WISeKey brings to all of its business, itluxury goods globally. taught WISeKey’s team that if it’s not is now going mainstream by providing The Digital Fan Club – The extent secure, you’re risking too much of your an Electronic Document Complianceto which a fan will go to show support personal data and, if it’s not simple, you Clearinghouse, allowing small andfor his or her favourite team is, to some won’t use the security anyway. medium-sized organizations to benefitpeople, astounding. To the WISeKey WISeKey has embedded these from the eco-friendliness of thisteam, it’s no mystery. This is why they concepts in all of its products and approach, as well as the efficiency anddeveloped a Digital Fan Club which services, striving always to provide cost-reduction benefits that it brings.takes the eKey+ and VIP Club approach consumers with a convergence of all of All in all, it’s wise to go secure – andto the next level. their online identities and avoid “digital green – with WISeKey security! ««« Using its security technologies, schizophrenia” – unless of course youwith a single team-branded eKey+, want it!WISeKey now allows the fans to access26