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  • 1. The World Internet Security Company WISeKey eKey+ Securing your identity, applications and data for universal access.
  • 2. Data theft loss and mismanagement is costing individuals and enterprises lots of money The World Internet Security Company • Data Loss costs us money – Regulatory penalties – Loss of valuable intellectual property, commercial data – Lost productive time • Identity and data theft – Huge and growing problem – Banks are now rolling out strong authentication • Mobile workers losing productivity – Un-synchronised, unavailable data – My document update is at home!
  • 3. our solution is a tangible device that fuses high security portable identity and data synchronicity The World Internet Security Company Consumer friendly & Water Proof ! an advanced Secure Identity and Online Authentication • secure digital ID authentication & diigtal signature • secure password (SSO) portability. • up to 3-factor strong authentication – Password Personal Portable Security – Match on Device Biometrics Device (PPSD) that Secure Data Storage and Synchronization securely stores and • portable secure storage (Gigabyets) • secure hardened applications synchronises your • synchronization across network devices electronic identity , Multiplicity of Add on Features: • Add-on services via subscriptions • RFID for physical access applications and data. • Post Quantum Cryptography
  • 4. Types of eKey+ The World Internet Security Company
  • 5. eKey+ Models The World Internet Security Company
  • 6. The World Internet Security Company WISeKey Smartcard Kit contains a state- of-the-art digital security system. The Kit includes WISekey technologies for securing websites, a biometric- protected electronic token, smartcard reader and Alinghi. Contains: • 2GB Biometric Token (Level 1 software encryption, fingerprint slide) • Smartcard (RSA 2048 bit, X.509 compatible) • WISekey digital certificate (proof of identity, secure email, site access) • Smartcard Reader (USB)
  • 7. The World Internet Security Company
  • 8. The World Internet Security Company
  • 9. The World Internet Security Company
  • 10. Everyone that needs secure identity, application and data portability The World Internet Security Company Target Market : Everyone that needs Secure Data Portability (USB, et. Al.) (15% CAGR) 172 Mn to 227 Mn units p.a. / € 4 Bn to € 5.6 Bn (50% CAGR) 261 Mn 658 Mn units p.a. / € 8.1 Bn to € 27.3 Bn “Revenue from Universal Serial Bus flash drives will rise by 64 percent in 2005, to $2.4 billion. It will grow at a compound annual rate of 15 percent between 2004 and 2010, fuelled partly by demand for smart USB drives.” - Gartner USB Flash Drive - Units (Millions) Best Selling Brands (Channel Survey) • SanDisk – 37% 250 • Kingston – 25% 200 • HP – 19% 150 • Memorex – 11% 100 50 • PNY – 7% 0 • Tanscend – 4% • Sony – 4% Ref: http://www.pma-show.com/sandisk/003_expands_flash_memory_market.html Kingston HP gain USB Flash Drive market share…
  • 11. USB on Steroids Revenue Potential The World Internet Security Company Conservative Revenue Projection: € 27 Mn in Year 1 € 160 Mn in Year 5 Revenue Projection (€ Mn) ASSUMPTIONS Device Revenue Subs. Revenue MKT SHARE: 0.1 % total USB sales 200.0 MSRP: € 90 150.0 DEVICE COGS: € 40 100.0 SUBS: 50% signup., € 100 p.a. SUBS COGS: 50% SUBS Retention 75% 50.0 0.0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
  • 12. Long List Features The World Internet Security Company • Use as a wireless physical access badge. • Securely store and access your data on any PC with a USB port. • Assure secure encrypted access to secured Websites, and online data storage. • Allows execution of applications such as Internet Browsers and Email from onboard storage, and can securely encrypt all application data. • Allows access to be secure by biometrics, PIN, or PIN and Biometrics. • Onboard storage and matching of fingerprint templates guarantees security and privacy. • Secure portable desktop environment: allows for secure mobile computing with standalone portable applications • a hardened browser with a restricted operating environment and secure. • organizations and users that require up to 3-factor strong authentication to satisfy their needs for secure portable storage, identity and user authentication. • It features very secure native hardware based file encryption • Optional biometric match-on-device authentication • It features a rugged waterproof design. • Dev: an easy to use system to add portable applications and secure services. • Dev: Additional online services and subscriptions