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  1. 1. HONDA INC.
  2. 2. SOICHIRO HONDA Founding President of HONDA Corporation A self taught engineer. First engaged in the motorcycle business.
  3. 3. HISTORY Founded in 1959 in Minato, Tokyo Japan. First engaged in the motorcycle business and is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world since its inception in 1955. At present, it’s fifth largest car manufacturer in the world. Strategically positioned assembly plants all over the world. Spends a certain percentage of its revenue for research and development and charitable works.
  4. 4. FIRST AUTOMOBILES The Honda T360 is the first autombile manufactured by Honda in 1963. The Honda S500 was the first car ever produced by Honda also in 1963.
  5. 5. TAKANOBU ITO Current President of Honda Corporation Graduated from Kyoto University with honors as a Mechanical Engineer Joined Honda in 1978 as a Research & Development engineer specializing in chassis design. Responsible for the first aluminum framed car - Acura NSX
  6. 6. TATSUYE NATSUME Current President of Honda Cars Philippines Inc. Graduated from Tokyo University. Served Honda for 25 years. Rose from the ranks to be the president of different Honda regions around the world.
  7. 7. 1st Generation Honda Civic Honda dreams of a better world where people, technology and the environment live as one. That is why Honda’s products and processes are designed to put SAFE, EFFICIENT, ECONOMICAL, and ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY TECHNOLOGY at the service of people and the community. ABOUT HONDA PHILIPPINES INC
  8. 8. Every Honda product that leaves the assembly line, leaves with years of technological expertise, constant research and development, plus meticulous attention to quality control and customer satisfaction built into it. Honda keeps the Philippines moving in more ways than one. Whether on wheels, on electric power, on land or at sea, the company's commitment to quality and customer service remains unchanged ABOUT HONDA PHILIPPINES INC. 2nd Generation Honda Civic
  9. 9. Striving to become a company that society wants to exist. VISION
  11. 11. One Honda, One Team, One Million MISSION
  12. 12. CSR THEME STATEMENT “Improve corporate citizenship through implementation of sustainable efforts and programs with significant impact”
  13. 13. Underlying the Honda Company Principle are our two fundamental beliefs, the three joys (Joy of Buying, Joy of Selling and the Joy of Creating) and Respect for the Individual. The belief of respect for the individual is applied to Honda's relationship with fellow associates and with the people, companies and communities with whom it conducts business. Thus, Honda believes that as a "member of society, we must be sensitive to the needs of the communities in which we do business and the environment." With this in mind, the Honda Foundation was created. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY
  14. 14. Strengthened Honda's Corporate Social Responsibility by means of: -Environment Protection & Safety -Education and Youth Development -Job Creation -Poverty Alleviation (Philanthropy) HONDA FOUNDATION 5th generation honda civic
  15. 15. Honda recognizes the importance of giving its contribution to society. As a corporate citizen, it is committed to pursue harmonious co- existence with the environment and the community. Ever persevering in maintaining harmony with society, Honda has been a catalyst in addressing environmental and social concerns, protecting valuable resources and nurturing the dreams of the young generation. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP
  16. 16. “ Honda is proactive in environmental conservation” Honda Philippines, Inc. is concerned about the environment. Its manufacturing processes, which employ facilities and systems for waste water treatment, maintaining air cleanliness, energy conservation and solid waste management, are designed to make optimal use of resources while minimizing environmental impact. ENVIRONMENT
  17. 17. Honda has invested in a multi-million peso Wastewater Treatment Facility that subjects waste water to thorough and redundant recycling and decontamination, ensuring no harmful elements are released to the environment. Geared towards protecting the community dependent on the waters of Laguna Bay, this investment has earned Honda the Macli-ing Dulag Environmental Achievement Award. To complement its Wastewater Treatment facility, a Universal Carbonizer thermal treatment system was adopted to properly treat hazardous and non-hazardous solid wastes before discharge. Owing to these and other measures, Honda Cars Philippines was granted an ISO 14001 certification for responsible environmental management. ENVIRONMENTAL CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP
  18. 18. TREE PLANTING ACTIVITY HCPI President Tatsuya Natsume is one the participants who planted 2,500 seedlings in rehabilitating the Caliraya Watershed together with the volunteers, government agencies and Honda employees in their quarterly tree planting activity.
  20. 20. CLEAN FLEET MANAGEMENT PROGRAM In partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme: Demonstrates road safety and commitment to environment through global initiatives and… …Environmental performance of Honda Cars 6th Gen Civic
  21. 21. “Honda has always sought harmonious coexistence as the expansion of our operations has brought us in contact with more communities around the world” COMMUNITY
  22. 22. Blood Letting Program Donates the bags of blood to PNRC, DOH and St. Luke’s Hospital quarterly.
  23. 23. Dental Program Gave dental treatment to residents of Pulong Sta. Cruz, Laguna
  24. 24. Medical Program Offers free paediatric consultation and circumcision to beneficiaries
  25. 25. Annual Road Assistance to Motorists during the Holy Week Free maintenance check and troubleshooting to all vehicles passing through the major thoroughfares
  27. 27. “SAFETY FOR EVERYONE” Honda Philippines, Inc. values the safety of its customers. Beyond just manufacturing top quality vehicles, but also imparting the responsibility of road discipline, safe driving skills as well as proper vehicle maintenance and responsibility involved in using them. Through the Honda Safety Driving Center, the company aims to help safeguard the well-being of motorists. It is the first and only automobile school in the country, and is accredited by the Land Transportation Office. SAFETY
  28. 28. HONDA SAFETY DRIVING CENTER The HSDC offers comprehensive training on the basics of intelligent, safe and responsible driving, and on the basics of automobile maintenance. A concise yet comprehensive instruction on these aspects of car usage is made available to owners of new Honda cars and motorcycles through the HRA's S.M.A.R.T. Start program.
  29. 29. GOVERNMENT ENERGY MANAGEMENT PROGRAM Practical Training on fuel efficient driving Builds driving habits as the key to conserve fuel Safe driving practices for government fleet Avoid greenhouse gas emissions
  30. 30. Lending not only its expertise in engineering, Honda supports NGO projects and upholds the value of education. It has cultivated a training ground for Filipino engineers with engine and transmission assembly donations to technological institutions. In addition, Honda has granted full scholarship programs to its associates and students from the local community. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP ON C COMMUNITY
  31. 31. Carlonarbs Photography 2005
  32. 32. “Committed to support and give assistance to educational institutions to uplift and make better education environment for the welfare of the students” ADOPT-a-SCHOOL Educational TV Packages Library building Medical Supplies Musical Instruments Fire & Earthquake Safety Orientation Beneficiaries: Don Jose, Sinalhan, Caingin in Laguna EDUCATION
  33. 33. Balik Eskwela Program Caingin and Sinalhan Elementary School are the beneficiaries of the clean up and rehabilitation project
  34. 34. INFORMATION and EDUCATION CAMPAIGN Teachers Training Workshop Sharing Environmental conservation thru technology innovations Impart learning and best practices on Green production education Support road safety advocacy of Auto REVIEW EDUCATION
  35. 35. RECOGNITION Honda was recognized by PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) for their scholarship programs, free medical and dental services, tree planting and pro community projects for 2010.
  36. 36. Honda Philippines, Inc. adheres to high technological standards. Technological expertise, continuous research and development and meticulous quality control honed through years of experience are applied for customer satisfaction. The results are machines that are efficient, economical and environment-friendly, that deliver good value at reasonable prices. These are all part of the company's dream of improving the quality of human life through technology. TECHNOLOGY
  37. 37. FCX CLARITY Runs on hydrogen fuel cell Hydrogen & oxygen produces electricity Zero pollutants Emits only heat and water
  38. 38. 5 out of 10 of the Most Fuel Efficient Cars in the US 1984-2010 UNITED STATES ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY
  39. 39. 2010 Insight Consumption: 17.54 km/L
  40. 40. 2006 Civic Hybrid Consumption: 17.54 km/L
  41. 41. 1992 Civic Consumption: 18.18 km/L
  42. 42. 1984 Civic Coupe Consumption: 19 km/L
  43. 43. 2006 Insight Consumption: 22.72 km/L
  44. 44. Civic GX The “Greenest” Car in America since 2003
  45. 45. ASIMO Part of Honda’s Research and Development Team, Asimo started in 1986. Only humanoid robot able to ascend and descend stairs independently Has 11 versions since 1986
  46. 46. A Presentation by CARLO MIGUEL A. NARBONETA