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Presentation on EV mobility and energy storage. business model analysis and future development

Presentation on EV mobility and energy storage. business model analysis and future development



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Presentazione eurobat Presentazione eurobat Presentation Transcript

  • Rome, June 7th 2013New Battery technology solutionssuitable for fast growing marketdevelopmentsCarlo Iacovini!Associate Senior Manager Clickutility on earth!
  • Storage battery, which market for mobility?  Electric mobility is still in the introduction phase to the market.  Storage market is market opportunity related to Distributed generation andrenewable energy.  Storage is supported in some countries (like Germany and more recently US with lawproposal named Storage Atc to provided up 30% financial discount)  Before talking about storage market in mobility we need to forecast the dimension ofEV market. There are different expectations from industries and research institutes:  German Prime Minister forecasts 1 mln vehicle by 2020 with 12bilions € investments byautomotive industry. Roland Berger estimates not more than 600.000 cars. Today ≈7000 vehicleson streets  1,8 millions ev cars in 2020 + 1,2 millions world wide according to Pike Research  10,7 charging points installed by 2020 world wide according to Pike Research  48,705 publicly accessible charging stations installed globally (Asia is country leader)2
  • Storage battery business models in ev market and mobilityVehicle to buildingsSecond life battery packsVehicle to grids1.  Not clear framework for OEM2.  Small projects mainly in Asia and Japan3.  Up tp 3/5 years to a viable commercial market4.  The goal is to Offset cost of PEVs, by lowering theenergy costs of the building, and by providingreliable emergency backup services5.  Nearly 200,000 PEVs equipped with V2Btechnology will be sold from 2012 through 2020.3 View slide
  • Storage battery business models in ev market and mobility - 2Vehicle to gridsSecond life battery packsVehicle to buildings1.  To manage peak consumes of the grid2.  To balance and store energy3.  Projects integrated in microgrid applications torenewable plants (mainly PV plants)4.  The goal is to Offset cost of PEVs and to sellenergy4 View slide
  • Storage battery business models in ev market and mobility - 3Second life batterypacksVehicle to gridsVehicle to buildings1.  Ev market driven business2.  Uncertain for deployment strategy andeconomical matters3.  Medium term development4.  It is an industrial chain integrated with financialsupport5GM and ABB together with Duke Energy with Chevy Volt batteriescapable of providing enough electricity to power three to five averageAmerican homes for up to two hours.Nissan expects up to 50,000 electric-car batteries by 2020 (200k Leaf)sold into the second hand market
  • Which type of business modelcould beprofitable considering to linkstoragebattery to EV products andservices?
  • Zero Emission Territory: an electric car sharing scheme !7  Planned around metropolintan areas the project is BtoB car sharing scheme toapproach electric vehicle to companies  Small scale project with up to 70 cars and 20 charging point’s network.
  • Energica: electric sportbike !case history!
  • Energica represents the first high-performed Italian prototype ofelectric streetbike coming fromthe passion and experience ofCRP GroupThe concept comes from eCRP1.4, the 2011 Vice-WorldChampionship electric racebike
  • Pike research: e-motorcycles will grow inWestern europe (78% between 2012 and 2018),almost 150,000 e-motorcycles in 2018.!Electric bikes: market forecasts!North American market is expected to grow, toreach sales of only 16,883 vehicles by 2018.!Asia Pacific is expected to remain the keymarket for e-motorcycles (2.1 million vehicles,in China.!Much of the e-motorcycles growth outsideNorth America will be smaller e-motorcyclescomparable to 51-125cc gas engines.!In North America, the 126cc and higherequivalent e-motorcycles will see higher sharethan other parts of the world.!
  • Virtuous industrial and marketing chain!•  Ev brandVehicle•  1.200 lifecycles•  (180.000km)Battery pack•  IndustrialpartnerSecond lifebattery•  FinancialpartnerRemarketingBattery pack used tostorage business• Energy provider,• Utility• Battery industryLease battery pack(first life)Potentially 2nd lifetooMarketing and commercialstrategy to price the productBattery pack to be rented orsold
  • Second life battery market: which is the right price?!How much is technically competitive a 2nd hand battery compared to storage designedproducts?!Battery pack of 12kw!Facts and numbers!80% efficiency after 1.200 cycles.!Up to 5.000 packs yearly in 5 yearstime. Nearly 12.000 packs totally!140 MWh storage energy capacitywithin 5 years!Estimated 70 millions € value (500 €/kWh!
  • Carlo Iacovini, c.iacovini@clickutility.itSenior Associate ManagerClickutility on EarthVia Arena 1 20123 MilanoPhone: +39 02 39811690Cell. +39348153571913