ev bikes strategy to corporate business development, marketing and branding


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an overall strategy to position a premium ev bike brand offering new services to corporation and business community.

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ev bikes strategy to corporate business development, marketing and branding

  1. 1. Corporate presentation 2-wheels mobility January 2014
  2. 2. identity resnova and its origins in the automotive from mechanics since 1859 from transport (as part of the V. Orlandi group) to pollution
 reduction to mobility
  3. 3. vision resnova and mobility on the edge of innovation 
 for 2 & 4 wheel mobility
  4. 4. values resnova for mobility innovation safety design sustainability practicality accessibility
  5. 5. competences people and passions mobility sustainability engineering communications management
  6. 6. products innovation on 2 wheels
  7. 7. partner expertise and global outreach A Journey Redefined
  8. 8. the concept planned for B2B product range service range consultancy
  9. 9. for corporate mobility e-bike as a solution as a vehicle that favours individual mobility and accessibility as a means for internal mobility within large industrial sites or retails parks as a system for both internal and external micrologistics needs as a solution for corporate bike sharing
  10. 10. for the fleet e-bike as an integration to balance the corporate fleet on short range mobility needs to reduce environmental footprint without reducing mobility as a cost saving solution as asset for corporate events and the retail network
  11. 11. for employee engagement e-bike as a platform as a benefit and incentivo for the management as a tool to facilitate wellness programmes and contribute to a healthy lifestyle as a resource to change management programmes and activation plans as a solutions for teambuilding sessions and managerial trainings as a service in renting for corporate families and employees
  12. 12. for the retail e-bike as a tool as a mobility service for the network’s employees and/or clients as a commercial product for sales differentiation as a benefit for dealers/subsidiaries/partners for loyalty programmes as am innovative and differentiating product range as a communications asset
  13. 13. for sustainability e-bike as diversity as a CSR engagement and initiative to favour accessibility and social inclusion as a thematic area of experience in training sessions to sensitise and involve corporate population on material issues e.g. environment, healthiness, changing lifestyle, … as a service for local communities
  14. 14. e-bike emotional experiential electric
  15. 15. has chosen
  16. 16. the proposal studied for the B2B world of business automotive & fleet tourism & hospitality events & exhibitions
  17. 17. the proposal e-bike for the world of business range of products A2B customised on organisational needs short/long term renting services (conventions, events or as an integration to fleets, for corporate bike sharing) advisoring i.e. corporate mobility analysis and planning of dedicate services experiential training sessions for teambuilding and outdoors change management projects and activation strategies in 
 partnership con:
  18. 18. the proposal e-bike for automotive & fleet courtesy bike for customers during car service commercial differentiation through the introduction of A2B product range setting up of a display corner with A2B brand design and/or in co-marketing short/long term renting service on client’s needs for the business organisation in itself (see e-bike for the world of business)
  19. 19. the proposal e-bike for tourism & hospitality courtesy bike for guests during accommodation short/long term renting service on customers’ needs organisation of thematic cyclo-tourism experiences (with standard itineraries or bespoke) sales opportunities upon request for the business organisation in itself (see e-bike for the world of business)
  20. 20. the proposal e-bike for events & exhibitions courtesy bike for guests and participants communication asset using e-bike as media organisation of entertainment sessions for guests/participants
  21. 21. ! Resnova srl a socio unico 
 Via Quinzano, 3 25020 - Flero - Brescia IT
 T. +39.030.3539079 - F. +39.030.9583111 Distributore esclusivo A2B Italia www.wearea2b.com ! Karin Fischer, Business Partner k.fischer@resnovasrl.it Carlo Iacovini Senior Business Manager c.iacovini@resnovasrl.it Claudio Mascialino Owner c.mascialino@resnovasrl.it !