Teachers education in Italy


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The presentation is intended for the kickoff meeting of Comenius Regio project "REFRESHMENT POLICIES FOR TEACHING STAFF"

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  • Good morning, thank you all for the hospitality. My name is Carlo Columba. I’m a teacher of electronics at Majorana in Palermo. I’ll try to show you the teacher education system in Italy. As you probably know, in our country actually the parliament is engaged in a school reforming project. Anyway, there are no signs about possible changements of teachers refreshement policies. So the map will still be this one … [successiva slide]
  • Here is the map of the whole system. Now we’ll scan it in the details. [successiva slide]
  • We have to distinguish two main branches. The “on duty” refreshements and the “First Year “ training.
  • As you can see, these activities are mandatory. Two types of activities: Regular classes (minimum 180 days of teaching in a school year) A training blended course with the objectives of go deeper some key competence of the educators: programming, testing and so on
  • At the end of the trial year, the teacher will have to do a final examination by a final interview and a final report.
  • An evaluation committee will decide if the teacher will be a permanent teacher or not.
  • Most of times this final examination is a sort a ceremonial. It’s one in a million the teacher is not confermed in the permanent role.
  • Let’s have a look now at on duty refreshement
  • Self training is one of the possibilities. Self training is incouraged with a refundment by the central administration. Eligible costs are university specialization, books, stages, software, connectivity.
  • The “Pubblica Istruzione Ministery” delivers some important courses.
  • As you can see the Poseidon project is dedicated to the italian teaching, in both the tipology: L1, italian as mother language; L2 Italian as foreign language. Covered by Poseidon are Classical language teaching skills and foreign language teaching skills. M@thabel project is dedicated to Mathematics teaching ISS Plan is about Exprerimental Science Teaching. All these projects use on line learning methodology based on collaborative learning. In the slide you canb find the link to the descriptive documents of each project.
  • Other possibility of refreshments activities are by European Community programs like PON (National Operative Program), LLP (LifeLong Learning Program), CLIL ( Content and Language Integrated Learning )
  • Others training events and courses are organized by professional association, Cidi, for example (Center of democratic initiative of teachers), or ANP, a school manager association, or by trade unions, for example Flc (in english Knowledge workers federation).
  • Really important are the activities organized by school, single or syndicated school. You have to know in Italy is a strong autonomy of each, single, school. That’s the reason why there are not many ministerial initiatives or courses. A big role in the refreshement of the teachers has to be played by the single school. Indeed if my school deliver a refreshement course in order to acheve a didactic objective planned by POF (educational proposal plan), I, as a teacher, must attend to that course. It’s a must.
  • Equally mandatory is attending english language courses for primary school teachers.
  • At the end: probably, in the near future, we’ll have the courses concerning the school reform the parliament has recently approved.
  • Here we are. That’s the whole map of the system of teachers education. I hope it will give you an effective synthesis of the italian teachers refreshement policies.
  • Teachers education in Italy

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