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The presentation is intended for the kickoff meeting of Comenius Regio project "REFRESHMENT POLICIES FOR TEACHING STAFF"

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  • I'll try to show you my school, the Istituto Superiore Majorana di Palermo. As you probably know, Majorana was a very important physicist of the past century. He worked in the time between the two world wars, studing and investigating the matter structure. He was a collegue of Enrico Fermi. His dead is still mysterious,as he embarked on the ship from Naples to Palermo, and never came out!
  • Here we are. As you can see our school is situated at the north side of Palermo. That's one of the reason why we have a lot of pupils from the countries you can see on the left side of the map: from Isola delle Femmine, Carini, Capaci.
  • Our school as recorded by Google “street view”. In this slide you can find the address, e-mails, phone numbers, web site Url.
  • Our courses concern: computer studies, chemistry, agricultural education.
  • Indeed the school is the result of the fusion of the following three schools: Iti (chemical and computer science) Istituto tecnico agrario (technics for agriculture) Istituto Professionale Agricoltura e Ambiente (vocational studies in the field of agriculture and environment)
  • Our functional spaces
  • Computer science labs Each lab is capable of 12 to 15 networked personal computer with shared internet connection. Usually on each computer are working two pupils at the same time.
  • Computer science labs are used fro ECDL courses too.
  • Chemical labs Here you can see the necessary stuff for technical analisys: computers, spectrophotometers, special owens and so on.
  • I dad not the time to traslate this list, as it's very long. It describes entities, istitutions, factories where our students could find a job. We are proud of such a list because we know our students have many possibilities after their grade.
  • Majorana location view but from Google Earth, this time, just to show you we'll go to the beach during the next meeting in Palermo. Or to go hiking, if you prefer the mountain!
  • IS Majorana - Palermo - Institute presentation

    1. 1. Istituto Superiore Majorana The school Carlo Columba I.S. Majorana - Palermo
    2. 2.,13.321953&spn=0.122709,0.338173&t=h&z=12
    3. 3. Web site
    4. 4. Course of studies: <ul><li>Computer Studies
    5. 5. Chemistry
    6. 6. Agricultural education </li></ul>
    7. 8. School functional spaces: <ul><li>home room
    8. 9. library
    9. 10. video hall
    10. 11. Sports hall (inside and outside)
    11. 12. Technical analysis lab
    12. 13. Chemistry lab
    13. 14. Organic chemistry lab
    14. 15. Qualitative analysis lab
    15. 16. Microbiology lab </li></ul><ul><li>Industrial technology lab
    16. 17. Agricultural industry lab
    17. 18. Science lab
    18. 19. Phisycs lab
    19. 20. Systems and computer science lab
    20. 21. Electronics lab
    21. 22. Information technology lab
    22. 23. Mathematics lab
    23. 24. Tecnology and design lab
    24. 25. Language lab </li></ul>
    25. 26. Laboratori di Informatica
    26. 28. Laboratori di Chimica
    27. 29. · gli uffici periferici del Ministero dell’Agricoltura e del Ministero della Sanità; · gli uffici della Regione Sicilia preposti al controllo del territorio e dell’ambiente; · vari Enti quali l’Istituto zoo-profilattico e l’Ente Acquedotti; · industrie di vernici, di materie plastiche e di prodotti chimici e cementifici; · le industrie cerealicole, gli oleifici; · le aziende del settore enologico che in Sicilia è in grande espansione; · le industrie dei prodotti lattiero-caseari; · le industrie conserviere e delle bevande; · i laboratori di controllo delle ASL; · i laboratori nelle dogane; · gli enti e le aziende che controllano e certificano la filiera HACCP; · l’Assessorato Regionale per l’Agricoltura; · gli uffici tecnici comunali, provinciali, regionali, ministeriali; · l’ufficio del territorio; · le aziende per il rilievo aerofotogrammetrico; · gli studi professionali per lo svolgimento della libera professione; · le aziende agricole, mangimifici e le industrie sementiere; · le industrie a carattere agricolo-alimentare; · le industrie zootecniche; · i Centri di Istruzione Professionale; · i centri di assistenza tecnica; · il genio civile; · l’Ente forestale; · i Mercati ortofrutticoli; · i Consorzi agrari e di Tutela; · la Confagricoltura; 11 · l’ARPA (Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale); · la serricoltura; · le aziende florovivaistiche; · in tutti gli enti e le amministrazioni pubbliche e private che necessitano di un “centro di elaborazione dati”; · in aziende pubbliche e private che sviluppano software; · in aziende pubbliche e private che forniscono assistenza hardware; · in aziende private che commercializzano in Information Communication Technology; · in aziende pubbliche e private che prevedono reti informatiche.
    28. 31. Thanks for your attention! Carlo Columba I.S. Majorana - Palermo