How to Win & Engage Fans on Facebook


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Facebook. Pretty much every panel at SXSW will be talking about it to some degree, and you know how valuable and vital it can be to a musical career and a musician's connection to fans. But just having an account isn't enough, and today there are unspoken rules and powerful tools that you can harness with Facebook. How do you get noticed? How do they differ? What are the best ways to connect without annoying fans? This presentation explores social marketing best practices, tailored to Facebook, in particular addressing the changes to Timeline.

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  • Mailing List – Benji RogersFind on Facebook – Ariel HyattSelling - Phil
  • Mailing List – Benji RogersFind on Facebook – Ariel HyattSelling - Phil
  • Mailing List – Benji RogersFind on Facebook – Ariel HyattSelling - Phil
  • Mailing List – Benji RogersFind on Facebook – Ariel HyattSelling - Phil
  • How to Win & Engage Fans on Facebook

    1. 1. How to Win & Engage Fans on Facebook Realworld Strategies for Musicians on Facebook @carljacobson VP of Marketing, Nimbit, Inc.
    2. 2. WHY FACEBOOK?
    3. 3. What we’re covering Making a Good First Impression – The Timeline Speak in 3 Voices, but Keep it Real Realworld strategies to capture FansQ & A
    5. 5. Before• Small image • Wall feed not very• Tiny links to apps = engaging hard to find store • Prominent ads
    6. 6. After
    7. 7. TIMELINE - Challenges & AdvantagesChallenges Advantages Can’t define  Timeline is a great Default Landing landing page page anymore  More Prominent Apps Can’t gate content AKA force Like for  Pin & Star Posts access to page  Why force someone to Like, before they experience you?
    8. 8. TIMELINE - HEADER Choose an Engaging Photo Use it to bring focus to One Thing Help Fans Navigate to What they Want
    9. 9. TIMELINE HEADER – Focus on 1 thing Add a single message to the  Spotlight new image with one thing you want release, upcoming gig, etc. fans to know.  Change it periodically and “Advertising” in header is keep it up to date technically against FB TOS, but hard to police, so keep it tasteful and not too blatant
    10. 10. TIMELINE HEADER – Help Navigate
    11. 11. TIMELINE – APPS Limited Viewable Slots Prioritize By Importance (Store, Events, etc.) Don’t Settle for Default Images
    15. 15. TIMELINE APPS – Customize ImageCompany logos or icons, which tend to be default appimages, don’t make sense to fans, so change them
    16. 16. TIMELINE APPS – Customize Image
    17. 17. TIMELINE APPS – Customize Image
    18. 18. TIMELINE APPS – Customize Image Pick something compelling that makes immediate sense to fans Other ideas: • Free Download • Listen Here • Tickets! Free Custom Images at
    19. 19. TIMELINE – APPS SUGGESTIONSStorefronts: Nimbit Other Topspin  Fanbridge Fan Page CD-Baby  PledgeMusic Bandcamp  Bands in Town
    20. 20. TIMELINE APPS – Nimbit Spotlight • Only Store App Optimized for Full Width Timeline • Sell Music, Merch, Tickets • Play music video or personal video message to fans • Feature product on Spotlight, full catalog & shows in tabs • Sharable music player • Capture fans w Free track for email • Fans can leave comments and share product previews with friends on Facebook/Twitter • Full product catalog & schedule available on other tabs
    21. 21. Nimbit – Facebook Promo ToolEasily create sharable promotions that drive fans intoyour store with personal messages, a video or audioplayer, and an offer for a free track
    22. 22. Nimbit – Facebook Promo ToolFans see the promotion in the Ticker, their wall, and on yourTimeline. They can click to get a free song and easily share it withtheir friends.
    23. 23. Nimbit – Facebook Promo Tool Promo deep links directly to your store to redeem free track. Fans have option to leave a tip or shop more
    24. 24. Nimbit – Tip In Cart • Fans Want To Support You it just has to be easy • At purchase or free downloads, fans can leave tips • Tips received average $7.80 on purchases & $3.50 on free downloads • 1-in-20 transactions get Tips Suggestions: Try giving away tracks and ask fans to pay what you want Or ask fans if they like it please support with a tip
    25. 25. TIMELINE - PINS Pin Most Important Updates to Top Select What Everyone Should See  Free Download  Upcoming Gig  New Release  Latest Video  Current review  Etc. Change it Regularly
    26. 26. TIMELINE – Starred Updates
    27. 27. Speak in Three VoicesBut Still Keep it Real We 20% You 50% I 30% Your Three Voices on Facebook
    28. 28. Your Three Voices on Facebook (Twitter too)WE UPDATES – Broadcast• About you the brand• Band News• New Releases We 20%• Video You 50%• On Sale I 30%• Free Download• Reviews• Airplay• Upcoming Gigs
    29. 29. Your Three Voices on FacebookI UPDATES – Behind the Music & Artist• Access to You We• Personal 20% Opinions You 50% I• Activities 30%• Interests• LikesAdvice from a music attorney:“Keep it positive”
    30. 30. Your Three Voices on FacebookYOU UPDATES – The Virtual High Five!• Most Important• 2-way conversation We• Recognize & 20% You reward fans 50% I• Thank You! 30%• Poll – What Do You Think?• Can You Please? Can be combined with “I” & “We” updates• Happy Birthday!
    31. 31. Converting Real World Fans Gigs – Part 1 Take Pictures from the stage Ask People to Model @ Merch Table Post albums for each gig Tag those you know Tell Fans about it & ask them to tagI heard this awesome idea from Derek Sivers, read his blog at
    32. 32. Converting Real World Fans Gigs – Part 2 Offer a Free Download for Mailing List Signup Hand The Mailing List Down from The Stage – don’t send them to the Merch table Tell fans, if they sign up you’ll Email a free track, have link redeem @ facebook Ask fans to sign up when Use Promo-codes in Merch to they’re most engaged give free track Redeemed @ Facebook
    33. 33. Converting Real World Fans Gigs – More Incentivize Facebook Invite Bring A Friend Shout-out to Online Fan Who’s in the Audience Ask People to Check In At The Venue Ask People to Tag the Band in their Pictures
    34. 34. Free Music The Gateway Drug The best tool you have to introduce people to you FREE isn’t “Free” when you capture fan’s info They’re Opting in To YOU You can then build the relationship, and also stay in touch if they move away from Facebook Key thing is to always follow up
    35. 35. Case Study: Thisbe Vos Shared Track in one post Asked Fans to listen Like it? click for free download Really Like It? – Please Share RESULTS: 28 Shares 300+ downloads including many new fans
    36. 36. Capturing New Fans With Facebook Advertising Target Carefully Test Drive Before You Buy Never Pay Full Price start much lower than Facebook suggests and pick up ads when other placements end Pay Attention & Change
    37. 37. Facebook Advertising –Who To Target?• Your Fans • Current Band & Past Acts• Who You Sound Like• Your Influences• Your Friends • Bands you play/tour with • Cameos • Remixes
    38. 38. CASE STUDY: SUZANNE VEGA Targeted Her Fans & Influences w Facebook Ad Called out Promo Code in Radio Appearances Offered Free Download – redeemed on FB StoreRESULTS: Facebook Fans Grew from 7,000 to 70,000 61% of Downloaders Later Purchased
    39. 39. Remember Your ABCs ALWAYS BE CONVERTING
    40. 40. Remember Your ABCs – More A’s A ALWAYS ASK ALWAYS ANSWER
    41. 41. Remember Your ABCs – More B’s B BE REAL BE POLITE BE RESPECTFUL
    42. 42. Remember Your ABCs More C’s C CREATE MAGIC CONNECT CONSISTENCY
    43. 43. And a Few D’s DON’T SEND TO iTunes DO SELL DIRECT DON’T BE AFRAID
    44. 44. Additional ResourcesHere’s some recommendations that provide a wealth ofinspiration on these topics,, Ariel Hyatt’s “Musician’s Roadmap to Facebook & Twitter” Electronic Musician Magazine Career Articles Follow on Twitter: @DerekSivers @BenjiKRogers @brandvold @cyberpr @glowmarketing
    45. 45. Thank You @carljacobson @nimbitInstall the Nimbit Spotlight for Facebook