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LinkedIn getting started guide


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A quick start guide to LinkedIn made for the West Chamber of Commerce Sweden

A quick start guide to LinkedIn made for the West Chamber of Commerce Sweden

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  • 1. LinkedIn - getting started andgetting results
    A presentation for West Sweden Chamber of Commerce
  • 2. Getting more results from LinkedIn
    The purpose of this guide to help you get more results from your use of LinkedIn. If you already have created a profile and imported connections you can skip to chapter 3.
    This guide can be used and distributed freely in an unmodified form
    Author: Carl Henrikson
    Carl Henrikson is not affiliated with LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a registered trademak owned by LinkedIn Corporation, Mountain View, California 94043, USA.
  • 3. A two minute video about LinkedIn
    What is the prupose of LinkedIn? It’s not about how many connections you have but how you can use them in your practical work to reach the right people, to get answers in different specialist subjects keep up to date about events and businesses in your industry, to market yourself and your business and much more. Anx excellent 2 minute video is made by Commoncraft and can be found here:
  • 4. Create your profile
    Add your current and previous work and education
    Add an image. The image shall be square and is shown in 80x80 pixels so chose one that is clear and which will work even in low resolution.
    Add a summary
    Add links to your company, personal website or blog.(blogs can be shown directly on your LinkedIn profile)
    Choose your contact settings in ”contact settings” , for example if you want to accept introductions, inMail and Openlink messages.
    Choose whích kind of communication you would like to recieve in”edit contact settings”.
    Ask for recommendations. Click ”recommendations” in the profile view.The companies or assignsments you have had appear. Ask your employers or clients for a recommendation.
  • 5. Increase your visibility and your network – Add connections
    Add more connections.
    By adding more connections it is more likely that your/your companies name will show in a search. A potential client is more likely to want to do business with someone they know via a connection than a completely unknown company.
    Import from mail accounts
    Click ”Add connections”
    Import connections from Gmail, etc.
    Import connections from Outlook
    Add colleagues
    Klicka på ”Colleagues” för att bjuda in nuvarande och tidigare kollegor
    Lägg till kurskamrater
    Klicka på ”Classmates” för att bjuda in kurskamrater
  • 6. Connections in three degrees
    On LinkedIn there are three degree of connections shown with an icon next to the person.
    There are also icons showing that you have a group in common with the person and open link
    Your first degree or direct connections.
    Your first degree connections can be contacted directly via a LinkedIn message or via e-mail since you see the persons contact details.You can also view the connections of your connection, provided that they have not chosen to hide them.
    Your connections connections. They cannot be directly connected and contact details are not shown. You can however send a so called InMail via LinkedIn or ask for an introduction via one of your connections.
  • 7. Connections in three degrees continued
    The connections of your connections connections. Same rules apply as for second degree connections.
    Indicates a shared group. If the connection has chosen to accept messages from you you can contact them, and send an invitation.
    OpenLink medlemmar. OpenLink är tillgängligt för premium medlemmar och innebär att man kan tillåta kontakter som inte är 1:a gradens kontakter att skicka meddelanden till dig.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Out of your network
    Out of your network means that there is no-one connecting you and that person. You can still contact the person by sending an inMail or send an invitation to connect.
  • 8. Send invitations
    Important ! Only invite connections that you have a business relationship with. You can also start by sending an email with a link to your Linkedin profile to begin with.
    Read more on LinkedIn:
  • 9. About your network
    Under ”contacts” select ”statistics” to see how many connections you have in your network in which regional areas and industries.
  • 10. Get introduced, send a profile
    Ask to get introduced
    If you want to contact a second or third degree connection you can ask a first degree connection to introduce you. Click: get introduced through a connection.
    Send a profile to someone
    If you want to tips someone about a connection that might interest them, click”forward this profile to a connection”. As default the option ” Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses” is selected, but you might not want that, in which case you should uncheck the box. Write a message and click send.
  • 11. Create an easy and seach optimized LinkedIn URL
    As default a URL (link) to your profile is created that looks like this:
    Sunch an URL is not easy to remember and cannot be indexed automatically in search engines like Google.
    To change the URL click “Edit My Profile” and ”Edit public profile settings”
    Choose an URL that is easy to remember like:
  • 12. SEO optimize your links
    LinkedIn allows three links to be added in the Additional information entry. As default it only reads My company, my blog, but these anchor texts can be edited to something more descriptive. This is a good opportunity to add keywords that are relevant for your industry.
  • 13. Market your profile on websites, in e-mail, blogs etc.
    Click "Edit My Profile" and "Edit Public Profile Settings" then "Promote your Profile with Customized Buttons". There is a selection of icon buttons that can be added to your website blog, etc.
  • 14. Market your profile on Facebook.
    There is an application on Facebook that shows your LinkedIn profile on Facebook called 'LinkedIn Profile'.
  • 15. Market your profile in print, e.g. business cards
    Visual guidelines and logos for download here:
  • 16. Add QR codes to your business card
    QR codes can be added with your LinkedIn profile and contact details.
    Contact me via email or via LinkedIn, and I will make a QR code for you.
  • 17. Create your own group
    You can create your own group under the ”groups” menu. Just click ”create a group”. Enter a short selling, and informative description. Decide if any LinkedIn members can join or if you want to approve them first. Upload a nice logo, the group will be easier to find and show nicely in the Groups directory.
  • 18. Ask questions, give answers in the Answers section
    Click ”More” and ”answers”. A long list of subjects are shown.
  • 19. Ask a question
  • 20. Q&A for marketing, campaigning
    Questions and answers can be effective for PR, and was sucessfully used in Barack Obamas campaign.
  • 21. Add applications
    Go to ”more” and ”application directory” to add applications like to make your blog show on your profile or the reading list application.
  • 22. Create a poll
    Add Polls from the Application Directory. Click ”Create a poll” and enter the questions. As responses are gathered a graph is shown.
  • 23. Create an event
    Click”more” and Events. Click Add an event and enter date etc.
    Note that the names of the attendants are shown. This means that also potential competitotrs might see the names.
  • 24. Send InMail
    InMail is a way to reach people who are not first degree connections. Inmail cannot be sent form a free LinkedIn account but from the paid accounts Business, Business Plus och Pro.3,10 or 50 inmails per month can be sent. To prevent spamming the recipients are asked to give feedback on the Inmails sent. One can have between 0 and five stars.
    InMail Feedback score: 
  • 25. Add a blog
    Chose to add the applications Blog Link or WordPress depending on which blogging system you use.
  • 26. Market what you are doing via Network updates and Twitter
    Type in what you are doing right now. Avoid writing about subjects that are not interesting to your connections professionally.
  • 27. Get a premium account (optional)
    A basic LinkedIn account is free but Personal plus, Business, Business plus, Pro och Talent advantage cost money and have more features. Linkedin has a comparison and a video:
    Video om premium accounts:
  • 28. Find Jobs
    Go to Jobs click find jobs. Type a keyword and search.
    There is also an advanced search function. Many companies fail to enter the location of the job so many jobs appear to be based in Stockholm (HQ location) even if the job is placed elsewhere. You can also add the jobs application to your linkedin page so it automatically suggests jobs
  • 29. check references
    Click the ”search for references” button on a profile to see a list of people who have worked with the person
    To check references for a potential employer is of course just as important as for an employee. Contact people who have worked for the company and find out what they think. Click ”advanced people search” then ”reference search”, enter the companies name.
  • 30. Use profile organizer (premium)
    Click”Contacts” and ”profile organizer”. Create folders for the different categories you want. Add connections to the different folders.
  • 31. LinkedIn on your mobile
    There are apps for iPhone, Android and Symbian. Check out Apples iTunes Appstore and Androids Market. For other mobiles go to:
  • 32. More tips
    LinkedIns Learning center
    LinkedIn blogg
    LinkedIn för utvecklare
  • 33. Some group suggestions for Linkedin users in Göteborg
    Göteborg - This group is for people doing business in and around Göteborg, Sweden. 

    Handelskammaren - The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce
    Handelskammaren's international network, WIN
    Swedish Business Group - Networking group for those interested in doing business between the USA and Sweden and Latin America and Sweden
    Expats in Sweden - The Expats in Sweden group aims to network foreign nationals living in Sweden
  • 34. License
    This presentation can be used freely in its original for non-commercial purposes.
  • 35. Contact