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The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business
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The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business


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Published in: Real Estate, Career, Business
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  • 1. Win The Race for 21 st Century Jobs Chapter 3 The Mentality:  Run Your Career as a Business
  • 2. CEO of ME, Inc. Paradigm
    • Partition responsibilities so all areas of your job search are covered
      • R & D: Make connections, find new leads and gather business information
      • Sales & Marketing: Develop “Value Proposition” and use the “7-Step Job Search” Methodology
    • Take responsibility for making “Tough Decisions”
    • Accept consequences for decisions
      • Appreciate the good experiences and think about your next steps
      • Learn from your bad experiences, but move on. It will move you closer to winning the race for 21 st century jobs
    • Establish new level of “Personal Accountability” to your job search
      • You have a responsibility to your Board of Directors: spouse, significant other, family
    • With so many people competing for so few jobs, you need an edge over the “Black Hole” competition
    9/24/10 Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business
  • 3. How to succeed as the CEO of ME, Inc.
    • Mental toughness
      • Engage in whatever is necessary to get the job done
    • Make a decision and stick with it
      • If you succeed, what’s the next step
      • If you fail, move on
      • Avoid 2 nd guessing yourself
    • Accept responsibility
      • Learn the “7 Step Job Search” Methodology
      • Make a mistake, blame no one but yourself
    • Do the right thing
      • Stay committed to the CEO of ME, Inc.
    • To get a client: Develop a Value Proposition & Evaluate the geographic market and adjust either based on Supply & Demand
    9/24/10 Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business
  • 4. Old Employee Vs. CEO of ME, Inc Approach 9/24/10 Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business Job Search Market skills to stay open to multiple opportunities Network only when need a job Constantly market & network in & out of your organization Prepare your resume Prepare proposal to present skills/benefits. Carry business cards Initial interview Business meeting with potential client Interviewer asks questions to find out if they should hire you Ask questions to determine client’s business requirements. Client’s answers decide if you will work for them You are asked what salary you want Never give away your bottom line, give your range
  • 5. Old Employee Vs. CEO of ME, Inc Approach – cont. 9/24/10 Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business Interviewer wraps up interview You close by making a memorable impression on the client by stating your 3 best skills matching the client’s needs Salary & Benefits Offer Contract Negotiation. Ask for everything. Compromise at the negotiation table. Accept the offer the next day
  • 6. Old Vs. New Terminology 9/24/10 Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business Employer Anchor Client Employee CEO of ME, Inc. Interview Process Selling Job Offer Negotiable Offer Job Search Open to Opportunities Landing a Job Closing a Deal Responding to a Job Advertisement Providing a Value Proposition Networking Cultivating Mutually Beneficial Relationships Keeping People in the Loop Expanding your Sphere of Influence
  • 7. Think, Speak & Act Like a Business Owner
    • Adopt the attitude, values and guiding principles of a business owner
      • Make smart, calculated decisions, taking full responsibility for your decisions
      • Learn to evaluate and manage risk
      • Get used to handling rejection, it happens every day
      • Run your career as a business, and interact as a business-to-business relationship as opposed to employee to business owner
    • Establish your personal brand
      • Reliability of behavior establishes your brand
      • Brands are based on actions, not intentions
      • Inconsistency weakens your brand
      • Your brand establishes your value and trust, allowing you to negotiate
    • Benefits always trump features
      • Demonstrate the benefits you can bring to the table
      • Always provide value by solving their problem or saving them money
      • Differentiate yourself
    9/24/10 Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business
  • 8. Summary
    • Adopting the CEO of ME, Inc. mind-set allows you to run your career as a business
    • There are striking differences between the “ETP Network” and “Black Hole” approaches to job search
    • There should be a distinctive “breakout” of your business structure showing the relationship between the different components of your job search (e.g. R&D is networking, Sales & Marketing is your value proposition targeted resume and interview, etc.)
    • Think, speak and act like a business owner, not an employee
    9/24/10 Chapter 3 The Mentality: Run Your Career as a Business