I want to work for Airbnb!

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  • 1. An infographic resume by Carlee Mallard People + Places = My Passion
  • 2. My Passion = Airbnb
  • 3. My story begins senior year of high school. I convinced my family to host a high school foreign exchange student from Colombia and my best friend hosted a German girl. We did everything together. Kids at school jokingly called us the “U.N.”
  • 4. In 2004, at 18 years old, I backpacked through Switzerland. For 3 weeks in June my 16 year old sister, a good friend and myself toured the country. Our favorite spot was the Matterhorn. Luckily we picked a country with some really nice hostels and really generous people.
  • 5. At UNC - Chapel Hill I studied Psychology & Geography The Psychology program at UNC is rated #13 in the country by U.S. News & World Report
    • My favorite classes:
      • Cities of the Future
      • Cultural Landscapes
      • Urban Geography
      • World Regional Geography
      • GIS
  • 6. Meanwhile... I continued mentoring foreign exchange students from Italy and Switzerland living with my family and began to cultivate a global extended family
  • 7. In 2006 it was my turn to live abroad. I called Firenze, Italia my home, studied Italian language, history & culture at Lorenzo de’Medici Institute and spent all my free time out photographing or in the dark room. Above: my photographs exhibited at a gallery in Florence
  • 8. With all the traveling I did in Europe, I could have picked up a part time job as a travel agent. I researched and booked all of the planes, trains and buses for my group of six friends as we traversed the continent.
  • 9. Customer service experience 2004: Media Consultant at the Language Media Center at the University of Pittsburgh 2005: Barrista for an independently-owned Colombian coffee shop “Coffee & Crepes” 2006: Personal Assistant to Real Estate Agent 2007: Usher/customer service for an international acts performance hall, Memorial Hall at UNC - Chapel Hill
  • 10. My passion for building relationships through new places and travel didn’t stop after college. Last year I backpacked through Jamaica on a whim and stayed at some of the shadiest places having not booked ahead.
  • 11. And then this past March I flew off to Austin for SXSW Interactive in search of my next big thing. Tony Hsieh’s “Delivering Happiness” was thrown at me from every direction. I ended up with 3 copies of the book about delivering fanatical customer service by the time I left. A sign? Below: Me & my friends grabbing business books like candy Above: Finally meeting one of my mentors, Penelope Trunk, at a networking event
  • 12. Bring me on board with Airbnb to build upon the AirCrew’s successes and I promise to do my part to make Airbnb known for fantastic customer service and support. My future is with Airbnb!
  • 13. Other People Agree: Hiring Carlee Is The Way To Go! “ Carlee is such a go-getter. I’m impressed…” – Penelope Trunk, Founder, Brazen Careerist & former columnist at Yahoo! and The Boston Globe “ You’ve already gone above and beyond and are eternally in my debt :)” – Ryan Paugh, Director of Community, Brazen Careerist, Inc. “ I’ve been thrilled to team up with such an organized, efficient, and creative colleague. Certainly makes my job a lot easier — and more fun!” – Christina Gates, Event Planner/Marketing Manager, Yelp.com “ You’re a go getter. It’s something I admire the hell out of you for. You’re always finding a situation, taking control of it and thinking what can I do to make this better.” – Cole Watts, Social Media Coordinator at INetAlliance “ She would be an asset to anyone wanting to…keep up with existing demands of all kinds of clients.” – Molly Beacham, Director of Development, Democracy North Carolina