SNOBSpecialists Mutual Benefit Agreement


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A 3-page .PDF proposal, created to attract / inform potential contributors to

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SNOBSpecialists Mutual Benefit Agreement

  1. 1. is an online magazine aimed at entrepreneurial businesswomen. Most readers (we “Because attract men, too) run their own businesses, have socialising one on the side or are planning to launch. leads to SNOBS itself, is still a start-up business which is opportunity...” reflected in our style of content. It’s upfront, honest and not afraid to admit the odd bout of utter cluelessness. Word is spreading and our nationwide [+NZ] We’ve found this is the appeal for many readers. subscriber list is expanding rapidly. So now, we That, and the fact we offer plenty of avenues for want to offer readers access to a tighter, brighter start-ups to “star” in our articles. and more efficient online community. We offer the best we can as “a resource for news, TIGHTER = we want our readers to think of our information and advice” but we know our readers contributors as acquaintances. still refer to My Business, Smart Company and BRIGHTER = the SNOBSpecialists team are the best many other sources for really solid, consistent, at what they do. educational content. That’s cool; it’s where we get ours, too! It’s little cause for concern because our MORE EFFICIENT = because we’ll have the readers keep coming back... resources to facilitate reader queries. SNOBSpecialists are a team of “industry experts” • At SNOBS, the readers can be the educators with providing consistent and professional content articles like You Learn Something New Every Day. on all aspects of business management, personal wealth and success acceleration. That • Women who’ve launched a new business can get is, in regard to things businesswomen need. a feature write-up in New Kids on the Block. We’re also seeking industry know-it-alls to • Established businesswomen can get a month’s cover the things businesswomen want; relating sponsorship for the cost of a Reader Email prize. to style, design, health, relationships and wellbeing. Contribution to SNOBS is based on the Law of Reciprocity; what you give to others will be returned in abundance! In other words, there is no monetary reward and therefore no formal contract we’ll be asking SNOBSpecialists to sign. Instead, let us present the: MUTUAL BENEFIT AGREEMENT [1]
  2. 2. A full-page bio on yourself/your business, linked to via the SNOBSpecialists tab on our homepage. Article by-lines double as pop-up author bios, which include a link to your website + link to back catalogue of every article of yours we’ve published. A VIP profile: We will promote you as our resident expert regarding your “SNOBSpecialty” by cross-referencing to your content or quoting you (with links) in our own feature articles. Full-page Bio Exclusivity: our aim is to treat SNOBSpecialists in a similar fashion to business networking groups who restrict membership to only one person per profession. [But in this case, it’s one contributor per topic]. You’ll get a special introduction to SNOBS’ subscribers in one issue of our monthly newsletter. Plus, we’ll interview you for a Success Q&A so our readers can get to know you even better. Increase your audience reach. On top of your articles being published at SNOBS... • Every article gets promoted via our Facebook Page • We highlight some content via • Chosen articles get featured in our monthly newsletter • Business content is syndicated via Flossie Media Group [see below] Pop-up Author Bio SNOBS has a partnership agreement with Flossie Media Group, meaning our business content gets fed through their business site for women... w w This screen grab shows SNOBS articles as they appeared on Pro Flossie’s homepage. Newsletter Feature [2]
  3. 3. The purpose of our Mutual Benefit Agreement (MBA) is so you get everything we’ve promised above and we get contributors who: Know their stuff and can write well, or deliver succinct information that you’re willing to let us tweak (with approval) for optimum readability. Will commit to a contribution agreement, in terms of quantity and regularity... • Pre-existing content you’ve written for client or customer newsletters, books, blogs, etc. is fine - so long as you’re happy to work with us to tweak or update copy where necessary. • Contribution quantity/regularity agreements are made on a case-by-case basis, because, the topic you cover might require in-depth 700-word articles, or a simple “10 Tips” structure, or picture-driven pieces with captions, etc. • It is an expectation of the MBA that you will provide some original content for SNOBS. These contributions can be During the development published later elsewhere, so long as it includes an end-note stage of SNOBSpecialists stating when and where the item first appeared. we’re searching nationwide for the best Are willing to engage with our readers. There’s no obligation to contributors. monitor the site daily, but we are working on building an This means, you may not environment where readers will begin to interact more (via be the only person/ article comments or questions) because they know they’ll get a business in your response - from the author, another reader or even another SS profession who has been author. It’s all about teamwork; yeah! offered the MBA. We’ve no intention of wasting anyone’s time; There’s EXTRA we hope you can understand it’s necessary perks, too! to cast a few lines in the same direction to “get the right people on the We make cont ribu tion e asy by bus” [Jim Collins]. cre ating SNOBSpecialist group-ef fort article s, like: ‘10 Tips for Che ap IF YOU’RE INTERESTED, Marke ting’ or ‘Busine ss Mistake s We WE’LL ASK YOU TO: Made, So You Don’t’. 1. Provide three examples of your written work. 2. Fill in a form regarding Exclusive access to the your “speciality” and SS Wiki where you can proposed topics you’re collaborate “behind the qualified to cover; to ensure we don’t double scenes”. up on specialists. It’s also where we build our group articles, provide st yle guides, topic Wanna be a SNOBSpecialist? suggestions, an editorial E: carleepot calendar and more! [3]