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Quick demonstration of how Twitter can be used as part of a teacher's PLN (personal learning network) for support, information, training tips, etc. Here are samples of a question posed in Twitter concerning ICT and teaching - note the geographical spread of replies and the willingness of even the busiest professionals to respond and help out.

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Cambridge ESOL World of Work Forum

  1. 1. What r the most significant developments in ICT 4 teachers in recent times?
  2. 2. Nik Peachey Freelance Learning Technology Consultant based in Casablanca, Morocco Free video conferencing, mobile connectivity, gaming developments (all still under exploited)
  3. 3. Marisa Constantinidis Teacher based in Athens, Greece web access to info re training, materials, tools & prof. networking through twitter or other (yahoo groups, nings)
  4. 4. Sue Waters Consultants for education, elearning and blogging - based in Perth Australia a hard question - I would actually say it opposite that biggest developments are the challenges we face in implementing
  5. 5. Ana d’Almeida Teacher based in Recife, Brazil webtools to connect, produce and share knowledge in new ways
  6. 6. Graham Stanley Teacher & teacher trainer based in Barcelona, Spain IWB will transform the classroom in the near future but only if teachers know how to use it well
  7. 7. Graham Stanley Teacher & teacher trainer based in Barcelona, Spain Internet in the classroom is a revolution for f2f language teaching but gatekeepers need to relax...
  8. 8. Arjana Teacher in Zagreb, Croatia most significant 4 me: collaboration! - easy to find like-minded teachers, connect classes, fascinating array of tools  
  9. 9. Arjana Teacher in Zagreb, Croatia with twitter a whole new world has opened up for me, twitter definitely connects teachers :-)  
  10. 10. Burcu Akyol Teacher based in Istanbul, Turkey For Ts to use in the classroom - blogs & wikis / For professional development: Twitter & Nings 
  11. 11. Sue Lyon-Jones Web-head, multimedia designer, TEFL bod - based in Liverpool, UK IWB's, Google, Utube, Twitter prob. hd the mst impact for me in recent years, tho my lessons tend 2 be more tech-based than avrg
  12. 12. Larry Ferlazzo Inner-city High School teacher based in Sacramento, USA the fact that content creation tools are getting increasingly easy to use would be my response
  13. 13. English-at-home Teacher based in Rome, Italy Internet tools - online teaching / learning, info at fingertips, ability to communicate globally, speedy dissemination of ideas
  14. 14. English-at-home Teacher based in Rome, Italy a shift away from published elt coursebooks to more "realistic" and student-centred materials - easily sourced and shared
  15. 15. English-at-home Teacher based in Rome, Italy application of what used to be purely biz tools (i.e powerpoint) and greater awareness of dtp to create attractive materials
  16. 16. Valentina Dodge Teacher / Teacher trainer based in Salerno Italy think , / or / & compare with 2008 u can see 3 Ss: share , social , simple to use
  17. 17. Russell Stannard Writes Webwatcher in the English Teaching Professional based in London, UK page 28 of report, This goes to government in UK ( Peter Mandelson's dep)
  18. 18. Ozge Karaoglu Teacher / trainer based in Istanbul, Turkey Creating an online PLN, becoming a part of a social network, emerging Web 2.0 tools, e-teaching and e-learning
  19. 19. Jeremy Harmer ELT writer, teacher, trainer and presenter Google, wikipedia, wikis, VLEs for teaching and picture/sound editing freeware