Our provincial journey in this administration
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Our provincial journey in this administration

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Presentation of the Journey of the USA Province of the Xaverian Missionaries from 2008-2011

Presentation of the Journey of the USA Province of the Xaverian Missionaries from 2008-2011

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  • 1. Our Provincial Journey in this Administration
    Where are we now?
    Where are we going?
    Let’s talk together about how things are going and where we want to be.
  • 2. Restructuring and the Future
    The 13th Provincial Chapter, more decisively in this regard stated: “… faced with critical choices in the immediate years ahead, makes its own the following approved and decisive directives for the new Provincial Administration regarding restructuring. The Chapter participants assume responsibility and commit themselves to cooperate and carry out these indications… This takes into account the median age of the members of our province, limiting resources, a review of the function of our present facilities, vis-à-vis, the mission of the province. Our intent is to assure our faithfulness to our mission keeping in mind the reality we find ourselves.”
  • 3. How do we understand restructuring and its pathway to renewal?
    The present Regional Direction, in response to this directive with specific criterion, published a letter entitled, “REVITALIZING MISSION AD GENTES IN THE USA: TOWARD A PLAN OF RESTRUCTURING.” In this letter we hoped to frame the discussion of why restructuring is important in order to prepare for the assembly mandated by the Chapter with the viewpoint of making final decisions soon after the Assembly. That Assembly was held in May 2009. The final report was published in October 2009.
  • 4. Restructuring in the Province
    @ Closing and sale of our Chicago House in 2008
    @Start of the renovation of the Holliston House in 2009
    @ Return of St. Therese Parish to the Archdiocese of Chicago 2010
    @ @ Pulling out of campus ministry and AFJN in order to start new youth office in Holliston
    How has this gone for you? How have you been affected by these changes?
  • 5. Revitalization requires at least 3things
    A sharper focus on the urgency of mission ad gentes, ad extra in the US context where interest in this mission has been weakening.
    Fortifying our most important goals with teams of confreres where possible.
    Strengthening our communities in places we know we are keeping as the foundation of all we accomplish together.
    What does a sharper focus on our charism mean to you? What do we need to do in order to strengthen our communities? What’s going on that you are proud of? What’s missing?
  • 6. Mission ad Gentes, ad Extra – Our Unique Experience of Christ
    Sharing a profound experience of Christ through:
    • Sharing the interfaith and intercultural journey of the Church and the world
    • 7. Sharing the stories of those who choose to become Christian in our missions
    • 8. Inviting participation in the global justice, peace and the integrity of creation with the poorest
    • 9. Sharing the Spirit of our Founder
    • 10. Sharing the stories of our missionaries and missions
    Does this match how you understand our charism? Why or why not?
  • 11. Coming down to two main goals in the Province
    The changes in structures as well as sustaining the good work of development already going on allow us to focus all our energies in two main areas:
    • Inspiring a new generation to the mission ad gentes
    • 12. Updating and adjusting our work in development and fundraising
    • 13. Is this realistic given our situation? Why? How do you see your involvement in the Province? What do you think we need to continue with these goals into the future?
  • New Structure: Mission Media Office
    Our new Communications Director is Mary Aktay and the Mission Media Office is housed in the Provincial House
    Purpose of Office
    The purpose of this office is to handle the communication and media needs, both print and internet, for all of the communities and Provincial Administration. The Mission Media Office, based in the Provincial House in Wayne, New Jersey, and presently overseen by the Provincial, is an office of the Provincial Administration which will serve the communication and media needs of the entire Province.
  • 14. Impact of the Canonization on the Mission of the Province
    • How have you personally be impacted by this great occasion?
    • 15. What core message do we want this canonization to underline in our work in the Province?
    • 16. How can we reach out to a new audience?