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    Conditionals Conditionals Presentation Transcript

    • Present and Past unreal Conditionals
    • 1) Present unreal conditionals Are used to talk about conditions that are not true in the present and about the imagined results of these conditions.
    • Present unreal conditionals have a past form of the verb in the if clause and would/could/might + base form in the result clause. If we had a car, we would drive to the mall.
    • Were is used for all persons of be in the if clause. (I, you, she, he, we, they were ) If I were the teacher, I’d give a lot less homework.
    • The if clause expresses a condition that is not true at the present time. The condition might be highly unlikely or impossible.
    • The result clause tells what would happen if this untrue condition were true. It expresses the imagined result of an imagined condition.
    • If I were a cat, I would sleep all day. If I had time, I would study another language. If I had a lot of money, ….. If I were you, I wouldn’t worry.
    • 2) Past unreal conditionals Are used to talk about conditions that were not true in the past and They express the imagined result of an imagined condition in the past
    • Past unreal conditionals have a past perfect form of verb in the If clause and would/could/might + have + past participle of the verb in the result clause
    • The if clause of the past unreal conditional expresses a condition that was not true in the past. The result clause tells what would have happened if the untrue condition had been true.
    • Present unreal If I were you, I would watch the weather forecast.
    • Past unreal If I had studied , I would have passed the test.
    • In present unreal conditionals , the condition and result are sometimes highly unlikely but possible. In past conditionals , the condition and therefore the result is never possible
    • If you were coming tonight, we could go to a movie (highly unlikely, but possible) If you had come last night, we could have gone to a movie. (impossible; you didn’t come last night.)
    • Other forms of conditionals “ mixed conditionals ” conditions in one time can relate to results in another time If I had studied something practical, I could be making more money now.
    • Hope is about what is possible (like factual and future conditionals) I hope I can come to the picnic .
    • Wish Wish is about what is not likely or not possible. Wish about the present : wish + past form of verb or would or could + base form He wishes he had more money. W ish about the past : wish + past perfect We wish you had been here.
    • Thank you!