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Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
Testing instrument
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Testing instrument


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Selecting an early childhood testing or screening instrument

Selecting an early childhood testing or screening instrument

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Name of Testing or Screening Instrument Student Name Date EDUU325
  • 2. Instrument Purpose
    • What is the intended purpose of this test?
    • What is being measured or assessed?
    • What reason would you have to give this test?
    • Is this a norm-referenced or criterion-referenced test?
    • Provide a full description of the purpose.
  • 3. Type of Test
    • Explain what kind of test this is and what kinds of test items are used.
      • Screening test?
      • Diagnostic test?
      • Language test?
      • Achievement Test?
    • Describe how this test it is given (oral, performance, written, etc).
  • 4. Developmental Domain
    • What developmental domain does this test examine?
      • Motor
      • Language
      • Cognitive
      • social-emotional
    • Explain.
    • Describe.
  • 5. Age and Target Group
    • For what age group is this test designed?
    • Who would be considered an appropriate subject for this assessment?
    • Is this test aimed at a specific group of children?
    • Is this test focused on a specific or exceptional need?
    • Does this test require an appropriate length of time for this age or target group?
  • 6. Scoring
    • How are the test items scored?
    • Is scoring done by hand?
    • How much time does the scoring take to complete?
    • Does scoring require a computer?
    • Do you need to send your results to another administrator for scoring? If so:
      • how much does it cost?
      • how long will it take?
  • 7. Results
    • How will the results be used in the classroom?
    • Is this a high stakes assessment>
      • If so, how will this affect the child’s future?
    • How will these results help:
      • the child?
      • the teacher?
      • the parent?
      • the school?
  • 8. Reliability
    • How was reliability established?
    • Is this test a consistent assessment tool?
    • Has the result of the test been consistent even after being repeated with a large population of individuals or groups?
    • Is the test stable even when administered by different raters?
    • Does the test have a small standard of error?
  • 9. Validity
    • Does the test measure what it is designed to measure?
    • Does the test serve the purpose for which it is being used?
    • Is the test meaningful for your purposes?
    • Do the test items measure what the test objectives indicate they measure?
  • 10. Sensitivity and Specificity
    • Is this instrument fair for all children?
    • Is this test sensitive to cultural, ethnic, and linguistic differences?
    • What biases might there be in the test items?
    • Will English learners have difficulty understanding the language and wording of the test items?
    • Does this test require that the subject read the test items or write/draw responses?
  • 11. Practicality and Cost
    • How much time will this test take to give?
    • Can early childhood teachers administer the test?
    • What expertise is required of the test administrator?
    • Does administering the test require special training?
    • Does the publisher provide training?
    • How expensive is the test instrument?
  • 12. Resources
    • List your resources and websites.
    • Pearson Early Childhood Testing Instruments