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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Education Technology Planning A Guide for EDUU563
  • 2. Why Plan?
    • The law requires it in public schools!
    • A plan can create positive change
    • A comprehensive plan is an application waiting for funding
    • Planning saves time and money
    • Successful results can be achieved faster with a comprehensive plan
  • 3. Who Should Develop the Plan?
    • Include all stakeholders
      • Site Personnel
      • District Personnel
      • Information Technology Personnel
      • Site Admin
      • Superintendent/School Board
      • Community
      • Parents
      • Students
  • 4. What Are the Steps in Planning?
    • Determine how technology will be used to support teaching and learning
    • Determine the starting point - how technology is currently used
    • Outline the steps to move the school from the present to the future
    • Share, reflect and revise!
  • 5. How Should the Plan be Developed?
    • Coordinate all components of the plan
    • Consider writing the curriculum section first and then complete the professional development
    • Review other existing plans
    • Consider integrating technology in other existing plans
    • Consider utilizing the expertise of outside consultants
  • 6. Curriculum Focus
    • Technology planning should be guided by student achievement
    • Technology can reduce time spent on administrative tasks
    • Invest time in doing research about what is already available (including open source)
    • Include benchmarks and timelines
  • 7. Table of Contents for Tech Plan
    • Section 1: Overview, Mission, Plan Duration
    • Section 2: Stakeholders
    • Section 3: Curriculum
    • Section 4: Professional Development
    • Section 5: Infrastructure, Hardware, Technical Support, and Software
    • Section 6: Funding and Budget
    • Sections 7-9: Monitoring/Evaluation/Adult Literacy/Research ( Brief Summary)
    California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP) -
  • 8. Section One: Overview and Mission
    • Narrative of School or Academic Department
      • Vision and Mission Statement of School or Academic Department
      • Demographics and Challenges
    • Technology Plan Duration
      • Recommend 1-2 years for purposes of this assignment
  • 9. School Profile and Demographics
    • School’s location
    • Demographics
    • Grade level configuration
    • Number of students and teachers
    • Any other information that the reader should know about the community
    • Special challenges that define curriculum and technology needs
  • 10. Section Two: Stakeholders Partnerships/ Stakeholders Chart Type of Partner Name of Partner and Contact Information Role in Development of the Technology Plan Role in Supporting the Project Parents Businesses Postsecondary Institutions Government agencies, county offices of education, CTAP Community Groups Students
  • 11. Section Three: Curriculum
    • Current access by teachers and students
    • Current use of technology to support teaching and learning
    • District curricular goals to support plan
    • Teaching and learning goals (measurable objectives, benchmarks)
    • Acquiring technology skills AND information literacy skills (measurable objectives, benchmarks) Primary Focus of Tech Plan!
  • 12. Section Three: Curriculum
    • Ethical use
    • Internet safety
    • Description of access for all students
    • Student record keeping
    • Two way home-school communication
    • Curriculum monitoring process Primary Focus of Tech Plan
  • 13. Defining Goals: Examples
    • Students will become proficient in math and language arts California Content Standards.
    • Students will become educated on the safest practices for using the internet and becoming safety-conscious digital citizens.
  • 14. Defining Objectives
    • Objectives must be:
      • Measurable
      • Defined
      • Operational
      • Simple in steps
      • Specific
      • Manageable
    • Think of who you are targeting: students, staff, administration, parents.
      • What will they do?
      • How long will they have to do it in?
      • How will it be measured? Objectives contribute to the fulfillment of goals
  • 15. Section Four: Professional Development
    • Summary of Teacher and Administrator Skills and Needs
      • Tech skills summary
    • Providing Professional Development Opportunities
      • Measurable objectives, benchmarks
      • Staff development goals
    • Professional Development Monitoring
  • 16. Staff Development
    • Essential!
    • Best when integrated into curriculum-based workshops
    • Timing is important
    • Consider on-demand one-on-one mentoring
    • Include benchmarks and timelines for staff
  • 17. Section Five: Infrastructure, Hardware, Technical Support, and Software
    • Existing Resources
      • Hardware
      • Electronic Learning Resources (Software)
    • Needed Resources
      • Hardware
      • Electronic Learning Resources (Software)
    • Annual benchmarks and timeline for obtaining resources
    • Monitoring process
  • 18. Infrastructure, Hardware, Technical Support and Software
    • Technology supports the curriculum and the professional development
    • Access and availability
    • Research and seek advice concerning purchases
    • Consider security measures
    • Consider long-term implications
    • Cost of ownership
  • 19. Section Six: Funding and Budget
    • List established and potential funding sources.
    • Estimate annual implementation costs for the term of the plan.
    • Describe district’s replacement policy for obsolete equipment.
    • Describe the process that will be used to monitor ed tech funding, implementation costs and new funding opportunities
    • Adjust budgets as necessary.
  • 20. Funding and Budget
    • Develop a realistic budget $300 per student in your school, grade level, or department
    • Identify current funding sources
    • Identify one-time costs and ongoing costs
    • Remember, a comprehensive plan is an application waiting for funding
  • 21. Monitoring and Evaluation
    • Monitor the benchmarks and timelines
    • Evaluate as you go and make mid-course corrections
    • Report back to stakeholders on progress
  • 22. Tech Plan Assignment
    • You will create a modified school site, grade level, or academic department technology plan
    • Your plan will begin with an introduction that includes your school profile and demographics
    • Include the first 6 sections used in the CTAP model for technology planning
    • Include one objective and one benchmark for each of the following sections:
      • Section 3: Curriculum
      • Section 4: Professional Development
    • Write a brief summary of what you might plan for sections 7-9.
  • 23. Assignment Sections
    • Week 3 – Part I
      • Section 1: Overview, Mission, Plan Duration
      • Section 2: Stakeholders
      • Section 3: Curriculum (At least 2-3 measurable curriculum objectives and benchmarks)
    • Week 4 – Part II
      • Section 4: Professional Development
      • Section 5: Infrastructure, Hardware, Technical Support, and Software
      • Section 6: Funding and Budget
      • Brief Summary of Sections 7-9
    • Weeks 5 and 6 – PowerPoint Presentation and Wimba
  • 24. Assignment Expectations
    • Use the required template from CTAP
    • Develop a budget that reflects $300 per student for your plan
    • Include the budget narrative that describes expenditures
    • Use the checklist to determine if plan is complete
    • Create a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes your school’s technology plan (do not copy/paste from plan!)
    • Share your PowerPoint with a partner real-time in the Wimba Classroom in Blackboard and archive for colleagues