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Similarities and differences_images_n_artists

  1. 1. Similarities and/or Differences
  2. 2. Evolution The theory of evolution how we and all living creatures have changed and developed over the millennia. Looking at the similarities and differences in species, shape, size and colour.
  3. 3. Twins/family/siblingsCould similarities and differences in your family orpeople you know be a starting point for investigation?Diane Arbus- Twins The Jackson family(photographer)
  4. 4. Change/Time-past/presentClarisse dArcimoles- this Looking at images of places past andphotographer has recreated a present can be interesting. You may bechildhood photograph. It makes us able to create some of your ownplay spot the difference.
  5. 5. Plastic surgeryRight or wrong its here to stay. You could investigatehumans obsession with perfection by changing theirouter appearance. Jenny Saville investigates surgery in her striking paintings
  6. 6. Cultural• Similarities & Differences in language, customs, religions etc.. Between various cultures and nationalities the world over could provide a starting point for ideas... Yinka Shonibare mixes western Victorian style dress design with traditional African fabric. Raising questions of differences in culture, class and identity.
  7. 7. Technological Evolution Kyle Beans – Mobile evolutionSimilarities and differences intechnological changes anddevelopments could be atheme you choose to explore.The artist Kyle Beans haslooked at mobiles andrecreated them in card to slotinside each other like russiandolls.
  8. 8. Repetition/pattern • In nature... You could create drawings and photographs of natural patterns. Aerial photos of the Earth, animals, plants, flowers, microscopic close ups, fractal patterns
  9. 9. Contrast-visual/ abstract Frank StellaVictor Vasarelly Chris WoodBridget Riley (female)
  10. 10. Surreal/ metamorphosisSarah Lucas The concept of something changing into or replaced by another links well with similarities and differences. MC Escher Rene MagritteSarah often changes an objector recreates it in an unusual orhumorous way. Here she hasmade a ‘drag-on’ to representher addiction to cigarettes. Sheis often highly controversial.
  11. 11. Contemporary Painting Lisa Milroy Michael Craig-Martin
  12. 12. Box artSue Blackwell and Joseph Cornell are famousartists that create their art inside boxes.Look here for more box art ideas...
  13. 13. Pottery/Ceramics DanGrayson Perry Baldwin Dan and Grayson mix up classic and contemporary art ideas and imagery. They both use classic vase shapes that they decorate with modern graphic imagery. Dan’s paintings often explore death and nightmares. Grayson’s work is often controversial.
  14. 14. Textile/Fabric ArtAll of these fabric artists use traditional textileTechniques such as; patchwork, embroideryand tapestry. The contrast or difference in theirwork is that they use modern imagery, text anddesigns, sometimes controversial to make theirwork original and interesting. Tracey Emin Jenny Hart Grayson Perry
  15. 15. PhotographyPhotography is an excellent medium toshow similarities, differences and changeMuybridge Shirin Neshat Zhang HuangElliot Erwitt Annette Messinger
  16. 16. Diane ArbusDiane was a photographerwho focused on unusualcharacters and the similaritiesand differences to thosearound them. Her photosmake you stop and inspectthem often comparing thosein the image.
  17. 17. BanksyFamous British street artist. Known mostly for hisgraffitti stencil art but also an accomplished painterand social satirist. Every piece has a meaning andoften questions the modern world and the way welive our lives. The message is usually anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-establishment or pro-freedom.
  18. 18. Sculpture Anish KapoorClaes OldenburgThese are all very differentartist/sculptors in their style but canall be linked well to the Sim’ & dif’ Rachel Whitereadtheme. Looking at scale, change,negative space and colour Jim Lambie
  19. 19. More sculpture....• Anthony Gormley Andy Goldsworthy
  20. 20. Collage Collage is a medium of contrasts and differences in itself. Artists here have used different images and sources to create montages of several images into one.Robert Rauschenburg Andrew BarrowJohn Stezaker Peter Blake
  21. 21. Art of other cultures- Islamic TilesThe patterns of Ancient Islamic tiledesigns have inspired many artistsover the years. These designs arerepetitive (similarities) and yetchange frequently (differences). Theytend to be geometric and often usesymmetry across their designs.Could link up well with abstract art...
  22. 22. African Adrinka symbols The design of African Adrinka symbols links to the theme due to its repetition, they are also similar to each other in that they tend to be black outline designs. It can be linked in terms of cultural differences also. Could link up well with Yinka Shonibare...
  23. 23. Russian dolls• A matryoshka doll, or babushka doll is a Russian nesting doll which is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. It shows a recognizable relationship of "object- within-similar-object" that appears in the design of many other natural and man-made objects.
  24. 24. Remember the main thing is to have fun with your art and experiments!