Choice novel project (2)


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Choice novel project (2)

  1. 1. Choice Novel Project <br />Comparing: Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin and How to Read Like A Professor by Thomas C. Foster<br />
  2. 2. Lavinia<br />
  3. 3. Lavinia and HTRLAP<br />In the book Lavinia by Ursula K. Le Guin we have this girl who is a hero. Her siblings die at a young age and her mother loses her mind. She deals with her everyday of her life even when she gets attacked by her many times. She is next to take the throne and must take such responsibility as queen of Latium. But she must find a husband to take the throne. Foster tell us in :” It’s Greek to Me” that all Greek stories have a hero in which this case is Lavinia for caring for her mother and taking the place her brothers would have had.<br />
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  5. 5. Lavinia and HTRLAP<br />Lavinia starts in the novel as the girl to take after her father but her character and understanding evolve. She understands that she is a greater symbol to her people as well as to her father because of the war going on about her. Foster tells us ways of how to identify Greek mythology and through the war for her I can identify the myth in the story. In the modern world we would not see a war break out for a girl that making it a false story, but mostly the war occurred because of what the gods said that Lavinia must marry Aeneas and no one else. King Latinus does exactly as the gods ask because their beliefs of them and the oracles messages brought to him.<br />
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  7. 7. Lavinia and HTRLAP<br />Foster tells us that Greek stories may have tragedies that occur to the hero of the story. We have Lavinia she is the hero and main character of the novel. She in the end kills herself in the last chapter because in the end she is unhappy the way some of her life turns out. After she is dead she is a ghost (hint-hint) she tells why she killed herself and that in a way it made her happy.<br />
  8. 8. Greeks<br />
  9. 9. Lavinia and HTRLAP<br />Foster basically tells us how to identify Greek mythology. He tells us that Greek mythology is where gods are believed in, where oracles send messages to the king that he obeys without doubt, and where a war breaks out for a girl in the novel. These are all example of what make a Greek story a myth. Stories that are made up from ancients times that relate to books and stories that are told till today. We relate hero stories back to Homer and his stories in conclusion it all goes back to the Greeks.<br />