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This presentation was shared with our Year 6 parents who are considering their options for their children at Year 7 and 8. For further details please contact Carla McNeil.

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  • Carla’s role as Principal is to be the facilitator of a shared community direction.
  • Staff met earlier in the week to discuss what we believed is important to year 7/8.We came up with ideas that we have not had before like: a sister or exchange school. We felt that the music lessons were very important as was the shift in the explicit teaching of writing and the importance of students to learn to write reports and essays in preparation for secondary school. Preparing students for secondary school is of great importance to us as a staff and we all felt strongly that whilst we have one Year 7/8 teacher we have a shared responsibility for educating and preparing our students for secondary school.
  • I spent time with our Year 6 studentsthis week asking them what they believe is important for them. In your personal pack you have a copy of what your child said. The ticks indicate that they believe they could achieve this at Korakonui School. A summary of what they see is important
  • I also asked our current Year 6 students what they believe is important for them at Year 7/8. Here is a summary of their responses.Interestingly enough no students said about facilities or the lack of opportunities or made reference to social reasons.
  • Due to their only being 3 Year 8 students next year we will reconsider the allocation of house leaders, bus monitors and student councillors being available to year 7 students. It will be great to have more leaders to share the roles and expose opportunities to in 2013 and beyond. We must realise that leadership opportunities on their own aren’t the be all and end all. It is important to instil leadership qualities. This comes from all the staff at Korakonui and the expectations and experiences offered.
  • Questions the year 8 students were asked
  • I will add their quotes in here
  • Feedback from year 8 students
  • There is a possibility that in 2014 we could have a year 7/8 class and a year 6/7 class.
  • In year 7/8 we are required to write across the curriculum therefore when studying science
  • Last year a working group within the board along with myself and Melinda sat down and looked at changing the programme. As a result of these changes the board came to the realisation that it would need to fund some of these opportunities for students to make them available to all. This outline gives you an example of what we anticipate the Year 7/8 programme will look like in 2013. I have heard that there has been discussion around the programme in Room 7 being repetitive. Since my time at Korakonui school I can say that this has not been the case. There have been many changes to the programme. As with all good businesses and farms I’m sure some things remain the same and so whilst there have been many changes there have also been some areas that we believe should stay due to the benefits for students. Please note that whilst we do have a Curriculum there is no book that is followed to teach at any year level. At Korakonui we pride ourselves on identifying students strengths and weaknesses and then teaching them accordingly. This is what we call differentiated teaching and learning.
  • You are posssibly aware of the Ministries target to have 85% of students successfully achieve NCEA Level 2, for this to happen,they need to be achieving or close to achieving the signposts throughout their education from years 1-8. It is important students know where they are achieving and what their strengths and weaknesses are. Teaching practices at Korakonui encourage discussion between teachers and students about next learning steps and it is as much about progress as it is about achievement.For those who do not achieve academic success – leadership and exposure to a varied curriculum is important to enable them to taste success and develop self confidence.
  • We target kids who are below as well as kids who have stagnated with their progress. We also offer programmes who are achieving above the standard. Aus testing, extension maths, otago maths…..We are constantly reviewing the support programmes and in class teaching approaches we have in place.
  • Whilst we work hard to ensure all students reach their potential it is important to realise that not all students have the same strengths therefore it is important for us to offer a range of opportunities for our learners.
  • This will be given out as a handout in the parents pack.
  • Year 7 and 8 education 2013 parent evening

    1. 1. Korakonui School 2012 Year 6 Parent MeetingConsidering all the options and making an informed decision. Korakonui School June 2012
    2. 2. Korakonui School 2012 Purpose of our meeting• To work together as a school community.• To give you an opportunity to consider what you believe is important for your child at Year 7/8.• To inform you of the current direction of Year 7/8 education at Korakonui. Korakonui School June 2012
    3. 3. Your Child Your Choice• What is important to you for your child at Year 7/8?• In your groups please write down all things that are important to you.• Are any of these more important than others?• Place a tick beside those things that your child could achieve at Korakonui. Korakonui June 2012
    4. 4. Student Voice… what we see as important Korakonui School June 2012
    5. 5. What we see as important in Year 7/8• To be a good role model.• To become a leader.• I want to push myself and achieve my learning goals.• I want to get the …. Cup in Year 8.• To continue with our maths, writing and spelling programmes.• To do more science. Korakonui School June 2012
    6. 6. Leadership Korakonui School June 2012
    7. 7. Current Year 8 perspective1. What has changed about your classroomprogramme and learning this year, comparedto 2011?2. What have the benefits been for you as anindividual? Korakonui School June 2012
    8. 8. Year 8 Student Voice – Change in programme:• The writing programme is more structured.• We are writing different styles of writing now.• More EOTC opportunities; Wellington, Ski trip, Gym.• We are learning about different curriculum areas such as Technology and Arts for Wearable Arts• Guitar rocks. Korakonui School June 2012
    9. 9. Year 8 Student Voice – Benefits for me:• We are more motivated to write.• We benefit from a smaller class as we have more one on one time.• More opportunities for all Year 7 and 8 students.• I am more willing to take risks with learning and social situations now.• I am confident to speak to a large group.• I feel prepared for secondary school. Korakonui School June 2012
    10. 10. Class sizes at Korakonui2013 projected class size for Room 7 is 20 students.2014 projected class size for Room 7 is 27 students. Korakonui School June 2012
    11. 11. Timetable of learningMonday Tuesday * Wednesday Thursday FridayAdmin OL Admin OL Admin OL Admin OL Spelling TestingReading Reading Reading ReadingMaths Maths Maths Maths MathsLiteracy Literacy Literacy Literacy SpanishTopic Guitar / Gym Topic Guitar lessons Assembly / PE Whole school sportsTopic Spanish Topic / Touch Typing Reflection Kapahaka ? Goals *Technicraft is every second Tuesday at Otorohanga South School Daily cross country training Gym classes – spin, pump, circuit, step This timetable is subject to change at any time Korakonui School June 2012
    12. 12. Term 1 2013 Term 2 2013Literacy: Literacy:Recount writing Essay report writingSpelling programme. Spelling programme.Reading programme making links to writing across the Reading programme making links to writing across thecurriculum curriculumMaths: Number and strand based Maths: Number and strand basedMusic: Guitar lessons Music: Guitar lessonsLearning Languages: Japanese Learning Languages: JapaneseEOTC: Napier Leadership: National Young Leaders Day Sir Peter Blake Leadership Week Chatterbox Leadership skills and Public SpeakingLeadership: House leaders selected The Arts: Stars in Your EyesStudent council applicationsOrganising and running triathlonsPE: Swim coaching PE: Sports exchange with ? school School Basketball teamTe Reo: Te Reo Tutor, Waiata and Kapahaka groups Te Reo: Te Reo Tutor, Waiata and Kapahaka groups5 week block 5 week blockTopic: Social Studies Topic: Science experiments Term 3 2013 Term 4 2013Literacy: Literacy:Explanation writing topic related Narrative / Character writingSpelling programme. Spelling programme.Reading programme making links to writing across the Reading programme making links to writing across thecurriculum curriculum.Maths: Number and strand based Maths: Number and strand basedMusic: Guitar lessons Music: Guitar lessonsLearning Languages: Japanese Learning Languages: JapaneseLeadership: National Young Leaders Day Leadership: Business ventureSir Peter Blake Leadership WeekEOTC: Skiing Ruapehu EOTC: Bush Safety – ArchersTechnology and The Arts: Designing and Making plinths Business Venture – Careers Education and Business day trip. (funds from the business venture will go towards helping to fund Camp Wellington in 2014.)PE: Inter house school sports PE: Tennis LessonsGym classesTopic: Science Fair Topic: Health Pubertal changeTe Reo: Te Reo Tutor, Waiata and Kapahaka groups Te Reo: Te Reo Tutor, Waiata and Kapahaka groups5 week block 5 week block
    13. 13. Academic Success is Important in Year 7 and 8• Year 7 and 8 are not to be perceived as gap years.• To achieve NCEA Level 2 students need to be progressing towards meeting the National Standard consistently.• If learning has stagnated or is at risk of stagnating schools must put support programmes in place to ensure progress and rates of progress continue at a steady rate for each individual.• These years are crucial in developing readiness for secondary school. Korakonui School June 2012
    14. 14. Point of difference• Strong academic focus• Korakonui fosters confidence – self belief.• Strong sense of community and belonging• All Year 7 and 8’s have access to opportunities not a select few.• Foster a love of learning for life.• The College have recognised that students leave Korakonui organised, independent, with good time management and work habits. Korakonui School June 2012
    15. 15. What will we offer your child in 2013• High quality teaching programmes• Safe but challenging learning environment• Leadership opportunities• Small class sizes• Sporting opportunities• Music lessons• Camps and trips• Success and a sense of belonging Korakonui School June 2012
    16. 16. Questions to consider in relation to your child at Year 7/8• Which school will continue to instil the values that are important to our child and family?• What does quality teaching look like? How will we know?• Where would my child benefit the most academically? How will we know this?• If my child needs extra learning support what will they be entitled to and will I be informed?• Are exposure to behavioural and social issues a concern we need to consider for this child?• What role will we play as parents in preparing our child for secondary schooling? Korakonui School June 2012
    17. 17. If you walk in the company of people who believe in you, you can achieve anything. Wayne Smith Korakonui School June 2012
    18. 18. Thank youPlease don’t hesitate to come and seeme if you would like to discuss youroptions further.Please take the opportunity toconfidentially disclose any thing youhave not had the opportunity to discuss.There is a form and envelope in yourpack. Korakonui School June 2012