Social Entrepreneurship


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Social Entrepreneurship

  1. 1. “Social Entrepreneurship”Carl Harvey D. Abugan05.22.2012
  2. 2. What is Social Entrepreneurship“Use of entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and manage a venture to achievesocial change” – business principles synergy with social ventures“Work of social entrepreneurs – change agents of society”“Aim: Further social and environmental goals”“Solving social problem on a large scale”“Sustainable and creates social impact”“Improve systems, invent and disseminate new approaches and advance sustainablesolutions that create social value” Business and Social Entrepreneurship Dichotomy Competitive Business Social Issues/Problems Environment Customer Value Social Value Competitive Advantage Social Advantage Profits Social Returns Stakeholders/Shareholders Society/Humanity
  3. 3. IT IS NOT JUST…Corporate Social Responsibility Charity Work PR stunts Non Government Organizations Donations Socio-Civi AssociationsSchool Based Organizations
  4. 4. It is…Addressing social and environmental issues to create social return…
  5. 5. “social entrepreneurs are individuals with innovative solutions to societys most pressing social problems”"Social entrepreneurs are not content just to givea fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest untilthey have revolutionized the fishing industry."
  6. 6. “The job of a social entrepreneur is to recognize when a part of societyis stuck and to provide new ways to get it unstuck. He or she finds whatis not working and solves the problem by changing the system,spreading the solution and persuading entire societies to take newleaps.”- David Bornstein, author of How to Change the World: SocialEntrepreneurs and the Power of New Ideas“Ultimately, social entrepreneurs are driven toproduce measurable impact by opening up newpathways for the marginalized and disadvantaged,and unlocking societys full potential to effect socialchange”
  7. 7. Florence Nightingale Maria Monetssori- Mother of “modern - Montessori nursing” Philosophy of- “Lady with the Lamp” education- Established the first - Globally secular nursing school recognized brand in the world St. name of Thomas Hospital in education London- Nightingale Pledge by nurses William “Bill” Drayton - Rise of the phrase “social entrepreneur” - Founder of Ashoka: Innovators for the Public (nonprofit organization dedicated to finding and fostering social entrepreneurs worldwide - Goal of elevating the citizen sector to a competitive level equal to the business sector (Social Venture Capital)
  8. 8. “The system of this bank is based on the idea that the poor have skills that are under-utilized. A group-based credit approach is applied which utilizes the peer-pressure within the group to ensure the borrowers follow through and use caution in conducting their financial affairs with strict discipline, ensuring repayment eventually and allowing the borrowers to develop goodMuhammad Yumus credit standing. The bank also accepts deposits,- Nobe Peace Prize Winner provides other services, and runs several (2006)- Founder of Grameen development-oriented businesses including Bank fabric, telephone and energy companies.- Stepped down as the CEO Another distinctive feature of the banks credit due to pressure from program is that the overwhelming majority government (2011) (98%) of its borrowers are women.”
  9. 9. The Redwoods Group - Kevin Trapani (Insurance Industry Veteran) - Cater to a market underserved by most insurers: YMCAs. These face risks that make them unattractive customers for many insurance companies, including the possibility that children will drown, be sexually abused, or hurt or killed in car accidentsFifteen and Feed Me Better- James Trevor Oliver, famous English Chef (celebrity, endorser, author, etc.)- Fifteen, a restaurant/social enterprise which employed newly trained youngsters who usually had troubled backgrounds. Fifteen is now a global chain of four restaurants.- "Feed Me Better" campaign for British schoolchildren towards eating healthy foods and cutting out junk food. As a result, the British government also pledged to address the issue.
  10. 10. BTTR Ventures - Nikhil Arora and Alex Velez - Created a business out of waste streams (using nutrient-rich discarded coffee grounds to grow mushrooms) - They sell starter kits to let consumers grow their own mushroomsEleek- Eric Kaster and Sattie Clark- Wanted to start a metalworking shop, Clark says they asked themselves: "Can we start a business that uses resources that are readily available in our community and therefore keep stuff out of the landfill and keep stuff from getting shipped all over the globe?"- The company hopes to catalyze a "local manufacturing" movement akin to local food, whereby manufacturers reuse scrap material discarded in their communities.
  11. 11. Progreso Financiero - James Gutierrez - Much closer in mission to a community bank than a payday lender, this financial services company specializes in making small loans— the average is $900—to Hispanics who lack credit scores. As customers repay their loans, Progreso reports the achievement to credit bureaus, building their scores - Rate is much lower than the 400 percent levied by payday shops.Pearl Interactive Network- Mary Korn- Pearl Interactive Network provides outsourced call center, administrative, and IT help desk services to companies such as Pfizer by hiring people with disabilities, service-disabled veterans, and other workers with challenges
  12. 12. Rags2Riches“For the 12,000 families who live in theimpoverished neighborhood of Payatas inManila, a seven-story mountain of garbage—one of the largest solid-waste dumps in thePhilippines—looms large as both a blight uponthe landscape and a source of livelihood. Eachday, the residents of Patayas, includingchildren as young as four, sift through therefuse for anything of value, including castoffrags that the women weave into rugs. Withthe women able to produce only up to 10 rugsa day, however, and profits on each rug as lowas two cents once unscrupulous middlemen gettheir due, survival is hard-won. Thats when25-year-old Reese Fernandez co-foundedRags2Riches, a social enterprise that links thiscommunity of craftspeople directly to theircustomers”
  13. 13. In Summary….Social Entrepreneurship can start anywhere….. Passion… Core competencies…. Experience….. Luck…. Personal circumstances…. Change in perspective… Career background… Desire for wealth…. Aspiration for a better world…. “addressing social issues, creating significant change and causing huge social impact”