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We offer our Classic Cupcakes in Perth for different event catering including, Birthday cakes Perth, Wedding cake Perth, custem cupcake Perth, baby cakes cupcakes Perth, fondant letters for cupcakes perth. Made to order premium quality cupcakes that are NOT artificial, overly sweet or boring. Baked 180 offers a range of flavours that will satisfy any sweet tooth.

For more details Please Visit: and do a mail E: You can call on the no.: 0402 236 647

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Birthday & wedding cakes in perth

  1. 1. Birthday & Wedding cakes in Perth Looking for the best birthday cakes in Perth? Well, you’re here and just an order away. Sweet Dreams CupCakery bakes excellent cakes; perfect for making the memorable birthdays you want.We know a cake is the highlight of a birthday; we’ll make sure it is a highlight not forgotten in a hurry. We know what cakes are all about; they should taste like fun and hold a lot of love. That is the reason we bake them with all the love we feel for our clients, it’s a lot, but thankfully that’s one ingredient a cake can never get enough of! We know our cake! We have flavors to make your friends and family go “oooohh” and ask for more. No matter the type of party it is, we are certain we can make it everything you want it to be. Call us today and let’s talk about what you want. We are open to your ideas and we have a few of our own to offer. We take every single detail in your order into consideration to make sure the cake turns out exactly how you anticipated it would. Most times, it turns out even better. Hire the cake experts today! A birthday cake should be beautiful, colorful; a reminder of how beautiful the year ahead will be and how far you’ve come. This message may not be written in so many words but somehow, with our creative hands, we always succeed in passing the message across to the celebrant. We would like to do that for you too. Call us today and let’s get started on making your beautiful work of art. You can place your order months in advance. We can also work with short notice but let us know how soon you need it before your order is placed. We want to give you something truly special, and like many times before, we know we will succeed! Best Cupcakes in Perth Craving scrumptious and delicious cupcakes in Perth? We’ve got just what you need. Our cupcakes are what we say they are – delicious, moist and so good looking you’d want to hug them. We recommend eating alone! If you need wonderfully delicious cupcakes, every delicious bite the same, then give us a call today. We are able to take on really large orders, so you can be sure we can provide great cupcakes in the quantity you need whenever you do. We take great pride in preparing these great little beauties for our clients. Our strict quality control measures ensure we deliver our little works of art in time, with the same quality, finesse and professionalism every single time. Everybody loves a party but what do people really love about parties…it’s the cake! Don’t let anybody tell you different. We know how people feel about cupcakes that are why we make sure everyone who has a piece of ours loves every single bite and thinks only good things about their host! The little, perfect sized beauties we create are a perfect fit for any event that needs a little bit of sweetness thrown in. Thrill your guests; treat them to the best cupcakes in Perth. We guarantee, they’ll always remember you! Call us today for special requests, there’s not a lot we won’t be able to do for you. We are dedicated to making your event as delicious as delicious can be. Our prices are affordable and our customer service is
  2. 2. as sweet as our creations. We are professionals; hire us today for the cupcakes sweet dreams are made of. Make your event a day to remember with Sweet Dreams Cup Cakery Cupcakes and create beautiful tasteful memories of your special day. The best cupcakes in Perth; its what we do….our gift to Perth and the whole wide cake loving world. Fondant Letters for Cupcakes in Perth Fondant lettering is a great way of decorating cakes. They bring life to cupcakes period! Personalizing cakes with fondant letters bring a whole new level of the fun factor to your event. We use fondant letter in a variety of ways and of course, colors to make our cupcakes even more wildly fun! Think a party or an event with everyone’s names penciled on their cupcakes in vibrant colors and with amazing symbols. You’d also have a couple spares for party crashers. You could also play a game with alphabets or something creative you’d like us to do with fondant letters. Fondant letters are sturdy, so they stay put even when you have to move your cakes around a lot. They are great for birthday parties, event desserts, and even weddings if that’s your thing. What we love most about using fondant lettering is the fact that it allows us to get really creative;all the better to please our clients. We get to play with font styles to suit events; playful fonts for children’s parties, “serious” fonts for “serious” events, swirly calligraphy fonts for the more elegantly inclined and so on. We could also go further with the design and personalize the cupcakes further. If you can think it, we are pretty sure we can do it. We guarantee our fondant letters for cupcakes perth will please you and your guests no matter how you need us to make it work for you. We are committed to making your event the classiest it can be by providing you with excellent cakes. We know cakes are not all about sweetness; cakes are about quality, consistency and sheer perfection! We’ve got you! That’s all you’ll get from Sweet Dreams CupCakery’s gifted hands. We make our cakes with lots of love and a big dash of passion. Who wouldn’t love them? Classic Cupcakes in Perth made to order premium quality cupcakes that are NOT artificial, overly sweet or boring. SDC offers a range of flavours that will satisfy any sweet tooth.We offer our Classic Cupcakes in Perth for different event catering including, Birthday cakes Perth, Wedding cake Perth, custem cupcake perth, babycakes cupcakes perth, fondant letters for cupcakes perth, hens/bucks etc. Get your event buzzing with beautiful fondant lettered cupcakes from Sweet Dreams CupCakery today!
  3. 3. Special Event Catering in Perth Looking for quality special event catering in Perth? Sweet Dreams CupCakery is a cake bakery committed to providing top notch catering services for the residents of Perth. We have been in business for quite a while and we are happy to say we have had several satisfied and repeat customers. You could be one of them too, hire us today for quality catering services and experience the difference in every single thing we touch or create. We bake delicious, scrumptious cakes and desserts for every palate. We are great with deadlines, very professional. We ensure we make you look good by giving the event a dash of class. We have well dressed and professional servers who are respectful, polite and mostly invisible (as it should be). They will ensure glasses are kept full and tables are cleaned and cleared as fast as they are soiled. They are able to handle all situations that may arise really fast while remaining as uninvolved as possible. We know our onions; we know we can make your event a success. We will ensure your guests have a great experience at your event. Hire us today for professionalism at its peak. event catering Perth services coves food, table setting, drinks and servers. Special requests can also be made. We understand special events especially the kind where hosting your colleagues from work is a test of some sort. We’ll work hard with you to pass that test. No matter who your guests will be, we guarantee they’ll be impressed. Contact us today for all your catering needs. Sweet Dreams is up to the task! Get both the envious and impressed looks today; hire Sweet Dreams CupCakery for all your special event needs. Quality catering is our passion; let’s make your event a big success today and every time! Babycakes and Cupcakes in Perth Babycakes are a great alternative to traditional cupcakes. The two-bite sized, wonderfully moist chocolate enveloped cakes are a delight to sweet tooths all around the world. If you are in Perth and have a craving for these delights, well, you should know…you are in the right place! Sweet Dreams CupCakerycreatebabycakes and cupcakes dreams are made of. Want to do something different? Order babycakes from us and watch your guests politely but earnestly ask for more! Best Cupcakes in Perth are a delight and we believe **no one does them better than us**. If traditional, good old fashioned delicious, yummy cupcakes are more your speed, we’ve got you covered too. Our yummy, beautiful and unique creations have won many hearts and lots of applauds from **mean cake critics**. Just like in the movies, hearts have been won with the special ingredient of AWESOME! We don’t mean to brag, but we are pretty sure a trial will convince you our cakes are the way to go. Make your party much talked about by placing these little darlings on the menu. We hope your guests can wait to taste them because of how good they’ll look! In the babycake and traditional cupcake business, quality, consistency and taste arekey and we’ve got those down pat! Contact us today for special requests; we are committed to making your event scrumptiously delicious! We have assorted flavors for all palates and something special for your adventurous sweet toothed guests. Contact us today for the very best babycakes cupcakes perth and cupcakes Perth has to offer.
  4. 4. We are simply bursting with ideas for your non-traditional babycakes cupcakes . Call us today and let’s talk about getting you what you need. We bake to please. We are available during normal business hours but if you need to talk to us urgently, send us an email and we promise to reply as soon as we resume business or earlier! Here’s to you, your potential thrilled guests and all the sweet tooths in Perth! Best Wedding cake in Perth A wedding cake is the one of the most important highlights of a wedding. Probably second to the official smooching of the bride and groom (don’t quote us, we’ll deny it!). Most people won’t “declare” their “intentions”, but one of the reasons people go to weddings is for the cake. Oh, yea! Again, let no body tell you different. As a result, it has to be something really, really, good! It’s what we do, we make really, really, good cakes. Try us today, for that special something wonderful, wedding cakes are made of. A wedding cake should look amazing, and thankfully, we manage to make our wedding cakes look that way. Apart from the looks of it, taste and texture is everything. Sweet Dreams Cupcake is committed to providing only great quality Wedding cake Perth, the kind you really deserve! Call us today to find the right cake for your wedding. We have different flavors and can give you professional advice if you find making a decision difficult. That can happen when you taste all we have to offer! Contact us today for a tasting date with your spouse, friends or family. Make an appointment and let’s get started on making your big day everything it should be. We are open to special requests; all we want to do is satisfy you. We are also sure you will find our professional contributions valuable if you need it. We do great bride and groom figures and can create just about thing you would like to see on your wedding cake. Make your day one to truly remember by hiring Sweet Dreams Cupcake. We make your cake dreams a reality! We have great listening skills as we are well aware of the fact that listening to you is how we get to be able to give you what you want. Our many clients around Perth can testify. Hire the professionals today. We are eager to make your cake dreams come to life! We offer our Classic Cupcakes in Perth for different event catering including, Birthday cakes Perth, Wedding cake Perth, custem cupcake Perth, baby cakes cupcakes Perth, fondant letters for cupcakes perth. Made to order premium quality cupcakes that are NOT artificial, overly sweet or boring. Baked 180 offers a range of flavours that will satisfy any sweet tooth. For more details Please Visit: and do a mail E: You can call on the no.: 0402 236 647