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Creating wow learning experiences
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Creating wow learning experiences


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Presentation to the UJ Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management at their Teaching and Learning Indaba on 18 April 2013.

Presentation to the UJ Department of Industrial Psychology and People Management at their Teaching and Learning Indaba on 18 April 2013.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Have you had some wow learning experiences yourself? Share these, and why wow for you. Play telephone game.
  • Aim is that your whole course must be to ‘wow’; ‘unflat’ course should be the usual In teaching, wowing is not a single event, but a process; everything in course – from pre-course contact, to learning guide, to class meetings and tutorials/practicals, to email contact, to face-to-face one-on-one meetings, assessment practices, tutor engagement – is consciously put together to ‘wow’ Is about opening the student eyes/head; get the penny to drop
  • Can’t assume that because you teach, students will
  • ‘ Wow’ through both content and the way content is delivered by you - Passion and expertise of lecturer (model to your students) Start strong / with quality – get attention (party tricks such as toilet paper, foot spa, flying planes, flash mob) Have element of surprise (destablise) Ensure relaxed atmosphere within structure: permission to try and make mistakes, but have to learn from mistakes Respectful engagement with students; being accessible
  • Using tech is a TOOL that can be used for wow learning. Tech can be anything.
  • Lifelong learners Can learn how to learn Independent learners Metacognitive Intrinsically motivated Focus on self improvement
  • Evaluate information for authenticity, relevance and bias. Evaluate tools for applicability and effectiveness. Intuitively filter and focus.
  • Able to create something new and communicate those ideas with a wide audience in an appropriate way Using multiple media to send a message
  • Time, space, location are not boundaries
  • Videos: Academic Earth (online courses from world’s top scholars)
  • Prominent idea in this field is benchmarking = “the process of comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and/or best practices from other industries”. If know how compare, what next? Best practice do become obsolete as context change Best practice = Prescribed practice Best practice good for novices, to get up to speed with status quo
  • Rather that focus on the past (benchmarking), focus on the future: “While best practice is a snapshot of what we know has worked well in the past, next practice is an attempt to take that prior experience and improve upon it rather than merely replicate it” Not about reaching a goal, but the journey Focus on process Not looking for quick-fix, magic bullets What are the opportunities ahead
  • Best practice is necessary Learn from what worked in past over time Ensure quality through benchmarking But best practice not sufficient Next practice helps one think of what drives learning process
  • Repetition also part of this Face-to-face interaction for reinforcing concepts, not communicating content ~ Neil Butcher at Wits Big class teaching
  • Source: Google images
  • Tweetstats
  • Source: Google Images
  • Source: Google Images
  • Sequenced assignment tasks Resources on Edulink Tutorials focused on skills development with help of the Writing Centre
  • Source: Google images
  • Youtube
  • “ Don’t ask what the technology can do for you, rather what the pedagogy needs.” ~ Gilly Salmom, Uni of Leicester
  • Youtube:
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creating WOW learningexperiencesCarina van RooyenPresentation to the Department of Industrial Psychology and PeopleManagement, UJ at the Teaching and Learning Indaba on 18 April 2013You realise it’s just thesame 26 letters being re-arranged, don’t you?Source:ofphoto:
    • 2. Your wow learning
    • 3. Video of speed painterSource:
    • 4.
    • 5. Source:
    • 6. Principles for effectiveteaching•Teamwork•Personalise the course – have contact with students,and them amongst one another•Create a learning community•Ensure active engagement: from attention tocomprehension to integration•Scaffolded, integrated teaching – authentic learning•Communicate high expectations•Give prompt feedback•Respect diverse talents and backgrounds•Reflect on and research your own teaching
    • 7. From passive learning to activelearningSource:
    • 8. Revised Bloom’s taxonomy for the 21stcentury
    • 9. Revised-revisedBloom’staxonomyforthe21stcentury
    • 10. Source:
    • 11. http://www.delasallewaterford.comSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2011Is this learning with technology?
    • 12. Source: http://www.hseb.utah.eduSteveWheeler,UniversityofPlymouth,2011Is this learning with technology?
    • 13.,PlymouthUniversity,2011Is this learning with technology?
    • 14. Go beyond…Go beyond…replacing apaper/pen/laptop with anapp on atabletreplacing apaper/pen/laptop with anapp on atablet
    • 15. Source:
    • 16. Source:
    • 17. Source:
    • 18. Students need to be effectivelearners
    • 19. Lifelong learnersEffective learners are…
    • 20. natural navigatorsEffective learners are…
    • 21. Critical thinkers &evaluatorsEffective learners are…
    • 22. communicators & creatorseffective learners are…Source:Tolisano
    • 23. able to create something newEffective communicators & creators are…
    • 24. able to communicate acrossculture, time & distanceEffective communicators & creators are…
    • 25. Effective global collaborators
    • 26. Students need 21stcentury skills
    • 27. CreateCommunicateConnectCollaborateAdaptedfromTolisanoCritical thinkCitizenship
    • 28. CreateCommunicateConnectCollaborateSource:TolisanoCritical thinkCitizenship
    • 29. CreateCommunicateConnectCollaborateAdaptedfromTolisanoCritical thinkCitizenship
    • 30. CreateCommunicateConnectCollaborateCitizenshipCritical thinkingSource:Tolisano
    • 31. CreateCommunicateConnectCollaborateCitizenshipCritical thinkAdaptedfromTolisano
    • 32. CreateCommunicateConnectCollaborateAdaptedfromTolisanoCritical thinkCitizenship
    • 33. FreeCourseracourses
    • 34. Source:
    • 35. Enhanced learningEffective and relevant and fun
    • 36. Source:Kuropatwa2010
    • 37. Thoughtful INTEGRATION ofdifferent modesFace-to-faceWork at‘home’Other supportSynchronousAsynchronous
    • 38. In classIntutorials
    • 39. Source:Picdrome,publicdomain
    • 40. E.g. flying paper planes in class
    • 41. Learning can & does take placebeyond walls of classroomsSource:
    • 42. •Tweet as ideal student•Post links•Students follow at least two experts•Discussions related to content: discussion beyond classroom•Summarise paragraph•Building a learning community: last year’s students tweeting tothis year’s first years•Responded to questions: enhances feelings of care andconnectivity
    • 43. Source:
    • 44. Wikis for learning Collaborative learning Information sharingEngagementCommunicationContent developmentSource:Alsagoff2011
    • 45. Authentic learning
    • 46. Scaffolded learning: supportSource:
    • 47. Source:
    • 48. Technology playrole, but it is notabout technologySource:
    • 49. •Twitter: @carinavr•Papers online: Academia, Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Linkedin•Slides:•Social bookmarking / curation:Mendeley, Delicious, Pinterest, Scoopit, Storify•Google group: onlineprofessionally
    • 50. Source:
    • 51. Answer a questionm.socrative.comorA4 paper
    • 53. Don’t bestraightjacketed!Source:
    • 54. Don’tbeafraidSource:Rainie2011
    • 55. Source:
    • 56. Technology is just the tip of theiceberg
    • 57. Insanity: doing thesame thing overand over again andexpecting differentresults~ Albert Einstein
    • 58. Source:
    • 59. Teachers make lives doctors save lives
    • 60. Source:
    • 61. Further acknowledgements•Tolisano SR 2009 Shifting to 21stcentury learning.Available at•Wheeler S 2010 Lifelong learning in a digital era.Presentation at the Joint Teaching and Learning Conferenceon 24 June. Available online at•Wheeler S 2011 Learning and teaching in the digital age.Presentation to the 8thInternational Teacher TrainingSeminar in Barcelona, Spain on 6 October
    • 62.                           Creating wow learning experiences by Carina van Rooyen islicensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Un