HYVE @ Barcamp Salzburg 2011 - the next web
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HYVE @ Barcamp Salzburg 2011 - the next web






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HYVE @ Barcamp Salzburg 2011 - the next web HYVE @ Barcamp Salzburg 2011 - the next web Presentation Transcript

  • Crowdsourcing, Co-Creation & Social Media New avenues for companies to reach their clients Carina Thürridl 29.10.201131.10.2011 1 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Who or what is HYVE?31.10.2011 2 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • HYVE – the innovation company Wisdom of the Shared Value Crowd User Innovation Social Networks Swarm Intelligence Open Source Innovation Community User Innovation Outside-In Web-based Software Design, Open Crowdsourcing Community Solutions & Web 2.0 Social Media Innovation Idea Contests eParticipation User-generated Content Distributed Co-Creation Innovation Innovation Design Innovation Research Netnography Industrial Design Co-Creation & & Lead Users Creative Economy Creative Consultancy Marketing Research Studies Collaborative Innovation Social Media Mass Customization31.10.2011 3 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • HYVE Key Facts & Figures Facts & Figures Established: 2000 Head Office: Schellingstraße 45, 80799 München, Deutschland # of Employees: 63 (Backgrounds: Market Research, Social Media, Innovation Management, Consultancy, Business Administration, IT & Design) Customers: More than 80 references, 40%+ DAX-listed Core Competences: Open Innovation / Customized Innovation Online Communities Online Market Research Design Theory & Strategy Industrial, Graphic & Interaction Design Online IT Solutions & Software Design Board Dr. Michael Bartl (CEO Innovation Research) Dr. Johann Füller (CEO Innovation Community) Michael Schmidt (CEO Innovation Design)31.10.2011 4 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Innovation and Co-Creation Methods by HYVETools along the innovation process Netnography Insights Crowdsourcing Platforms InsightBoard Online Testing & Concept Model Promotion Lead User Social Media Method Co-Creation Study Consumer Insights Ideas & Designs Concepts & Prototypes Product Solutions Commercialization Constant integration of consumers into the innovation process31.10.2011 5 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • The relevance of Crowdsourcing & Social Media31.10.2011 6 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • If you are not online, you don‘t exist! ©2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH 31.10.2011 7 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • A new type of active consumers have evolved from Social Media… network discuss protest articulate their needs get involved generate & support knowledge each other rate Discussion Boards products collect Wikis donations Consumer platforms design products create celebrities analyze market products products recommend31.10.2011 products 8 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Wikipedia comprises >18 million articles in 250 languagesStudies have shown that Wikipedia is even more precise than„Encyclopedia Britannica“ 31.10.2011 9 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Consumers are active, you just have tap this potenital… 200 billion 100 million # of hours American adults spend in front of the TV every hours have been required, to write Wikipedia so far year 100 Mio.31.10.2011 10 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Social Media in #s 750 million 70% 200 million 3 billion # of Facebook users # of Twitter users 37% # of watched videos per day 52% 130 of all Facebook users use external 77% 66% of all Twitter users check their tweets more 100 million # of users who share, like and comment 8 average # of applications of videos per week than once daily years friends facebook every monthof Facebookusers log in of all of video content are 456 150 Twitter uploaded daily 80at least once of the top 100 users area day companies do following have a Twitter brands to # of pages, groups and events the account receive average user is connected to discounts # of tweets per of YouTube videos are 70% second the day watched daily on Michael Jackson Facebook 4 billion died of all video views are generated >200 outside the USA of all videos have been million commented, rated or ©2011 HYVE AG 11 50% shared by the # of shared user-generated content a day community # of tweets per day Source: mashable.com, facebook.com, twitter.com, youtube.com
  • Companies can reach not only one but a whole network of consumers due to thetransparent „sharing“-behavior in social networks! ©2011 HYVE AG 12
  • How does HYVE use these technologies and their potential for its clients? ©2011 HYVE AG 13
  • Crowdsourcing Social Design©2011 HYVE AG 14
  • ScrapLab by HYVERecycling 2.0 Objectives  Generating innovative & creative designs made from scrap  Nurturing consumers recycling & sustainability consciousness Approach  Design contest over a period of 10 weeks  9 different categories  Strategy: To establish a long-term platform©2011 HYVE AG 15 www.scraplab-community.com
  • ScrapLab by HYVEPlatform©2011 HYVE AG 16
  • Wisdom of the Crowd & Creativity Social Responsibility Social Interaction & Co-operation Community-based Innovation Sustainable Products©2011 HYVE AG 17
  • 605 Designs1.233 Members3.594 Evaluations1.778 Comments853 Messages 25.116 Visitors 192.968 Page Impressions 7 min Ø duration of visit ©2011 HYVE AG 18
  • Crowdsourcing Design©2011 HYVE AG 19
  • Henkel Adhesive Packaging Design Contest Objectives  Generation of ideas & designs for adhesive packaging  Identifikation of trends & innovative ideas by integrating external knowledge Approach  Idea & Design contest  Target group: Designer worlwide  Evaluated by expert jury  Submission period: 8 weeks www.packaging-designcontest.com©2011 HYVE AG 20
  • „Adhesive Packaging Design Contest“: The Platform©2011 HYVE AG 21
  • User-Generated-Content: a cross selection 385 Designs 1.042 Members 7.151 Evaluations 3.446 Comments 2.938 Messages www.packaging-designcontest.com©2011 HYVE AG 22
  • Crowdsourcing Technology©2011 HYVE AG 23
  • Volkswagen - App my rideInfotainment Contest Platform Objectives  Generation of applications & ideas for car infotainment  Identification of technology trends Approach  Idea & App development contest  Target group: developers as well as tech-savvy and interested parties worlwide  Submission period: 8 weeks www.app-my-ride.com ©2011 HYVE AG 24
  • Apps 431 Ideas 96 developed Apps 1038 Members 5.776 Evaluations www.app-my-ride.com©2011 HYVE AG 25
  • CrowdsourcingProduct Testing & Promotion ©2011 HYVE AG 26
  • Social Media CampaignExample: Swarovski Optik Task: To reach a new segment, which is travellers and adventurer, a Facebook Campaign was launched to gain brand- and product awareness. Within 11 weeks, more than 6.000 people of the new target group actively participated in the “World Traveller’s Challenge” on Facebook. Due to the viral spread 28.000.000 contact points have been established on the social web. www.facebook.com/swarovskioptik.leisure31.10.2011 27 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Social Media CampaignExample: Swarovski Optik To attract the new target group a lively and playful online environment was constructed www.facebook.com/swarovskioptik.leisure31.10.2011 28 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Product TestingExample: Swarovski Optik (Binoculars) Task: To allow the new target group to gain product experience, a testing campaign was conceptualized and installed on facebook.The interactive facebook application was designed to allow anyoneinterested to apply as one of 20 official Swarovski Optik producttesters. Within the application phase users had to upload theirletter of application including their hobbies, leisure activities, andthe preferred area of application. Within a time period of 6 months,the testers upload their product experience in terms of reports,pictures and videos. www.facebook.com/swarovskioptik.leisure31.10.2011 29 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Crowdsourcing Merchandise31.10.2011 30 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • 4711 – Design Contest for merchandise & freaky product ideas www.your.4711.com31.10.2011 31 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Crowdsourcing Architecture31.10.2011 32 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Despar Design Contest – Social Media meets Architecture31.10.2011 www.designcontest.despar.it 33 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH
  • Why Crowdsourcing? Because of DIVERSITY! Awareness Fresh input New perspectives Untapped ideas Idea variety ©2011 HYVE AG 34
  • Why do users care about crowdsourcing anyway?©2011 HYVE AG 35
  • Participants‘ motives for taking part in crowdsourcing projects Benefit motivation Hedonistic motivation • Access to relevant and • Fun authentic information • Fascination • Monetary rewards • Curiousness • Expecting future benfits • Challenge (improved products & services.) • Self-realization extrinsic intrinsic Symbolic motivation Social motivation • Recognition and • Altruism acknowledgement • Identification • Self-projection • Community status Participants • Friendship • Openly enjoying creativity ‘ motives • Peer-to-peer discussion ©2011 HYVE AG 36
  • HYVE‘s pre-requisites for happy clients & happy participants©2011 HYVE AG 37
  • Focus on the community and its individual participants.Make sure the community feels taken care of.Make sure to offer the right incentives.Only a happy community that feels included, adequately reimbursedand taken seriously is capable of meeting companies‘ goals whilehaving fun being part of it. ©2011 HYVE AG 38
  • carina.thuerridl@hyve.de www.hyve.de for your attention!31.10.2011 40 © 2011 HYVE Innovation Community GmbH