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educational about water

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Wonderful waterppp

  1. 1. By Carina Cole
  2. 2. Things to know about water… Properties of water The Living Environment Energy & Motion
  3. 3. Properties of water Students can observe the adhesive and cohesive properties of water. Water is the only substance on Earth that naturally occurs in three different forms.  Gas  Solid  Liquid
  4. 4. Water is adhesive  Water is attracted to some things.  Paper towels  Water can move up a paper towel  Glass  Plastic  Water does not stick to some things  Grease  Prevents ducks from getting wet in water  Wax  Oil
  5. 5. Water is cohesive Water is attracted to itself. Water can stick together. Water droplets are attracted to each other. Cohesive property causes water to flow without breaking apart.
  6. 6. Water is a gas Water as a gas can be called…  Fog  Mist  Vapor  Steam
  7. 7. Water is a liquid Rain is a form of water as a liquid. Water can form into droplets. Water can flow.
  8. 8. Water is a solid Water as a solid is known as…  Ice  Snow
  9. 9. Question 1 What are the Click here for three different answer forms of water? Answer
  10. 10. The Living Environment Water makes our planet uniquely habitable. All living things need water to survive.  Plants  Animals
  11. 11. Plants need water  All plants need water to survive.  Some plants live in the water.  Some plants need a lot of water to survive.  Some plants survive on little water for long periods of time.  Plants take in water through their root system.
  12. 12. Animals need water  All animals need water to survive.  Some animals live in the water.  Some animals need a lot of water to survive.  Some animals can survive without water for long periods of time.  Animals intake water through drinking.
  13. 13. Question 2 What do all Click here for living things answer need to survive? Answer
  14. 14. Energy & Motion The ability to do work is called energy. Energy is used to do work. The motion of water can be used to do work, thus creating energy!
  15. 15. Harnessing the power of water Waterwheel Hydroelectric Mills
  16. 16. Question 3 What are Click here for some ways to answer harness the power of Answer water?
  17. 17. Resources  Colley, K. E. (2006). Understanding Ecology Content Knowledge & Acquiring Science Process Skills. Science Activities , 26-33.  Dana, R. K. (1997). Contextualized Science For Teaching Science & Technology. Interchange , 121-144.  Google Images Search  Morgan, K. A. (2008, December). The Wonder of Water. Science and Children , 16-18.
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