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ROI: Using Social Media to Further Your Goals (DigitalNow 2010)

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This presentation focuses on measuring the return on investment in social media.

This presentation focuses on measuring the return on investment in social media.

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  • Facebookusage exceeds Google with over 400 M users worldwide. 100 M are using mobile versions of Facebook. 78% of Facebook are returningusers. See the ROI first hand from Carie Lewis, a leader in successful fundraising and advocacy campaigns using social media. Learn insider secrets,what’s not working and why and what it really takes to execute some of the most successful social media campaigns. Learning Outcomes• How much time and resources a social media campaign really takes• How to really get buy in from the top• What makes people really participate Who Should Attend? Executive who are considering or supporting constituent engagement through social media campaigns
  • That way, when you find yourself in a Social Media Storm and in need ofhelp / support / additional resources – they will understand
  • Named “Best Use of Facebook Tools” by MashableNamed “Best Promotion of Social Media Efforts by a Big Brand” by Fast Company
  • 3 fans for every 1 paid
  • on causes
  • Anything with photos needs to be on facebook (spay day $600k, 60% utilization rate


  • 1. Hearing is believing: ROI!
    Using Social Media to Further Your Goals
    Carie Lewis
    Director of Emerging Media
    The Humane Society of the United States
    Conference Twitter hashtag: #diginow
    My Twitter Username: @cariegrls
  • 2. My name is Carie, and I’m a social networking addict.
  • 3. Why are we here?
    The way we communicate is changing. It’s not a fad.
    Therefore, we must adapt by:
    Having a presence in places where people are.
    Finding new ways to engage our existing supporters
    where they are.
    Recruiting new supporters, donors and advocates
    where they are.
    Giving people a way to show they support us –
    where they are.
    Giving people an easy way to recruit friends, f
    amily, and strangers where they are.
  • 4. Social Media 101
    Why this TOO?
    Social networking has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information with one another in today's society (whether we as communicators like it or not!)
  • 5. What We’ll Talk About
    … from someone who’s been there.
  • 13. HSUS Social Media Strategy
    • Be where people are
    • 14. Stay on top of latest trends
    • 15. Research new opportunities
    • 16. Train staff
    • 17. Have guidelines
    • 18. Take an integrated approach
    • 19. Measure everything!
    • 20. Executive participation
    • 21. Showcase successes
    • 22. Listen
    • 23. Don’t be afraid to fail
    • 24. Learn from mistakes
  • Where We Are
  • 25. Facebook Options & HSUS Structure
    Facebook Fan Page
    for businesses, organizations, public figures
    official HSUS presence – only one
    Facebook Groups
    organized by interest
    each state / campaign can have one
    Facebook Causes
    for specific movements
    each state / campaign can have many
    Facebook Profile
    a real person
    each person has one – but only one
  • 26. HSUS Emerging Media Staff
    Carie Lewis
    Director of Emerging Media
    Project managementandanalytics
    Caroline LeFevre
    Social Media Specialist
    Social networking and advertising
    Sarah Barnett
    Emerging Media Manager
    Rapid response and ambassador program
    Julia Worth
    Online Community Managermy.humanesociety.org
    • 4 virtual interns
    • 27. street team
    • 28. several furry office mascots
  • Resources and buy-in
    If you’re worried about the time investment, create a new position.
    If you can’t create a new position, shift resources within the organization.
    If you can’t shift resources, hire an intern.
    Whatever you do, do NOT hire a social media agency to manage your presence.
    Find someone who is tech-savvy to show you the ropes.
    Social media enthusiasts love to share their knowledge (social media is all about sharing)
  • 29. How we did it
    We started out with one person
    Went under the radar
    Began by recruiting like minded members and participating in discussion boards
    Built up a supporter base
    We proved its worth by speaking their language
    We compared the ROI to our paid banner campaigns
    Got a tech-savvy employee to train executives and staff
    Sensitive to all curiosity and comfort levels (we got some on Facebook, some just a daily digest of our Twitter feed to their email
    Don’t just tell them about it: get them involved!
  • 30. It’s working…
    • Sharing information, successes, failures with other orgs
    • 31. Elevated importance within the org
    • 32. now integrated into all communications plans
    • 33. featured on redesigned org homepage
    • 34. sharing links on every email, webpage, and press release
    • 35. Exponential program growth from 08 to 09:
    • 36. 312% increase in number of fans
    • 37. 585% increase in number of Cause supporters
    • 38. 249% increase in amount raised on Causes
    • 39. Recognition by Fast Company, Huffington Post, Mashable
    • 40. Facebook is now the #1 referring site to our website
    • 41. Raised over $300k from social media outreach in 09
  • Goals
    Everything we do online is tied to advocacy and fundraising
    Our social media program is no exception
    The program complements and works in conjunction with our website and email
    Take an integrated approach – social media is not a silver bullet
  • 42. Measurement
    Success is no longer just about
    how many friends you have.
    Do those friends do what you want them to?
    • Sign advos and petitions
    • 43. Donate
    • 44. Recruit friends
    • 45. Share your content
    • 46. Subscribe to your email list
  • How do you measure success?
    Unique URLs
    • Any link leading to an advocacy campaign
    • 47. Any link leading to a donation page
    • 48. Links from social media, banner ads, etc.
    Click through & conversion rates by source
    • # of visitors and page views to quantify exposure
    • 49. Time spent on site or page to measure engagement
    • 50. Top pages and keywords to define interests
    • 51. Referring sites to find out where your audience is
    New media mentions
  • 52. …but it’s not just about the money.
    We started with traditional metrics
    Got the buy-in
    Now tracking social media metrics
  • 53. Employees and Social Media
    Employees can be your best brand advocates.
    Do not prohibit social media use.
    Have a social media policy so they know what they can and can’t do. Focus on the CAN.
    Bring web-savvy employees into the process
    Incorporate social media into everyone’s job
    Help them understand privacy settings and learn the tools
    Address anonymity and personal profiles
    The time to have a social media policy is NOW.
  • 54. A Note About FacebookPrivacy
    It’s a GREAT idea to have someone teach your employees about online privacy, particularly Facebook.
    Dual accounts are a violation of Facebook’s Terms of Service
    Use Friend Lists to organize
    Categorize friends based on what you do (or don’t) want them to see
    Set up friend lists > set privacy settings > set search settings
  • 55. NEVER post something you wouldn’t want
    on the front page of the New York Times!
    (Or something you wouldn’t want your mother or boss to see!)
  • 56. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #1: Decide on one network and focus on building it up. Find where your constituents are. Most likely, it will be Facebook, so start with a Facebook Fan Page. If you don’t start it, someone else will. Take $100 and do Facebook ads to your page – always keep them on Facebook - to build your base fast and virally.
  • 57. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #2: Implement a tracking system. If you don’t have a fancy CMS, put Google Analytics on your site and start using Google tracking links on all your URLs. It’s free!
  • 58. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #3: Take advantage of free online programs, especially if you’re a nonprofit, like the YouTube Nonprofit Program and Google Grants. If you don’t, it’s money left on the table!
  • 59. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #4: Subscribe to industry publications like Mashable and SmartBrief. If something is new, you’ll know about it and be able to take advantage of it right away.
  • 60. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #5: Research trends in Mobile, particularly texting and geo-location. These are the hottest topics right now, so start brainstorming about how you can use them.
  • 61. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #6: Set up Google and Tweetbeep Alerts for your org and yourself. If someone is talking about you, you’ll know it. Listen first.
  • 62. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #7: Find your influencers by using Twitter search and the leaderboard on Facebook Causes. Build a loyalty program for them with incentives tied to your org.
  • 63. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #8: Replicate all of your events on Facebook, and create corresponding Twitter hashtags. Promote them everywhere, both print and online, and early.
  • 64. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #9: Use AddThis.com to make everything shareable – your emails, webpages, and press releases.
  • 65. What You Can Do Now
    Takeaway #10: Make your social networking presence (like your Facebook Fan Page) media-driven by uploading all your photos to Flickr, and videos to YouTube, and then embedding the content. Bonus: you only have to update in one place.
  • 66. And remember…
    Social media was not built for business purposes.
    It was built to foster communication and connections.
    Always think like the user and be authentic and genuine.
    This is still very new for businesses – so don’t be afraid to take a risk, fail, and learn from your mistakes!
  • 67. Thank you!
    Carie Lewis
    Director of Emerging Media
    The Humane Society of the United States
    Email: clewis@humanesociety.org
    LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/carielewis
    Twitter: @cariegrls
    Blog: cariegrls.blogspot.com
    HSUS Networks: humanesociety.org/connect