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Physical activity
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Physical activity


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Bienfaits de l'exercice. Cours offert à des sec 4 d'une école Inuit

Bienfaits de l'exercice. Cours offert à des sec 4 d'une école Inuit

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  • 1.  The health benefits of exercise Sports The Advices Burned calories Quick tips to exercise more Surprises
  • 2.  Helps protect you from: Heart disease High blood pressure Obesity Diabetes Cancer Depression Bone problems
  • 3.  Lose some weight Eat less sugar and fat Eat more vegetables and fruits Do some sports every day Don’t forget: is it possible not to have diabetes even if your parents have it.
  • 4.  Eat three meals a day Drink a lot of water (2-3 bottles of water) Reduce fat and sugar Eat 2 healthy snacks a day Do 30 minutes of physical activity each day Don’t eat a bad snack before bedtime.
  • 5.  Increase your energy Increase your immunity Helps you to sleep well Better concentration in class Decrease stress
  • 6.  Sports = less aggressiveness and stress Try to sleep 8 hours minimum each night:• Increase energy during the day• Increase concentration in class
  • 7.  How many hours should you sleep each night? If your parents have diabetes, will you have it to? Name 2 advices to prevent obesity
  • 8.  Name 2 health benefits of exercising. Can you name us some sports you practice?
  • 9.  Volleyball Hockey Swimming Running Badminton Soccer
  • 10.  Do 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week Do some muscle strengthening and stretching Everything you eat contains calories and everything you do uses calories
  • 11.  Ifyou want to keep the same weight, you have to exercise and eat well You use calories when you breathe, sleep and digest food. Any other physical activity in addition to what you normally do will use extra calories. Exercise helps to control your weight by using the excess calories that otherwise would be stored as fat.
  • 12. 1 can contains 110 calories
  • 13. I hour of: Slow running or hockey burns 472 calories Badminton or basketball burns 266 cal. Volleyball or canoeing burns 177 cal.
  • 14.  Iceskating or swimming burns 413 cal. Walking burns 236 cal. Light cycling burns 354 cal.
  • 15.  Get your body moving each day Choose a sport you like Dress comfortably and adequately Go with friends
  • 16.  Stretch before and after exercises Breathe well Eat well before exercising Walk with your parents when they go shopping Walk to school
  • 17.  How many calories in a coca-cola? Complete the sentence: Everything you ____ contains calories and everything you do ____ calories. Which 2 things should you do to keep the same weight?