Car rental ireland guide


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This guide explains how car rental works in Ireland, but the information provided is applicable to car rental services worldwide.

Among the items explained is CDW insurance, SDW insurance and the various optional extras that will be offered when you rent you car.

Information is also provided about the main car rental brands operating in Ireland, particularly at the three main airports in Ireland.

The guide finishes with a tips and advice section which will be of use to everybody who either has rented a car or is planning to rent a car in the future.

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Car rental ireland guide

  1. 1. 1 Car Rental in Ireland Guide Car Hire in Ireland Explained While a lot of people who travel to Ireland don’t venture beyond the city limits, there are hundreds of reasons in Ireland to rent a car – but the ability to explore Ireland at your leisure is probably the best reasons. In saying that, Ireland has a bad reputation when it comes to car rental services, and this either puts people off or leads to situations where people feel they have been ill treated by the various car rental companies. This article will attempt to explain how car rental works around the world, and give you the information before you travel of what to expect when you arrive at the car rental counter. Car Rental Companies - Contact Information Car Rental Companies Phone Numbers Avis 1890 22 33 55 1800 515 800 Enterprise 1890 227 999 Europcar 1800 948 855 Dan Dooly +353 62 53103 Hertz +353 1 676 7476 Irish Car +353 61 206 088 The car rental companies listed above are the main car rental companies in Ireland. A number of companies operate more than one brand. Car Rental Brands at Irish Airports Dublin Airport Cork Airport Shannon Airport Hertz Hertz Avis Europcar Europcar Dan Dooley Budget Budget Europcar Dan Dooley Dan Dooley Hertz Enterprise Enterprise     SIXT     Dublin Airport is by far the busiest car rental collection point in Ireland. In Terminal 1, the car rental desks are located in the arrivals hall, while in Terminal 2 the desks are located beside the access point to all other forms of transport, and on the way to the taxi and bus terminals. Dublin Airport car hire is attractive to people for a number of reasons: • As all car rental brands are present, the car rental market is extremely competitive, and customers can get multiple prices before making a decision. • Dublin Airport is the most important gateway to Ireland, with over 19million people flying through the airport in 2012 • The airport is extremely well connected to the major road network, located just off the M50 and the M1 motorways • Dublin Airport is located just north of Dublin City, and is extremely well connected to Dublin City Centre which is a major draw for tourists
  2. 2. 2 Car Rental Insurance CDW Insurance All car rentals in Ireland come with basic insurance which is required by law to rent a car. This insurance is typically called collision damage waiver (CDW) and will cover you for damage to the car with an excess. An excess is a security deposit you leave behind when you rent the car in the form of a hold on your credit card. The excess amounts vary depending on the size of the car you rent, but will start at around €1200. This means, should you damage the car, the maximum liability you will have is €1200 with the car rental company being responsible for the rest of the value of the car. Should you have the misfortune to damage the car while on rent, the entire amount of the excess will be retained by the car rental company until the damage is fixed. If the damage is less than the excess, you will then be refunded the difference. If you return the car undamaged, the hold will be released immediately. However, be aware that the bank can take a number of days to release this back into your account. If you do not have sufficient credit on your credit card for the security deposit, you will have to purchase additional insurance, called super damage wavier (SDW) which will reduce your excess to between €0 and €200. Excess insurance from third party providers doesn’t remove the requirement for the excess to be placed on your credit card. Excess insurance merely means, should you damage the car, you will be able to reclaim the cost of the damage against the insurance policy. SDW Insurance SDW insurance is an optional cover you can chose to purchase or not when you pick up your car. This insurance will reduce your excess liability right down to between €0 and €200 depending on the company. This means, the security deposit you leave is much lower, and your liability is greatly reduced. Obviously there is a cost associated with purchasing this additional insurance. To a great extent, whether you purchase it or not are down to your aversion to risk and the availability of funds in your credit card to cover the excess amount. Additional Charges Car rental companies in Ireland have always received a bad reputation for not including all charges when you purchase the rental. Although, these will be listed as unpaid and made clear to customers during the booking process that the fees are due once you come to pick up the car, confusion still reigns. However, a number of car rental companies are making an effort to have fully inclusive pricing, most notably Irish Car which uses this as its key value proposition for customers. Also, the premium brands such as Europcar and Hertz will not have additional charges not included in the rate when you book. Recently, has also gone fully inclusive although it doesn’t include the credit card admin fee in its rates. Thrifty and both charge a premium location fee, or location surcharge when you rent with them. Toll Roads Dublin has one automatic toll road, the M50 which is the ring road around Dublin. People who drive this route are liable to pay a toll for using the road. However, car rental companies are made pay for each time a car passes over the toll road, meaning you the driver will not have to worry about paying. Fuel Policies Given the rising cost of fuel in Ireland, the fuel policies of the car rental companies have come in for some stick. Some companies insist on all car rentals over a two day duration coming with a full tank of fuel with no refunds should the car be returned half full. However, Europcar, Irish Car and allow customers to decide what option they would like. There are two main options: 1. Buy a full tank of fuel with the car at fuel prices that are lower than market rate, and return empty 2. Be given a full tank of fuel and be asked to return it full. If the car is not returned full, fuel is charged at above the market rate In terms of fuel policy, these companies are definitely worth checking out. Tips and Advice 1. Be careful that you put the right fuel into your car. If petrol is put into a diesel engine, the car will cease to work almost immediately and will require a tow to the nearest garage and the engine to be cleaned. 2. If you are only used to driving automatics, think twice about learning how to drive a manual car during a
  3. 3. 3 car rental. Damage to clutches by people not used to driving manual cars can be severe and costly to repair. 3. Car rental companies in Ireland in the main only accept credit cards. Debit cards are not the same as credit cards as a security deposit cannot be placed on them. 4. Pay close attention to the car before you depart the car rental depot and ensure all damage is noted. Disclaimer All effort is taken to ensure the information provided is accurate. However, before deciding which car rental produce to purchase, please verify all information provided.  Last updated on August 15, 2013 - All Rights Reserved