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Career and Enterprise Resources

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Career and Enterprise Resources

  1. 1. Career and Enterprise ResourcesChanging Work Patterns, Managing Change and Alternative Work ArrangementsFlexible Work Schedules ERIC Digest. and attitudes to work and family roles: the views of young ... Workplace change: Managing change in the workplace Resource Efficiency and Corporate Responsibility 
 - managing change 
 - a guide onhow to manage change in an organisation Change Tool kit Change the Glass Ceiling Choice and Development and the Changing Nature of Work Life Balance Guide future of work: Changing patterns of workforce management and their impacton the workplace work patterns World of Work the Glass Ceiling Poor Health and Work Life Balance is Draining Workplace Productivity
  2. 2. The Business Case for Work-Life Balance Case for Work Life Balance Balance - The Coca-Cola Company Stainability Abroad Factors to Consider When Moving Abroad working - the law and best practice can request flexible working? and people workplace council - alternative work arrangements Development- Why it is ImportantCareer Development Matters Research Papers: Career Fact Sheets: Importance of Career Development is Career Development Important? Impact of the World Economic Crisis and the Importance of Career Development
  3. 3. Government Career Development Resources ExplorationCareer counseling and self-assessment tests Career Zone: Career Interests Game: Exploration Workbook Paths Started: Career Exploration Skills List of Transferable Skills Help You Skills: Job Skills That Go Wherever You Go! Impact of Information Technology on Work and SocietyTechnology and People at Work Impact Of Information Technology On Work Organisations Impact of Information Technology on Work and Society influences and trends - GlobalisationGlobal agenda learning quests
  4. 4. The Impact of Globalisation on the Australian Workplace - what does it mean for me? Skills for International Careers Issues Peacock 11 June 2007 08:00This article first appeared in Personnel Today magazine you can make a difference Change- foot print calculator - Global Network and WWF calculator - Carbon Account - Organisations have Responded to Global ChallengesToms Shoes - Shop - Corporation - Purple Goes Green - School: Bali - of Eco Friendly Companies  Eco Firms - Skills & the Blueprint for Career Development  Employability Skills  ew.aspx
  5. 5.  Employability Skills for the Future   Employability Skills- what next?   Australian Blueprint for Career Development –  Self-employment Opportunities -  Self-employment from Wikipedia -  Self-employment: be your own boss - aged WorkersMyths about mature age workers Older WorkersA site that provides information for jobseekers and employers on the values and benefits of olderworkers. Along with this information there is advice on work force planning including checklists. Workers and Responsibilities and Organisation of WorkplacesYour Rights and Responsibilities at Work Australian Institute of Employment Rights (AIER) Work Ombudsman
  6. 6. Workplace Organisations friendly workplaces for organisation friendly employees Strategy Worlds Most Innovative Companies seeeeeriously cool workplaces Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace more Innovative Workplaces: Linking Problem-Solving Style and OrganizationalClimate for Innovation Studies Association for Creativity and Innovation April 20, 2009 [Aug. 18, 2009]. Research Institute Society for Professional Innovation Management RestructuringOrganisational Restructuring/Downsizing, OHS Regulation, Worker Health and Wellbeing
  7. 7. Restructuring a Climate of Change Executives Create and Sustain Superior Performance Long LearningLifelong Learning in Australia development development 7 Tips To Thrive In An Unpredictable Workplace Your Teams to Thrive in Uncertain Times Elements of a Positive Work EnvironmentWhat is a positive work environment? A positive work environment is characterised by a:  high degree of trust and respect between all levels of staff  warm and friendly climate in which colleagues feel valued, and have a strong sense of loyalty to the organisation  high quality leadership and management  open discussion that leads to resolution of conflict  measure of self-determination over how work is undertaken  culture where diversity is respected and valued  lack of exclusive “clubs” and cliques  opportunities for personal development and career progression  a high level of creativity and job satisfaction, arising from teamwork and cooperation.The toolkit defines three strategic and seven operational elements that together contribute to atoolkit (PDF 1359KB) from the State Services Authority Cash Studies Workers CompensationBoard to:
  8. 8. Career Management SkillsThe term Career Management Skills refers to the skills required to find and secure employmentand to proactively develop ones own career. Career Management Skills encompass:  self awareness- in relation to interests, abilities, values, constraints  opportunity awareness- knowing what career opportunities exist and what is required to pursue them  career decision making skills  transition learning-including skills required to source jobs, prepare applications and perform in interviews. What are Career Management Skills? Why are Career Management Skills so important?What is in it for you? Go to the following sites:The term Career Management Skills refers to the skills required to find and secure employmentand to proactively develop ones own career. Career Management Skills encompass:  self awareness- in relation to interests, abilities, values, constraints  opportunity awareness- knowing what career opportunities exist and what is required to pursue them  career decision making skills  transition learning-including skills required to source jobs, prepare applications and perform in interviews.What are Career Management Skills? Why are Career Management Skills so important? What isin it for you? Go to the following sites: Management Skills for the 21st Century Management Skills: What are they? and why do I need them? Management Skills: Keys to a Great Career and a Great Life Career Management Skills Expectations and Career Management Skills Career Management Skills Management Skills: The Australian Blueprint for Career Development Management CompetenciesCareer Action Plans or Individual Pathway Plans (IPPs)
  9. 9. ERIC #: ED292975Title: Individualised Career Plan Models, ERIC Digest No. 71.Authors: Bhaerman, Robert D.Web: Pathway Plan (Upper, Lower, Review and Exit Plans Career Action Plan: A Roadmap to the Future</a><p> a Career Action Plan Career Action Plan: Characteristics and Elements Action Planning My Pathway Plan Action Plans: Using Goal Setting to Get What You Want Out of Work Guides and Job Resources on the Internet Pathway Plans Pathways (MIPs) Pathway Plan - Pathway Mapping: A Tool for PersonalCareer Management Principles and StrategiesJarvis, Philip S. Career Management Paradigm Shift: Prosperity for Citizens, Windfalls forGovernments, ERIC Collection
  10. 10. 5 Principles of Career Management: Discovering the “High 5” of Strategic of CareerManagement Today, presented by Rob Straby, M.A. Sources located at url’s: and Centre for Career Action "Online Portfolio Adventure" (Versions of my online portfolios developed using differentsystems or online publishing tools) by Dr Helen Barrett (2004-2011)Source: Theory. Overview of Contemporary Career Theories and Theory Development- Overview.. Introduction to Supers Life Span Theory (Developmental Theory Achieving Life Balance Niles, Herr and Hartung Web Site and Donald’s Supers Stages of Career Development in the 21st Century.. Hollands Theory of Career Choice Trait and Factor, Actuarial or Matching Theory and Holland Types.. Krumboltzs Learning Theory of Career Choice and Counselling From Social Learning to Happenstance.. Happenstance Theory - Krumboltz Cognitive Information Processing Approach Decision Theory.. A Systems Theory Framework of Career Development Patton, W & McMahon M.Current World Of WorkCareer Management Paradigm Shift: Prosperity for Citizens, Windfall for Governments byPhillip S. Jarvis Development for Meaningful Work Life by Susan Imel principles for Australian Industry: Literature Review and FrameworkDevelopment (2002) principles 
 Enterprise EducationCareer Theory
  11. 11. Overview of contemporary career theories and theory development Theory of Career Choice (trait and factor, actuarial or matching theory) PolicyPolicy and practice in career guidance: an international perspective (A. G. Watts) review of career guidance policies: Australia country note, M. Shaping a career development culture: 
 Quality standards, quality practice,quality outcomes A presentation to the National Forum of Career Practitioners Sydney, AustraliaAugust 2004 
 Shaping a Career Development Culture 
 Dr Mary McMahon’s PublicationsContext Specific Policy WebsitesVariety of ContextsThe Miles Morgan website has a range of links relevant to Australian career services acrosscontexts including the Blueprint. IndustryCareer Development Association of Australia Career Industry Council of Australia now has its own website located at: 
National Standards and Accreditation of Career Practitioners Project Industry online acts as an educational portal has links to anything related to education inAustralia 
 Some State specific career education websites include:Australian Capital Territory Department of Education and Training: CareerTransition Queensland. Career Education Government: Curriculum Learning and Teaching. Career and TransitionPolicies and Frameworks
  12. 12. New South Wales Department of Education and Training- Career Education Australian Department of Education and Training. Career Development and Careers,12650Emerging Trends In Career DevelopmentManaging Life, Learning and Work in the 21st Century by McMahon, Patton andTatham 
 service delivery for special target groupsDiversity and MulticulturalDeveloping a Multicultural Career Mindset by John Stewart Development and Gender, Race, and Class: ERIC: 199 by Sandra Kerka and YouthAboriginal Education: Guiding Circles Clearinghouse for Youth Studies: Australian Youth Facts & Stats Government Department of Education, Science and Technology education program for gifted high school student’süsseldorf Skills Forum: Projects Development Practitioner Resources web site Resource for Career Practitioners Australian Transition Portfolio 2004 Government, Department of Education, Science and Training: Real Game Australian Career Development Studies will be available online at:
  13. 13. 
 in print and in CD-ROM formats.Labour Market Information.. Current Minimum Wage The Young Worker Toolkit helps young people find information about their responsibilities and where their stand at work. Sections include:  Starting your job  Pay and conditions  Tax, super and help  Safety and accidents  Problems at work  Quitting and losing your job  Getting help Click here to go to Young Worker Toolkit.  Live Salary:  The annual Hays Salary Guide:  Salary centre- CareerOne:  HR partners:  CareerOne Salary Surveys- Curious about what youre really worth? Find salary averages online. Sponsored by: Salaries.. Labour Market Updates  Labour market Update  Job Outlook- Make Your Career a Reality  Labour Market Trends  Labour Market Information Portal  Labour statistics  Department of Employment and Workplace Relations  Myfuture: The Facts  Australian Wages  Access Economics  Australian Bureau of Statistics  Australian Federal Government (all Government departments)  Council for Equal Opportunity in Employment  Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST)  Department of Employment and Workplace Relations  Australian Labour Market Analysis and Research  National Board of Employment, Education & Training  National Centre for Vocational Research (VET Statistics, Apprenticeship/ Traineeship Annual Statistics)  Senate (Committee on Employment, Workplace Relations  Workplace Authority
.. Labour Market Data/ Employment Information - Overseas  Careers International (Can., NZ, UK, USA)
  14. 14.  Department for Education & Employment (UK)  Department of Labor (USA)  Organisation for Economic Co-operation & Development (OECD) Employment statistics. Australian Bureau of Statistics – South Australian Statistics Page A wide range of economic and social statistics is covered through this page. It provides access to South Australias statistical information, including statistical releases and links to non-ABS sources. 
 Industry skills information, including employment data and links to information on industry employment, careers, and skill needs and training. Also includes Industry Employment Profiles which provide an extensive suite of data on employment characteristics, trends and prospects. The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) is Australias principal provider of vocational education and training (VET) research and statistics. The Workforce Information Service provides information and tools to support workplace planning and development in South Australia. Employment, jobs and occupations These sites provide some useful information about different jobs and how to go about getting one. This is a young person focussed site that connects the user to the Job Guide and other career and job related information and links. Fast facts and quick links to help Year 12 students get started. Find out about apprenticeships Group Training Organisations manage Australian Apprentice recruitment, training contracts, wages and entitlements, administration, training delivery and monitor skill development. The site contains information and resources if you are looking for employment as an apprentice or you are looking to employ an apprentice. Help to identify what services and programs are offered by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and Centrelink. Provides job seekers, employees, employers with information about finding a job, starting work and workplace issues. You can also access the Australian Jobs publication, which provides an overview of job prospects. Information on employment in Australia for people coming from overseas.
  15. 15. Videos about getting a trade or skill Get clarification about words and concepts about the labour marketand jobs.Volunteer work opportunitiesVolunteering provides you with an opportunity to help your community while at the same timeyou can gain valuable work experience, improve your skills, meet new people and build your selfconfidence. Search engine for volunteer opportunities. General information about volunteering in South Australia Southern Volunteering (SA) Inc is the key volunteerresource centre in the southern area extending to the Fleurieu Peninsula. SEEK Volunteer is a non-profit initiative designed to bringvolunteers and the organisations seeking them together. Volunteer opportunities are updateddaily and all organisations have been qualified by Volunteering Australias associated statecentres. Volunteering Australia is the national peak body working toadvance volunteering in the Australian community. This site contains links to news and events andother interesting resources and information. GoVolunteer provides you with all the information you mightneed to find out about volunteering and volunteer opportunities in your area. Golden Gurusencourages skilled mature aged people who are retired, semi-retired or no working full-time toshare their skills and experience as mentors for community organisations and small businesses.Job search enginesThe Internet contains many sites where you can search and apply for jobs. Links job seekers with Australian harvest jobs. You canfind a job, locate a harvest labour provider and search for towns and crop information. An employment portal focusing solely on Apprenticeships & Traineeships.
  16. 16. TrainingThese sites will provide you with information about further education and training and where togo to get it. Predominately a site for training and education providers but thereis some information about Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Information covering education and training, apprenticeships, highereducation, industry skills and vocational and technical education. This site also has informationon Industries skill, including employment data and links to information on industry employment,careers, and skills needs and training. You can also access the Australian Jobs publication, whichprovides an overview of job prospects. The National Training Information Service is a database on vocationaleducation and training in Australia. It provides a Search and Browse function that allows you tofind training courses and qualifications in South Australia. Go to the NTIS search page: The Productivity Places Program (PPP) is part of the AustralianGovernment’s Skilling Australian for the Future initiative. The program provides opportunities forjob seekers to raise their skills levels and gain recognised qualifications in skills in occupationdemand areas. A portal to a range of vocational education and training information,products and services in Australia. The Australian Apprenticeships Access Program (theAccess Program) provides job seekers who experience barriers to skilled employment, with pre-vocational training, support and assistance to obtain and maintain an Australian Apprenticeship.Education, further education and higher education Australian Technical Colleges cater for Years 11and 12 students who wish to study for their Year 12 certificate and start an apprenticeship whilststill at school (Australian School-based Apprenticeship). Comprehensive information on what you need to know if you areinterested in going to university. Comprehensive and independent information source abouttertiary education pathways, including postgraduate courses like the MBA, and career options inAustralia.