Carers and national government may 2012


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Presentation used at the Action For Carers Forum in May 2012

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Carers and national government may 2012

  1. 1. Carers and NationalGovernment – influencing and changing decisions 24th May 2012
  2. 2. Who is Carers UKCarers UK is:• Organisation of carers, run by carers for carers• Started in 1965 by carers• Carers always involved in getting change from Government• Carers UK working in partnership with organisations like Action for Carers
  3. 3. Carers making a difference
  4. 4. Lynda Wisbach•Talked to us about her situation•Led to survey of carers about emergencies•Survey found lack of response•Lynda became campaign “pin up”•Presented information and her story to Government•Did media interviews•Changed our world - £25 million and a change inattitude
  5. 5. What can you do?• Letter writing – your situation – asking for change• Constituency meetings with MP• Councillors as well as MPs• Telling your story• Contributing to research and surveys• Using social media
  6. 6. Telling your story
  7. 7. Telling your story• Power of the story• Anonymously• Publicly• Helps to understand and to illustrate change• Your experience sets you apart• You back up our statistics• Positive stories of support also change opinion• MPs like to draw on local experiences in debate
  8. 8. Social media making a difference• Twitter, Facebook, Carers UK’s Carers Forum• Carers Forum – over 3,000 users. Supportive environment. Used for discussion.• Facebook – over 7,000 likes• Twitter – over 9,300 followers• You Tube – brings public into carers lives
  9. 9. Social media and carers
  10. 10. Social media• Brought ordinary carers to the centre of attention – Rosemary O’Neill from Carer Watch and Carers UK member.• Facebook – quick discussions on issues that matter that take the temperature of discussion.• Fed into the media, into parliamentary debates, for lead spokespeople, etc.
  11. 11. Social media• Twitter – who understands it?• Who has done it?• Does it make a difference?• Follow your MP• Follow Carers UK• Tweet from this event at #carecantwait and @Carersuk• Don’t know where it will all develop
  12. 12. Feed Fundraising Promoting our research MediaConversation withprofessionals and opinion formers Campaigns
  13. 13. Impact#CostofCaring (December 2011)• Carers Rights Day twitter campaign – tweeting about the financial impact of caring• Carers UK ‘trended’ as one of the top ten most talked about topics in the UK.#CareCantWait (May 2012)• 1,496 tweets across three days from 670 tweeters• Reaching 350,000 people
  14. 14. Carers message to Government
  15. 15. Petitions, letter writing, email• Petitions – good way to engage individuals• Letter writing – the personal story stands you apart from general mass emails• Emails too, telling your story is more powerful• Councillors make an important contribution• MPs get a lot of contact about trees, fish, the countryside and now pasties
  16. 16. What is Carers UK campaigning on?• Better funding settlement for social care – Care and Support Alliance• Stop the cuts to benefits for carers – improve them instead – Hardest Hit campaign• Health for Carers Week #carersweek
  17. 17. Where to look• @Carersuk• Facebook – Carers UK••