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An introduction to Peer Coaching

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Peer coachingintro2013

  1. 1. Lena ArenaProject Coordinator, DER NSW Sydney RegionAn Introduction to PeerCoaching
  2. 2. “The more powerful technology becomes,the more indispensable good teachers are.”- Michael FullanA quote…
  3. 3. Peer coaching is a process by which teacherswork with one another to share expertise andprovide feedback, support and assistance.The peer coach does not advise or tell. He orshe asks questions and supports the coacheeto find their own answers.Peer coaching is not mentoring.What is Peer Coaching?
  4. 4. 1. provides job-embedded professionalfeedback and support2. promotes active learning by offering teachersopportunities to become involved inmeaningful discussion and planning, observeother teachers, be observed, and receivefeedback3. offers teachers opportunities to link the ideaslearned in professional learning sessions to theirteaching context4. is a collaborative partnership between peercoach and coachee and not a mentor-novice relationship.Peer Coaching…
  5. 5. The Peer Coaching Structure
  6. 6. Peer Coaching Roles•These are the three people who lead theprogram. Dr Les Foltos is a program director.PC ProgramDirectors•These are the people who can train facilitators.There are currently 3 in Australia.PC MasterTrainers•These are the people who can train coaches towork with teachers. They can also coach.PC Facilitators•Peer coaches work with teachers in schools.Peer coaches•Participating teachers work with a peer coach.Later they may choose to train as a coach.Participatingteachers
  7. 7. Why Peer Coaching?This table was adapted from research on the impact of professional development(Joyce & Showers, 1994; Showers, Murphy & Joyce, 1996). The impacts have beenreplicated by later research.Relationship between Type of Training and Impact
  8. 8. Peer Coaching Example
  9. 9. Peer Coaching Cycle
  10. 10. • 3 full days face to face workshops. Terms 1 and 2• Friday 24 February 2012• Friday 16 March 2012• Friday 4 May 2012• In-between tasks, collaboration via VC• In-school coaching practicum• Peer Coach Accreditation on completion of allmodules and submission of evidence• Total of 50 hours including in-school practicumThe StructurePeer Coaching Pilot
  11. 11. Module 3Pedagogy skills and knowledgeThe modulesModule 1Peer Coaching TheoryModule 2Coaching skills and knowledgeModule 4Practice the coachingModule 5Plan to put it into practice in your school.123456 Module 6Back to school to do it!
  12. 12. 1. A coaching log signedby a principal (ordelegate) andparticipating teachers.2. A brief coaching reportfrom one teacher youare coaching.3. A record of a lessonimprovement processincluding notes reobservation andfeedback.AccreditationEvidence – in school practicum
  13. 13. 4. A coaching chronicle ornarrative description ofwhat you actuallyachieved.5. A peer coachingimplementation plan fora full program in 2013AccreditationEvidence – in school practicum
  14. 14. 1. Attend all 3 trainingdays2. Coach at least 2 staffmembers3. Complete and submit allactivities required asevidenceYour commitmentTo become an accredited Microsoft Peer Coach
  15. 15. • Wiki and edmodo group will be created tosupport schools• Contact Lena for assistance at any timeSupport
  16. 16. • Canterbury Boys High School• Cronulla High School• Georges River College - Penshurst GirlsCampus• Randwick Girls High SchoolPeer Coaching Pilot Schools 2012
  17. 17. 1. “Due to peer coaching and the skills I havedeveloped with Smart Notebook and the IWB, mylessons have come alive, my students enjoy the lesson,students come up to the board, much moreinteraction, it is more student centred and there is alot more time spent on discussion.” Teacher 12. “The students who were ordinarily more difficult toengage enjoyed BlogEd quite a lot. Other benefits toemerge from the Peer Coaching program are anincrease in personal motivation and the increase inmy level of confidence, both allowing me to take thenext step of integrating BlogEd into my teachingpractice. …I highly recommend the peer-coachingprogram to any future participants as I have greatlybenefited from this experience.” Teacher 2Teacher Feedback
  18. 18. “I wanted to incorporate more technology intomy teaching and get the students to use thelaptops more. The thought of spending one onone time with a more senior teacher was a bitconfronting but it was also an opportunity. I foundCathie to be more approachable than I hadpredicted. The sessions that we had togetherwere quite fun. I tested the student’s reaction tothe Smart Notebooks that I created and had apositive feedback from the students. I also hadthe opportunity to include some of the resources Icreated into my accreditation portfolio.”Teacher 3Teacher Feedback
  19. 19. Lena ArenaProject Coordinator, DER-NSWSydney RegionPhone: 9582