Cadbury Gems brand problem and their solution


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Cadbury Gems brand problem and their solution

  1. 1. Cadbury GemsBrand problem Presented By: Varun Kumar Rai Sandeep Gunjan Nitin Rathi Vijay Mor
  2. 2. BriefClient : KraftfoodsBrand: Cadbury GemsCategory: sugar candy (chocolates)Customer:-
  3. 3. Problem UnderstandingBranding 1. Creating Confusion for target audience 2. low visibility in store 3. Poor Branding at POS/display.Packaging 1. unattractive packaging - Neither attractive to kids nor to adults. 2. Not available in handy- trendy packagingDistribution 1. Not available at pan shop
  4. 4. Problem UnderstandingPricing 1. No value for money. 2. There is no complementary product for adults.Category 1. No successful product expansion. 2. No varietyTargeting 1. Targeting 30+, but Does not give sufficient reason to consumer “why to buy it. 2. Better opportunity exist in age group 12-15. 3. Who might but not reached: 20+ [ product is not fitting well with the habits of consumer.
  5. 5. Recommendation Area Situation Possible Solution Effect 1. No successful product 1. Will develop new 1. Bring more Category expansion. product which will be newness in the 2. Do not have any based on chocolate. category. Which variety. will lead to 2. A new product will excitement. be introduced like stickles. 1. Targeting 30+, 1. Develop new ad 1. It will give clear 2. Better opportunity exist under be “Hello” tagline. message to our in age group 12-15. Which will be focused on audience . That will Targeting 3. Who might but not target audience. push sales. reached: 20+ 1. Brand image is not 1. Will do BTL activities 1. It will provide a Branding appropriate with the to help the brand in chance to get target audience. getting top of the mind involve with brand recall. and cash the 2. low visibility in store. experience. 2. Improve in store 1. Poor Branding at graphics 2. It will help in POS/DISPLAY. 3. Push the product on refreshing emotions Cadbury display. memories. 3. Leads to higher
  6. 6. Recommendation Area Situation Solution Effect 1. Remains same for many 1. Easy to carry & smart 1. Will attract more to years. Neither attractive packaging. other adult people. PACKAGING to kids nor to adults. 2. Will bring in small 2. It will improve the handy trendy boxes sales. 2. Not available in handy- like TIC-TAK. 3. People can use it trendy packaging gifting for small occasion. It will reduce the time line. 1. They are not offering value 1. Will give them 1. It will help in fill the for money for adult. florescent small animal gap between the 20- ,cars and accessories. 50 rs. Product. PRICE 2. There is no complementary product to offer adults, as 2. Gem-Jar –will launch as they have products for kids new product at price Rs. like ball. 25 & 50. 1.Should be available at 1. It will help to capture 1.Not available at pan shop pan shop and other those consumer who mobile shops. already had gems in Distribution their childhood. 2. Sales will increase. That will help to become leader in the price segment of 5-25 rs.
  7. 7. Insight from consumers &Ethnographic research Consumers • Kids between the age group 3 -11years, but not the buyer. • Mostly 12-15 years age children and 30-35 year adults buys it. Buying behavior and attitude towards Gems. • People buys it only when it is visible to them. • Even in the kids category Gems don’t have TOM recall. • Parent of the kids are buying it and they also eat it. • There is a childhood memory attach to Gems and its colour. • The average monthly expense on chocolate is nearly Rs. 400
  8. 8. Insight from shopkeeper Customer • Mostly 12-15 years children and 30-35 years age adult buys it. • Parent of the kids are buying it and they also eat it. Promotion and sells • Gems is liked by every one, generally given in exchange for Rs 5. • Cadbury gems has reduced quantity in its 5rs pack from 12 gm. to 10 gm. That is also a reason for less customer. As kids count the number of Gems they eat. • Company is not promoting Gems at POS. • There is no extra incentive for higher sell. • The margin is 10 %, Whereas it 15 to 20% for others. • The sell of Cadbury to other chocolates is 8:2 ratio. Supply chain • They follow a strict seven day demand and supply cycle. • On time delivery of the products. • No damage products.
  9. 9. CustomerType Stage in lifestyle Attitude way of Potential media consumption touch pointsKids (3-11)yr Introduction A joy , happiness One by one, Tv(cartoon shows) , excitement . +ve favorite colour any association first. with animated cartoon characters.Teenagers Maturity - on the go, losing With friends , in Internet and in(12-15) Decline interest. -ve bunch. store graphics and sports channels.Adults(30 +) Decline – Time pass, With kids, one Internet(social introduction. something to or two at a time. networking sites), share with kids. tv .
  10. 10. Buying Behavior Age It’s a habit thing so group : Time Line it is free from the 12-18 yrs time limit. Decision Display in stores, TG Teenagers making in store graphics, process do not think muchEasy packaging, Appealing packaging. Tv ads, and their Accessories. Their Motivation/ promotion on influence Demand youtube and social networking sites.
  11. 11. Idea finding.• What are the rational benefits of my offering.:- Sugar candy, in just rs .50• What are the emotional benefits: feeling of sharing .• Actually selling : excitement and friendship.• TG: all who are seeking for friendship and want some excitement.• Personality: welcoming and friendly.• Idea: Hello happiness.
  12. 12. ideaConsumer desire: Offering: friendship Happiness & excitement Hello! Hey! What’s up.
  13. 13. M ARKETING AIM D EVELOPING MEDIA STRATEGY selecting the surrounding Marketing strategy. Select individual sites. campaign aim Selecting the media within the Communication/ creative class. strategy. Offline and online strategy.A INALYSIS MPLEMENTATION Deciding the media plan. Evaluation of media plan and tracking. Selecting and advertising mean Selecting the surrounding and sites Budget
  14. 14. Marketing Aim Marketing strategy plan Increase the visibility and achieve higher sales. Campaign Plan “Hello Happiness”, “Happy Friendship” Communication Plan Will touch all those who are seeking happiness and friendship to get brand recall. Offline/Online Plan BTL activity Co- Branding Social media to create viral.
  15. 15. Developing Media Strategy Selecting the Broad media classes. will market it through Mass Media by using television , internet and BTL. Selecting the individual sites. Social media sites. Cadbury gems page, Blogs. Selecting the Media within the class. Television- crime petrol – 4.06 TRP CID – 3.7 DID Little champ – 4.7 Diya Bati or hum – 5.3 bade ache lagte hain –4.8
  16. 16. Implementation Deciding the media plan. - 30 sec ad for 1st week. - 15 sec ad for 2nd week.(Story based ad) Selecting the advertising mean. Television and Facebook ads YouTube videos. Display at point of sale Selecting the surrounding site. Metro cities :- Tier one cites. Tier two cites Budget
  17. 17. Media Analysis Evaluating the media plan and tracking. Through a pre and post brand recall test. Through checking pre and post sales number.
  18. 18. Company facility price (12- 7 pm),Tv shows trp time slot slot mon-fri slot sat-sun reach totalcrimepetrol 4.0610sec 54000 1.8 lakh 75 millionDid littlechamps 4.7 150 20 11700000diya batiaur ham 5.3badeaachelagte hai 4.8
  19. 19. Thank You!