Home care in wa state with audio take 3 show


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Home care in wa state with audio take 3 show

  1. 1. I am coming home from the hospital. Do I get a Nurse or PhysicalTherapist to come to my home?
  2. 2. Do I still have Nursing or PhysicalTherapy goals that I haven’t met yet?
  3. 3. Will I be “homebound”when I go home?
  4. 4. Will it be extremely difficult toget out of the house for adoctor’s appointment,to get suppliesor groceries?
  5. 5. If you are homebound and haveNursing or Physical Therapy goals thathave not yet been met, your doctor canorder Intermittent Skilled Home HealthCare that is paid for by Medicare orby your Health Insurance.
  6. 6. These services must be ordered by yourPhysician or Primary Care Provider, andmust meet the Medicare or HealthInsurance criteria.
  7. 7. The care paid for by Medicare is:“By the Visit”A Nurse, Physical Therapist,Occupational Therapist,Social Worker, or Bath Aidecomes to your home 2-3 timesper week to assess your progress,help with treatments or assist with a bath.A visit is usually 30-60 minutes in length.
  8. 8. These visits continue until you havemet your Nursing or Physical Therapygoals, and then you are dischargedfrom Home Health.
  9. 9. Typically a qualified person receivesSkilled Home Health Care paid for byMedicare or Health Insurance, forbetween 4-12 sessions.
  10. 10. • If you need any help in the home, you will need to hire privately and pay for it out of pocket, or with Long Term Care Insurance.• You will need to go to the Doctor or Clinic for any Treatments or Assessments.
  11. 11. • If you want to hire a Caregiver, order the care from a Private Duty Home Health or Non-Medical Home Care Company.• This is sometimes called: Custodial Care, Personal Care or Homemaker Care
  12. 12. • Care can be hired through CareForce or another Private Duty Agency or an Independent Provider.• If you have very low income, DSHS (Medicaid) will assist you in finding an agency: 1 (800) 562-3022
  13. 13. A Caregiver can come to your hometo assist you with anyof the following:  Bathing, Dressing, Toileting  Medication Assist  Meal Prep and Eating  Housekeeping and Laundry  Walking or using a Wheelchair  Transportation
  14. 14. CAREFORCE is a Private Duty Home Health &Non-Medical Home Care Agency
  15. 15. • Hourly Caregiver Care: day and night, awake on duty, 4 to 12 hour shifts• Shorter Caregiver Visits: 90 to 120 minutes• 24 Hour around the clock care with awake shifts• CarePack® Services for Transitional Care• Live-In Care with a sleep shift at night• Private Duty RN or LPN care is also available
  16. 16. CAREFORCE is a Private Duty Home Health &Non-Medical Home Care Agency
  17. 17. Your County has a Senior Information andAssistance Department that can send youa guide: King County 1-888-435-3377 Snohomish County 425-355-1112
  18. 18. • Ask your Doctor or Discharge Planner for a Home Care List• If you are low income, call your local DSHS Office: (800) 562-3022
  19. 19. • Most people pay out of pocket from their Private Savings or Retirement Income.• Some people have Long Term Care Insurance that will pay for Non-Medical Home Care.
  20. 20. • Some people qualify for some Home Care from the Veterans Administration.• Sometimes a Health Insurance Policy will pay for Custodial Care, this is very unusual.
  21. 21. 2009 BusinessExcellence Award