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From 5 to 9 October the second edition of Finance Week at Politecnico di Milano

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Presentation Finance Week

  1. 1. Finance Week at Politecnico di Milano An opportunity for finance-industry companies to present themselves and meet Management Engineering, Mathematical Engineering and Engineering Physics students and graduates
  2. 2. Introduction Politecnico di Milano’s Career Service is delighted to unveil its new event dedicated to the finance industry: “Finance Week”. The project came about as a result of the successful staging in March 2009 of the “Finance and Consultancy Week”. The new event is geared towards fulfilling two sets of requirements: on the one hand, the need for companies to meet talented young people and, on the other, the need for students and graduates to get to know the market, learn about the finance industry and the roles available within it, and put themselves forward as candidates for those roles.
  3. 3. Companies invited Finance Week – from 5th to 9th October 2009 - Investment banks - Commercial banks - Insurance companies Requests for participation from companies will be evaluated by the Career Service on the basis of suitability. There are a limited number of slots available.
  4. 4. Targets Students on, and recent graduates of, the Bachelor’s and Master’s degree courses in the Faculty of Systems Engineering, and specifically: - Management Engineering - Mathematical Engineering - Engineering Physics The Career Service will implement communication strategies targeted at the entire Politecnico di Milano student population, guaranteeing both high visibility for the event and the involvement of all those who are interested in the finance industry.
  5. 5. The potential target Graduates and undergraduates in 2007 No. of Graduates No. of Graduates Total No. of with a Bachelor’s with a Master’s Undergraduates Degree Degree Management 472 589 3,088 Engineering Mathematical 41 37 429 Engineering Engineering 65 51 432 Physics
  6. 6. Advantages for companies 1. Present your company, the market and your positioning in relation to your main competitors 2. Position yourself as the “first choice” out of the career options being considered by Management Engineers, Mathematical Engineers and Engineering Physicists, and more generally by all students of the Politecnico interested in the finance industry 3. Receive applications 4. Bolster the loyalty of your target vis-à-vis your brand 5. Boost the visibility of your brand within the Politecnico 6. Pursue a policy of employer branding in relation to career guidance and support students and graduates as they develop their understanding of the job market
  7. 7. To participate, your company should: • Submit job profiles illustrating the roles typically available in the finance industry for graduates in Management Engineering, Mathematical Engineering and Engineering Physics • Create a preferential application channel for participants, bearing in mind that they are students at, or graduates of, Politecnico di Milano • Supply informative material (preferably customised) for the information desk (see page 9) by 25th September to ensure the availability of information in the run-up period (from 28th September until 2nd October) • State, at the time of confirmation, whether or not your company is interested in meeting the participating students and graduates on a one-to-one basis during the follow-up to the event, on the morning after the presentation, at the Career Service desk (see page 9)
  8. 8. Where and when: Event -In the classrooms and other specially created spaces within the new Lambruschini/Broggi Management Engineering hub in Bovisa. The event will be staged in such a way as to give the greatest possible visibility to the companies participating. -From 5th to 8th October 2009, every day from 1.30pm/3.00pm to 6.00pm. Follow-up -At the Career Service desk within the same building in which the presentations are made -From 6th to 9th October 2009, from 9.30am to 12.00pm Information desk -Adjacent to the rooms where the presentations are made, within the same building -From 28th September to 2nd October
  9. 9. The format • 2/3 companies will make their presentations per day, as per the agenda on page 10 • Each company will have a maximum of 90 minutes to make its presentation and carry out its employer branding and orientation activities • By prior appointment, companies will have access, on the morning after the event (from 9.30am to 12.00pm), to the on-site Career Service desk to conduct one-to-one follow-ups at which they can provide more information, offer coaching and carry out recruiting activities • During the week prior to the event (from 28th September to 2nd October), an Information Desk will be set up in the area next to where the presentations are to be made. The purpose of the desk is to publicise the event, supply informative material on each participating company in the run-up to the presentations and help students and graduates to find out in advance about the companies taking part in Finance Week
  10. 10. Finance Week - October 2009 Information Desk: from 28th September to 2nd October Mon 5th Tue 6th Wed 7th Thu 8th Fri 9th From Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up Follow-up 9.30am Credit Suisse UBI Banca Zurich Unicredit Group to 12.00pm Citi Group Mediobanca Intesa SanPaolo Merrill Lynch 1.30pm Credit Suisse Room (Presentazione in Inglese) Ubi Banca Zurich Unicredit X A 3.00pm Citi Group Room (Presentazione in inglese) Mediobanca Intesa Merrill Lynch X B
  11. 11. Communication Event publicity and company branding: • For 3 weeks prior to the event • Throughout the event Channels: - Dedicated event web page on: - Career Service Newsletter - Classroom communication (direct involvement of the Faculty) - Visual communication on campus - On-site communication prior to the event – Information Desk - On-site communication during the event
  12. 12. Surveys Participating companies can utilise the information gathered in the week after the event by the Career Service through the Web 2.0 survey forms that will be distributed to all those taking part. The survey forms will be geared towards finding out (and disseminating to the companies involved): • The perception of the brands of the companies taking part • The level of satisfaction of the event • The reactions to the individual presentations • The issues covered • The needs of the participants At the same time, survey forms will also be distributed to the participating companies. This survey will focus on • The quality of the participants • The organisational aspects • An analysis of the requirements and the level of satisfaction • The collection of pointers to enhance the initiative