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Ppt ica campus final

  1. 1. Overview on Campus: The Committee for Members in Industry (CMII)provides opportunity to newly qualified CA’s to seekjobs in various firms and companies via CampusPlacement Program. Register yourself at cmii.icai.org. for appearing incampus Orientation programs are conducted by ICAI where allsuch information is provided
  2. 2. Attend Orientation program held by ICAI to gain insight in to the whole campusprocessAttend GMCS Training ProgramRegister with cmii.icai.org within the timeframe provided , because companiesshortlist only such candidates. The candidates who have completed their articleship as well as GMCS within the timeframe can only registerYou have to select two centre– Big centre and small centreCompanies shortlist the candidates within 15 days of completion of registration bycandidatesProvide the final consent for five companies within 2-3 days, or within the stipulatedtime framePre-replacement talk (PPT) is sent by the companies to the candidatesBefore interview starts some (final five ) companies use Psychometric test to furthershortlist the candidatesYou reach the campus premises to attend the interview in personNumber of rounds for final recruitment depends wholly and solely on interviewer
  3. 3.  Campus Placement Program vs CA FinalResults.(Based on Last Four Campus)results12.2%9.0%5.5%12.4%20.5%15.8%16.4%13.0%Sep/11 Mar/12 Sep/12 Mar/13Campus placement results (Campus-ICAI) CA cleared (Both groups)*
  4. 4. o Total Students appeared inCA Final- Statistics47 48 5245 4744 4440 38 41476072 7485116135 138 137Total students appeared (in 000)May-03 Nov-03 May-04 Nov-04 May-05 Nov-05 May-06 Nov-06 May-07 Nov-07May-08 Nov-08 May-09 Nov-09 May-10 Nov-10 May-11 Nov-11 May-12
  5. 5.  Trends of CA Final Results:0.0%5.0%10.0%15.0%20.0%25.0%30.0%35.0%40.0%45.0%Both Groups Group I Group IISource: www.icai.org*% is calculated assuming that candidates whoclear both the groups are only eligible toregister for campus program.Trend of CA Final appearingstudents since 2003 to 2012
  6. 6.  CA Final Results:Year syllabus Group-I Group-II BothNov-09 OLD 19.9% 10.1% 7.9%NEW 11.1% 8.9% 8.7%May-10 OLD 14.5% 9.6% 3.5%NEW 13.2% 7.9% 6.6%Nov-10 OLD 29.6% 19.3% 10.8%NEW 20.4% 11.3% 9.3%May-11 NEW 36.3% 26.7% 20.5%Nov-11 NEW 25.5% 27.8% 15.8%May-12 NEW 25.3% 29.6% 16.4%Nov-12 NEW 27.3% 21.9% 13.0%
  7. 7. Particulars Sep-11 Mar-12 Sep-12 Mar-13Candidates registered forcampus 10,317 9,717 9,382 7,271Jobs offered 1,262 874 518 902% job offered 12.2% 9.0% 5.5% 12.4%No of companies came forrecruitment 74 76 53 58Unsuccessful candidates 87.8% 91.0% 94.5% 87.6%
  8. 8.  Going by the figures and charts it can be interpreted that the % of campus placements arebelow the % of the CA Final results on a continuous basis. In Sept. 2011for every 100 students appearing in CA Final (for both groups) only 20 could clearit. ICAI campus provided placement to 2-3 of its qualified CA’s. This interpretation is based onthe assumption that all the qualified CA’s (Both groups) registered for campus. Even if weassume that all the students did not register it is a fact that out of 100 students registering inSept, 2011 only 12-13 got recruited. For above chart, we considered pass % of those CA students who cleared CA final exams withboth the groups at one go. % of CA final results would have increased if we take actual clearance of CA students i.e. noof students who cleared CA final even though clearing one or other group at any time. From the above figures it can be said that recruitment in Campus is not less difficult thanpassing the CA finals. It appears as a next big stage to pass for getting recruitment.12.23%9.75%5.52%20.5%15.8%16.4%Sep-11 Mar-12 Sep-12Campus placement results (Campus-ICAI)CA cleared (Both groups)
  9. 9.  http://careerprobs.com/ could only analyze figures, historic stats, provide you valuableguidance over preparation of campus interview. The reasons could be:- either there is a gap between supply and demand, or either demandfor CA has went down recently, which can’t be the case, or CA results are more than itsoptimum level. In March 2013, only the gap is reduced and it is observed that the% result ofCA both groups was also reduced. No matter whatever are the reasons, http://careerprobs.com/ would be greatful to its users ifthe above gap can be reduced via mutual discussion and implementation of necessarysteps. Lastly do not get de motivated by the above interpretations as Campus is not the end.
  10. 10.  New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata & Chennai0.0%5.0%10.0%15.0%20.0%25.0%30.0%35.0%40.0%45.0%50.0%Mar/11 Sep/11 Mar/12 Sep/12 Mar/13New Delhi Kolkata Chennai Mumbai
  11. 11.  We can make out, campus result for all the bigcenters, i.e. New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata are same tonearly between 5.0% to 12.0% For Chennai, the campus placement result havetouched the mark of 46%, but then came down to 15% Therefore, careerprobs.com would advice students thatwhile selecting a particular big centers for interview, justnot keep in mind the number of companies coming tothat particular center since the recruitment rates is sameamong all, but chose the centre keeping in mind thecompany which you want to go for, profile offered bythat relevant company , your passion for the roles andother similar factors