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Patty Boettcher\'s 6/18/09 Presentation on Allied Rehabilitation

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Boettcher Allied Community Resources

  1. 1. Allied Community Resources “Creating Opportunities for People”
  2. 2.  Interested in finding a part-time job?  Need some extra money?  Want a job where you are helping others?  Then let me tell you about four programs that we administer for the State of CT…
  3. 3. What are the 4 programs?  The Personal Care Assistance (PCA) Waiver Program  The Elder Care Pilot Program  The Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Waiver Program  Money Follows the Person (MFP)  These programs allow individuals with physical disabilities, an acquired brain injury or the elderly the opportunity to live in the community of their choice (instead of nursing homes or institutions).
  4. 4. What types of jobs are available?  Personal Care Assistants  Companions  Homemakers  Chore Providers  Respite  Transportation  On-Call Emergency Backup PCA
  5. 5. Job Duties Can Include… (But Are Not Limited To)  Bathing  Dressing  Eating  Toileting  Transfers  Meal Preparation  Light Housework  Errands
  6. 6. On-Call Emergency Backup PCA for “Money Follows the Person”  Earn a weekly stipend just for being on call!  May work for individuals with physical or developmental disabilities, acquired brain injuries or the elderly who are transitioning from Nursing Facilities back into the community.  Requirements include:  1 year experience of working as a PCA  Must be at least 18 years old  CPR Certified  Criminal Background Check and DDS Abuse & Neglect Registry Check  Must complete free trainings for ABI and DDS programs  Work at least one shift a month per employer
  7. 7. Who is the employer?  The individual approved to be on the program from the State Dept of Social Services would be your employer.  They hire their own staff and determine the schedule they need.  Allied Community Resources is NOT your employer!
  8. 8. What is Allied’s role in these programs?  Allied acts as the payroll agent – we pay the employees on behalf of the employers, with funds they receive from the Dept of Social Services.  We also maintain a directory of individuals interested in working on the programs.  We are NOT a staffing agency!
  9. 9. How do I apply?  Complete an application and mail or fax to Allied.  You can specify the days, hours and towns you would like to work in.  Include on the application any training, experience or certifications you may have (CPR, First Aid, etc).  Also include on the application if you speak any additional languages.  Then we will add your name to the directory.
  10. 10. Who gets a copy of the directory?  Dept of Social Services Social Workers and Case Managers  Employers looking to hire new providers and their family members assisting with hiring
  11. 11. What are the requirements for these positions?  Individuals must be at least 18 years old to work on the Elder Care or Acquired Brain Injury Program (can be 16 for the Personal Care Assistant Program).  Training is required to work on the ABI program. Trainings (informational sessions) are scheduled monthly at various locations throughout CT and are free of charge.  Must be able to follow instruction from the employer.
  12. 12. Frequently Asked Questions  Will Allied help me get a job? NO – Allied is not a staffing agency.  Do I need a degree to work as a PCA? No – Allied has no specific education requirements, it is up to the employer to decide whom they want to hire.  Who will train me? Your employer will discuss specific training they require.  What will I get paid? Each employer has a certain amount of money approved by their DSS Social Worker. The wages paid by each employer can vary.
  13. 13. More FAQ’s  When will I get a call for a job? We cannot guarantee when you will get a phone call to work for an individual, but these programs are growing rapidly and there is a constant need for new providers.  Will I need to get a background check? Yes, before you are hired to work for an individual we complete a criminal background check in our office. It is then up to the employer to continue with the hiring process based on any results.  How many hours can I work? Each provider can work up to 25.75 hours/week for each client. But you can work for as many employers as you would like.
  14. 14.  Thank you for your time today! For further questions, please contact Patti Boettcher, Outreach Coordinator or Kristy Jones, Supervisor, Outreach & Training Services at 1-877-722-8833 or (860) 627-9500