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As a follow up to our feature article “Red Ladder/Blue Ladder” we have created a non-narrated slide show that highlights the main points in the article.

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Slide Red/Blue Ladders

  1. 1. CareerBranding From Products to People by Steve Byrne
  2. 2. CareerBranding Product positioning strategy begins with existing perceptions in the minds of consumers. Segments - soft drinks, laundry soap and rental cars.
  3. 3. CareerBranding The first step Identify the consumerʼs perceptions ... Segment - laundry soap. Tide brand as first choice. Cheer brand as second choice.
  4. 4. CareerBranding “ladder” metaphor to illustrate a hierarchy for these brand preferences ... Tide on the first rung. Cheer on the second rung. so on down the rungs of the ladder.
  5. 5. CareerBranding how positioning strategy works ... case study - a market segment ladder called “cold medicine”. Several decades ago a half dozen leading brands battling it out for better positions.
  6. 6. CareerBranding Consumers may place ... Vicks brand on the top rung of “cold medicine”. Robitussin brand on the second rung.
  7. 7. CareerBranding Cold medicine ladder was a red ladder ... Bloody from marketing warfare taking place. Each brand fighting for a better position.
  8. 8. CareerBranding How positioning strategy comes into play ... Creators of NyQuil saw opportunity for new ladder ... “night time cold medicine”
  9. 9. CareerBranding night time cold medicine ladder was a blue ladder blue like the ocean, wide open and competitor free. (ebayʼs online auction ladder or Twitterʼs micro- blogging ladder). Blue ladders are new marketing segments ... separate from older red ladder origins.
  10. 10. CareerBranding NyQuil invented the “night time” ladder ... Claimed the first rung - no competition. Re-positioned all of the red ladder brands as “for day time use”. only NyQuil was “for night time use”.
  11. 11. CareerBranding The Purpose ... to illustrate how consumer product branding works. to provide a mental picture for applying the principles and the methodology.
  12. 12. CareerBranding The Goal ... determine what your red ladder will look like. choose the words that define a red ladder you currently occupy.
  13. 13. CareerBranding Example - John Webber is a marketing manager in the biomedical industry of the West Coast. He decides to choose the red ladder description of “Marketing VP, start-up biomedical company located in San Diego County”.
  14. 14. CareerBranding With this red ladder description, what is Johnʼs position on this ladder? Probably the middle, If there are 20 rungs occupied by other Marketing VP candidates, John stands on the 10th rung.
  15. 15. CareerBranding John is just one of the crowd on the red ladder, so he needs to create his very own blue ladder just as NyQuil did. John is a “math guy”. In addition to marketing degree, John holds a mathematics degree.
  16. 16. CareerBranding As biomedical companies add web-based marketing programs, they need their Marketing VP to understand the analytics, matrix studies, visitor tracking and database management. Most marketing executives are not viewed as “math guys”
  17. 17. CareerBranding John modifies his red ladder description of “Marketing VP, start-up biomedical company located in San Diego County”, by adding ....... “plus a math guy” John creates his blue ladder description of “Marketing VP, start-up biomedical company located in San Diego County, plus a math guy”
  18. 18. CareerBranding By claiming this new blue ladder position, John has re-positioned all the red ladder Marketing VP candidates as, not math guys. Only John offers all the benefits associated with being a math guy to the biomedical company that hires him.
  19. 19. CareerBranding Next, John will launch his career brand utilizing social networking sites to illustrate and confirm his positioning. - Create content in form of articles, blog writing, reviews and commentary, white papers, hosted video and podcasts. - Distribute it through social networking sites plus emails, one-to-one meetings, presentations in group meetings.
  20. 20. CareerBranding Overtime, John will become known to his communities by his “plus a math guy” branding. Eventually John will have moment of satisfaction with this introduction ... “Sam, I would like to introduce you to John Webber, the marketing and math wizard”.
  21. 21. CareerBranding So now the question becomes, what does your Red Ladder look like? How would you like to be introduced in the near future?
  22. 22. copyright 2009