Enhancing language learning through ict   matefl november 2013
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Enhancing language learning through ict matefl november 2013






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Enhancing language learning through ict   matefl november 2013 Enhancing language learning through ict matefl november 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • Enhancing Language Learning through ICT Workshop by Caroline Campbell Seminar: November 2013
  • What ICT tools are available for students to use inside/outside the classroom?
  • ICT used to learn languages  Cameras and Camcorders  Mobile phones/Smart phones  Interactive whiteboards  Computers/Tablets  Websites/Apps Mp3 players
  • Is it important to use ICT tools in the classroom? Why/Why not?
  • The revised Bloom’s taxonomy
  • Web2.0 tools matched to the revised Bloom's Taxonomy This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Author: Samantha Penney, sdpenney@usi.edu
  • Creating a Digital Storyboard  choose a topic e.g. a social problem/a problem at school/at the workplace etc.  elicit ideas/vocabulary about the topic.  create a lively discussion.  set task – students create a problematic topicrelated situation. Form groups.  students take pictures.  students create a digital storyboard… Activity adapted from article by Peter Fullagar – ETp Issue 88 September 2013
  •  Using a blog e.g. Wordpress Activity adapted from article by Peter Fullagar – ETp Issue 88 September 2013
  • Activity adapted from article by Peter Fullagar – ETp Issue 88 September 2013
  • Taken from: http://londonstudentblog.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/peters-time-out-by-shuwa/
  • Photo Editor - Aviary
  • Choose a picture Edit it Add a sticker Add text http://www.aviary.com/
  • Photo editor – PHRASE.IT http://phrase.it/
  • http://phrase.it/show/fe2yed
  • Which skills are being practised?
  • Storybird  Choose topic and click on ‘Use this art’
  •  Drag pictures and add text to create a story
  • Create a story book http://storybird.com/
  • App – Book creator
  •  Insert photos, videos, text, songs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMhnQiS1Xwc
  • How can you use Storybird and Book Creator with your students?
  • Padlet
  • http://padlet.com/ http://padlet.com/features
  • What tasks can your students do with Padlet?
  • Creating Avatars Why use Avatars ?  Avatars are easy to create and use.  Students can use avatars instead of real pictures for their profiles.  It is a hands-on activity for identity building.  Avatars can be used in projects and assignments.  Students can learn on their own!  It’s fun. Websites: http://www.youtub e.com/embed/ao9K QltMkP0 http://www.youtub e.com/watch?v=Y9 gHpIH9RTA&featur e=player_embedde d http://www.voki.c om/create.php: http://www.voki.com/ pickup.php?scid=8790 390&height=400&wid th=300
  • http://www.bitstrips.com/
  • Pixton  Creating a comic http://www.pixton.com/uk/ http://www.pixton.com/uk/my-home Choose Pixton for Schools Set up your classroom by adding people http://www.pixton.com/uk/sc hools/overview
  • Set an assignment Put yourself in a Comic Simple introductions Book reviews
  • Set a project: e.g. Tell Ana’s story
  • Voicethread https://voicethread.com/?#q.b409.i848804
  • Found at: http://voicethread.com/?#q.b4917672.i24973355
  • Vocaroo You need a computer with a microphone or a laptop with an integrated microphone. It needs Adobe Flash Player. Vocaroo does not work on iPads.
  •  One minute topics e.g. describing their living room, talking about the weekend etc. (one minute recordings).  Book review – MP3s – creating a library. QR Code
  • Phone call Describing pictures and paraphrasing Interviewing students using recorded messages Students read texts and summarize them. They send them to other students Students record ancedotes and send them to students. Students listen to the different ancedotes and vote the funniest, the most embarassing etc. Adapted from ET professional Sept 2012 http://vocaroo.com/
  • Recording lite Simple recording App for iPad. Recording are saved as MP3. Recording can be sent as emails.
  • Animoto Creating short videos http://animoto.com/
  • Choose the style. Add pictures and videos. Choose a song. Publish Embed in a blog Send as an email Share on a social media network e.g. facebook or twitter
  • http://animoto.com/play/YpeAX8D8y4zB6ENTT255Zg
  • Quizlet http://quizlet.com
  • Social networks/blogs  Tell a story  Every student takes 3 pics  Upload in an album on the class social network page/blog  The teacher divides the pics into groups of 6  The students are divided into groups  Each group has to write a story with the pictures in their album  The story is uploaded on a blog/social network Adapted from ET professional Issue 81 July 2012 http://www.carecampbell. blogspot.com/
  • edmodo I’m a Teacher I’m a student
  •  Easy to understand how it works  Easy to set up  It’s very safe for the students
  • Sign up Create a class Set up groups Post an assignment/quiz/poll for your student http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cP7kFVoG6Q
  • The flipped classroom Why flip the classroom?  Take content out of the classroom and bring in meaningful activities into the classroom.  Teachers record their lessons.  Students watch the lessons at home.  Students can work at their own pace.  Students can listen to the lesson again.  The teacher has more time to deal with difficulties individually.
  • Kidblog
  • Taken from: http://kidblog.org/why-kidblog/
  • Taken from: http://kidblog.org/why-kidblog/
  • App/Website for Class Management Create a class Create an avatar for each student Take attendance
  • Give students awards Customize behaviours
  • Positive or Negative Awards Final report https://teach.classdojo.com/#!/teach/5259673ab69256414d0001ef/classview
  • Thank you! Visit my blog: www.carecampbell.blogspot.com Contact me at: carecampbell@gmail.com Caroline Campbell