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Milpitas DECA Membership Packet
Milpitas DECA Membership Packet
Milpitas DECA Membership Packet
Milpitas DECA Membership Packet
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Milpitas DECA Membership Packet


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  • 1. What is DECA? DECA is a world-wide non-profit student organization of marketing students who are aspiring tohave successful careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, management, and entrepreneurship. DECAhelps students develop leadership skills through community service projects, on-the-job experiencesand competitions. DECA offers scholarships, internships, travel opportunities and much more!Milpitas DECA Milpitas DECA is a chapter of California DECA and National DECA that was created at MilpitasHigh School two years ago. As a relatively new chapter, we are still working on introducing the conceptof entrepreneurship to the school and encouraging students to develop an interest in business.Throughout the past three years, we have attended conferences at the local, state, and internationallevels, competing and earning an assortment of trophies and medals. We hope that by joining DECA, youwill meet many new people, enhance your leadership skills, and have fun! This year, we have a total of 9 officers and 3 board members. We hope that we will inspire youto ASPIRE HIGHER and make your DECA experiences amazing and unforgettable! Get to know us! Co-Presidents Lillian Kao and Leanna Leung Executive Vice President: Caryn Tran Secretary/Treasurer: Calvin Yan Vice President of Events: Cindy Wu Vice President of Civic Consciousness: Emily Cheng Co-Vice Presidents of Competitions: Arthur Tran and Brian Tseng Director of Internships: Forrest Tran Board of Events: Jennifer Mai, Samantha Kuang, Amy ZhaoMembership: In order to be an official registered member of DECA, a $16 fee will be necessary to register you with California DECA and National DECA. A $10 donation is kindly requested in order to fund the school club. Attending meetings, conferences and other activities is not required (exceptions below), but it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. In order to experience DECA fully, attendance at competitions are necessary. SENIORS: If you are interested in attaining a stole, you MUST attend at least one meeting per month, and participate in one community service event OR one competition.Links to Check Out: you are interested in joining, please fill out the membership application and turn it in to an executive officer (Lillian, Leanna, Caryn or Calvin) along with your club dues! We look forward to getting to know each and every one of you!
  • 2. Dear Parent/Guardian, Your student has expressed interest in joining DECA, an organization of marketingstudents. DECA is a student-run organization that encourages students to develop leadershipskills, confidence, responsibility, understanding of the economy, and business skills. DECA isessentially a bridge between high school and the real world, because it holds competitionswhere students can compete for awards by attempting to handle role-plays of real lifesituations. DECA offers scholarships, internships and many more opportunities! Milpitas DECA is a part of California DECA and National DECA. The Milpitas Chapterstarted out 2 years ago as a brand new club, and we have expanded over the past 2 years. Wehave attended competitions at the local, state, and national levels, and won many awards. Wealso offer community service opportunities, which help fulfill the school’s required amount of20 hours of community service by senior year. Competitions are an essential part of DECA. Competitions usually take place at a hotel(with supervision by our advisor or parent chaperone), and last a weekend. These competitionswill require expenses, but the experience and knowledge that comes with it is definitely worthit! Before competitions, we will hold study sessions to help prepare students for thecompetitions, which consist of many events. Most events consist of a multiple choice test and arole-play, where the student will share his or her business knowledge with the judge. Thecompetitions we will be attending are Northern California CDC (January 13th-15th) and CaliforniaDECA 2012 SCDC (February 23rd- 26th). A membership due of $16 is necessary in order to register your student with CaliforniaDECA and National DECA. This is the bare minimum in order to become a DECA member. Adonation of $10 is kindly requested for our school club. This donation will assist with reducingthe fees for conferences, DECA merchandise, and other needs. Compared to Monta VistaDECA’s fee of $49, our membership is a great deal that will ensure your student the samethings, but at a lower price! For more information about DECA, check out the California DECA website at If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, email us,MilpitasHS sign below if you have read the parent/guardian letter (detach & staple to membership form):Parent Signature: _____________________________________ date: __________________________
  • 3. Membership Application 2011-2012 Please fill out the form legibly with a BLUE OR BLACK PEN and in CAPS. The information on the form will be confidential and used for DECA purposes only.Year of Graduation (circle): 2015 2014 2013 2012Last Name: First Name:Address: City: Zip Code:Home Phone: Cell Phone: _________________________________Email Address:Gender: M / F ID Number: Date of Birth (MM/DD/YY): _____ / _____ / _______Period Class (Subject) Teacher Room 1 2 3 4 5 6Favorite Type of Candy: ______________ I have read the packet and agree to participate in DECA.______________________________ ______________________________________Student Signature Date Parent Signature DateMembership dues (PAY IN CASH OR CHECK TO MILPITAS HIGH SCHOOL):$16 mandatory fee (National and State dues) + donation of $________ = $__________For Executive Officers (DO NOT FILL OUT):Date received: ________ Signature: Paid $_______
  • 4. Contact Information: Search “Milpitas DECA” to find us on FACEBOOK!!!Co-President, Leanna Leung(408) 896-6687leanna_leung@yahoo.compresident.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comCo-President, Lillian Kao(408) 324-4450lilykao2005@yahoo.compresident.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comExecutive Vice President, Caryn Tran(408) 649-0918vp.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comVP of Civic Consciousness, Emily Cheng(408) 890-1233pickthatbooger@yahoo.commilpitashsdeca@gmail.comCo-VP of Competitions, Brian TsengCo-VP of Competitions, Arthur Tran(408) 921-9028520arthur@gmail.comcompetitions.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comVP of Events, Cindy Wu(408) 858-5788cindy_yh_wu@hotmail.comevents.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comDirector of Internship, Forrest Tran(408) 504-1655forrestgtran@gmail.comintern.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comBoard of Events, Amy Zhao (408)859-6913 events.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comBoard of Events, Samantha Kuang events.milpitashsdeca@gmail.comBoard of Events, Jennifer Mai (408) 627-0775