Apps for Good - Travel Toolkit App Pitch Presentation


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Apps for Good - Travel Toolkit App Pitch Presentation

  1. 1. Travel Toolkit By Nicole McNally, Lisa Nana, Megan Nee And Owen Sylvester
  2. 2. Background situation Our team New Generation feel, as TFL users ourselves ,that London transport is busy, hard to get around, everyone is always losing or forgetting their oyster cards and lets not forget all the waiting, therefore we have come up with a way to address these problems in an achievable and easy to use app. Our surveys, which we analyzed, also proved that these problems were not only ours but many TFL users across London. Who?- Our app is designed for any TFL user. What?- An easy to use, sufficient travel app to help you get to wherever you need to get to in London. Where?- Anywhere in London When?- When using or before using TFL Why?- To make TFL a quicker, easier and overall a better experience.
  3. 3. Problem We found that 67% of people forget their oysters on a regular basis and 50% have lost their card which can cause someone to be stranded were they are, miss their bus/train which can be annoying and waste a lot of time. 77.5% Of TFL users that we surveyed said they would find it very convenient to top up their cards anywhere, due to the fact that a lot of people don’t know their balance before they get on a bus/train which can result in people not having the right amount of money on their card which can in the end cost the person more money. The maps also make travelling more easier as people can get lost if they don’t know were they are going so can be handy and helpful to have in one app.
  4. 4. Question How can you get around London with TFL quickly, easily and without any hassle?
  5. 5. Key insight statement(s) If you forget your oyster or lose it you will always have easy access to your virtual oyster on your phone which is more convenient. Everything you need to travel easily and quickly around London is in one app which is easy to use and has easy access. You can access top up online but having it all in one app is easier and quicker. Having maps and times your phone is more easy access even if you can already get them there all in one place.
  6. 6. Mini Elevator Pitch My team, New Generation, is developing a easy access travel app to help TFL users have a quick and easy travel experience with London transport.  Our team, New Generation are developing a modern and efficient travel app to help young London transport users have their oysters at all times and help them to get around London quicker, safer and easier.  In our app the main component is the virtual oyster. As well as your card you can log in to access the same barcode that appears on your oyster card and an image. You will be able to scan/use your mobile app to travel on London transport. We believe that this is achievable because our research shows that other companies like Tesco and subway have a similar concept for different purposes.  There is also a top up feature that will allow the user to top up their card from anywhere where there is internet connection and also see their balance; this will make travel more organised and quicker. Through our research we have found that tfl already has a way of doing this online however, we think that it will be more convenient to have it in the form of an app.
  7. 7. User profiles We found that 61.29% of people were interested, 22.58% were kind of and 16.13% were not interested in our app. 67.74% had forgot their oyster. 50% had lost their oyster before with 45% of people saying they had lost it 2 or more. 77.42% said they would find it more convenient to top up their oyster anywhere at any time. 66.6% of people were willing to pay for our product 67.74% of our survey takers were 11-16 and the rest were over 17.
  8. 8. Competitors or alternative solutions that already exist in the market .There are no virtual oysters on the market at the moment. You can top up your oyster online however, we think it would be more convenient to have it easy access on one app were you can log in have it in the same place as your virtual oyster and other travel tools. Also this is the same reason for the maps and times.
  9. 9. MVP user stories and feature chosen Our main feature on the app is the virtual oyster, were you log in and the barcode and picture that is on your oyster card show up( which we know is achievable as subway and Tesco use a similar concept). You can then scan the barcode like a normal oyster when you are going on London transport and the money will come off.
  10. 10. [Feasibility] [Data, content, technical] Data Feasibility  Does your app require data or content? The user will have to enter their log in details to top up and get their virtual oyster.  Is the content owner happy to share it? They have to have an account to top up online anyway so it shouldn't’t be much of a problem  Is there authorization required? No once they’ve entered their details there information will show. Technical Feasibility  Is your solution technically possible to build? Yes as tesco and subway have already successfully built a similar concept.  Could a professional developer build it in less than 3 months? I would say so.  Can you find a simpler solution, using existing technology? Not really.
  11. 11. Marketing Strategy We could advertise our app on the TFL website as most of the users would look on the website and see it and see that the app is more convenient then going on the site every time. This is also a cheap way to advertise to the target market. We could also use social media as a lot of teens use TFL and social media so they could see the app and buy it, which is a free way of advertising. We could also pitch to review websites or ‘app of the day’ to get people to see our app and try it out.
  12. 12. Anything else you want to share? Most people we have talked to have said they would pay for this app and we certainly would if it was created. We think it would do well on the app store as its something lots of people need in their everyday lives.
  13. 13. Here is our video of our elevator pitch: N:app video.mvp Here is our balsamiq screenshots of our app: N:balsamiq pictures.pptx