Welsh Language scheme


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Joanna Davies, Welsh Language Web Officer introduces the Welsh Language scheme. Presentation at the Web Producers' event 19 April 2014.

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Welsh Language scheme

  1. 1. Why have we got a Welsh language Web officer? • The University has recently published a revised Welsh language Scheme: http://www.cardiff.ac.uk/govrn/welshlanguageservice/index.html • The Scheme was revised following guidance from the Welsh Language Commissioner, Meri Huws. Ms Huws noted that our Welsh language provision needs improving across the institution. • The Scheme has a list of requirements and an action plan we need to follow which includes our online presence. • The Welsh Language Services Unit, based in McKenzie House facilitates the Welsh Language Scheme.
  2. 2. Don’t panic! It doesn’t mean EVERYTHING has to be in Welsh! But these things do… • All the University’s Corporate pages are made available in Welsh & English. • The homepage of all Colleges, Schools and Departments are available in Welsh & English. • The homepage of all research institutes and centres will be in Welsh & English. • The homepage of all research projects or collaborative ventures where the University is a lead or funding partner will be in Welsh and English.
  3. 3. And these… • Departments or Schools offering courses or modules through the medium of Welsh, or departments where there are a significant number of Welsh-speaking staff and students, will provide further information about this provision in both Welsh & English on their homepage. • When the internet is used as a method of teaching & learning (e.g. Blackboard), the material or courses taught through the medium of Welsh will be available bilingually. • The homepage of websites relating to specific events and conferences or other information that is posted on the website for a certain period will be bilingual.
  4. 4. My approach We need to be more strategic in our Welsh language offering: • We should provide tailored content for our Welsh speaking audience which will attract significant traffic. • Translating large volumes of content that isn’t relevant to a Welsh language audience doesn’t enhance our provision. It’s also VERY expensive and won’t attract Welsh speaking visitors to the sites. • We’ll be creating new content specifically for Welsh language audiences –e.g. a new Cardiff Coleg Cenedlaethol Cymru website, an improved Welsh language homepage, videos highlighting our Welsh language provision across Schools etc
  5. 5. Some challenges… “All Welsh and English Web pages shall be equal in terms of design, quality and accuracy...”
  6. 6. How we can help… • The University is employing two new Translators who’ll be on hand to translate a lot of our web content. Until this time, you’ll need to find a budget to pay for translation work (about £75 per 1000 words). • You can send your translation work to me to organise. Remember you need to give a day’s notice per 1000 words. • I’ve written & distributed Writing for the Web in Welsh style guidelines to all our translators. They’ll also be made available online. • I can advise you if you have any queries about what should be, or shouldn’t be translated. • I can help you update your Welsh language online content if you don’t have a Welsh speaker in your department.
  7. 7. Other considerations… We’ve decided on the following protocols which adhere to the new Welsh Language Scheme: • We need to use name@caerdydd.ac.uk when referring to email addresses in the Welsh language online or in print • We will use www.caerdydd.ac.uk when referring to the University’s website in the Welsh language online or in print • All staff will use bilingual signatures in their emails (we’ll be releasing guidelines soon) • Bilingual signage will be used across the University (a list coming soon)
  8. 8. Any questions? Joanna Davies Swyddog Iaith Gymraeg y We Welsh Language Web Officer daviesj100@caerdydd.ac.uk daviesj100@cardiff.ac.uk