Women in Thoracic Surgery


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Women in Thoracic Surgery

  1. 1. WINTER/SPRING 2004 Women in Thoracic SurgeryTo further the achievements of women practicing thoracic surgery by providing mutual support and facilitating professional advancementPresident’s CornerBy Mercedes K.C. Dullum, MD international member. There are now (Herri011@umn.edu) is the Chair of 42 women in Thoracic Surgery the Mentoring Committee residencies out of the approximately total 340 residencies. The current WTS Website (www.wtsnet.org) has undergone In mid-November 2003, WTS tremendous change since its leadership held a strategic planning inception. The efforts for 2004 will retreat in Washington, D.C. Our allow us to add greater value to our intent was to identify the 2004 members from a content and initiatives for the WTS. During the navigation perspective. Shauna meeting, the group evaluated the Roberts mission of WTS in order to identify (RobertsSh@genesishealth.com) is the gaps, opportunities, and the best our web site editor and chair of the areas to focus the members’ attention Web Site Committee. on during 2004. The following themes emerged during the first day Our general membership meeting at that crossed all four of WTS’ goals: the STS was very well attended and value, mentoring, outreach, the minutes can be obtained on theWTS had another very exciting and professional advancement, web site. New officers were electedproductive year in 2003. Thanks to networking and the website. and the members voted to make aall the efforts by our previous officers contribution of $10,000 to theand enthusiastic members, WTS has These ideas were distilled into two Thoracic Surgery Foundation forfirmly established itself as a leader in initiatives that would have the most Research and Education, earmarkedthe Thoracic Surgery community. impact and either directly or for the Nina Starr Braunwald Fund.Many of our members now serve on indirectly further advance all four This represents an amount equivalent,major committees and taskforces in goals. Action plans were created for: based on our membership, to theour societies, including Carolyn Mentoring Plan and Website cumulative per-member amountReeds recent appointment as Vice development. contributed by the Society ofChair of the American Board of Thoracic Surgeons to the FoundationThoracic Surgery. The Mentoring Plan will be focused since its inception. on those individuals who will beAt the 40th Annual STS business completing their residency programs. We look forward to an exciting yearmeeting in San Antonio, many new This will be a near term goal and of growth and development for thewomen were accepted in to additional initiatives will be created Women in Thoracic Surgerymembership: 18 new full members, to expand this focus going forward.7 candidate members, and 1 Cynthia Herrington P U B L I S H E D B Y S C A N L A N I N T E R N AT I O N A L , I N C. O N E S C A N L A N P L A Z A • S A I N T PA U L , M I N N E S O TA 5 5 1 0 7
  2. 2. PAGE 2 • ORACLE WINTER / SPRING 2004Mentoring Program Surgical SpecialtiesBy Cindi Herrington, MD in AustriaMentoring has been a focus for the Membership applications for the WTS Preliminary Data of aWomen in Thoracic Surgery since itsinception. Active mentoring is one of and information about the mentoring program will be sent to them shortly. National Surveythe four objectives of our mission Adelheid End1, Hildegunde Piza2,3statement, and is one of the initiatives Our final objective is to take advantagethat came from our strategic planning of our collective experience and create 1 Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery, a Women in Thoracic Surgery Guide University of Viennaretreat (November, 2003). Our ideal is 2 Department of Plastic and Reconstructiveto ultimately have a program that spans that will address issues that occur Surgery, University of Innsbruck,from early education (high during fellowship training and during 3 Ludwig-Boltzmann-Institute for Qualityschool/college) to retirement. We will those years immediately following Control in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgerybegin with women in CVTS training training. Examples include an update Austria, Europeand in their first few years of practice. on the 80 hour work week, preparation for ABTS boards, career planning, Austria is a small Central EuropeanThe program objectives include: contract negotiation, research and Republic with about 8.1 Mio(1) identifying Women in Thoracic inhabitants, and an area of 84,000 km2 career advancement. We are actively in Surgery members who want to which is half the area of Washington the process of putting information become a mentor, State. It is member of the European together for publication this summer. Union, and has a well-organized health(2) identifying women presently in care system. There are 3 large CVTS training, and offering them I would invite any active member at University Hospitals: the universities in Women in Thoracic Surgery Women in Thoracic Surgery to become Vienna (=capital with 1.6 Mio citizens), membership, a mentor for a resident, student or Graz and Innsbruck; and 206(3) adding a resident mentorship page young surgeon. Please, fill out a community and private or church- to the website that will list Women in Thoracic Surgery mentoring affiliated hospitals. We present a brief mentors, potential job commitment. I would also be glad to history of women surgery in Austria, opportunities, and grant hear from anyone about any ideas or recent demographics and a summary of opportunities, and finally, improvements to the program, as it is the national survey of female surgeons(4) writing a “survival guide” for in its infancy. in 2001. cardiovascular and thoracic surgery / as we progress in each of these History The history of Austrian women surgeons areas, the results of our improvements will be found on the Board of Directors: started with a delay of more than 50 years after Elizabeth Blackwell and her Women in Thoracic Surgery web Mercedes Dullum, MD sister Emily had been page. President pioneers in the field of dullumm@ccf.org surgery in America. InWe have begun the process of Margarita Camacho, MD Austria, the firstidentifying mentors. A WTS mentoring Vice-President known female surgeoncommitment survey has been created, mcamacho@nshs.edu was Frieda Barolin,and can be found in the Oracle Lorraine J. Rubis, MD assistant in generalaccompanying the dues reminder as Secretary/Treasurer surgery at thewell as on the WTS website. This lorrainejrubismd@att.net University Hospital in Fig. 1survey allows our members who desire Vienna in 1914 (Fig. 1). Mary J. Boylan, MDto participate as a mentor to define Elisabeth Winkler (plastic surgery) was mboylan@slhduluth.comtheir areas of expertise. Once these the first female surgeon to become A.J. Carpenter, MD, PhD associate professor in 1962 in Vienna,profiles have been collected, they will CarpenterA2@uthscsa.edu followed in 1973 by Doris Kronberger-be placed on the mentoring page of the Carolyn Dresler, MD Schönecker in Graz (general surgery). Inwebsite. We have also identified the Carolyn_Dresler@ksg03.Harvard.edu 1976 a pediatric surgical division waswomen presently in CVTS training. put under the leadership of Gesine Shauna Roberts, MDThere are at least 42 female CVTS RobertsSh@genesishealth.com Menardi (University of Innsbruck).residents presently in training. (cont. on page 3)
  3. 3. PAGE 3 • ORACLE WINTER / SPRING 2004 Surgical Specialties in Austria (cont. from page 2)Freyja Smolle-Juettner was the first to 18.7 %, 10 % and 4.7 %, respectively. Training status n = 351reach the position of associate professor Their numbers are steadily increasing (1).in thoracic surgery in Graz in 1988.Hildegunde Piza was the first woman to National survey Certified In Trainingbe offered a chair (full In 2001 a national survey was conducted n % n %professorship) and to be of all 351 living female surgeons. The General Surgery 107 52,2 74 50,7 Trauma Surgery 48 23,4 38 26,0appointed head of a response rate was 58.7 %; mean age was Pediatric Surgery 21 10,2 12 8,2 Plastic & Reconstructive 18 8,8 11 7,5university department 40 years (24 to 78 years). The main Cardiothoracic&Vascular Cardiothoracic& 11 5,4 11 7,6(plastic surgery in surgical specialties were general (51.6 205 146Innsbruck). Fig. 2 shows %), trauma (24.5 %), pediatric (9.4 %), Fig. 4the 6 units out of a total plastic and reconstructive surgery (8.3 Professional satisfactionof 231 surgical %), cardiothoracic and vascular surgerydepartments headed by female H. Piza (6.2 %). We chose these specialties 38 % 39 %surgeons, and the dates of their because of their high operative volumeappointments. in Austria. 58 % were certified, and 42 15 % % were in training (Fig. 4). 281 womenWomen surgical chiefs in Austria 4%2000/2002 were active surgeons at the time of the 2% survey, 25 were on maternal leave, 11 Scale 1 - 5231 Departments of surgery 1 2 3 4 5 6 Female chiefs ( = 2,6 %) Vienna had retired, and 44 had left surgery. Extremely satisfied Not satisfied at all Kirchdorf Plastic About 34 % of all women worked in GeneralSurgery Surgery Fig. 5 1994 1992 1999 Vienna. Only 11 of the 351 women PediatricSurgery SalzburgInnsbruck 1976 Plastic Surgery University Pediatric Surgery 1990 Graz surgeons held or are currently holding a Workplace n = 351 Thoracic Surgery 1999 University 1999 higher academic position, the “venia (suppl.) docendi” which corresponds to associate Community N = 232 66 % Hospital Fig. 2 or full professorships. University 76 21,6 % The majority of female surgeons are Hospital Private Hospital 8,3 %Demographic details working in community hospitals (Fig. 29Today there are 34,400 licensed medical 5). The survey included Private Practice 9 2,6 %doctors, 1,200 (3.5 %) of whom are sociodemographic variables, profession Other 5 1,4 %general surgeons. As of 2001, there are and career, family life and partnership Fig. 6130 female board-certified general (2). Overall professional satisfactionsurgeons in Austria, representing 10.5 % was assessed on a five-point scale (1 surgeons has been rising in the surgicalof the total; but there are only a few very satisfied, 5 dissatisfied). The results subspecialties over the past years,women in cardiothoracic and vascular in the group of active women surgeons female cardiothoracic surgeons stillsurgery (Fig. 3). The percentages of are shown in Fig. 6. Pediatric and constitute a small number. Furtherfemale surgeons in the subspecialities - plastic surgeons are mostly very analysis of the study will give insightpediatric, plastic and reconstructive, satisfied with their job (scale 1+2), into the self-perception of the surgicalgeneral and trauma surgery - are 27 %, followed by trauma, and finally by profession. general surgeons. The number of active Certified Women Surgeons cardiothoracic and vascular surgeons, References Austria 1985 - 2000 who responded to the survey, is small 1 Austrian Medical Association 2001 (n=10), the degree of satisfaction, 2 End A, Piza H: National survey of n however, is generally quite high. women surgeons in Austria - 150 Unpublished data 2001 General Summary Cardiothoracic surgery is a relatively Address for 100 young discipline in Austria with only a correspondence: few female cardiothoracic surgeons Adelheid End, MD being certified. There are 3 University Department of 50 Hospitals in Austria - Vienna, Graz and Cardiothoracic Surgery Trauma Plastic Innsbruck - where cardiothoracic University of Vienna Pediatric A. End Vascular surgery is practised. Besides, there are Waehringer guertel 18-20 0 Thoracic about five community hospitals with A-1090 Vienna, Austria 1985 1990 1995 2000 departments of cardiac and/or thoracic Phone+Fax: +43 2236 377136 Fig. 3 surgery. Although the number of women adelheid.end@univie.ac.at
  4. 4. PAGE 4 • ORACLE WINTER / SPRING 2004Moving Ahead Thank You! Leslie J. Kohman, MD has been appointed as the next Chair of the Surgery Committee of Cancer and Leukemia Group B. She is a Professor of Surgery SUNY - Upstate Medical Center in Syracuse. Beyond this, she has had extensive experience working with CALGB most recently completing a term as the Chair of the NCI Subcommittee H. This is a very prestigious position as she assumes full responsibility from David Sugarbaker, MD who chaired the SurgeryCommittee for over ten years. Congratulations to Dr. Leslie Kohman! Once again, Anita Bessler ofCarolyn Reed, MD has been appointed to Chair the American Board of Edwards has graciouslyThoracic Surgeons. sponsored the WTS Luncheon. We appreciate theMore women are choosing Thoracic Surgery. This is the first year in which we consistent support of ourhave ‘double digit’ residents. There are currently 42 women in residencies out industry colleagues. Theseof a total of 340. Many women were accepted into the Society of Thoracic meetings afford us anSurgeons membership including 18 Full Members, 7 Candidate Members and 1 opportunity to network withInternational Member. our colleagues and are a See you in April in Toronto at AATS.! building block for WTS. San Antonio STS Annual Luncheon Meeting of WTS
  5. 5. PAGE 5 • ORACLE WINTER / SPRING 2004 European Women Thoracic Surgeons MOVING AHEAD! Carolyn Reed, MD, is the new Chair of the American Board of Thoracic Surgeons. We congratulate her on this leadership role in our profession. WTS Supports TSRF WTS has contributed $10,000.00 to the Nina Braunwald Scholarship Fund of the Thoracic Surgery Research Foundation. This is done on behalf and Women In Thoracic Surgery European Association of Cardio Thoracic Luncheon Attendees Surgeons meeting in Vienna at the through the support of all the Women in Thoracic Surgery Luncheon members of WTS. It reflects our Vienna Austria on Monday, October 13, 2004. commitment to the advancement Monday, October 13, 2003 Photo by Brigid Scanlan Eiynck of of our specialty and the Scanlan International, Inc. Kalliopi Athanassiadi, MD advancement of women as Greece The recent EACTS/ESTS meeting Thoracic Surgeons. Monica Casiraghi, MD (Vienna, October 2003) was marked Columbo, Italy by the first organized meeting of the WTS Leadership European women surgeons. Adelheid Tina Peters, MD At the annual meeting in Klinekum Braunschweig, End, MD, a thoracic surgeon at the San Antonio, these new leaders Germany University of Vienna, organized and were inducted: ran the meeting. Twelve women Sandie Fraund, MD surgeons attended the meeting to Vice-President - Keil, Germany discuss what direction the European Margarita Camacho Carin Van Doorn, MD group should move in. The consensus Chair, Mentoring Committee - London, England was that the European organization Cindy Herrington Flavia Sorrentio, MD wants to address the serious Pisa, Italy professional (politics, training, Chair, International committee work, professional Member’s Committee - Franca Melfi, MD development) and academic concerns. Carolyn Dresler Pisa, Italy They also are interested in having at Board Members - Claudia Ghiribelli, MD least one woman attend our WTS Mary J. Boylan, Nora Burgess, Siena, Italy meetings here in the States (at the Carolyn Dresler, Kathleen Fenton, MD annual STS or AATS meetings). We Shauna Roberts Omaha, NE, USA look forward to hearing more from Board Member at Large - Adelheid End, MD our colleagues during the coming year. Yolanda Colson Vienna, Austria Ina C. Ennker, MD Women in Thoracic Surgery WTS Website Lahr Baden, Germany would like to thank our partners Paola Ciriaco, MD in industry for the support they Remember to visit our website at have given over the years: Milan, Italy www.wtsnet.org Scanlan International, Nicoletta Salviato, MD Edwards LifeSciences, Sicily, Italy Medtronic, and Guidant.
  6. 6. Women in Thoracic Surgery (WTS) is an international organization of thoracic surgeons whose purpose is to: Women in • Provide quality care to our patients • Mentor young women interested in pursuing Thoracic careers in thoracic/cardiac surgery • Provide educational opportunities for our Surgery members • Educate the public, especially women, regarding cardiac and pulmonary health and diseaseTo further the achievements of women practicing thoracic surgery by providing mutual support and facilitating professional advancementTo further the achievements of women practicing thoracic surgery by providing mutual support and facilitating professional advancement WTS Website: www.wtsnet.org ROBERTSSH@genesishealth.com Website Editor: Shauna Roberts, M.D. mjboylan@charter.net Surgery Oracle Editor: Mary J. Boylan, M.D. lorrainejrubismd@att.net Thoracic Secretary/Treasurer: Lorraine J. Rubis, M.D. mcamacho@nshs.edu Vice President: Margarita Camacho, M.D. Women in dullumm@ccf.org President: Mercedes K.C. Dullum 2004 WTS OFFICERSLorraine J. Rubis, M.D.106 - 4th Street EastSt. Petersburg, FL 33715-2241 U.S.A.
  7. 7. Women in Thoracic Surgery Mentoring CommitmentAt the completion of the recent Women in Thoracic Surgery strategic planning retreat, creating anactive mentorship program was placed at the top of our priority list. We have now begun to create theinfrastructure necessary for this program. We will begin by focusing on those women presently intraining and those just recently out of training. Our hopes are that this program will expand to includeyoung women in college and medical school up and through their career and retirement.We are developing a residents’ page on the WTS website where interested parties can come and findWTS members interested in mentoring. I would ask you to take a few moments to answer thefollowing questions and become an active mentor for the Women in Thoracic Surgery. ❏ Yes, I would like to be listed on the resident’s page as a WTS mentor. ❏ Name __________________________________________________________1) My practice is best defined as (please select more than one): ❏ Cardiac ❏ Private practice ❏ Thoracic ❏ HMO practice ❏ Congenital/Pediatric ❏ Research ❏ Heart Failure/transplant ❏ Industry ❏ Academic2) The areas that I would feel comfortable giving advice and mentoring (please select more than one): ❏ Surviving CV training ❏ Research/grant writing ❏ Preparing for Boards ❏ Crisis intervention ❏ Curriculum vitae preparation ❏ Personal balance ❏ Job search ❏ Legal crises ❏ Career planning ❏ J visual/FMG issues ❏ Interviewing techniques ❏ Negotiating contracts ❏ Further training opportunities3) The level of mentoring that I would feel comfortable with ( please select more than one): ❏ College students ❏ Cardiovascular and thoracic fellows ❏ Medical students ❏ Junior faculty ❏ General surgery residents ❏ Established CVTS faculty4) How would you prefer to be contacted: ❏ By email ______________________________________________________________________________ ❏ By professional phone ___________________________________________________________________Any suggestions you may have for the mentoring program: ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________Please email to Herri011@umn.edu or Fax to 612-625-4106 attention Cynthia HerringtonThank you
  8. 8. President: Mercedes Dullum, M.D. dullumm@ccf.org Women in Vice President: Margarita Camacho, M.D mcomacho@nshs.edu ThoracicSecretary/Treasurer: Lorraine J. Rubis, M.D. lorrainejrubismd@att.net Surgery 2004 Membership Dues Invoice (January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004)Name:____________________________________________________________________________________Hospital/Institution: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Mailing address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone: (office) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address: (home) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Phone:(best way to reach you):______________________________________________________________E-Mail address:____________________________________________________________________________Do you want your mail sent to your home or office? _______Do you mind if we publish your e-mail address in our newsletter? ________Dues: Active membership: ................................................................$100 Institutional membership:........................................................$350 Associate membership (GS or TS resident): ........................No fee (circle GS or TS) If you are a GS, TS resident or fellow, please state your year of training ________________ Emeritus membership (Retired from practice, or > 70 YO): ..No fee Honorary membership: ............................................................No feeOptional: Donation to the Nina Braunwald Scholarship Fund through the TSFRE $___________Please remit to Lorraine J. Rubis, M.D. 106-4th Street East St. Petersburg, FL 33715-2241Thank you for your support. Visit our website: www.WTSnet.org