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  • 1. Issue 5 A newsletter for the faculty, staff, friends and alumni of the Department of Surgery The Surgical Scope “Safer Surgery Today, Better Surgery Tomorrow”Issue 5 September 2010 Please Welcome Malcolm DeCamp, MD Chief of Thoracic SurgeryJoin us in supporting him ashe builds the Division of Tho- racic Surgery into a world- class center for the treat- ment of diseases of the chest. Malcolm DeCamp, MD Dr. DeCamp joined the faculty of Northwestern in While the division is currently a faculty of just two; December 2009 with a vision to pull together teams that number will shortly be enhanced by a recruit- of surgeons and physicians with expertise in various ment Dr. DeCamp expects to finalize soon via the areas of thoracic disease. The strategy culminates addition of a pulmonary interventionalist. He is also with the goal of providing lung transplants at North- recruiting a thoracic surgical oncologist to anchor a western in the next few years. With a strong back- multi-disciplinary thoracic oncology program and a ground fostered at the Cleveland Clinic, Brigham thoracic surgeon-scientist to establish a transla- and Women‘s Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess tional laboratory effort to utilize archived tissues as Medical Center, Dr. DeCamp comes to Northwestern a bridge between investigational observations and with the academic, educational, surgical and organ- clinical innovation. Dr. DeCamp looks forward to izational skills to make this a reality very quickly. building on collaborative efforts with other scientists in the Lurie Cancer Center. With a solid (human) The opportunities for thoracic surgery to flourish tissue bank available, he sees the opportunity to here are enormous. Dr. DeCamp has begun the elevate current programs with outcomes to benefit process by meeting with key referring physicians patients suffering from thoracic cancers. here at Northwestern, at Children‘s Memorial, at Northwestern Lake Forest and a variety of other The future will likely bring Northwestern‘s name to communities in the Chicago area. He is working the forefront with the educational advances Dr. De- with NMH to develop a comprehensive marketing Camp has in mind. He envisions ―VATS‖ (video- campaign tailored to highlight the depth and assisted thoracic surgery) and advanced therapeutic breadth of Thoracic Surgery. Page 1 (Continued on page 2)
  • 2. The Surgical Scope Continued from cover page bronchoscopy courses that could be offered here in our N-CASE laboratory. He sees the potential to offer clinical services to the North Shore and the VA; Dr. DeCamp looks forward to offering ad- vanced training in general thoracic surgery and he is anxious to add lung transplantation to the Northwestern transplant portfolio. Academically, his plans include mentoring Dr. Alberto de Hoyos, whose work in minimally invasive surgery, advanced therapeutic endoscopy and robot-assisted procedures is further enhanced by his advanced training in both pulmonary medicine and thoracic surgery. The division will continue to provide individualized treatment plans emphasizing minimally invasive surgery. Bringing this poten- tial to fruition will be a natural outcome of Dr. DeCamp‘s proven ability to build the kind of patient- focused, multi-disciplinary teams necessary to provide world-class care for those with thoracic can- cers, swallowing disorders, complex airway diseases and advanced lung disease. With the development of these programs, Dr. DeCamp will make Northwestern the only academic medical center in our geographic area with comprehensive and integrated research, educational and clinical programs providing diagnostic, staging and therapeutic interventions which will meet our patients‘ and referring physicians‘ needs in a culture of investigation and innovation. Written By Victoria F. ElliottPage 2
  • 3. Issue 5 Message From the Chair: Feinberg Pavilion. Plans are being developed to tic conferences and initiating a research pro- build a new ambulatory care facility across Erie gram assessing the optimal techniques for intra- St. from the emergency department, which will operative procedural teaching, the ‗holy grail‘ of include a new suite of outpatient operating education in surgical specialties. rooms. These building programs should help increase capacity on-site for the next few years The research program in the Department of prior to the anticipated construction of a new Surgery continues to flourish. Over the past 3 med/surg pavilion at the site of the old Lakeside years our research awards have doubled, and V.A. Hospital. the department now ranks 19th among all surgi- cal departments in the U.S., up from #38 just Early in 2010 Northwestern Memorial Hospital three years ago. In addition to basic science and Lake Forest Hospital merged, creating pursuits, departmental faculty have become Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital as an entity very involved in outcomes research and trialing within Northwestern Memorial Health Care. novel devices and techniques. Programs in natu- Ultimately, there will be opportunities to expand ral orifice surgery, percutaneous heart valves, the footprint of the Department of Surgery to the and endovascular therapy are but examples of north; the Division of Vascular Surgery has al- the many minimally invasive procedures being ready established an outpatient and limited performed at the medical center. We believe inpatient service at NLFH, and other specialties that surgical innovation is a key attribute of our are assessing the possibilities for expansion and group as we strive to achieve our motto, ―Safer partnering with our north campus to enhance Surgery Today, Better Surgery Tomorrow‖. patient access to Northwestern surgical exper- tise. Kudos to several faculty members: Melina Kibbe was awarded the Presidential Early CareerNathanial J. Soper, MD The central focus for any department of surgery Award for Scientists and Engineers at a WhiteLoyal and Edith Davis Professor and Chair is to deliver exceptional patient care. The recruit- House ceremony in January. The following fac-Department of Surgery ment of Dr. Mac DeCamp heralds the gearing-up ulty were promoted during the academic year:Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine of Thoracic Surgery at the medical center. He Drs. Carla Pugh, Julia Corcoran and Marie Cran- recently hired a mid-level academic surgeon, Dr. dall became Associate Professors, Anat Roitberg Shari Meyerson, who will be joining us in Octo- -Tambur was promoted to Research Professor, September 1st ushers in the new fiscal year, so ber. Her areas of expertise revolve around the and Mark Morasch became a Professor of Sur-this date marks a good time to look back on the treatment of thoracic cancer, video-assisted gery. Congratulations to these individuals anddoings of the previous year and discuss plans thoracic surgery and surgical simulation. The the rest of our outstanding faculty who continuefor the one to follow. I will therefore highlight next planned recruitment is a surgeon-scientist to pursue excellence in patient care, education,some of the notable happenings in the Depart- to coordinate and advance translational re- and research.ment of Surgery and medical center. search within the division. Initial efforts of the division will be directed at strengthening tho- Given the impending changes in U.S. healthcare,The Northwestern medical institutional partners racic oncology, but ultimately programs in be- we are anticipating many challenges movinghave moved into the implementation phase of nign disease, including lung transplantation, will forward. My strong belief is that by keeping thedeveloping a truly great academic medical cen- follow. patients‘ interests foremost in all of our activi-ter—now trademarked as ‗Northwestern Medi-cine‘. The aim is to achieve top 10 status for Other notable events of this past year include ties, we will be able to move forward in a ra-both the medical school and hospital by the the resignations of two long-standing division tional manner. We live in interesting times andyear 2020. Although ‗surgery‘ is not a specific chiefs. Bill Pearce in Vascular Surgery and Tom will need to be able to move nimbly as we reactfield recognized in the published rankings, de- Mustoe in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery to upcoming changes in the healthcare environ-partmental members have had a major impact will relinquish their administrative roles, but ment. However, this past year has seen manyon our profile. This year‘s U.S. News and World remain active clinically and academically. We positive developments in the Department ofReport rankings demonstrated a huge improve- thank them for their many years of outstandingment in the rank of the cardiology and heart leadership in the department. Searches are Surgery, giving us every reason to be optimisticsurgery service to #14, the highest rated heart underway to appoint strong individuals to lead about our future.program in Chicago history. Digestive disorders these very successful divisions into the future.moved up to #22 in the U.S. after being un- Respectfully submitted,ranked the prior year. Although these are indi- Surgical education continues to be a strength at Nathaniel J. Sopercations of progress, there is a long way to go in Northwestern. All five of last year‘s graduatingachieving our goals. chief residents matched at strong fellowships. This year‘s intern class is absolutely stellar, and Northwestern Memorial Hospital has been will undoubtedly continue the trend of top-notchbursting at the seams with high patient census trainees. The general surgery residency wasfor the past several months. Several initiatives evaluated by the RRC and received reaccredita-are underway to address this capacity issue. tion for four years. The new affiliation withDemolition work has begun on four floors of the MacNeal Hospital has been a resounding suc-Galter Pavilion to create additional inpatient cess for our residents and medical students.beds and a new ICU. Capital has been approved New educational initiatives include introducingto build 3 new O.R.s on the 5th floor of the ‗Just in Time Teaching‘ techniques to our didac- Page 3
  • 4. The Surgical ScopeResearch UpdateOur goal three years ago was to increase federal awards by 50% over a 5-year timeline and advance the Feinberg Departmentof Surgery into the top 20 on a national level. Over the past 3 years, federal research awards have increased 100% among ourfaculty members. According to the Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research of released rankings of medical schools accordingto NIH funding (March 2010, for the last three federal fiscal yearsFeinberg School of Medicine Department of Surgery rose to a rank of 38th in 2007, and to the 27th position in 2008, and justlast year rose to 19th in the United States.The research enterprise within the Department of Surgery has had its most productive year ever. For the period of 9/1/09 –6/15/10, the Department of Surgery submitted 63 new proposals valued at over $49 million total costs. During the sameperiod, the Department of Surgery received 26 new awards (federal, non-federal and industry), totaling $6.528 million, includ-ing $5.43M in federal awards. This will further enhance our research ranking in 2010. The department has also received newfunding on 27 clinical trials and industry agreements.Federal Awards: 14Total Direct Costs awarded FY10 = $5,434,550Non-Federal Awards: 12 For detailed award information, please seeTotal Costs awarded FY10 = $1,094,326 pages 19-21Total Awards: $6,528,876Resident involvement in research has been very strong. Melissa Hogg, MD, Matthew Stouch, MD, and Edward Auyang, MDwere this year‘s Kanavel Surgical Scholar Awardees for their exemplary research activity. The PGY-3 residents (and facultymentor) who began their 2-year laboratory experiences July 2010 are: Jessica Naiditch (Marybeth Madonna, MD), Akhil Seth(Robert Galiano, MD), Ashley Hardy (Jackie Jeruss, MD, PhD), and Joseph Phillips (David Bentrem, MD). Page 4
  • 5. Issue 5Surgical Education UpdateMedical Student Programs The first year of the newly designed clerkship was very well received by both students and faculty. Under the leadership of Dr. Julia Corcoran, Clerkship Director, and Susan Santacaterina, MHPE, Associate Director, the clerkship now offers addi- tional clinical sites and rotations, as well as an increase in faculty. Clinical sites now include inpatient and outpatient rota- tions at MacNeal Hospital, the VA Hospital and Children‘s Memorial Hospital. Faculty within Cardiothoracic, Transplant, and Plastics have begun working with students. Students have thoroughly enjoyed these new experiences, one student remarked, ―MacNeal was a great rotation, a busy service with opportunities to be very involved in patient care and learn a lot about general surgery.‖ Another student said that the best part of the surgery clerkship was, ―General Surgery at the Veterans Hospital - I loved working with the patient population and felt like I had a great opportunity to get involved with the team.‖ The clerkship was well represented at the annual Association for Surgical Education conference this year. Dr. Nabil Issa and Dr. Julia Corcoran each had studies accepted for presentations. Also, Dr. Corcoran won the 2010 Phillip J. Wolfson Outstanding Teaching Award. Jeffrey Hotaling was the recipient of the 2009 Julius Conn Award, an annual award given to the best performing surgery clerkship student. New 4th Year Boot Camp: Dr. Nabil Issa, Dr. Julia Corcoran, and Susan Santacaterina developed a new curriculum for a fourth year surgical elective described as ―Surgical Boot Camp‖. This course is designed to prepare the 4 th year student for the rigors of the surgical internship. Examples of learning activities include ―Simulated OR Patient Pages,‖ patient management challenges typically encountered by PGY-1 residents and technical skills development in the N-Case labora- tory. The course was approved by the NUFSCOM Curriculum Committee and will be offered as a Spring elective in 2011.Resident Programs Edelstone-Bendix DayThe 2010 Edelstone-Bendix Residents‘ Day was held on Friday, June 18th, 2010. The day‘s events featured presentations byresidents and fellows and showcased their outstanding work in both clinical and basic science research. This year‘s guest lec-turer and scientific paper judge was David L. Dunn, M.D, Ph.D., Vice President for Health Sciences, Professor of Surgery, Micro-biology and Immunology at the University at Buffalo, SUNY. The Edelstone-Bendix Day concluded with the graduation dinnerheld at the Omni Chicago Hotel on Michigan Avenue. Approximately 160 of the Department of Surgery‘s faculty, fellows andresidents attended the annual dinner which honors the Department‘s graduating fellows and residents.The following graduates were the guests of honor at the dinner: Pediatric Surgery: Alexander Dzakovic, MD Transplant Surgery: Nitin Katarija, MD & Martin Wijkstrom, MD Breast Surgery: Firas Eladoumikdachi, MD & Claudia Perez, DO Surgical Critical Care: Jane Lee, MD & Mamta Swaroop, MD Vascular Surgery: Manuel Garcia-Toca, MD & Peter Naughton, MD Plastic Surgery: Peter Kim, MD & Clark Schierle, MD General Surgery: Daniel Abbott, MD Laleh Melstrom, MD Karl Bilimoria, MD Daniel Popowich, MD John Linn, MD (Continued on page 6) Page 5
  • 6. The Surgical Scope ...continued...Surgical Education Update Drs. Dan Popowich, John Linn, Laleh Melstrom, Nathaniel Soper, Karl Bilmoria, Daniel AbbottA number of awards were given to fellows and residents for outstanding performance. We congratulate the following recipi-ents for their hard work and dedication:Edward Auyang, MD, Melissa Hogg, MD, and Matthew Strouch, MD were this year‘s Kanaval Surgical Scholar awardees. Alongwith presenting their research earlier in the day, they were also awarded a monetary prize of $1000.There were three open competitions for research excellence. The winners received monetary awards for winning in their re-spective categories. The winners were as follows:Fellow Open Competition: Manuel Garcia-Toca, MDResident Clinical Research Competition: Colleen Jay, MDResident Basic Science Competition: Ashley Vavra, MDThe Chief Resident Presentation award, which was based on the graduating residents‘ Edelstone-Bendix Residents‘ Day pres-entations, was awarded this year to Daniel Popowich, MD.Introduced this year was the Fellow as Teacher Award which goes hand-in-hand with the Resident as Teacher Award. Theseawards are given to those Department of Surgery fellows and residents who meet a series of eligibility criteria. Awardees areregarded as excellent role models as physicians and learners to their peers, students and other health professionals. Theywere noted to make teaching a purposeful activity in their daily efforts and reliably participate in Department of Surgery educa-tion-related activities and reporting systems.This year, we are pleased that the following fellows are the recipients of the Fellow as Teacher Award: Alexander Dzakovic, MD Pediatric Surgery Fellow Manuel Garcia-Toca, MD Vascular Surgery Fellow Nitin Katarija, MD Transplant Surgery Fellow Jane Kayle Lee, MD Critical Care Fellow Sachin Phade, MD Vascular Surgery Fellow Juan Rocca, MD Transplant Surgery FellowThe following residents are the recipients of the Resident as Teacher Award: Daniel Abbott, MD (PGY5) Akhil Seth, MD (PGY3) John Linn, MD (PGY5) Daniel McCarthy, MD (PGY2) Marco Ellis, MD (PGY4) Jason Souza, MD (PGY2) Jessica Naiditch, MD (PGY3) Page 6 Surgical Education Update continued on page 7
  • 7. Issue 5Continued….. Surgical Education Update An award was presented to the two 2009-2010 General Surgery Administrative Chief residents for their leadership and commitment to the general surgery residents. Drs. Daniel Abbott and Laleh Melstrom crystal awards in recognition of their hard work and dedication. We wish a warm welcome to the new PGY-1 Department of Surgery Residents and Fellows: General Surgery: Brett Duncan, Carlie Kennedy, Jacqueline Lee, Ran Bill Luo and Ravi Rajaram Preliminary Surgery: Mor Ben Barak, Dilraj Grewal, Laura Moreno, Ahsun Riaz and Colin Rock Vascular Surgery: Courtney Daly, Gregory Feldman and CJ Lee Plastic Surgery: Michael Gart and Sumanas Jordan Breast Surgery: Valerie Brutus Cardiac Surgery: Ramesh Pamula and Koji Takeda Critical Care: Adel Abuzeid Pediatric Surgery: Rashmi Kabre Swanson Transplant Surgery: Bishwajit Bhattacharya and Alex Dzakovic The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching published the famous Flexner Report entitled ―Medical Education in the United States and Canada‖ in 1910. What is considered the New Flexner Report was released this month by the same Carne- gie Foundation – the report is entitled ―Educating Physicians: A Call for Reform of Medical School and Residency‖ and was written by Molly Cooke, David Irby and Bridge O‘Brien. The report (in book format) describes the current status of medical education, high- lights innovations and advancements practiced at various medical schools, and recommends future directions. We are proud to state that the authors chose only two surgery programs to visit and ob- serve their work, and our department of surgery was one of the two. The authors, having spent two days in our department, highlighted in the book a) innovations such as the surgery clerkship‘s longitu- dinal outpatient clinic format, b) our apprenticeships, and c) describes the role of our department‘s educator. They also referenced one of our educational research publications. It is a positive reflec- tion on our department‘s educational programs to have innovative features acknowledged in the ―Flexner Report 2010‖. Page 7
  • 8. The Surgical ScopeBreast Surgery Center Update From left to right: Dr. Nora Hansen, Dr. Jackie Jeruss, Dr. Seema Khan Education: This year, two Breast Fellows completed their training in the Breast Center; Claudia B. Perez, DO who will be going to Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, Illinois and Firas Eladoumikdachi, MD who will be going to Ohio to help es- tablish a local breast center. This coming academic year, two new fellows will join the Breast Center, Elizabeth Revesz, MD and Valerie Brutus, MD. Dr. Revesz completed her residency at Saint Joseph Hospital, Chicago, Illinois and Dr. Brutus completed her residency at Brooklyn Hospital Center, Brooklyn New York. Clinical: The Lynn Sage Comprehensive Breast Center under the direction of Dr. Nora M. Hansen has been awarded the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers Certification Award from the American College of Surgeons. Addition- ally, the Breast Surgery Clinic has become part of the new Women‘s Cancer Program of the Robert H. Lurie Comprehen- sive Cancer Center. Dr. Hansen notes that by being a part of the Women‘s Cancer Program patients will benefit by the integration of services of the Breast Surgery Center, Medical Oncology and Gynecological Oncology. The Prentice Hospital 4th floor space previously occupied solely by the Breast Center has been renovated and is now named the Maggie Daley Center for Women‘s Cancer Care in honor of the wife of Mayor Richard Daley. Also, a brand new section of supportive oncology care has been established in new space on the 5 th floor of the Prentice Building. This section offers patient sup- port in the areas of health information, fertility preservation, nutrition, rehabilitative needs, integrative medicine and emo- tional and practical life issues. Research: Please see detailed information in the Newly Funded Projects section on page 19. Page 8
  • 9. Issue 5Cardiac Surgery Update From left to right: Dr. Chris Malaisrie, Dr. Edwin McGee, Dr. Pat McCarthy, Dr. Rick LeeResearch: Drs. McCarthy (PI) and Malaisrie (Co-I) are participating in the Edwards Lifesciences PARTNER Trial (Placement of Aortic Tran-scatheter Valve) for patients with severe aortic stenosis who are either inoperable or very high risk for conventional aortic valve replace-ment.Dr. McGee (PI) is participating in the HeartWare® Ventricular Assist System (VAS) for Destination Therapy of Advanced Heart Failure Trial toevaluate a new heart assist device as a treatment for end stage heart failure patients who are not candidates for a heart transplant.Dr. McGee (PI) is also participating in the HeartWare® Ventricular Assist System for the Treatment of Advanced Heart Failure to evaluate anew heart assist device as a treatment for end stage heart failure patients who require circulatory assistance while waiting for a heart trans-plant.Education: The 4th Annual CT Surgery Alumni and Graduation Day took place on June 18 th, 2010. Dr. Marc Gillinov, the Judith Dion PyleChair in Heart Valve Research at Cleveland Clinic, was our honored guest.Dr. McCarthy both directed the course entitled ―Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation‖ at the Society of Thoracic Sur-geons (STS) University and served as the moderator for the Parallel Surgical Forum III: Adult Cardiac I Session at the STS Annual Meeting inJanuary 2010.Dr. Edwin McGee directed the course entitled ―Mechanical Circulatory Support for Cardiogenic Shock‖ at STS University in January 2010.Dr. Richard Lee both served as a faculty member for the course entitled ―Pacemaker Lead Removal/Electrophysiology for the Cardiac Sur-geon‖ at STS University and presented ―Changing Outcome Characteristics of Multiple Valve Surgery: A 15‐Year Perspective‖ at the STSAnnual Meeting in January 2010.Drs. Edwin McGee and S. Chris Malaisrie presented ―Should patients with atrial fibrillation requiring aortic valve replacement receive a bio-prosthetic valve?‖ and ―Mitral Valve Repair for Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Midterm Clinical and Echocardiographic Results after Restric-tive Complete Annuloplasty‖, respectively, at the Annual Joint Meeting of the Heart Valve Society of America and Society of Heart Valve Dis-eases in April 2010.Dr. Lee presented ―Perioperative Statin Therapy Reduces Mortality in Normolipidemic Patients Undergoing Cardiac Surgery‖ and ―The Surgi-cal Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation Restores Expected Survival in Patients Undergoing Valve Surgery‖ at the Annual Meeting of the WesternThoracic Surgical Association in June 2010.The BCVI Summer Student Program, directed by Dr. Lee, Anna Huskin, and Michael Yensel, kicked-off its fourth year in June with over 20medical students participating. The students learned about careers in cardiac surgery through shadowing clinical rotations, observing in theOR, and attending weekly journal clubs and lectures. One of the students, Caleb Hsieh, was one only 29 students nationwide to be awardeda Summer Intern Scholarship from AATS.Muthiah Vaduganathan, an alumnus of the 2009 BCVI Summer Student Program, presented ―Midterm benefits of perioperative statin ther-apy in patients undergoing isolated valvular heart surgery: 5-year surgical experience‖ at the Annual Scientific Session of the American Col-lege of Cardiology in March 2010.The BCVI physician shadowing program for Northwestern University undergraduate students, co-directed by Dr. Lee, Michael Yensel, andSusan Fox, has introduced over 150 students to the field of medicine since the program‘s inception in Fall 2008. Students have the oppor-tunity to shadow a physician in a variety of 19 disciplines.Clinical Care: The Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute (BCVI) is proud to announce that it is now ranked among the nation‘s most elite heart andheart surgery programs in the 2010 edition of U.S. News & World Report’s ―America‘s Best Hospitals.‖ The #14 ranking makes the BCVI thehighest rated heart program in Chicago history.Reflecting the growing success of the BCVI, the program was recently featured on the Cardiothoracic Surgery Network (CTSNet). The articledetails the ascent of the program under the leadership of Dr. Patrick McCarthy, and is available at the following link: Page 9
  • 10. The Surgical ScopeGI/Oncologic Surgery Update Research: Dr. Carla Pugh has received a $2 million grant by the National Institutes of Health and will begin a 5 year study that will help doctors define the proper techniques of breast examination with the use of simulators. Dr. Pugh was also awarded an ‗Excellence in Academic Medicine‘ grant by the State of Illinois for the ‗Use of Decision-Based Surgical Simulators to As- sess Intra-Operative Performance: A Focus on Operating Room Efficiency, Patient Safety & Team Communication‖. Education: Dr. David Mahvi was invited as a ‗visiting professor‘ at Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, the University of Iowa, Iowa City, and at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where he presented the talk ―Translating Academic Pursuits into Medical Innovations‖. Carla Pugh MD, PhD, was an invited speaker at this year‘s CASE celebration at the Museum of Science & Industry. The Center for the Advancement of Science Education (CASE) was created by the museum to encourage and inspire children in the study of science, technology, medicine and engineering. The event is held to honor the achievements of students and teachers who participate in the Center‘s programs. Clinical Care: The new Women‘s Pelvic Health Center opened its doors in February of this year. Created to provide compre- hensive care for women with pelvic floor disorders, the center is comprised of urologists, urogynecologists, colon and rectal surgeons. Our Divisions own Anne-Marie Boller MD and Amy Halverson MD make up part of the Northwestern team that is committed to the development and success of this important center. The center is unique in that it houses specialists under one roof so patients do not have to travel to different locations. It is located in the Arkes Family Pavilion at 676 N. St. Clair Street in Suite 950. Top row left to right: Dr. Eric Hungness, Dr. Dina Elaraj, Dr. David Mahvi, Dr. Cord Sturgeon, Dr. Amy Halverson, Dr. Alex Nagle Bottom row left to right: Dr. Anne-Marie Boller, Dr. Jeff Wayne, Dr. Nathaniel Soper, Dr. Carla Pugh, Dr. David Bentrem News & Events: Dr. Alex Nagle participated in the March trip to Guatemala through ‗Faith in Practice‘, a charitable organiza- tion that provides medical care to the poor. Mission teams travel to the most remote and poorest parts of Guatemala to pro- vide medical, surgical, dental care and referrals to hospitals throughout Guatemala. Founded in 1992 the first surgical team consisted of 12 members. Now with more than 800 volunteers they served more than 17,000 patients in 2008. The group‘s mission is to improve physical, spiritual and economical conditions for the people. Honors/Awards: Congratulations to our Division Chief, Dr. David Mahvi. He has received the 2010 Physician Clinical Excel- lence Award for Clinical Collaboration from the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation. Remi Love, Administrative Assistant to Drs. Halverson and Wayne was nominated in the category of Service Excellence/ Administrative Role within the Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation. Remi has been with the Department of Oncologic Surgery for 10 years. The Division would like to thank Remi for her hard work and dedication. Page 10
  • 11. Issue 5Organ Transplantation Surgery UpdateLate 2009 and early 2010 have been very productive in all aspects for the Division of Organ Transplantation. Grant funding has contin-ued to grow dramatically, existing collaborations such as NUTORC are experiencing significant success, and new collaborations andproposals are off to promising starts. Additionally, the clinical, administrative, and clinical research staff have relocated to a new24,000 square foot space. With ever-growing basic, clinical, and translational research, a leading clinical program in volume, out-comes, and innovation, top fellowships, and a new space to support further growth, transplant at Northwestern continues to shore upits position among the top few academic transplant centers in the world. From left to right: Dr. Michael Abecassis, Dr. Joe Leventhal, Dr. Anton Skaro, Dr. Juan Caicedo, Dr. Daniela Ladner, Dr. Jonathon Fryer, Dr. Talia Baker, Dr. Dixon KaufmanResearch: Last year, transplant faculty received four major (>$1M in total funding) grants. Work has begun on all four. First, Drs. Mi-chael Abecassis, Daniela Ladner, and Talia Baker have successfully renewed Northwestern‘s Adult-to-Adult Living Donor Liver (A2ALL)consortium grant. Only nine transplant centers were funded by NIH for this consortium, which has decided to focus its second five-yearcycle in part on patient safety and quality of life issues, which align perfectly with the Northwestern University Transplant OutcomesResearch Consortium (NUTORC) in the Comprehensive Transplant Center. Dr. Ladner is co-chairing the committees on safety and qual-ity of life, assuring Northwestern will be a leader in key aspects of this consortium. Additionally, Drs. Abecassis, John Friedewald, andJosh Levitsky were funded by NIH to lead a consortium in the CTOT renewal (Northwestern was a participating consortium site in thefirst round of funding.). In collaboration with the Scripps Research Institute and industry, the grant focuses on genomic and proteomicmarkers of acute rejection and chronic kidney injury (CAN/IFTA). Dr. Dixon Kaufman was awarded a grant as a lead site on the NIHclinical islet transplantation consortium, where Northwestern has performed the most transplants and achieved the greatest numberof insulin-independent patients. Last, Dr. Abecassis, Dr. Bing Ho, and Luke Preczewski were funded by a pharmaceutical company todevelop software in collaboration with the EDW and NUBIC for integrating transplant data. In addition to these four grants of more than$1M, the division received many small and medium-sized grants, and continues to rapidly expand its research enterprise. The divisionis wrapping up a joint recruitment with the center for genetic medicine of a computational biologist from a leading center to start inAugust. This will allow expansion of the division‘s genomics research.Education: The division continues its efforts both to run top clinical fellowships at Northwestern and to shape the national curriculumfor transplant surgery. Additionally, the program recruited two new post-doctoral fellows to its NIH-funded T32 training program. Onewill work with Dr. Zeeshan Butt in quality of life research in transplant patients and the other will work with Dr. Xunrong Luo in trans-plant immunology. Colleen Jay, MD, the first graduate of our T32 outcomes research fellowship returned to the clinical residency slothaving established an impressive record of peer-reviewed publication. Our surgical fellowship matched two fellows for the 2011 aca-demic year. Nationally, more than half the transplant surgery fellowship slots went unfilled, so the fact that our program matched bothslots speaks to the excellent reputation it has earned.Clinical Care: The division continued its tremendous clinical success, drawing press attention for its successful performance of an eight-way domino living donor kidney transplant, the largest ever at a single center. And in May, the program relocated to a new 24,000square foot clinic and administrative space. This move brought together clinicians and clinical researchers from six different locationson campus to consolidate care, and it significantly expanded the clinical capacity to allow for growth. The clinical program has main-tained its status as the top program in Illinois for all organs and a top-five program nationally in terms of volume, while maintainingexcellent outcomes. The living donor liver transplantation program has been reinvigorated since Dr. Talia Baker took over leadershipand has returned to being one of the top two programs nationally by volume. Aligned with the A2ALL research effort and in light of thechallenges of organ availability in Illinois, we expect careful growth in this area of the program to make this available to carefully se-lected patients with end-stage liver disease. Page 11
  • 12. The Surgical ScopePlastic Surgery UpdatePlastic surgery has had an active year. Dr. Mustoe is stepping down as Chief after 19 years but will continue to be involved inclinical and academic activities within the department.Research: On the research front, Dr. Mustoe has been awarded a one year grant totaling $300,000 from the Department ofDefense to look at the behavior of stem cells in wound healing, with an anticipated second year of funding. Dr. JordanSteinberg, a third year resident won a national competition to receive one of three $50,000 grants from the Plastic SurgeryEducation Foundation. His proposal is to study stem cells as a potential therapy for ischemia reperfusion injury in a rabbit earmodel. Dr. Galiano continues his clinical wound healing efforts with grant support from Excaliard totaling $600,000. Dr. JohnKim has received an unrestricted grant totaling $35,000 to perform clinical studies on dermal matrix in breast reconstructionand industry grants form Covidien and Mentor totaling $100,000. Grant submissions on scarring as part of a NIH P50 havealso been submitted.Education: On the education side, the rotation at the Veterans Administration Hospital has been a success under the leader-ship of Dr. Gregory Dumanian. Already, there is a several month backlog for reconstructive hand, limb, and body surgery. Drs.John Kim and Thomas Mustoe will also begin to work there in the late summer of 2010. The junior residents have been moreintegrated within the structure of the residency this year, with a new microsurgery skills course and a lecture series designedfor them. The match successfully concluded with the addition of Michael Gart from Brown University and Jordan Sumanasfrom Emory University and Georgia Tech where she completed a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. We are extremely enthusias-tic about both as they excelled in medical school and were highly recruited candidates from programs around the country.Clinical: From a clinical perspective, the Division has rebounded substantially from the economic downturn in 2009 and is hav-ing a solid year. At Childrens Hospital a search is underway for a new Chief, and the service remains robust as a result of thework by Drs. Julia Corcoran and Frank Vicari. Dr. John Kim, Dr. Thomas Mustoe, Dr. Robert Galiano, Dr. Greg Dumanian Page 12
  • 13. Issue 5Thoracic Surgery Update Dr. Alberto de Hoyos, Dr. Malcolm DeCamp, Dr. Robert VaneckoThoracic Surgery enjoyed several notable achievements in the past year. Most significant was the recruitment of Dr. MalcolmDeCamp as Chief of the newly created Division of Thoracic Surgery. Dr. DeCamp joined Northwestern after most recently serv-ing as Visiting Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School and Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Beth IsraelDeaconess Medical Center in Boston. Dr. DeCamp is focused on elevating the program through development of multidiscipli-nary programs in thoracic oncology, swallowing disorders and advanced lung diseases (see lead story).Research: Northwestern was selected as one of eight U.S. institutions to participate in the American College of Surgeons (ACS)Commission on Cancer/Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) ProvenCare Lung Cancer Collaborative. This pilot trial aims to de-fine evidence-based best practices in lung cancer care and to examine whether reliably adhering to these standards results inimproved outcomes and lower cost.Education: Thoracic Surgery provided unique educational offerings such as the first Dilational Percutaneous TracheostomyCourse in Chicago, regional hands-on training in VATS Lobectomy and CME training in Aerodigestive Endoscopic Interventionsto a national audience during the STS annual meeting.The annual Shields Lectureship was held in May 2010. The guest lecturer, Dr. Richard Feins from UNC Chapel Hill, spoke onstrategies to incorporate simulation into surgical education.The 6th Annual Thoracic Surgical Oncology Nursing Conference was held in May 2010.Dr. DeCamp was invested as the Fowler McCormick Professor of Surgery in June 2010.Clinical Care: Thoracic Surgery was awarded the Excellence in Academic Medicine Award from the Illinois Department ofHealthcare and Family Services for their proposal to develop an integrated thoracic oncology program at Northwestern.In collaboration with Dr. Eric Hungness, and for the first time in Illinois, Dr. Alberto de Hoyos achieved successful placement ofdiaphragmatic pacemakers in four ventilator dependent patients.Thoracic Surgery is pursuing a mid-career thoracic surgeon to replace Dr. Matt Blum (after his departure in February), a tho-racic surgeon-scientist to establish a translational research laboratory, and other key recruits in Pulmonary Medicine, Radia-tion Oncology, Medical Oncology and Pathology to develop the thoracic disease programs. Page 13
  • 14. The Surgical ScopeTrauma and Critical Care Update Top row left to right: Dr. Marie Crandall, Dr. Carla Pugh, Dr. Mamta Swaroop, Dr. Michael Shapiro Bottom row left to right: Christine Schilling, RN, Dr. Nabil IssaThe division remains extremely busy in support of its mission to provide clinical excellence, outstanding scientific citizenshipand exemplary teaching.Research: The division faculty continues activity in diverse research areas. Dr. Gary An‘s program of computational biology,funded by the National Science Foundation, has been extraordinarily productive with numerous papers and presentations na-tionally and internationally. Support for Dr. Marie Crandall‘s investigation of behavioral patterns in trauma was renewed by theRobert Wood Johnson Foundation. As an outgrowth of this the division is looking to participate as a sponsoring center withCeaseFire, a national organization that intervenes locally to reduce retaliation and recidivism in violent injury. Dr. Nabil Issa‘sresearch in paradigms of learning was presented at the Association for Surgical Education, and Dr. Issa continues his collabo-ration with Debra DaRosa, PhD, in Surgical Education. Dr. Michael Shapiro remains active in the NIGMS Glue Grant Programinvestigating genomic responses in inflammation and sepsis. Faculty is well represented in the working and scientific commit-tees of local and national organizations in trauma and critical illness.Education: The Surgical Critical Care Fellowship completed its first year this June and graduated two fellows. Dr. Adel Abuzeidwill begin the program in July. Division faculty are responsible for the educational content of three resident rotations: traumaand emergency surgery, surgical critical care, and night float. The faculty has consistently received accolades from residentsand students for their commitment and excellence in teaching. Dr. Issa has assumed a leadership role in the medical studentsSurgery Rotation Curriculum. The division offers an elective rotation in Trauma and Emergency Surgery that has proven ex-tremely popular with fourth year students, both locally and abroad.Clinical Care: Clinical volumes and acuity in our core areas of trauma, acute care surgery and surgical critical care have per-sisted at extremely high levels. The trauma program remains a level I center in the state of Illinois. Faculty undertakes rigorousreview of practice and outcomes to assure provision of the highest quality of care. Dr. Shapiro serves as Co-Chair of the hospi-tal based Leadership Committee, which has worked to optimize patient care across customary boundaries and partnershipwith leaders from Anesthesia, Pulmonary Medicine, and Neurology. Page 14
  • 15. Issue 5Vascular Surgery UpdateDr. Pearce recently announced that he was stepping down as chief of the division. He will maintain an active practicewhile splitting his time among NMH, the VA and Northwestern NLFH.Research: At the annual meeting of the Society for Vascular Surgery (June 10-12, 2010), Dr. Melina Kibbe was presented theSVS Women‘s Leadership Training Grant. The purpose of the grant is to provide opportunities for training in leadership skills towomen at the beginning of their vascular surgery careers.Dr. Melina R. Kibbe was among 100 researchers to receive the Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers(PECASE), the highest honor bestowed by the United States Government on young professionals in the early stages of their inde-pendent research careers. Awardees were selected on the basis of their ―pursuit of innovative research at the frontiers of sci-ence and technology and a commitment to community service as demonstrated through scientific leadership, public education,or community outreach.‖ The awards were presented January 13, 2010, at a White House ceremony.Education: The 34th annual Northwestern vascular symposium (Vascular Surgery—A Manual for Survival) was held in Chicago, IL,December 10-13, 2009. The symposium focused on assessment and treatment of various vascular diseases. Sixty-four world-renowned physicians presented on their areas of expertise. One-hundred-sixty-five registered attendees represented the UnitedStates, Ireland, Mexico, and Germany. A book (Vascular Surgery: Therapeutic Strategies) edited by Drs. Eskandari, Morasch,Pearce, and Yao was published in conjunction with the symposium and contains summaries of the presentations.The second trainee for the Vascular Surgery Scientist Training Program (T32 grant) started on April 19. Michael S. Park, MD willwork with Dr. Mark Eskandari and Dr. Min-Woong Sohn in the area of outcomes research. Two additional trainees, Elaine Greg-ory and Monica Rodriguez, started work in Dr. Kibbe‘s basic science laboratory on July 1.At the Edelstone-Bendix dinner on June 18, Drs. Manuel Garcia-Toca and Sachin Phade, Vascular Surgery fellows, received theDepartment‘s Fellowship Teaching Award. This award is presented to fellows based on evaluations of their teaching techniquesby residents.Clinical Care: Drs. Pearce, Morasch, Eskandari, and Rodriguez have been granted privileges at the Rehabilitation Institute ofChicago. Drs. Pearce and Eskandari have initiated a satellite vascular surgery program at NLFH. With GratitudeThe Division of Vascular Surgery received a generous donation from the estate of Mrs. Marjorie Lanterman in memory of her hus-band Mr. Joseph Lanterman, who preceded her in death. Mr. and Mrs. Lanterman were longtime patients and friends of the Divi-sion. A portion of the funds was used to create two endowed chairs in the Division: The James S. T. Yao, MD, PhD, Professorshipof Education in Vascular Surgery and the John F. Marquardt, MD, Clinical Research Professorship of Vascular Surgery. Dr. MarkEskandari was named to the Yao professorship and Dr. Mark Morasch was named to the Marquardt professorship. Dr. Melina Kibbe, Dr. Mark Morasch, Dr. William Pearce, Dr. Mark Eskandari, Dr. Heron Rodriguez Page 15
  • 16. The Surgical ScopeChildren’s Memorial Hospital UpdateConstruction of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children‘s Hospital continues on-time toward completion in 2012. We anticipate nu-merous improvements at Lurie Children‘s including increased space, better facilities and adjacency to the Feinberg School aswell as Northwestern Memorial and Prentice Women‘s hospitals.Research: Sunjay Kaushal, MD, PhD, is researching Cardioprotective Effects of Celastrol Against Toxicity Induced by Doxorubi-cin. MaryBeth Madonna, MD continues lab research of drug resistance and response to growth factors in neuroblastoma.Education: Under the leadership of Julia Corcoran, MD, Clerkship Director for the Department of Surgery, the department nowhas 3rd-year medical students from Feinberg rotating through ambulatory and inpatient surgical services at CMH. Dr. Corcoranreceived the Philip J. Wolfson Outstanding Teacher Award from the Association of Surgical Education in April. Marleta Rey-nolds, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief, completed the Program for Chiefs of Clinical Services at the Harvard School of Public Health inJanuary, 2010. Dr. Reynolds also presented to the Northwestern Medicine Leadership in March regarding the transition toLurie Children‘s. The presentation outlined the academic and clinical relationships between Northwestern and Children‘s Me-morial and the possibilities for greater collaboration upon our move downtown. In March, Katherine Barsness, MD, hosted theAdvanced Minimally-Invasive Surgery Workshop for pediatric surgeons at N-CASE. Marybeth Browne, MD, has been invited tosit on the Program Committee for the Association of Academic Surgery for 2010-12.Clinical Care: The ECMO Program received the ELSO Excellence designation from the Extracorporeal Life Support Organiza-tion. The award is given to ECMO centers demonstrating excellence in all aspects of extracorporeal life support including edu-cation, training, quality assurance, and other categories.Carl Backer, MD, has been certified in Congenital Heart Surgery by the American Board of Thoracic Surgery through 2019. Dr.Backer was also appointed Chair of the Membership Committee for the American Association for Thoracic Surgery. MarybethBrowne, MD, and Erin Rowell, MD, earned Board Certification in Pediatric Surgery in March.IS UpdateSurgery Information Systems Expands ServicesOverview: Beginning this Spring, Surgery IS took on a series of projects connecting Surgery to other Departments within theGreater Northwestern Community. These involve video-conferencing of clinical procedures as well as more conventional re-broadcast of ―classroom-style‖ presentations. Each project brings new technology to the Department of Surgery and helpsSurgery IS support its role as a partner within the Department.Projects include:Emergency Department (ED) re-design to take advantage of NU standard tools. ED and Surgery IS are piloting desktop,―network-friendly‖ video-conferencing to facilitate education on and off campus. The tools involved are low-cost and take ad-vantage of web-based communication. Any location that can open a browser and see the web can participate in a full two-waysession with picture and audio. Likewise, a remote user at home or on the road, connected by an average DSL network canconnect and join the conference.Gastroenterology (GI) procedure room re-design for conferencing and training. The GI Division together with Surgery IS is de-signing new procedure rooms to afford physicians three dedicated means of connecting: 1.) room to room video communica-tion for intra-procedure discussion; 2.) video-conferencing to the outside world for education/training; and 3.) dedicated videoconferencing to the DoS video facility in the Arkes Pavilion. Arkes Pavilion video-conferencing is done over a closed fiber net-work offering High Definition presentation of three simultaneous streams of information: field, scope, and instruments. Proce-dure video and stills will also be captured for research as well as for clinical review by members of the Department of Surgery.Other Department notes:Tom Kmiecik was named co-author on ―Hormonal Criteria for Assessment of Menopause: Role of Anti-Mullerian Hormone‖ -- apaper for the 33rd Annual San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.Phil Poland completed the first of two Cisco CNA certification exams, and is now certified as a CCENT. Page 16
  • 17. Issue 5Philanthropy Spotlight A Most Fitting Honor Gerald Ujiki, MD To serve on the faculty at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine is a great opportunity, one which represents the chance to be a part of an inclusive, diverse and excellent academic community. Gerald Ujiki, MD, joined the Northwestern community in 1955, earning his bachelor‘s degree from the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences. He continued at Northwestern University, earning his doctorate degree and completing his residency at the medical school before joining the faculty of the Department of Surgery, where he remains today as associate professor of clinical surgery. Over the last 40 years, Dr. Ujiki has cultivated an enduring bond with the department and University, and so, it was most fitting when Dr. Soper proposed that he be honored with an endowed lectureship fund. The Gerald Ujiki, MD, Lectureship Fund will honor Dr. Ujiki‘s leadership and teaching excellence by focusing on excit- ing advances in surgical education. The annual lectures will bring leading surgical educators from around the world to present at Northwestern University, interact with students and faculty members, and provide input into ongoing studies. Thanks to the generosity of colleagues—such as the Northwestern Surgical Associates—fellow alumni, and grateful patients, the Gerald Ujiki, MD, Lectureship Fund has received contributions and commitments to permanently en- dow the fund. Endowed lectures exist in perpetuity, forever advancing education as they honor the legacy of those for and by whom they are named. To learn more about the Gerald Ujiki, MD, Lectureship Fund or to discuss options for honor- ing individuals with your philanthropic support, please contact Courtney Weeks at (312) 503-3080 or Page 17
  • 18. The Surgical ScopeVA Update JESSE BROWN VETERAN AFFAIRS MEDICAL CENTER (JBVAMC)The Surgical Service at JBVAMC is affiliated both with Northwestern University and University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).Clinical care and residency education are provided in General Surgery, Peripheral Vascular Surgery, Orthopaedics, Ophthal-mology, Optometry, Podiatry, Urology, Otolaryngology and Thoracic Surgery.In 2009, JBVAMC opened a new inpatient pavilion that includes 180 beds, 20 ICU beds, and eight operating rooms. In FY2009, 20,148 individual veterans were evaluated and/or treated on an outpatient basis by Surgical Service that includeda total of 84,238 patient visits. In FY 2010, we are on track to perform ~3,200 operative procedures that is a >20% in-crease in surgical volume over the past five years.Research: The research program at JBVAMC has enjoyed a very productive year with Drs. David Bentrem, Melina Kibbeand Joshua Miller serving as our principal faculty investigators. The highlight of our year has been the recognition of Dr.Melina Kibbe at the White House as a Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE). PECASEis the highest honor given by the U.S. government to outstanding scientists and engineers who are in the early stagesof their independent research careers.Education: For the past several years, two NU residents have been funded annually by the VA to conduct research un-der the supervision of Drs. Bentrem and Kibbe. At the 2010 Association of VA Surgeons meeting, residents in Drs. Ben-trem and Kibbe‘s labs swept all of the awards for best presentations in both basic and clinical arenas, highlighted bythe Best Presentation Award to Dr. Amanda Hayman.Clinical: New programs in Bariatric Surgery and Plastic Surgery have been established within the past year. The addition ofa Plastic Surgery resident under the supervision of Dr. Greg Dumanian has been an especially valuable addition to therepertoire of clinical service provided at JBVAMC. Provisional approval for a Renal Transplant Center has been obtainedand we currently await final approval from VA Central Office in Washington. Planning is currently underway to add Neuro-surgery to the clinical service.In summary, Surgical Service at JBVAMC has enjoyed a successful year in its mission of education, research, and clinicalservice. Page 18
  • 19. The Surgical Scope Department of Surgery Newly Funded Projects, Fiscal Year 2010 BUDGET DIVISION SPONSOR TITLE PERIOD AMOUNTBREAST The Oncogenic Significance of Cyclin Overexpres-Jeruss NCI sion and Smad 3 Tumor Suppression 7/1/10 6/30/13 $ 173,411 Total Direct Costs Federal $ 173,411 Gene Methylation and estradiol levels in randomKhan Avon Foundation FNA samples as biomarkers for breast cancer risk 4/1/10 3/31/11 $ 149,928 Transdermal Drug Delivery for Breast Cancer Pre- vention Using Combinations Between Drugs andKhan Komen for the Cure Dendrimer Nanoparticles 4/1/10 3/31/13 $ 196,961 Total Costs Non Fed- eral $ 346,889 TOTAL NEW: $ 520,300GI/ENDO Validation of Sensoized Breast Models for High-Pugh NIH Stakes Clinical Skills Assessment 9/30/09 9/29/14 $ 247,286 Total Direct Costs Federal $ 247,286 Endoscopic Management of Introperative Hemor-Hungness Ethicon Endo-Surgery rhage During Notes Procedures 2/2/10 12/31/11 $ 40,046 Transrectal Natural Orifice Translumenal Endo- scopic Surgery (NOTES) appendectomy: A Feasi-Hungness NOSCAR bility Study 2/1/10 1/31/11 $ 70,000 Total Costs Non Fed- eral $ 110,046 TOTAL NEW: $ 357,332PLASTIC Stem Cell Therapy for Healing Wounded Skin andMustoe DOD Soft Tissues 5/1/10 4/30/12 $ 200,000 Total Direct Costs Federal $ 200,000 TOTAL NEW: $ 200,000 Page 19
  • 20. The Surgical Scope Department of Surgery Newly Funded Projects, Fiscal Year 2010 DIVISION SPONSOR TITLE BUDGET PERIOD AMOUNTSURG/ONC NU JW07MI - Multicenter Selective Lymphadenec- tomy for Melanoma Trial II (MSLT-II): A Phase III Multicenter Randomized Trial of Sentinel Lym- phadenectomy and Complete Lymph Node Dissec- tion versus Sentinel Lymphadenectomy Alone inWayne NCI Cutaneous Melanoma Patients 9/30/09 6/30/10 $ 80,328 Total Direct Costs Fed- $ 80,328 Association for Academic The Role of Snail in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarci-Bentrem Surgery noma Local Invasion and Disease Progression 7/1/09 6/30/10 $ 5,000 Total Costs Non Federal $ 5,000 TOTAL NEW: $ 85,328TRANSPLANTKaufman NIAID Clinical Islet Transplantation at Northwestern 9/30/09 7/31/12 $ 1,527,823Abecassis NIDDKD Living Donor Liver Transplant - Predictive Models 9/30/09 8/31/14 $ 242,118Abecassis NIAID Proteogenomics for Organ Transplant 9/21/09 8/31/14 $ 1,906,565 Role of Toll-like Receptors in Transplant-InducedAbecassis NIAID Reactivation pf Cytomgegalovirus 8/15/09 7/31/11 $ 150,000 ARRA Administrative Supplement: A2ALL Long-Abecassis NIDDKD Term Donor Follow Up Study 3/17/09 1/31/11 $ 200,000Kaufman NIDDKD Integrated Islet Distribution Program (NIDDK/ICR) 2/11/10 8/26/14 $ 59,016Miller VA Medical Center IPA or Li Chen 2/1/10 8/21/10 $ 37,598 Induction of Donor Specific Tolerance in Recipients of Living Kidney Allografts by Donor Stem Cell Infu-Leventhal DOD sion (DOD OAR#R/NFCTR) 7/1/10 6/30/12 $ 119,536 CASG 301 Influenz Natural History DMID #09-Ison NIAID 0037 9/1/09 7/31/10 $ 163,000 Total Direct Costs Fed- $ 4,405,656 Page 20
  • 21. Issue 5 Department of Surgery Newly Funded Projects, Fiscal Year 2010 DIVISION SPONSOR TITLE BUDGET PERIOD AMOUNTTRANSPLANT CONTINUED….Kaufman JDRF Intnl Chicago Islet Consortium ICR at Northwestern 7/2/08 6/30/09 $ 222,000Kaufman JDRF Intnl Chicago Islet Consortium ICR at Northwestern 7/2/08 6/30/09 $ 439 Alpha-1-antitrpsin effects on human islet cellsKaufman CSL Behring LLC 5/1/10 4/30/10 $ 109,192 for transplantation Comprehensive Risk Assessment to ImproveLadner NMF Dixon 1/1/10 12/31/10 $ 50,000 Safety Processes in Kidney Transplantation National Foundation Induction of Donor Specific Tolerance in Re-Leventhal to Support Cell cipients of Living Kidney Allografts by Donor 1/1/10 12/31/10 $ 53,440 Transplant Research Stem Infusion Foundation of the 2010 ASTS-Wyeth Collaborative ScientistLeventhal American Society of 7/1/10 6/30/12 $ 50,000 Award Transplant Surgeons Total Costs $ 485,071 Non Federal TOTAL NEW: $ 4,890,727VASCULAR A Revolutionary Therapy for Atheroscloerosis:Kibbe/Ameer NHLBI 9/30/09 9/29/11 $ 327,869 Liquid Cast Arterial Stents Total Direct $ 327,869 Costs Federal Northwestern University Vascular Surgery Fel-Eskandari Cordis Corporation 2/11/10 2/10/11 $ 35,000 lowship Grant An Innovative Therapy for the Treatment ofKibbe NMF 1/1/10 12/31/12 $ 112,320 Atherosclerosis Total Costs $ 147,320 Non Federal TOTAL NEW: $ 475,189SUMMARY Total New Fed- eral (Direct $ 5,434,550 Costs) 14 Total New Non Federal (Total $ 1,094,326 Costs) 12 Total New Awards FY10 as of $ 6,528,876 6/14/2010 26 Page 21
  • 22. The Surgical ScopeIndustry Active Projects Project Pe- DIVISION SPONSOR Project Description riodGI/ENDO Prot#: VERA001: Molecular Profiling of IndeterminateSturgeon Veracyte, Inc. Thyroid Nodule Fine Need Aspirates to Determine Pat- 11/1/09 11/1/12 terns Predictive of Benign or Malignant DiseasePLASTIC Prot#: HC-NU-2009-01: An Evaluation of th eUse of Chitosan Based Dressings t Facilitate Safe, EffectiveGaliano HemCon Medical Debridement of Chronic Wounds in the Operating Room 10/20/09 10/19/12 and Inpatient Ward Settings and the Minimize Bacterial Re-Colonization of Wounds EXC001-201: A phase 2, randomized, double-blind, within-subject, controlled, dose-ranging study to evalu-Galiano Excaliard Pharm ate efficacy and safety of EXC001 for the treatment of 12/15/09 12/15/12 incision scars in pannus of subjects undergoing an elec- tive abdmoinoplasty EXC001-202: A phase 2, Randomized, Double-Blind, Within-Subject Controlled Study to Evaluate EfficacyGaliano Excaliard Pharm and Safety of EXC001 for the Amelioration of Scarring 12/16/09 12/15/12 of the Surgical Incision in Subjects Undergoing an Elec- tive Abdmminoplasty EXC001-203: A Phase 2, Randomized, Double-Blind, Within-Subject Controlled Study to Evaluate EfficacyGaliano Excaliard Pharm and Safety of EXC001 for the Amelioration of Scarring 10/20/09 10/19/12 Following Revision of Medial Scars Resulting from Prior Breast Reduction or Mastopexy Surgery in APlease send an email orcontact 312.926.8060 with your questions,suggestions or requests to be addedto the distribution list.The table on the last page of this newsletter is a reference for all future newsletters. If you would like the Department ofSurgery to include your recent presentation/article/book chapter, upcoming events, etc. in the next issue, please sendthe information (in CV-format) to by the due date listed in the table (located on the last page of thisnewsletter). Page 22 Page 22
  • 23. Issue 5Industry Active Projects Project DIVISION SPONSOR Project Description PeriodTRANSPLANTAbecassis Novartis Pharm Integrated Transplant Database Proposal 3/2/10 3/1/12 Prot#: 0468E6-4559: The Gernation of Regula- tory T-Cells in Mixed Lymphocyte Reactions AfterLevitsky Wyeth Conversion from Tacrollimus to Sirolimus in Liver 8/3/09 8/3/12 Transplant Recipients Prot #C09-001R: A Retrospective, Observa- tional, Non-Interventional Tria to Assess Eculizu-Friedewald Alexion Pharmaceuticals mab Treatment Effect in Patients with Atypical 3/24/10 3/23/13 eHemolytic Uremic Syndrome (AHUS) Prot#: 0468E8-4500-WW: Planned Transition to Sirolimus-based Therapy Versus ContinuedGallon Wyeth Tacrolimus-based Therapy in Ranal Allogrants 2/18/10 2/17/13 Recipients Prot#: BCX1812-303: A Phase 3, Open-Label, Randominzied Study of the Antiviral Activity, Safety, and Tolerability of theIntravenousIson BioCryst Peramivir in Adult and Adolescent Hospitalized 9/28/09 9/27/12 Subjects with Confirmed or Suspected Influenza Infection Determining the Beneficial Effects of Alpha-1-Kaufman CLS Behring Antitrypsin on the Function and Survival of Hu- 4/16/10 4/15/11 man Islets Prot# IM103027: Belatacept Evaluation of Nephroprotection and Efficacy as First-Line Im- munosuppression Trial -- Extended Criteria Do-Kaufman Bristol Myers Squibb nors (BENEFIT-EXT) {Phase 3, Randomized Par- 6/15/05 1/1/00 tially-Blinded, Active-Controlled, Parallel-Group, Multicenter Clinical Trial Prot# A3921021: Mltctr, Phase 2, Opn-Lbl, Con- trolled, Extension Study for Stage 1 Subjects of Study A3921009 to Evaluate Long-Term SafetyLeventhal Pfizer, Inc & Efficacy of CP-690, 550 vs. Tacrolimus, When 12/12/05 1/1/00 Co-Administered w/Mycophenolate Mofetil in Renal Allogrant Recipients Page 23 Page 23
  • 24. The Surgical ScopeIndustry Active Projects Project DIVISION SPONSOR Project Description PeriodVASCULAR Prot#: TAG 08-01: Evaluation of the GORE ConformableMorasch W.L. Gore and Assoc TAG Thoracic Endoprosthesis for Treatment of Acute 11/18/09 11/17/12 Complicated Type B Aortic Dissection Prot#: TAG 08-03: Evaluation of the GORE Conformable TAG Thoracic Endoprosthesis for the Primary Treat-Morasch W.L. Gore and Assoc ment of Aneurysm of the Descending Thoraic Aorta TAG 11/18/09 11/17/12 08-03 Prot # CP-0001: Prospective, Multicentern, Random- ized Controlled Trial of Endovascular Aneurysm RepairMorasch Endologix, Inc Using a Bilateral Percutaneous Approach (PEVAR) vs. 3/25/10 3/24/13 Standand Vascular Approach (SEVAR) Using the In- tuiTrakEndovascular AAA Delivery System and the Pros Prot #TAG 08-13: Evalution of the GORE Conformable TAG Thoracic Endoprosthesis for the Primary TreatmentMorasch W.L. Gore and Assoc of Aneurysm of the Descending Thoracic Aorta TAG 08- 11/18/09 11/17/12 03Eskandari Medtronic Vascular Edurant Stent Grant System US Clinical Study 10/21/08 10/21/11 Prot# TAG 08-01: Evaluation of the GORE ConformableEskandari W.L. Gore and Assoc TAG Thoracic Endoprosthesis for Treatment of Acute 11/18/09 11/17/12 Complicated Type B Aortic Dissection Prot# IP#118: Evaluation of the Clinical Performance of the Valiant Thoracic Stent Graft with the Captvia De-Eskandari Medtronic Vascular livery System for the Treatment of Acute, Complicated 5/5/10 5/5/13 Type B Aortic Dissections Prot #771-0006: Pivotal Clinical Study to Evaluate theEskandari TriVascular, Inc. Safety and Effectiveness of the TriVascular AAA Stent- 6/2/2010 6/2/2013 Grant System Page 24
  • 25. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsBacker, Carl, MD AATS/STS Congenital Heart Disease multi-sinus aortoplasty. Ann Thorac Surg Symposium, Extracardiac versus Intra-Atrial 2010;89:1371-1377Awards/Honors Lateral Tunnel: Fontan Extracardiac is Better. Toronto, Ontario, Canada, May 2, 2010 Patel A, Hickey E, Mavroudis C, Jacobs JP, Ja-Appointed Chair, American Association for Tho- cobs ML, Backer CL, Gevitz M,racic Surgery Membership Committee, Publications Mavroudis CD. Impact of noncardiac congenital2010-2012 and genetic abnormalities on outcomes in hy- Paul MA, Backer CL, Binns HJ, Mavroudis C, poplastic left heart syndrome. Ann Thorac SurgNominated by the American Medical Association Webb CL, Yogev R, Franklin WH. B-type 2010;89:1805-1814Board of Trustees to Residency Review Commit- natriuretic peptide and heart failure intee for Thoracic Surgery patients with ventricular septal defect: a Barsness, Katherine, MD pilot study. Pediatr Cardiol 2009;Appointed to Executive Committee: Thoracic 30:1094-1097 PresentationsSurgery Directors Association; Congenital Pro-gram Director Representative Dearani JA, Mavroudis C, Quintessenza J, Deal Presentation, ―Expensive Olives – Does Hospital BJ, Backer CL, Fitzgerald P, Connolly HM, Jacobs Type Affect Pyloromyotomy Outcomes? An Analy-Presentations JP. Surgical advances in the treatment of adults sis of the Kids‘ Inpatient Database‖ Academic with congenital heart disease. Curr Opin Pediatr Surgical Congress. February 2010. San Antonio,Speaker, 2nd Annual Congenital Heart Disease 2009; 21:565-572 TXin the Adult Symposium. CardiacTransplantation for Patients with Adult Kaushal S, Jacobs JP, Gossett JG, Steele A, Presentation, ―Single Site Laparoscopic Chole-Congenital Heart Disease. Cleveland Clinic Steele P, Davis CR, Pahl E, Vijayan K, cystectomy.‖ Society of American Gastrointesti-Foundation, Cleveland, OH, October 9, 2009 Asante-Korang A, Boucek RJ, Backer CL, nal and Endoscopic Surgeons. April 2010. Wold LE. Innovation in basic science: stem cells Washington, D.C.Speaker, Annual meeting of the and their role in the treatment of pediatricCongenital Heart Surgeon‘s Society, cardiac failure–opportunities and challenges. Presentation, ―Postoperative Tube-related Com- The Arterial Switch Operation: A 25-year Cardiol Young 2009;19(Suppl 2):74-84 plications after Gastrostomy Placement in Chil-Experience with 258 Patients., dren‖ International Pediatric EndosurgeryChicago, IL, November 1-2, 2009 Kelle AM, Young L, Kaushal S, Duffy CE, Ander- Group. June 2010. Waikoloa, Hawaii son RH, Backer CL. The Gerbode defect: theSpeaker, 10th Annual International significance of a left ventricular to right atrial Presentation, ―Single Site Laparoscopic Ileo-Symposium on Congenital Heart Disease, shunt. Cardiol Young 2009;19(Suppl. 2):96-99 cecectomy for Recurrent Intussusception‖ Inter-Surgery for Congenital Tracheal national Pediatric Endosurgery Group. JuneStenosis: the Chicago Approach. Kaushal S, Backer CL, Patel JN, Patel SK, 2010. Waikoloa, HawaiiAll Children‘s Hospital, Walker BL, Weigel TJ, Randolph G, Wax D, Mav-St. Petersburg, FL, February 9, 2010 roudis C. Coarctation of the aorta: midterm out- Lecture, Single Site Laparoscopic Surgery, Intro- comes of resection with extended end-to-end ducing a New Technique for Minimally InvasiveSpeaker, Society for Thoracic Surgical anastomosis. Ann Thorac Surg 2009;88:1932- Surgery Illinois Surgical Society. SeptemberEducation, Anomalous Aortic Origin of 1938 2009. Cape Cod, MACoronary Arteries from the WrongSinus of Valsalva. Influence of MacIver RH, Stewart RD, Backer CL, Tsao S, Lecture, Neonatal Minimally Invasive Surgery.Ostial Orifice, Intramural Length, and Harrington DA, Mavroudis C. An improved in vivo On-line CME course. Childrens Memorial Hospi-Coronary Dominance., Sedona, AZ, method for atrioventricular node ablation via tal. October 2009. Chicago, ILMarch 13, 2010 thoracotomy. Braz J Med Biol Res 2010; 43:206 -210 Lecture, Single Site Laparoscopic Surgery. FirstKeynote Lecture. The American Society of Year Fellow‘s Course in Minimal Access Surgery.Echocardiography 2010 Chicago Vande Kappelle RP, Gambetta K, Deal BJ, October 2009. Chicago, IL.Sonographer Update: Post-Operative Backer CL, Sullivan CL, Pahl E. Late sinus and Congenital Heart Disease-Pathology and atrial tachycardia after pediatric heart transplan- Lecture, Single Site Laparoscopic Surgery: Intro-Echocardiography Review. The Fontan tation might predict poor outcome. Pediatr Car- ducing a New Technique. Chicago Surgical Soci-Procedure: Historical Overview from a Surgeon‘s diol 2010 Feb 18 [Epub ahead of print] ety. January 2010. Chicago, IL.Perspective. Oak Brook, IL. April 24, 2010 Kelle AM, Backer CL, Gossett JG, Kaushal S, Lecture, Minimally Invasive Surgery for Congeni-Speaker, 90th Annual Meeting of the Mavroudis C. Total anomalous pulmonary ve- tal Anomalies. Northwestern University Depart-American Association for Thoracic Surgery nous connection: results of surgical repair of ment of Surgery Grand Rounds. January 2010.Congenital Skills Course: Slide 100 patients at a single institution. J Thorac Chicago, IL.Tracheoplasty, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Cardiovasc Surg 2010; 139:1387-1394May 1, 2010 Lecture, Thoracoscopic Repair of Congenital Kaushal S, Backer CL, Patel S, Gossett JG, Mav- Diaphragmatic Hernia. International PediatricSpeaker, 90th Annual Meeting of the roudis C. Midterm outcomes in supravalvular Endosurgery Group (IPEG) Advanced PediatricAmerican Association for Thoracic Surgery, aortic stenosis demonstrate the superiority of Minimally Invasive Surgery Workshop. March Page 25
  • 26. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publications2010. Chicago, IL Presentations 2010 (New Orleans, LA)Lecture, Minimally Invasive Surgery: Postopera- Lewandowski RJ, Eifler AC, Bentrem DJ, Ryu RK, Bidari K, Bentrem DJ, Mahvi D, Wayne J, Koman-tive Care. Nurse Education Day. Childrens Salem R, Larson AC, Omary RA. Functional mag- duri S. Role of preoperative risk stratification inMemorial Hospital. March 2010. Chicago, IL netic resonance imaging in an animal model of patients undergoing endoscopic ultrasound for pancreatic cancer. 2009 Cardiovascular and incidental cystic lesions in the pancreas. DDWLecture, Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Sur- Interventional Radiological Society of Europe May 1, 2010 (New Orleans, LA)geon‘s Perspective. Crohn‘s and Colitis Founda- Annual Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal, Sept, 2009tion of America, Illinois Chapter, Inflammatory Bilimoria KY, Cohen ME, Merkow RP, BentremBowel Disease Symposium. March 2010. Chi- Raval MV, Bilimoria KY, Stewart AK, Bentrem DJ, DJ, Hall BL, and Ko CY. Are you calling me a poorcago, IL. Ko CY, Reynolds M. Impact of nodal evaluation performer? Comparison of outlier identification on survival in Wilm‘s tumor. forum, American methods in hospital surgical quality improve-Lecture, Single Site Laparoscopic Surgery. College of Surgeons. Oct 22, 2009 (Chicago, IL) ment programs SSAT May 1, 2010 (New Or-Panel Discussion. Society of American Gastroin- leans, LA)testinal and Endoscopic Surgeons. April 2010. Bilimoria KY, Bentrem DJ, Hall BL, Richards K,Washington, D.C. Ingraham A, Russell T, and Cohen M. Are we Hayman A, Prystowsky J, Molokie R, Fischer M, measuring surgical quality correctly? The role of and Bentrem DJ. From Worst to first: improvingLecture, Necrotizing Entercolitis: Indications post-discharge complications in hospital surgical colorectal cancer care at the VA. Association ofand Timing of Surgical Intervention. Web Sym- quality assessments. Clinical Congress, Ameri- VA Surgeons May 7, 2010 (Indianapolis IN)posium Necrotizing Entercolitis: Controversies can College of Surgeons October 22, 2009and Evolving Therapies. June 2010. Cleveland, (Chicago, IL) Krantz SB, Dangi-Garimella S, Shields MA,OH Grippo PJ, Bentrem DJ and Munshi HG. MT1- Cheon E, Strouch MJ, Krantz S, Heiferman M, MMP cooperates with Kras to generate invasivePublications Blatner N,Khazaie K, and Bentrem DJ. Genetic pancreatic tumors with pronounced fibrosis. deletion of 5-lipoxygenase suppresses intestinal Pancreas Club May 1, 2010 (New Orleans, LA) &Jangannathan, N; Sohn, L; Sawardekar, A; Am- polyposis in APC knockout mice. Surgical Forum, ASCO, May 31,2010 (Chicago, IL)brosy, A; Hagerty, J; Chin, A; Barsness, K; Clinical Congress, American College of SurgeonsSuresh, S. ―Unilateral Groin Surgery in Children: October 22, 2009 (Chicago, IL) and Academic PublicationsWill the Addition of an Ultrasound-guided Ilioin- Surgical Congress February 4, 2010 (San Anto-guinal Nerve Block Enhance the Duration of nio, TX) Strouch MJ, Adrian K, Cheon EC, Barron MR,Analgesia of a Single-shot Caudal Block?‖ Paedi- Bentrem DJ, Pasche B, Grippo PJ. Tgfbr1 Hap-atr Anaesth. Sept. 2009;19(9):892-8 Raval M, Cohen M, Barsness K, Bentrem DJ, loinsufficiency Inhibits the Development of Mur- Phillips D, and Reynolds M. Expensive ―olives‖- ine Mutant Kras-Induced Pancreatic Precancer.Marecek, G; Barsness, KA; Sarwark, J. ―Relief of does hospital type affect pyloromyotomy out- Cancer Research 2009;69(24)9169-74Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome with Cor- comes? Analysis of the KIDS‘ inpatient data-rection of Multiplanar spinal Deformity by Poste- base. Academic Surgical Congress February 5, Weber S, Cho C, Bentrem DJ, Nakeeb A, Schmidtrior Spinal Fusion.‖ Orthopedics. Accepted May 2010 (San Antonia, TX) M, Merchant N, Parikh A, Martin RC, Scoggins2010 CR, Ahmad S, Kim HJ, Hawkins W, Kooby D. Krantz S, Strouch M, Cheon E, Heiferman M, Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomy: complica-Raval, MV; Cohen, ME; Barsness, KA; Bentrem, Munshi H, Khazaie K, and Bentrem DJ. Mast tion risk score predicts morbidity and risk forDJ; Phillips, D; Reynolds, M. ―Expensive Olives – cells can mediate increased invasion in pancre- pancreatic fistula. ASO 2009;16(10):2825-Does Hospital Type Affect Pyloromyotomy Out- atic cancer cell lines. Academic Surgical Con- 2833comes? An Analysis of the Kids‘ Inpatient Data- gress February 5, 2010 (San Antonio, TX)base‖ Surgery Bilimoria K, Raval MV, Bentrem DJ, Balch CM, Raval M, Dzakovic, Bentrem DJ, Reynolds M, Wayne JD, and Ko CY. National assessment ofBarsness, KA; Raval, MV; Lautz, T. ―Increasing and Superina R. Trends in age for hepatopor- melanoma care using formally developed qualityNational Burden of Skin and Soft Tissue Infec- toenterostomy in the United States: Analysis of indicators. J Clin Oncol 2010;28(4):708tions in Children.‖ Annals of Surgery. Submitted the KIDS Inpatient Database. Central SurgicalMay 2010 Association March 12, 2010 (Chicago, IL) Fronza J, Bentrem DJ, Baker M, Talamonti M, Ujiki M. Laparoscopic distal pancreatectomyNaiditch, J; Lautz, T; Barsness, KA. Shields MA, Dangi-Garimella S, Krantz S, Ben- using radiofrequency energy. Am J Surgery―Postoperative Complications in Children trem DJ, and Munshi HG. Collagen regulation of 2010;199(3):401-404undergoing Gastrostomy Tube Placement.‖ Snail expression in pancreatic cancer involvesJSLS. Submitted May 2010 TGF-b1 signaling. American Association for Can- Raval MV, Bilimoria KY, Bentrem DJ, Stewart AK, cer Research (poster presentation), April 4, Winchester DP, Ko CY, Reynolds M. NodalBentrem, David, MD 2010 (Washington, D.C.) evaluation in Wilms‘ tumors: Analysis of the National Cancer Database. Annals of SurgeryAwards/Honors Cheon E, Strouch MJ, Krantz S, Heiferman M, 2010;251(3):559-65 Blatner N, Khazaie K, and Bentrem DJ. Genetic―Best Oncologists in America‖2009-2010 deletion of 5-lipoxygenase suppresses intestinal Small W, Mulcahy M, Rademaker A, Bentrem DJ,―Best Doctors in America‖ 2009-2010 polyposis in APC knockout mice. SSAT May 1, Benson AB, Weitner S, Talamonti MS. A Phase II Page 26
  • 27. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationstrial of full-dose gemcitabine and bevacizumab tion Week, Antonio, TX. April 2010 Crandall M, Anderson B, Idakoji I, Rajasekhar A,in combination with attenuated three- Haider A, Brasel K, Winthrop A, Esposito Tdimensional conformal radiotherapy in patients Composite Score Validity in Clerkship Grading. Does insurance status or race impact patientwith localized pancreatic cancer. International Julia Corcoran, MD, MHPE1, Debra A. DaRosa, satisfaction among hospitalized trauma pa-Journal of Radiation Oncology (In press) PhD1, Steven M. Downing, PhD2 Ara Tekian, tients? Eastern Association for the Surgery of PhD, MHPE2 1 Northwestern University, Chicago, Trauma Phoenix, AZ January 2010Blatner N, Bonertz A, Beckhove P, Cheon E, IL, 2University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, ILStrouch M, Krantz S, Weitz J, Koch M, Halverson Research in Medical Education at the Associa- Crandall M, Zolnick E. Chicago trauma deserts:A, Bentrem DJ, and Khazaie K. In colorectal tion of American Medical Colleges Annual Meet-cancer mast cells contribute to systemic regula- ing, Boston, MA, November, 2009 a comparison of gunshot wounds in the city oftory T cell dysfunction. PNAS 2010;10:1073 Chicago Building and Sustaining Partnerships to How to Succeed in Surgical Education, Women Address Health Disparities: Chicago CTSAs forBilimoria KY, Cohen ME, Merkow RP, Wang X, in Surgery: A Career Development Seminar, Community Engagement Chicago, IL OctoberBentrem DJ, Ingraham A, Hall BL, Ko CY. Com- University of Maryland. May 2010parison of outlier identification methods in hos- 2009pital surgical quality improvement programs. J of PublicationsGastrointestinal Surgery (In press) Crandall M, Zolnick E. Patterns of violent Corcoran J, Downing S, Tekian A, DaRosa D. trauma and resilience: a comparison of twoChin, Anthony, MD Composite score validity in clerkship grading. Acad Med. 2009 Oct;84(10 Suppl):S120-3 neighborhoods Building and Sustaining Partner-Presentations ships to Address Health Disparities: Chicago Crandall, Marie, MD CTSAs for Community Engagement Chicago, ILNaiditch J, Rigsby C, Chin A. Utility of delayed October 2009repeated enema and avoidance of negative Awards/Honorslaparotomies in patients with intussusception.39th International Symposium of Pediatric Sur- Promotion to Associate Professor as of 9/1/10 Crandall M, Anderson B, Idakoji I, Rajasekhar A,gery, Obergurgl, Austria, April 2010 Brasel K, Winthrop A, Esposito T Construction Appointed Vice Chair, Academic Practice Com- and validation of a Trauma Patient SatisfactionZekas L, Chin AC. Use of ‗Purse-string‖ Sutures mittee, Association of Women Surgeonsfor Gastroschisis Closure Following Silo Reduc- Survey American College of Surgeons Scientifiction. 19th Annual American Pediatric Surgery Acting Chair, Committee on Research Related Session Chicago, IL October 2009Nurses Association Conference, Orlando, FL, Issues, Eastern Association for the Surgery ofMay 2010 Trauma Kim L, Crandall M Asian-Americans andGander, JW, Cowles RA, Middleworth W, Zitsman Appointed to the Injury Prevention Committee, trauma: unexamined disparities AssociationJL, Chin A, Rothenberg S. Laparoscopic Excision American Association for the Surgery of Trauma for Academic Surgery San Antonio, TX Febru-of Choledochal Cysts with Total Intracorporeal ary 2010Reconstruction. 19th Annual Congress of the Outstanding Teaching Award, Medical StudentInternational Pediatric Endosurgery Group An- Surgery Rotation 2009 Publicationsnual Meeting. Waikaloa, HI June 2010 Presentations Kubasiak J, Linn L, Crandall M. Image of theRothenberg SS, Chin A. Laparoscopic Collis-Nissen for recurrent severe reflux in pediatric Month (in press for Archives of Surgery)patients with esophageal atresia and recurrent Sridharan L, Crandall M. Disadvantaged chil-hiatal hernia. 19th Annual Congress of the Inter- dren are at high risk for injury, but risk factors Crandall M. Transfusion and disorders of anti-national Pediatric Endosurgery Group Annual change over time. American Association for theMeeting. Waikaloa, HI June 2010 coagulation: normal mechanisms of hemostasis Surgery of Trauma September 2010 and coagulation. Multimedia module (in pressCorcoran, Julia, MD for the American Board of Surgery SCORE cur- Crandall M, Zollman F. Insurance status, not riculum)Honors/ Awards persistent symptoms, determines follow up after mild traumatic brain injury. American Associa- Crandall M. Transfusion and disorders of anti-Association for Surgical Education Philip J. Wolf-son Outstanding Teaching Award tion for the Surgery of Trauma September coagulation: inherited and acquired disorders 2010 of coagulation. Multimedia module (in press forPresentations the American Board of Surgery SCORE curricu- Periyanayagam U, Crandall M Pregnancy and lum)Can Students at Risk of Failing a Surgery Clerk-ship be Indentified at Midterm? Julia Corcoran, Maternal Trauma: Predictors of High Risk Be-MD, MHPE, Nancy Schindler, MD, Steven Down- haviors and Assault Society of Academic Emer- Crandall M. Transfusion and disorders of anti-ing, PhD, Debra DaRosa, PhD. Surgical Educa- gency Medicine Phoenix, AZ June 2010 Page 27
  • 28. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationscoagulation: approach to the patient with ongo- BS, Mark Daskin, PhD, Debra DaRosa, PhD, Greenfield‘s Surgery: Scientific Principles and Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Surgical Practice. (5th Edition) (In Press)ing bleeding and laboratory assessment of co- Education Week, Antonio, TX. April 2010agulation. Multimedia module (in press for the DeCamp, Malcolm, MDAmerican Board of Surgery SCORE curriculum) Pre-Implementation Predictors of Website Use: Preliminary Findings from the SCORE Portal Awards/Honors Study. Connie C. Schmitz, PhD, University ofCrandall M. Transfusion and disorders of anti- Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, Donald D. Risucci, Appointed Chief, Division of Thoracic Surgery,coagulation: transfusion—indications, risks, PhD, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, 2009type and crossmatch, component therapy, ethi- Jan Plass, PhD, New York University, New York,cal issues. Multimedia module (in press for the NY, Andrew Jones, PhD, American Board of Sur- Appointed Professor of Surgery, Feinberg School gery, Philadelphia, PA, Debra DaRosa, PhD, of Medicine, Northwestern University, 2009American Board of Surgery SCORE curriculum) Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Surgical Education Week, Antonio, TX. April 2010 Appointed Fowler McCormick Professor ofCrandall M, Sridharan L, Schermer CS. Depres- Surgery, Feinberg School of Medicine, 2010sion and thoughts of death among disadvan- A Clinical Curriculum Evaluation System Thattaged mothers: risk factors and impact on ma- Promotes Ownership, Accountability, and Quality Excellence in Academic Medicine Award from Improvements. John Coyle, MD, Mary Schuller, Illinois Department of Healthcare and Familyternal and child health (in press for Archives of MSEd, Ed Wang, PhD, Debra DaRosa, PhD, Services (IDHFS) and NMH forSuicide Research) Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Surgical development of the Thoracic Oncology Program, Education Week, Antonio, TX. April 2010 2010Crandall M, Esposito T, Reed RL, Gamelli R, Changing Resident Training Paradigms: New PresentationsLuchette F. Were rules made to be broken? Options for the Medical Student and SurgicalAnalysis of compliance and outcomes in a Residents. Karl Illig, MD, FACS, University of Course Director/Lead Faculty, Thoracic Surgerytrauma system with a two-hour transfer rule (in Rochester, NY, Jeffrey Wayne, MD, FACS, North- Director‘s Association (TSDA) Boot Camp,press for Archives of Surgery) western University, Chicago, IL Thomas J. Nasca, Chapel Hill, NC Flexible and Rigid MD, MACP, Accreditation Council for Graduate ―Bronchoscopy and Mediastinoscopy‖, 2009 Medical Education , Chicago, IL, Debra DaRosa,Crandall M, Sridharan L, Schermer CS. Injury PhD, Chicago, IL Northwestern University, Chi- Course Director, Overholt Symposium : Learningand health among toddlers in vulnerable fami- cago, IL , Richard H. Bell Jr., MD, FACS, Ameri- from 75 years of advancement in the treatmentlies Journal of Trauma 2010;68(5):1128-33 can Board of Surgery, Philadelphia, PA, Ameri- of lung cancer, emphysema and the struggle can College of Surgeons 95th Annual Clinical against smoking. Boston, MA, 2009 Congress, Chicago, IL, October 2009Hayman A, Crandall M. Deadly partners: inter- Speaker, Overholt Symposium : Learning fromdependence of alcohol and trauma Interna- A Cheap and Effective Way to Improve Medical 75 years of advancement in the treatment oftional Journal of Environmental Research and Student‘s Learning. Nabil Issa, MD, Mary lung cancer, emphysema and the struggle Schuller, MSEd, Edward Wang, PhD, Michael against smoking. Boston, MA, 2009Public Health 2009;6(12):3097-3104 Shapiro, MD, Debra DaRosa, PhD, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL. Surgical Education Week, ―Lecture: LVRS: What Happened?‖Crandall M, Schwab J, Sheehan K, Esposito T. Antonio, TX. April 2010 Speaker, EBUS- An Interdisciplinary Trainin-Illinois trauma centers and intimate partner Course, Harvard Medical School CME, Publications Boston, MA, 2009violence: are we doing our share? Journal ofInterpersonal Violence 2009;24(12):2096-108 Rogers D, DaRosa D, Williams R, Hauge L, Dun- ―Mediastinal staging: Why is it Important?‖ nington G. Using cognitive task analysis to de- Invited speaker, VATS 2009DaRosa, Debra, PhD velop a surgical procedural curriculum. In: Park A, Klein RV, editors. Minimally invasive surgery The 7th International Symposium on Video-Presentations training: theories, methods, outcomes [Internet]. Assisted Thoracic Surgery, New York, NY Washington: Department of Health & HumanHow to Effectively Integrate the SCORE Curricu- Services (US), National Institutes of Health, ―Bronchoscopic Treatment of Emphysema‖,lum and Portal in Your Residency Pro- National Library of Medicine; 2010 January; 2009gram. Debra A. DaRosa, PhD1, Donald Risucci, Chapter 12PhD2, 1Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, Speaker, Northeast Thoracic Summit (NETS),2New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY. Surgi- DaRosa, D., Schenarts K, Corcoran, J. How to Mashantucket, CT ―A stage-based approachcal Education Week, Antonio, TX. April 2010 Survive and Excel in a Surgery Clerkship. In to esophageal cancer‖, 2009 Lawrence PF Ed. Essentials of General Surgery,Enhancing Educational Quality and Continuity of 4th Edition, (Pending Publication) Speaker, Pulmonary Update: 2009 New EnglandCare in a Surgical Residency Program Using Chapter American College of ChestIndustrial Engineering Methods. Heron Rodri- Bell, R. Hauge, L., DaRosa, D. Reading Effec- Physicians, Boston, MAguez, MD, Jonathan Turner, MS, Paul Speicher, tively to Attain Proficiency in Surgery. In ―LVRS: Where is the Evidence‖, 2009 Page 28
  • 29. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsInvited Speaker, Society of Thoracic Surgeons survival in patients with resected nonsmall cell (10):2390-40045th Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA lung cancer. Cancer. 2009; 115(5):1059-69―Lung volume reduction surgery: What hap- Nicotera, SP, DeCamp MM. Special situations:pened?‖ 2009 Varlotto JM, Recht A, Nikolov M, Flickinger JC, Air leak after lung volume reduction surgery and DeCamp MM. Extent of lymphadenectomy and in ventilated patients. Thorac Surg Clin. 2010 (inSpeaker, Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery outcome for patients with stage I nonsmall cell press)Course, Chicago, IL ―Stereotactic lung cancer. Cancer. 2009 Feb; 115(4): 851-8Radiosurgery for Medically Inoperable NSCLC ―, Tsukada H, ODonnell C, Garland R, Herth FJF,2009 Okereke IC, Gangadharan SP, Kent MS, Nicotera DeCamp MM, Ernst A. A novel animal model SP, Shen C, DeCamp MM. Standard uptake for hyperdynamic airway collapse. CHEST 2010Invited lectures (2), Multidisciplinary Manage- value predicts survival in non-small cell lung (in press)ment of Lung Cancer, Emphysema and cancer. Ann Thorac Surg. 2009 Sept; 88(3):911-Benign Airway Disease, Penn Medicine CME, 5; discussion 915-6 Matyal R, Mahmood F, Hess P, Zhao X, MitchellPhiladelphia, PA J, Maslow A, Gangadharan SP, DeCamp MM.―Stage IIIA Lung Cancer: Who is a surgical candi- Ye C, Masterman JR, Huberman MS, Gangadha- Right ventricular echocardiographic predictorsdate?‖ ‖Tracheobronchomalacia: ran SP, McDonald DC, Kent MS, DeCamp MM. of postoperative supraventricular arrhythmiasThe Emperor‘s New Clothes?‖ 2009 Subdivision of the T1 size descriptor for stage I after thoracic surgery (A Pilot Study). Ann Thorac non-small cell lung cancer has prognostic value: Surg 2010 (in press)Invited lectures (4), 70th Meeting La Sociedad a single institution experience. Chest. 2009Mexicana de Neumologia y Cirugia de Torax , Sept; 136(3):710-5 Varlotto J, Medford-Davis LN, Recht A, FlickingerVeracruz, Mexico J, Schaefer E, DeCamp MM. Local and Distal―Lung Transplantation:Results from the USA‖ Lai P, Cohen D, DeCamp M, Fazio S, Roberts D. Failure Rates and Pattern of Recurrence in Sur-―New Techniques of Pulmonary Parenchymal A 40-year-old woman with an asymptomatic gically-Resected N1 Non-Small Cell Lung Can-Preservation (VATS, RFA, SRS)‖ cystic lesion in her right lung. Chest. 2009; 136 cer. International Journal of Radiation Oncology,―Complex Surgery of the Airways‖ (2):622-7 Biology, Physics 2010 (in press)―NETT: What Happened?‖ 2009 Shrager J, DeCamp M, Murthy S. Intraoperative Gangadharan SP, DeCamp MM. MediastinalInvited lecture, European Society of Thoracic and postoperative management of air leaks in Masses. In: General Surgery:Principles and In-Surgeons 17th European Conference on General patients with emphysema. Thorac Surg Clin. ternational Practice 2nd Edition, Bland KI, SarrThoracic Surgery, Krakow, Poland 2009; 19(2):223-31, ix. MG, Buchler MW, et al (eds) Springer-Verlag,―Thoracic Database: the US Experience‖, 2009 London, 2009. p 1409-1418 Siracuse JJ, DeCamp MM Jr. Surgical mediasti-Poster presentation, Society of Thoracic Sur- nal lymph node sampling for staging of non- Fell SC, DeCamp MM Jr. Technical Aspects ofgeons 46th Annual Mtg, Ft. Lauderdale, FL small cell lung cancer. Op Techniques in Thorac Lobectomy. In: General Thoracic Surgery 7th―Acute changes in right ventricular function after and Cardiovasc Surg. 2009; 14(2): 112-23 Edition, Lociciero J (editor). Lippincott Williamslung isolation predict postoperative arrhyth- & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA 2009. p 421-444mias‖, 2010 Tsukada H, Ernst A, Gangadharan S, Ashiku S, Garland R, Litmanovich D, DeCamp M. Tracheal DeCamp MM Jr., Fell SC. Pneumonectomy andHematology/Oncology Grand Rounds, Robert H. replacement with a silicone-stented, fresh aortic its Modifications. In: General Thoracic SurgeryLurie Comprehensive Cancer Center, Chicago, IL allograft in sheep. Ann Thorac Surg. 2010; 7th Edition, Lociciero J (editor). Lippincott Wil-―The Solitary Pulmonary Nodule : Diagnosis and 89:253-258 liams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA 2009. p 457-Treatment‖, 2010 470 Washko GR, Martinez FJ, Hoffman EA, LoringPaper presentation, American Association for SH, Estepar RS, Diaz A, Sciurba FC, Silverman Ashiku SA, DeCamp MM. Resection of the Ca-Thoracic Surgery 90th Annual Meeting, EK, Han M, DeCamp MM, Reilly JJ, Research rina. In: Adult Chest Surgery:Toronto, ON, Canada ―Lobectomy leads to Group N. Physiologic and computed tomo- Concepts and Procedures, DJ Sugarbakeroptimal survival in early-stage small cell lung graphic predictors of outcome from lung volume (editor) McGraw Hill, New York 2009. p 473-483cancer‖, 2010 reduction surgery. Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2010, Vol 181:494-500 O‘Dell D, Gangadharan SP, DeCamp MM. Belsey Invited speaker, American Association for Tho- Mark IV Fundoplication/Collis Gastroplasty. In:racic Surgery 90th Annual Meeting, Toronto, ON, Nicotera SP, Miller EC, Nghiem FT, DeCamp MM, Adult Chest Surgery: Concepts and Procedures,Canada, Controversies in the Utilization of New Michaud G, Kent MS. Bronchopulmonary carci- DJ Sugarbaker (editor) McGraw Hill, New YorkTechnologies ―Management of Clinical Stage I noid tumor presenting with polymyositis. Ann 2009. p 271-277NSCLC : Radiofrequency Ablation and Stereotac- Thorac Surg. 2010 Apr;89(4):1276-8tic Body Radiotherapy‖, 2010 de Hoyos, Alberto, MD Varlotto JM, Recht A, Flickinger JC, Medford-Publications Davis LN, Dyer AM, DeCamp MM. Varying recur- Presentations rence rates and risk factors associated withVarlotto JM, Recht A, Flickinger JC, Medford- different definitions of local recurrence in pa- Thoracic Malignancies, Jackson Hospital,Davis LN, Dyer AM, DeCamp MM. Factors asso- tients with surgically resected, stage I nonsmall Oct 2009.ciated with local and distant recurrence and cell lung cancer. Cancer. 2010 May 15;116 History of Tracheostomy. Percutaneous Tracheo- Page 29
  • 30. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsstomy Hands-On Seminar. Sept 2009 de Hoyos A, Fry W. Pneumothorax. In Shields Northwestern Handbook of Surgical Procedures,Patient selection, indications, contraindications. TW, LoCicero, III J, Reed CE, Feins RH. General Second Edition. Landes Bioscience, 2010Percutaneous Tracheostomy Thoracic Surgery, Seventh Edition. Lippincott Hands-On Seminar, Sept 2009 Williams and Wilkins.739-762, 2009 de Hoyos A, DeCamp M. Esophageal Perforation. In Soper N, Kauffman D. Northwestern Hand-Tracheobronchial Interventions. New Tools for de Hoyos A, Blum M. Instruments and Tech- book of Surgical Procedures, Second Edition.the Thoracic Surgeon. Introduction. niques of Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery. In Landes Bioscience, 2010Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Fort Lauderdale, Shields TW, LoCicero, III J, Reed CE, Feins RH.Feb. 2010 General Thoracic Surgery, Seventh Edition. Eskandari, Mark, MD Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. 487-508.2009Tracheobronchial Interventions. New Tools for Awards/Honorsthe Thoracic Surgeon.Hot and Cold de Hoyos A, Backer C. Vascular Masses of theTherapies, Microdebridement. Society of Tho- Mediastinum. In Shields TW, LoCicero, III J, James S. T. Yao, MD, PhD, Professor ofracic Surgeons. Fort Lauderdale, Feb. 2010 Reed CE, Feins RH. General Thoracic Surgery, Education in Vascular Surgery Seventh Edition. Lippincott Williams and Wil-Assessment and Management of Airway Ob- kins.2223-2246, 2009 Presentationsstruction. Hands-On Seminar. Salt Lake City,April, 2010 Blum M, de Hoyos A. Primary Pneumomediasti- ―Indications and Techniques of Left Subclavian num. In Shields TW, LoCicero, III J, Reed CE, Revascularization with TEVAR.‖ InternationalAirway Stenting. Hands-On Seminar. Salt Lake Feins RH. General Thoracic Surgery, Seventh Endovascular Symposium – Thoracic AorticCity, April, 2010 Edition. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2009, Summit, Sydney, Australia, September 30, 2009 pages 2177-2180Publications Lecturer, ―TEVAR for Blunt Aortic Transection: de Hoyos A, Blum MG, Landreneau R. Video- Meta-Analysis of Death, Stroke, and ParaplegiaKapadia MR, de Hoyos A, Blum MG. Acute Su- Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) for the Rates.‖ International Endovascular Symposiumperior Vena Cava Occlusion after Stenting of General Surgeon. In Soper NJ, Swanstrom LL, – Thoracic Aortic Summit, Sydney, Australia,Tracheoesophageal Fistula. Ann Thorac Surg. Eubanks WS Mastery of Endoscopic and Laparo- September 30, 20092009 Apr;87(4):1260-2 scopic Surgery, third edition. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 564-576. 2009 Keynote Speaker, ―Overcoming Difficult TEVARPhillips JD, Yeldandi A, Blum MG, de Hoyos A. Access: Percutaneous Closure and Endocon-Bronchial carcinoid secreating insulin-like de Hoyos A. Complications of pleural operations duits.‖ Vascular 2009 Innovation in Interven-growth factor-I with acromegalic features. Ann and procedures. In Little A, Complications in tion, Sydney, Australia, October 3, 2009Thorac Surg. 2009;88:1350-2 Cardiothoracic Surgery; Avoidance and Treat- ment. Wiley-Blackwell, 2010 Keynote Speaker, ―Supra-Aortic Trunk StentingMacIver RH, Sundaresan S, de Hoyos A, Sisco Outcomes: Fractures and Late Stent Failures.‖M, Blum MG. Mucosal tube technique for crea- de Hoyos A, DeCamp M. Tracheostomy. In Vascular 2009 Innovation in Intervention, Syd-tion of esophageal anastomosis after Soper N, Kauffman D. Northwestern Handbook ney, Australia, October 3, 2009esophagectomy. Ann Thorac Surg. of Surgical Procedures, Second Edition. Landes2009;87:1703-7 Bioscience, 2010 Keynote Speaker, ―Non-Neurologic, Preventable Complications of Carotid Stenting.‖Blum MG, de Hoyos A. Surgical approach to de Hoyos A. DeCamp M. Pulmonary Lobectomy. Vascular 2009 Innovation in Intervention,small detected lung nodules. Accepted for publi- In Soper N, Kauffman D. Northwestern Hand- Sydney, Australia, October 3, 2009cation in Clinical Pulmonary Medicine, 2009 book of Surgical Procedures, Second Edition. Landes Bioscience, 2010 Lecturer, ―Extreme Treatment for CLI: SurgicalMcCarthy DP, de Hoyos A, Blum MG. The role of Outer Limits.‖ VIVA 2009, Las Vegas,NV,a ―removable‖ hybrid stent in the treatment of de Hoyos A, DeCamp M. Cricothyrotomy. In October 20, 2009esophageal disease. Submitted for publication Soper N, Kauffman D. Northwestern Handbookin the Annals of Surgery, 2009 of Surgical Procedures, Second Edition. Landes Lecturer, ―Does Stent Geometry Matter.‖ VIVA Bioscience, 2010 2009, Las Vegas, NV, October 20, 2009de Hoyos A, Blum M. Morgagni Hernia. In de Hoyos A, DeCamp M. Transhiatal Esophagec- Lecturer, ―Carotid Stents and EPDs.‖ 34th An-Shields TW, LoCicero, III J, Reed CE, Feins RH. tomy. In Soper N, Kauffman D. Northwestern nual Northwestern Vascular Symposium:General Thoracic Surgery, Seventh Edition. Handbook of Surgical Procedures, Second Edi- Vascular Surgery-A Manual for Survival,Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2009; 719-724 tion. Landes Bioscience, 2010 Chicago, IL, December 10-13, 2009de Hoyos A, Blum M. Video-Assisted Thoracic de Hoyos A, DeCamp M. Ivor Lewis Esophagec- Lecturer, ―Current Treatment of AorticSurgery for Diseases within the Mediastinum. In tomy. In Soper N, Kauffman D. Northwestern Dissection.‖ 34th Annual Northwestern VascularShields TW, LoCicero, III J, Reed CE, Feins RH. Handbook of Surgical Procedures, Second Edi- Symposium: Vascular Surgery-A Manual forGeneral Thoracic Surgery, Seventh Edition. tion. Landes Bioscience, 2010 Survival, Chicago, IL, December 10-13, 2009Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, de Hoyos A, DeCamp M. Left Transthoracic2157-2176, 2009 Esophagectomy. In Soper N, Kauffman D. Lecturer, ―Role of EVAR for Ruptured Aneu- Page 30
  • 31. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsrysms.‖ 34th Annual Northwestern Vascular Endovascular repair of complicated Tang GL, Matsumura JS, Morasch MD, PearceSymposium: Vascular Surgery-A Manual for type B aortic dissection following coronary artery WH, Nguyen A, Amaranto D, Eskandari MK.Survival, Chicago, IL, December 10-13, 2009 bypass grafting. Carotid angioplasty and stenting vs. carotid J Vasc Intervent Rad 2010;21(3):403-5 endarterectomy for asymptomatic disease:Lecturer, ―Vena Cava Thrombectomy and Pri- single center experience. Arch Surg; 2008;143mary Repair After Radical Nephrectomy for Re- Tang GL, Matsumura JS, Morasch MD, Pearce (7):1-6nal Cell Carcinoma: Single Center Experience.‖ WH, Nguyen A, Amaranto D, Eskandari MK.Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society 20th Annual Carotid angioplasty and stenting vs. carotid Usman AA, Tang GL, Eskandari MK. Meta-Winter Meeting, Vail, CO, January 30, 2010 endarterectomy for asymptomatic disease Analysis of Procedural Stroke and Death :single center experience. Arch Surg; 2008;143 among Octogenarians: Carotid Stenting versusLecturer, ―Management of Carotid Disease – A (7):1-6 Carotid Endarterectomy.Surgeon‘s Perspective‖ Fifth Annual SIR Fellows J Am Coll Surg 2009;208(6):1124-31Spring Practicum 2010, Evanston, IL, April 22, Usman AA, Tang GL, Eskandari MK. Meta-2010 Analysis of Procedural Stroke and Xu DS, Abruzzo TA, Albuquerque FC, Dabus G, Death among Octogenarians: Carotid Stenting Eskandari MK, Guterman LR, Hage ZA,Lecturer, ―AAA Repair – A Surgeon‘s Perspec- versus Carotid Endarterectomy. Hurley MC, Hanel RA, Levy EI, Nichols CW,tive‖ Fifth Annual SIR Fellows Spring Practicum J Am Coll Surg 2009;208(6):1124-31 Ringer AJ, Batjer HH, Bendock BR.2010, Evanston, IL, April 22, 2010 External carotid artery stenting to treat patients Adel JG, Morasch MD, Eskandari MK. An uncom- with symptomatic ipsilateral internalPublications mon cause for carotid artery stenosis carotid artery occlusion: a multicenter case after carotid stenting. Ann Vasc Surg 2009;23 series. Neurosurgery 2010; in pressAdel JG, Morasch MD, Eskandari MK. An (2):258.e9-12uncommon cause for carotid artery stenosis Brown KE, Eskandari MK. Preventableafter carotid stenting. Ann Vasc Surg 2009; Bilimoria KY, Kmiecik TE, DaRosa DA, Halverson Complications of Carotid Stenting.23(2):258.e9-12 A, Eskandari MK, Bell RH, Soper NJ, In Carotid Artery Disease, Kibbe MR, Pearce WH, Wayne JD. Development of an Online Morbidity, Yao JS, eds. People‘s MedicalBilimoria KY, Kmiecik TE, DaRosa DA, Halverson Mortality, and Near-Miss Reporting System Publishing House, in press 2009A, Eskandari MK, Bell RH, Soper NJ, to Identify Patterns of Adverse Events in SurgicalWayne JD. Development of an Online Morbidity, Patients. Arch Surg 2009; Eskandari MK. Current Status of CarotidMortality, and Near-Miss Reporting 144(4):305-11; discussion 311 Stenting in the Treatment ofSystem to Identify Patterns of Adverse Events in Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Carotid Steno-Surgical Patients. Arch Surg 2009; Brown KE, Usman AA, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, sis. In Carotid Artery Disease,144(4):305-11; discussion 311. Matsumura JS, Pearce WH, Amaranto DJ, Kibbe MR, Pearce WH, Yao JS, eds. People‘s Eskandari MK. Carotid Stenting Using Tapered Medical Publishing House, in press 2009Brown KE, Usman AA, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, Versus Non-tapered Stents: AssociatedMatsumura JS, Pearce WH, Amaranto DJ, Neurologic Complications and Restenosis Eskandari MK. Carotid Angioplasty and Stent-Eskandari MK. Carotid Stenting Using Tapered Rates. J Vasc Surg 2009;23:439-445 ing. In ACS Surgery: Principles and Practice.Versus Non-tapered Stents: Jurkovich GJ, Kaiser LR, Pearce WH, PembertonAssociated Neurologic Complications and Eskandari MK, Usman AA, Garcia-Toca M, Ma- JH, Soper NJ, Souba WW, eds.Restenosis Rates. J Vasc Surg 2009;23:439- tsumura JS, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, BC Decker, Philadelphia, PA, 2009445 Rodriguez HE, Pearce WH. 8-Year Institutional Review of Carotid Artery Stenting. Eskandari MK. Carotid Stents and EmbolicEskandari MK, Usman AA, Garcia-Toca M, Ma- J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 Protection Devices. In Trends and Outcomestsumura JS, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, in Endovascular Surgery, Matsumura JS, Mo-Rodriguez HE, Pearce WH. 8-Year Institutional Garcia-Toca M, Usman AA, Matsumura JS, Kibbe rasch MD, Pearce WH, Yao JST, edsReview of Carotid Artery Stenting. MR, Morasch MD, Rodriguez HE, Evanston IL, Greenwood Academic Press, 2009 J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 Amaranto DJ, Pearce WH, Eskandari MK. 8-Year Institutional Review of Carotid Artery Eskandari MK. Current Treatment of Type BGarcia-Toca M, Usman AA, Matsumura JS, Kibbe Stenting. J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 Thoracic Aortic Dissections. In TrendsMR, Morasch MD, Rodriguez HE, and Outcomes in Endovascular Surgery, Matsu-Amaranto DJ, Pearce WH, Eskandari MK. 8-Year Heyer K, Tang GL, Resnick SA, Eskandari MK. mura JS, Morasch MD, Pearce WH, Yao JST,Institutional Review of Carotid Artery Hybrid thoracoabdominal aortic eds. Evanston IL, Greenwood Academic Press,Stenting. J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 aneurysm repair: visceral revascularization 2009 combined with EVAR and TEVAR.Heyer K, Tang GL, Resnick SA, Eskandari MK. J Vasc Intervent Rad 2010;21(5):735-7 Eskandari MK. Endovascular Treatment ofHybrid thoracoabdominal aortic Aortic Arch Vessels, Subclavian, and Axillaryaneurysm repair: visceral revascularization com- Naughton PA, Garcia-Toca M, Eskandari MK. Artery. In Atlas of Vascular Surgery and En-bined with EVAR and TEVAR. Endovascular repair of complicated dovascular Therapy, Chaikof EL, Cambria RP,J Vasc Intervent Rad 2010;21(5):735-7 type B aortic dissection following coronary artery eds bypass grafting. Elsevier Science, Philadelphia. In progressNaughton PA, Garcia-Toca M, Eskandari MK. J Vasc Intervent Rad 2010;21(3):403-5 Page 31
  • 32. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsEskandari MK. Occupational Vascular Prob- artery occlusion: a multicenter sionalism? Surgical Residents, Duty-hour Re-lems. In Vascular Surgery,7th ed. case series. Neurosurgery 2010; in press strictions, and Shift Transitions. Academic Medi-Rutherford RB, ed. Elsevier Science, Philadel- cine (in press).(Also presented at the Annualphia, PA, 2010 Fryer, Jonathon, MD Meeting of the Association of American Medical Colleges, Research in Medical Education [RIME],Eskandari MK. Role of EVAR for Ruptured Ab- Presentations Washington, DC, November 2010.)dominal Aortic Aneurysms. In Trends and Outcomes in Endovascular Surgery, Matsumura Transplantation Fellowships Favorably Impact Coverdill, J., Carbonell, A., Cogbill, T., Fryer, J.,JS, Morasch MD, Pearce WH, Surgical Resident Perceptions of Transplant Fuhrman, G., Harold, K., Hiatt, J., Moore, R.,Yao JST, eds. Evanston IL, Greenwood Academic Surgery Experience. James G. Bittner IV, Jona- Nakayama, D., Nelson, M., Schlatter, M.,Press, 2009 than P. Fryer, Joseph B. Cofer, John D. Mellinger, Sidwell,R., Tarpley, J., Termuhlen,P., George M. Fuhrman, Karen R. Borman, James J. Wohltmann, C., and Mellinger, J. ProfessionalEskandari MK. Techniques for Carotid Artery Wynn. ATC, San Diego, CA. May 2010 Values, Value Conflicts, and Assessments of theStenting. In Carotid Artery Disease, Duty-hour Restrictions after Six Years: A Multi-Kibbe MR, Pearce WH, Yao JS, eds. People‘s The Perceived Impact of Resident Travel on institutional Study of Surgical Faculty and Resi-Medical Publishing House, in press 2009 Transplant Surgery Experience During General dents. American Journal of Surgery (in press) Surgery Residency Training: A Survey of ProgramEskandari MK. Venous Reconstruction in Renal Directors in Surgery James G. Bittner IV, MD1, Fryer J, Corcoran N, DaRosa D. Use of the Surgi-Cancer Patients. In Venous Disorders Jonathan P. Fryer, MD2, Joseph B. Cofer, MD3, cal Council on Resident Education (SCORE)-New Findings and Treatment, Kibbe MR, Pearce John D. Mellinger, MD1,James J. Wynn,WH, Yao JS, eds. People‘s Medical MD1,George M. Fuhrman, MD4, Karen R. Bor- curriculum as a template for evaluating andPublishing House, in press 2009 man, MD5, 1Medical College of Georgia, Au- planning a programs clinical curriculum. J Surg gusta, GA; 2Northwestern University,Chicago, IL; Educ. 2010 Jan-Feb;67(1):52-7Heyer KS, Eskandari MK. Current status 3University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, TN; 4At-of carotid artery stenting. lanta Medical Center, Atlanta, GA; 5University of Fryer J, DaRosa D, Wang E, Han L, Axelrod D,In Angioplasty Research Progress, Layton KG, Central Florida,Orlando, FL. Surgical Education Ishitani M, Baker T, Knight R, Sung R, Magee J,Percelle RA, eds. Nova Science Week, Antonio, TX. April 2010 Pomfret EA; ASTS National Transplant SurgeryPublishers, Hauppauge NY, 2009 Educating Across a Values and Perceptual Di- Curriculum Committee. What defines a trans-Longo GM, Eskandari MK. Single Center Experi- vide? Duty-hour Restrictions after Six Years: A plant surgeon? A needs assessment for curricu-ence in Carotid Artery Stenting. Multi-institutional Study of Surgical Faculty and lar development in transplant surgery fellowshipIn Carotid Artery Disease, Kibbe MR, Pearce WH, Residents. Coverdill, James E., Alfredo M. Car- training. Am J Transplant. 2010 Mar;10(3):664-Yao JS, eds. People‘s Medical Publishing bonell, Thomas H. Cogbill, Jonathan Fryer, 74. Epub 2010 Jan 5House, in press 2009 George M. Fuhrman, Kristi Harold, Jonathan R. Hiatt, Richard A. Moore, Don K. Nakayama, M. Grady, Kathleen, PhDMonge M, Eskandari MK. Hybrid Procedure for Timothy Nelson, Marc Schlatter, Richard A.Supra-Aortic Trunk Lesions. Sidwell, John L. Tarpley, Paula M. Termuhlen, Awards/HonorsIn Carotid Artery Disease, Kibbe MR, Pearce WH, Christopher Wohltmann, and John D. Mellin-Yao JS, eds. People‘s Medical ger. Surgical Education Week, Antonio, TX. April Appointed Co-Chair – AHA Editorial Board, HeartPublishing House, in press 2009 2010 Insights, Healthy Living for Patients, their Fami- lies & CaregiversPeterson BG, Eskandari MK, Morasch MD. Improving the Resident Experience on Trans-Endovascular stent-graft placement f plant Surgery: Surgical Residents on Transplant Appointed Chair, AHA Council Operations Com-or emergent traumatic thoracic aortic disrup- Surgery: An Endangered Species. ASTS 10th mitteetion. In Surgery of the Aorta and Its Body Branches, Morasch MD, Pearce WH, Yao Annual State of the Art Winter Symposium, ‗The Appointed to the School Transportation TaskJS, eds. People‘s Medical Publishing House, Cutting Edge of Transplant Surgery‘ Fort Lauder- Force, state of Illinois by Governor Pat Quinn2010 dale, FL. January 2010 PresentationsRodriguez HE, Eskandari MK. Histopathologic Educating Residents & Students: What‘s atChanges After Stent Implantation. Stake? ASTS 3rd Annual Surgical Fellows Sym- Speaker, Heart Transplantation and VentricularIn Carotid Artery Disease, Kibbe MR, Pearce WH, posium, ASTS Program Planning Committee Assist Device Implantation in 2009. Heart Fail-Yao JS, eds. People‘s Medical Publishing member, Scottsdale, AZ. November 2009 ure Symposium, Memorial Heart and VascularHouse, in press 2009 Institute. Springfield, IL. PublicationsXu DS, Abruzzo TA, Albuquerque FC, Dabus G, Speaker, Ventricular Assist Device Certifica-Eskandari MK, Guterman LR, Hage ZA, Coverdill, J., Carbonell, A., Fryer, JFuhrman, G., tion: Are you Prepared? American Heart Asso-Hurley MC, Hanel RA, Levy EI, Nichols CW, Harold,K., Hiatt, J., Jarman, B., Moore, R., ciation 2009 Scientific Sessions. Orlando, FL.Ringer AJ, Batjer HH, Bendock BR. External Nakayama, D., Nelson, M., Schlatter, M., Speaker, Stage D Heart Failure: Quality of Lifecarotid artery stenting to treat patients Sidwell, R., Tarpley, J.,. Termuhlen, P., Outcomes after Transplant and Mechanicalwith symptomatic ipsilateral internal carotid Wohltmann, C., and Mellinger, J. A New Profes- Support Fifth Annual Heart Failure Holiday Sym- Page 32
  • 33. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsposium. The Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute, Kansal P, Tambur AR, Klein L, Cotts WG. The Breast Imaging: Do We Need It? American Col-Center for Heart Failure and Feinberg School of impact of virtual crossmatch on cardiac allograft lege of Surgeons 95th Annual Clinical Congress,Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL vasculopathy in heart transplant recipients. J Chicago, Illinois. October 15, 2009 Heart Lung Transplant 29:2S S153, 2010Speaker, Evidence Based Practice of Self-Care Nipple sparing mastectomy and management ofManagement in the Adult Mechanical Halverson, Amy, MD the high-risk patient. Annual Clinical Assembly ofCirculatory Support and Transplant Patient: Is Osteopathic Surgeons. Chicago, Illinois. Novem-your Transplant Program Evidence Based. Awards/Honors ber 1, 2009International Society for Heart and LungTransplantation 30th Anniversary Excellence in Teaching Award, Dept. of Surgery, Imaging, staging, surgical and radio therapeuticMeeting and Scientific Sessions. Chicago, IL Northwestern University Feinberg School of considerations in the setting of neo-adjuvant Medicine 2008-09 systemic therapy for advanced breast cancer.Speaker, Stage D Heart Failure: Quality of Life Breast Boost Course, RSNA 95th Scientific As-Outcomes after Transplant and Mechanical Director, Nora Institute for Surgical Patient sembly and Annual Meeting. Chicago, Illinois.Support. Brigham and Womens‘ Hospital. Bos- Safety, American College of Surgeons November 30, 2009ton, MA. Editor, Quality and Patient Safety Web Portal, Nipple sparing mastectomy. TEAM UP in On-Publications American College of Surgeons coplastic Surgery, Nashville Tennessee, January 28, 2010Grady K, Wang E, Higgins R, Heroux A, Ry- Editorial Board for Selected Readings in Generalbarczyk B, Young JB, Pelegrin D, Czerr J, Ko- Surgery Breast Health for the Adolescent s a kick-off forbashigawa J, Chait J, Naftel DC, fundraiser for the Avon Walk for Breast CancerWhite-Williams C, Myers S, Kirklin J. Symptom American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons 2010, Hinsdale Middle School, Hinsdale, Illinois,Frequency and Distress from 5 to 10 years Committee for Quality and Patient Safety April 9, 2010after Heart Transplantation. Journal of Heartand Lung Transplantation. 28:759-68, 2009 Vice-President, Metropolitan Chicago Chapter, The Multidisciplinary Approach to Breast Cancer American College of Surgeons Management, Gilda‘s Clun, Chicago, Illinois AprilRiegel B, Moser D, Anker S, Appel L, Dunbar S, 15, 2010Grady K, Gurvitz M, Havranek E, Lee C, Lin- Presentationsdenfeld J, Peterson P, Pressler S, PublicationsSchocken D, Whellan D. State of the Science: Missouri College of Surgeons 42nd Annual Meet-Promoting self-care in persons with heart fail- ing-Communication in the OR, June 13, 2009 Abbott DE, Margaryan NV, Jeruss JS, Khan S,ure. A Statement from the American Kaklamani V, Winchester D, Hansen N, Rade-Heart Association. Circulation. 120:1141- Hansen, Nora, MD maker A, Khalkhali-Ellis Z, Hendrix MJ. Reevalu-1163, 2009 ating cathepsin D as a biomarker for breast Awards/Honors cancer: Serum activity levels versus histopathol-Hsich, EM, Naftel DC, Myers SL, Grady KL, ogy. Cancer Biol Ther. 2010 Jan 15;9(1). PMID:Schuml D, Ulisney KL, Young JB. Sex-specific Accreditation Certification Award from the Na- 19923884differences in outcomes and adverse events tional Accreditation Program for Breast Centers,with primary left ventricular assist device sup- American College of Surgeons January 2010 Manget A, Hansen NM,. The Clinical Breast Can-port using the INTERMACS database. J Heart cer Team. Carol Scott-Conner, Fred DirbasLung Transplant 29:2S S41, 2010 Presentations (eds.) In Breast Surgery: Office Management and Surgical Technique. Springer-Verlag NewWhite-Williams C, Grady KL, Wang E, Naftel DC, Local therapy of inflammatory cancer. Lynn York, (Submitted)Kirklin JK, Myers S, Rybarczyk B, Young JB, Czerr Sage Breast Cancer Symposium, Chicago, Illi-J, Pelegrin D, Kobashigawa J, Chait J, Heroux A, nois. October 2, 2009 Hansen NM, Introduction / MultidisciplinaryHiggins R. The relationships among satisfaction Training for Breast Surgical Oncology. Inwith heart transplant on quality of life outcomes Decision making regarding primary Kuerer‘s Breast Surgical Oncology. McGraw-Hill5 to 10 years after heart transplantation. J (neoadjuvant therapy) in patients with operable New York, (in Process)Heart Lung Transplant 29:2S S59, 2010 and locally advanced breast cancer, Moderator, Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium, Chicago, Hansen, NM, Paget‘s Disease. Harris JR,Grady KL, Wang E, White-Williams C, Naftel DC, Illinois. October 3, 2009 Lippman ME, Morrow, M, Osborne CK, (eds.) inMyers S, Kirklin JK, Young JB, Pelegrin D, Czerr Diseases of the Breast 4th Ed. Lippincott, Wil-J, Kobashigawa J, Chait J, Rybarczyk B, Heroux Multidiciplinary Tumor Board: Case reviews. liams & Wilkins, 2009A, Higgins A. Patterns and predictors of stress Panelist Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium,and coping from 5 to 10 years after heart trans- Chicago, Illinois. October 3, 2009 Hummel, Mary, PhDplantation. J Heart Lung Transplant 29:2S S77,2010 The promises and myths of breast cancer re- Publications search, Town Hall meeting – Panelist Lynn SageRhee JK, McGee E, Subacius H, Grady KL, Fer- Breast Cancer Symposium, Chicago, Illinois. Liu, X.F., Yan, S., Abecassis, M. and Hummel, M.guson G, O‘Leary JL, Schupbach E, Shao E, October 4, 2009 (2010) ―Biphasic recruitment of transcriptional Page 33
  • 34. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsrepressors to the MCMV major immediate early Minimally Invasive Surgical Approach. JSLS, mens and Pregnancy Related Hormones onpromoter during the course of infection in vivo‖, 2009 13(4):601-604 Breast Cell Proliferation. Poster Presentation atJ. Virol. 84(7):3631-3643. the 2009 Annual Oncofertility Consortium Con-PMCID: PMC2838119 Pugh C, Plachta S, Auyang EA, Pryor A and Hung- ference, Chicago, IL, September 15, 2009 ness ES. Outcome Measures for Surgical Simu-Hungness, Eric, MD lators: Is the Focus on Technical Skills the Best Speaker, The 11th Annual Lynn Sage Breast Approach. Surgery – In Press Cancer Symposium, ―Management of RecurrentAwards/Honors Breast Cancer After Initial Lumpectomy Sentinal Fronza JS, Linn JG, Nagle AP, Soper NJ and Node Biopsy, and Whole Breast Radiation Ther-SSAT Maintenance of Certification Committee Hungness ES. A Single Institution‘s Experience apy‖, October 1, 2009 with SILS Cholecystectomy Compared to Stan-Olympus Millennium Program Participant, Tokyo, dard Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Surgery – Chair, Controversies in Breast Cancer Manage-Japan. In Press ment, 11th Annual Lynn Sage Breast Cancer Symposium, Chicago, IL October 4, 2009Winner, NOSCAR Research Grant - Transrectal Soper NJ and Hungness ES. Laparoscopic anti-NOTES appendectomy - $70,000 reflux surgery. In Fischer JE, Bland KI (eds): Speaker, American Society for Bioethics and Mastery of Surgery, 6th edition. Philadelphia, Humanities (ASBH), ―Discussing Fertility Preser-Winner, SAGES Research Grant - Laparoscopic Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2010. In Press vation with Breast Cancer Patients‖, Washing-Common Bile Duct Exploration: ton, DC, October 17, 2009Simulator Development‖ - $9,996 Speaker, American College of Surgeons Surgical Congress, Subject-Oriented Symposium III: Zelivianski S, Cooley AE, Kall R, Jerusss JS.Presentations NOTES and Single Port Access Surgery - NOTES CDK4 Phosphorylation Regulates Smad3 Activity Cholecystectomy, Chicago, October 15, 2009 in Cyclin D1 Overexpressing Breast Cancer Cells.Panelist - American College of Surgeons Surgical Poster Presentation at the 32nd Annual SanCongress, Subject-Oriented Symposium III: Speaker, Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium, San Antonio,NOTES and Single Port Access Surgery -, Chi- Tract Video Session III: Emerging Technologies TX, December 11, 2009cago, October 15, 2009 in Minimal Access GI Surgery - Hybrid Transvagi- nal NOTES Cholecystectomy Using a Novel Flexi-Speaker, Grand Rounds. Northwestern Univer- ble Toolbox and Internal Retraction System, New Moderator, Academic Surgical Congress, Inte-sity - Bariatric Surgery Update, Chicago, October Orleans, May 4, 2010 grated Oral Session II: Oncology 5: Cancer Biol-22, 2009 ogy. San Antonio, TX. February 5, 2010 Jeruss, Jacqueline, MD, PhDSpeaker, Annual Clinical Assembly of Osteo- Plenary Speaker, Society of Surgical Oncology,pathic Surgeons - NOTES, Chicago, November 2, Awards/Honors ―Update on DCIS Outcomes from the American2009 Society of Breast Surgeons Accelerated Partial NEW FUNDING: Breast Irradiation Clinical Trial Registry‖, St.FLS Course Instructor and Lecturer – Chicago, Principal Investigator, Association of Women Louis, MO, March 5, 2010IL, November 14, 2010 Surgeons Foundation and Ethicon Endo-Surgery Fellowship Grant, ―Novel Cell Array to Determine PublicationsSpeaker, Transgastric Cholecystectomy. 3rd Impact of CDK Inhibition of SMAD Signaling ofUCSD Hands-On NOTES and Single Site Surgery Cyclin Over-expressing Breast Cancer‖, 8/1/09- Abbott DE, Margaryan NV, Jeruss JS, Khan S,Symposium, San Diego, November 20, 2009 12/31/10, $25,000 Kaklamani V, Winchester DJ, Hansen N, Rade- maker F, Khalkhali-Ellis Z, Hendrix MJC. Re-Speaker, SAGES NOTES Symposium - NOTES: Principal Investigator, National Institutes of evaluating Cathepsin D as a biomarker forSteady Progress Has Been Made, Washington Health, 1K22CA138776-01A1, ―The Oncogenic breast cancer: Serum activity levels versusDC, April 16, 2010 Significance of Cyclin Overexpression and histopathology. Cancer Biol Ther. 2010 Jan;9 Smad3 Tumor Suppression‖, 7/1/10-6/31/13, (1):23-30. Epub 2010 Jan 15Session Chair, Surgical and Endoscopic Man- $521,780agement of Obesity. AGA Research Forum, Di- Gardino S, Jeruss JS, Woodruff TK. Using Deci-gestive Disease Week, New Orleans, May 3, Co-Investigator, Department of Defense, Breast sion Trees to Enhance Interdisciplinary Team2010 Cancer Research Program Concept Award, Work: The Case of Oncofertility. J Assist Reprod ―Identification of a PARP Inhibitor Sensitivity Genet 2010; Apr 13. Epub ahead of print. PMID:Publications Signature in Breast Cancer Using A Novel Tran- 20386978 scription Factor Activity Array‖, 8/1/10-Rooney DE, Pugh C, Auyang EA, Hungness ES, 8/31/11, $75,000 Hulvat MC, Jeruss JS. Fertility Preservation Op-and DaRosa D. Administrative Considerations tions for Patients with Cancer. European Oncol-When Implementing ACS Skills Curriculum. Sur- ogy, 2010;6(1):31–4 Presentationsgery 2009 Dec 30. [Epub ahead of print]Malladi P, Hungness ES and Nagle AP. Single Cooley AE, Matthews L, Ukeje C, Zelivianski S, Redig AJ, Brannigan R, Stryker S, Woodruff TK,Access Laparoscopic Splenectomy: A Novel Jeruss JS. Effects of Fertility Treatment Regi- Jeruss JS. Incorporating Fertility Preservation Page 34
  • 35. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsinto the Care of Young Oncology Patients. Can- Chen X, Zhang X, Fei C, Larson CS, Wang L-J, of Health:Mentored Clinical Scientistcer. In Press Kaufman DB. 2009. Comparative study of re- Development Award Characterization of generative potential of beta cells from young Cardiac Stem Cells in Congenital Heart PatientsBellis A, Bernabe BP, Weiss M, Yarrington M, and aged donor mice using a novel islet trans-Barbolina M, Pannier A, Jeruss JS, Broadbelt L, plantation model. Transplantation. 88:496- PresentationsShea LD. Large-scale Analysis of Transcription 503Factor Activity using Bioluminescence Imaging. Speaker, Characterization of human cardiacIn Press Stendahl JC, Kaufman DB, Stupp progenitor populations derived from young SI. 2009. Extracellular matrix in pancreatic congenital heart patients. Congenital HeartJeruss JS, Kuerer HM, Beitsch PD, Vicini FA, islets: relevance to transplantation. Cell Trans- Surgeons Society 2009 Annual Meeting,Keisch M. Update on DCIS Outcomes from the plantation 18:1-12 Chicago, IL, November 1-2, 2009American Society of Breast SurgeonsMammoSite® Clinical Registry Trial. Annals of Chen X, Kaufman DB. Bioluminescent imaging Speaker, Mid-term outcomes in supravalvularSurg Onc. In Press of transplanted islets. Methods in molecular aortic stenosis demonstrate the superiority biology (Clifton, N.J.) 2009; 574:75-85 of multi-sinus aortoplasty. Southern ThoracicKaufman, Dixon, MD, PhD Surgical Association 56th Annual Meeting, Tambur AR, Ramon DS, Kaufman DB, Friede- Marco Island, FL, November 4-7, 2009Awards/Honors wald J, Luo X, Ho B, Skaro A, Caicedo J, Ladner D, Baker T, Fryer J, Gallon L, Miller J, Abecassis Speaker, Tissue engineering the heart organDeputy Director, Comprehensive Transplant MM, Leventhal J. Perception Versus Reality?: with cardiac progenitor cells. 2010Center, Feinberg School of Medicine Virtual Crossmatch-How to Overcome Some of the Technical and Logistic Limitations. Meeting of Medical Fellows, Research Scholars,2009 Best Doctors in America American journal of transplantation : official and Physician-Scientist Early journal of the American Society of Transplanta- Career Awardees. Howard Hughes Medical Insti-Program Review Committee, OB-GYN, 2009 tion and the American Society of Transplant tute, Chevy Chase, MD, May 25, 2010 Surgeons 2009 Jun 26United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), Pan- Speaker, The utility of a bioresorbable polymericcreas Committee, Region 7, Chair, 2009-11 Kissler .J, Niland JC, Olack B, Ricordi C, Hering film and expanded polytetrafluoroethylene B, Naji A, Faoud K, Oberholzer J, Fernandez L, to prevent pericardial adhesions and provide aAmerican Diabetes Association, Program Com- Contreras J, Stiller T, Sowinski J, Kaufman protective barrier after cardiac surgery.mittee, 2009 DB. 2009. Validation of Methodologies for Western Thoracic Surgical Association 36th An- Quantifying Isolated Human Islets: an Islet Cell nual Meeting, Ojai, CA, June 25, 2010Principle Investigator, National Institutes of Resources Study. Clinical Transplantation (inHealth, "Clinical Islet Transplantation at North- press) Publicationswestern" 1 U01AI089316-01 Brubaker CE, Kissler H, Ling-jia Wang, L-J, Kauf- Kaushal S, Backer CL, Patel JN, Patel S, WalkerPresentations man DB, Messersmith PB. 2010. Biocompatibil- BL, Weigel TJ, Randolph G, Wax D, ity of mussel-inspired adhesive in murine extra- Mavroudis C. Coarctation of the aorta: midtermSpeaker: Northwestern Surgery Grand Rounds hepatic beta-islet transplantation. Biomaterials outcomes of resection with extended(11/19), "Advances in Islet Transplantation". 31:420-7 end-to-end anastomosis. Ann Thorac SurgSpeaker: American Transplant Congress: 2009;88:1932-19382010. Pancreas Transplantation: Current Con- Su J, Hu BH, Lowe, WL, Kaufman DB, Mess-troversies Controversies in Allocation of Pan- ersmith PB. 2010.Anti-Inflammatory Peptide Bai W, Kaushal S, Malviya S, Griffith K, Ohye RG.creas-Kidney Grafts Functionalized Hydrogels for Insulin-Secreting Anesthetic management for resection of cor Cell Encapsulation. Biomaterials 31:308-14 triatriatum during the second trimester of preg-Speaker: American Transplant Congress: nancy. Int J Obstet Anesth 2010;19:103-1062010. Revisiting Old friends: Management of Kaufman DB. Editorial. 2010. Pancreas-after-Current Immunosuppression: Alemtuzu- kidney transplantation: To have and not have Kaushal S, Backer CL, Patel S, Gossett JG, Mav-mab: Sensible and Effective or Madness? not. Clinical Transplantation 23:435-6 roudis C. Midterm outcomes in supravalvular aortic stenosis demonstrate the superiority ofPublications Chen X, Larson CS, West J, Zhang X, Kaufman multi-sinus aortoplasty. Ann Thorac Surg DB. 2010. In Vivo Detection of Extrapancreatic 2010;89:1371-1377Ison, MG, Parker M, Stosor V, Kaufman DB. Insulin Gene Expression in Diabetic Mice by2009. Development of BK nephropathy in recipi- Bioluminescence Imaging. PLoS ONE 5(2): Kelle AM, Backer CL, Gossett JG, Kaushal S,ents of simultaneous pancreas-kidney trans- e9397. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0009397 Mavroudis C. Total anomalous pulmonary ve-plantation. Transplantation. 87:525-30 nous connection: results of surgical repair of Kaushal,Sunjay, MD 100 patients at a single institution. J ThoracFreeman RB, Matas AT, Henry M, Segev DL, Cardiovasc Surg 2010; 139:1387-1394Kaufman DB, Robert JP. 2009. Moving kidney Awards/Honorsallocation forward: the ASTS perspective. Ameri- Kelle AM, Young L, Kaushal S, Duffy CE, Ander-can J Transplantation. 9: 1501-6 Principal Investigator K08/National Institutes son RH, Backer CL. The Gerbode defect: the Page 35
  • 36. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationssignificance of a left ventricular to right atrial cer Network (NCCN) 2010 Congress Series, Morrow, M, Chatterton RT, Rademaker AW, Houshunt. Cardiol Young 2009;19(Suppl 2):96-99 "Genetics, Risk Assessment, and Screening for N, Jordan VC, Hendrick RE, Khan SA. A Prospec- Breast Cancer", Chicago, IL, January 28, 2010 tive Study of Variability in Mammographic Den-Kaushal S, Jacobs JP, Gossett JG, Steele A, sity During the Menstrual Cycle. Breast CancerSteele P, Davis CR, Pahl E, Vijayan K, Asante- Invited Speaker, National Consortium of Breast Res Treat. 2010 Jun: 121(3):565-574Korang A, Boucek RJ, Backer CL, Wold LE. Inno- Centers 20th Annual National Interdisciplinaryvation in basic science: stem cells and their role Breast Center Conference, ―Con: T1cN1 Tumors Kibbe, Melina, MDin the treatment of paediatric cardiac failure- Are Appropriate Candidates for Neoadjuvantopportunities and challenges. Cardiol Young Treatment Regardless of Operability‖, Las Ve- Awards /Honors2009; 19(Suppl 2):74-84 gas, NV, March 22-23, 2010 Presidential Early Career Award for ScientistsKhan, Seema, MD Invited Speaker, Dow Graduate Association of and Engineers (PECASE) North America‘s Annual Dow Alumni RetreatAwards/Honors 2010, ―Surgical Management in Breast Cancer‖, Joost Award nominee, Northwestern University, St. Louis, MO, April 24, 2010 Feinberg School of MedicineThe Early Detection Research Network (EDRN):Clinical Validation Centers Review Committee, Publications Women‘s Leadership Award, Society for Vascu-March 17, 2010 lar Surgery Bevers TB, Anderson BO, Bonaccio E, Buys S,Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Daly MB, Dempsey PJ, Farrar WB, Fleming I, PresentationsProgram Integration Panel Programmatic Re- Garber JE, Harris RE, Heerdt AS, Helvie M, Huffview, March 10-11, 2010 JG, Khakpour N, Khan SA, Krontiras H, Lyman G, Critical Limb Ischemia and Future Stem Rafferty E, Shaw S, Smith ML, Tsangaris TN, Cell Treatment, 23rd Annual NursingAmerican Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Williams C, Yaneeklov T. NCCN Clinical Practice Conference on Selected Topics in2010 Scientific Program Committee, March 1-2, Guidelines in Oncology: Breast Cancer Screen- Vascular Disease, Northwestern Memorial2010 ing and Diagnosis. J Natl Comp Canc Netw. Hospital, Chicago, IL. October 2, 2009 2009 Nov;7(10):1060-96. PMID: 19930975.Komen Promise Grant 2010 Scientific Peer Consensus Statement Submitting and Revising Your Manuscript,Review, February 22-23, 2010 Association for Academic Surgery Khan SA. Axillary reverse mapping to prevent Fundamentals of Surgical ResearchPresentations lymphedema after breast cancer surgery: defin- Course, Chicago, IL. October 9, 2009 ing the limits of the concept. J Clin Oncol. 2009Invited Speaker, 11th Annual Lynn Sage Breast Nov 20;27(33):5494-6. Epub 2009 Oct 13. Getting It Done!, Managing Information OverloadCancer Symposium, Unusual Breast Problems Invited Editorial (PS56), 95th Annual Clinical Congress,Panel Discussions, ―Management of Supraclavi- American College of Surgeons, Chicago, IL, Octo-cular Nodal Metastases‖, Chicago, IL, October 1, Chatterton RT Jr, Khan SA, Heinz R, Ivancic D, ber 13, 20092009 Lee O. Patterns of sex steroid hormones in nip- ple aspirate fluid during the menstrual cycle and Isolated Gastrocnemius and Soleal Vein Throm-Invited Speaker, 11th Annual Lynn Sage Breast after menopause in relation to serum concentra- bosis: To Treat or Not to Treat.Cancer Symposium, ―Is Age a Selection Factor tions. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. 2010 The Arthur C Nielsen Jr. Vascular Conference,for Mastectomy?‖, Chicago, IL, October 3, 2009 Jan; 19(1):275-9 Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL, October 28, 2009Invited Speaker, American College of Surgeons Abbott DE, Margaryan NV, Jeruss JS, Khan SA,95th Annual Clinical Congress 2009, "Evidence- Kaklamani V, Winchester DJ, Hansen N, Rade- Will NO-eluting Therapies Inhibit Neointimalbased Surveillance of Patients with Breast Can- maker F, Khalkhali-Ellis Z, Hendrix MJC. Re- Hyperplasia in all Patients? Research Seminar,cer‖, Chicago, IL, October 14, 2009 evaluating Cathepsin D as a biomarker for University of Chicago, Department of Surgery, breast cancer: Serum activity levels versus Chicago, IL, December 8, 2009Invited Speaker, The 15th Annual Multidiscipli- histopathology. Cancer Bio Ther 2010; Jan 1:9nary Symposium on Breast Disease & The 1st (1). Epub ahead of print Isolated Gastrocnemius and Soleal Vein Throm-Annual International Breast Health Education bosis - Should these Patients BeProgram, ―Mastectomy for Patients with Metas- Heyer K, Buck DW 2nd, Kato C, Khan SA, Alam Anticoagulated? Vascular Surgerytatic Breast Cancer‖. Cairo, Egypt, October 26, M, Kim JY. Reversed acellular dermis: failure of -A Manual for Survival, 34th Annual Northwest-2009 graft incorporation n primary tissue expander ern Vascular Surgery Symposium, breast reconstruction resulting in recurrent Chicago, IL, December 12, 2009Invited Speaker, University of Washington breast cellulitis. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2010 Feb;School of Medicine‘s Current Concepts and 125(2):66e-8e Insights into the Efficacy of Nitric Oxide-basedChallenges in Breast Cancer Course, ―De Novo Therapies for Vascular Disease.Metastatic Disease‖, Seattle, WA, October 30, Khan, SA. Primary Site Therapy in de Novo Stage Research Seminar, Jesse Brown VA Medical2009 IV Breast Cancer: The Need for Unbiased Data. Center, Chicago, IL, January 8, 2010. Breast Diseases: A Year Book Quarterly. Apr-JunInvited Speaker, National Comprehensive Can- 2010; 21(1):16-19 Nitric Oxide-Based Vascular Therapies: Will They Page 36
  • 37. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsWork? Research Seminar, Institute for Rodriguez HE, Pearce WH. 8-Year Institutional Limb Ischemia. J Vasc Surg, 2010, 51:230-241BioNanotechnology in Medicine, Northwestern Review of Carotid Artery Stenting.University, Chicago, IL, March 9, 2010 J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 Varu VN, Tshilis ND, Kibbe MR. Basic Science Review: Nitric Oxide-ReleasingInsights into the Efficacy of Nitric Oxide-Based Garcia-Toca M, Usman AA, Matsumura JS, Kibbe Prosthetic Materials. Vasc EndovascTherapies for Vascular Disease. MR, Morasch MD, Rodriguez HE, Surg 2009, 43(2):121-31 Cardiology Grand Rounds, Northwestern Univer- Amaranto DJ, Pearce WH, Eskandari MK. 8-Yearsity Feinberg School of Medicine, Institutional Review of Carotid Artery Stenting. Zhao H, Serrano MC, Popowich D, Kibbe MR,Chicago, IL, March 12, 2010 J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 Ameer GA. Biodegradable Nitric Oxide-releasing Poly(diol citrate) Elastomers. JBMRHow to Get Funding for Research, State Univer- Kibbe MR, Martinez J, Popowich DA, Kapadia Part A. 2010l;93(1):356-63sity of New York at Buffalo, MR, Ahanchi SS, Aalami OO, Jiang Q, Webb AR, School of Medicine, Faculty Retreat for Depart- Yang J, Ladner, Daniela, MDment of Surgery, Buffalo, Carroll T, Ameer GA. Citric Acid-Based Elastom-NY, March 20, 2010 ers Provide a Biocompatible Interface for Vascu- Awards/ Honors lar Grafts.How to Better Manage your Time – Using Sup- JBMR Part A. 2010; 93(1):314-24 Abstract with Distinction-Chosen for Press Re-port Staff, Faculty Retreat for lease: ―The Impact of Physician Years sinceDepartment of Surgery, State University of New Lautz TB, Abbas F, Novis Walsh SJ, Chow C, graduation on Patient Referrals for PreemptiveYork at Buffalo, School of Medicine, Amaranto DJ, Wang E, Blackburn D, Pearce WH, Living Donor Kidney Transplantation‖Buffalo, NY, March 20, 2010 Kibbe MR. Isolated Gastrocnemius and Soleal D Ladner, et al; ASN 2009 Vein Thrombosis (IGSVT): Should theseExciting new approaches to managing critical Patients Receive Therapeutic Anticoagulation? Stuart Altman Fellowship in Health Policylimb ischemia, Grand Rounds, Ann Surg. 2009 Oct 24 (Epub ahead of print, Leadership Program in Health Policy and Man-University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, April 30, PMID 19858700) agement The Heller School for2010 Social Policy and Management McDermott MM, Domanchuk K, Dyer A, Ades P,Submitting and Revising Your Manuscript Includ- Kibbe MR, Criqui MH. Recruiting Participants Dixon Innovation Grant (PI: Ladner)ing Abstracts. Developing a Career in with Comprehensive Risk Assessment to ImproveAcademic Surgery Course, Association of Aca- Peripheral Arterial Disease for Clinical Trials: Safety Processes in Kidney Transplantationdemic Surgery and Section of Academic Experience from the Study to Improve Leg Sponsor: Northwestern Memorial Founda- Surgeons of Royal Australasian College of Sur- Circulation (SILC). J Vasc Surg, 2009, 49(3):653 tiongeons, Perth, Australia, May 3, 2010 -659 PublicationsGene and Cell-based therapies. Vascular Sur- McDermott MM, Mazor KM, Reed G, Pagoto S,gery Section, Annual Scientific Congress, Graff R, Merriam P, Kibbe M, Greenland P, A Review of Quality of Life Instruments Used inRoyal Australasian College of Surgeons, Perth, Ockene J, Olendzki B, Tao H, Ockene I. Liver C Jay, Z Butt, DP Ladner, A Skaro,Australia, May 5, 2010 Attitudes and Behaviors of Peripheral Arterial M Abecassis. Disease toward Influencing their Journal of Hepatology, 2009 Nov;51(5):949-59Financing Your Research: Pilot Grants, Founda- Physician‘s Prescription of Cholesterol-loweringtions, Career Development Awards. Medication. Vasc Med 2010 Laparoscopic versus open donor hepatectomyAssociation of VA Surgeons‘ 34th Annual Meet- (Epub ahead of print PMID 20118170) T Baker, C Jay, D Ladner, M Abecassising, Indianapolis, IN, May 9, 2010 Surgery, 2009 Oct;146(4):817-23; Novis Walsh SJ, Ostrowski D, Levin B, Blum-EisaPublications L, Prystowsky JB, Kibbe MR. Quality of Life in Actual Living Liver Donors Ver- Prevention of Thromboembolic Events in Surgi- sus Potential Living Liver DonorsAmaranto D, Abbas F, Krantz S, Pearce WH, cal Patients through the Creation and Z Butt, D Ladner, N ParikhWang E, Kibbe MR. An Evaluation of Gender and Implementation of a Computerized Risk Assess- Liver Transplantation, 2010; In PressRacial Bias in the Surgical Treatment of Arterial ment Program. J Vasc Surg. 2010; 51(3):648-54Disease. J Vasc Surg 2009, 50(6):1340-7 Meta-analysis: Liver transplant recipients of Payvandi L, Dyer A, McPherson D, Ades P, Stein donation after cardiac deathBrown KE, Usman AA, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, J, Liu K, Ferrucci L, Criqui MH, Guralnik JM, D Ladner, M AbecassisMatsumura JS, Pearce WH, Amaranto DJ, Lloyd-Jones D, Kibbe MR, Liang ST, Kane B, Ann Surgery; In PressEskandari MK. Carotid Stenting Using Tapered Pearce WH, Verta M, McCarthy WJ, Schneider Disparities in kidney transplant outcomes: AVersus Non-tapered Stents: JR, Shroff A, McDermott MM. Physical review EJ Gordon, DP Ladner, JC Caicedo,Associated Neurologic Complications and Activity during Daily Life and Brachial Artery J Franklin Seminars inRestenosis Rates. J Vasc Surg 2009;23:439- Flow-mediated Dilation in Peripheral Nephrology, 2010 Jan;30(1):81-9445 Arterial Disease. Vasc Med. 2009, 14(3):193-201. Lee, Richard, MDEskandari MK, Usman AA, Garcia-Toca M, Ma-tsumura JS, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, Varu VN, Hogg ME, Kibbe MR. Critical Presentations Page 37
  • 38. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsLee R, Li S, Rankin JS, O‘Brien S, Gammie JS, Hirsch EM, Atoui R, McCarthy PM, McGee EC, Mahvi, David, MDMcCarthy PM, Edwards FH. Changing Outcome Malaisrie SC, Lee R. Sternal salvage with rigidCharacteristics of Multiple Valve Surgery: A 15- plating system after failure of Talon Awards/HonorsYear Perspective. Society of Thoracic Surgeons device. Ann Thorac Surg. February 2010, In– 46th Annual Meeting, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Press Visiting Professor, Methodist Hospital, Houston,January 2010 TX, 2010 Gheorghiade M, Flaherty J, Fonarow G, Desai R,Vaduganathan M, Stone NJ, Ramakrishna S, Lev Lee R, McGiffin D, Love T, Aban I, Eichhorn E, Visiting Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madi-EI, Lee R, McGee EC, Malaisrie SC, Silverberg Bonow R, Ahmed A. Coronary artery son, WI, 2010RA, McCarthy PM. Midterm benefits of pe- disease, coronary revascularization, and out-rioperative statin therapy in patients undergoing comes in chronic advanced systolic Visiting Professor, University of Iowa, Iowa City,isolated valvular heart surgery: 5-year surgical heart failure. Int J Cardiol. April 2010, In Press IA, 2010experience. American College of Cardiology –59th Annual Scientific Session. Atlanta, Georgia, Lewis Jr., Victor, MD Northwestern Medical Faculty foundation awardMarch 14, 2010 for excellence in collaboration, 2010 Awards/ HonorsBallapuram K, Ansari AH, Zhao Q, Spirano D, PresentationsLee R, Maganti K. Left Atrial Volume Index As- AO Cranio-Maxillofacial Surgery Instructor Panel,sessment: Is There a Difference Between the 2009 Moderator/ organizer- ―Who needs an operationProposed 2D Methodologies? American Society for appendicitis?‖ ACS clinical congress Chicagoof Echocardiography - 21st Annual Scientific Chair Section Council Plastic, Reconstructive Oct 2009Sessions, San Diego, California, June 12-15, and Maxillofacial Surgery AMA House of2010 Delegates "Surgical innovation and entrepreneurship" AAS career development course Chicago Oct 2009Vaduganathan M, Stone N, Lee R, McGee E, ACGME Board of Appeals Panel Member forMalaisrie SC, Silverberg R, McCarthy PM. Pe- Plastic Surgery , 2010 Moderator: Hepatobiliary Surgery Papers ses-rioperative Statin Therapy Reduces Mortality in sion ACS clinical congress Chicago Oct 2009Normolipidemic Patients Undergoing Cardiac CPT Editorial Panel Member for Plastic Surgery,Surgery. Western Thoracic Surgical Association 2010 Speaker: ―Is appendicitis still a surgical disease‖– 32nd Annual Meeting, Ojai, California, June 24- International surgical forum, International Asso-26, 2010 Presentations ciation of Surgeons, gastroenterologists and Oncologists, Khon Kaen, Thailand, NovemberLee R, McCarthy PM, Wang EC, Vaduganathan Instructor Craniomaxillofacial Trauma and Re- 2009M, Kruse J, Malaisrie CM, McGee EC. The Surgi- constructive course. Oakbrook, IL August 2009cal Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation Restores Ex- Panelist Pressure Sores as a Never Event, Speaker: ―Ablation in liver surgery.‖ Interna-pected Survival in Patients Undergoing Valve American College of Surgeons, Chicago, IL No- tional surgical forum, International AssociationSurgery. Western Thoracic Surgical Association vember 2009 of Surgeons, Gastroenterologists and Oncolo-– 32nd Annual Meeting, Ojai, California, June 24- gists, Khon Kaen, Thailand, November 200926, 2010 Buck, D., Goucher, H., V.L.Jr.: Incidence of Me- thicellin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus in Speaker: ―Surgical septic shock.‖ InternationalPublications Pressure Sores, Midwest Association of Plastic surgical forum, International Association of Sur- Surgeons Chicago, IL May 2010 geons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists,Malaisrie SC, McCarthy PM, McGee EC, Lee R, Khon Kaen, Thailand, November 2009Rigolin VH, Davidson CJ, Beohar N, Lapin B, Silver, A., Lewis V.L. Jr.: Utility of the fragilitySubacius H, Bonow RO. Contemporary preop- Index to predict complications after Pressure ―Current management of HCC.‖ Internationalerative results of isolated aortic valve replace- Ulcer Reconstruction. Midwest Association of surgical forum, International Association of Sur-ment for aortic stenosis. Ann Thorac Surg Plastic Surgeons Chicago, IL May 2010 geons, Gastroenterologists and Oncologists,2010;89:751-7 Khon Kaen, Thailand, November 2009 PublicationsMcCarthy PM, Kruse J, Shalli S, Ilkhanoff L, Panel presentation- Pancreatic Surgery - CentralGoldberger JJ, Kadish AH, Arora R, Lee R. Buck, D.W., Heyer, K., Lewis, V.L. Jr.: Recon- Surgical Association Chicago, IL 2010Where does atrial fibrillation surgery fail?: struction of the zygomatic arch using a man-Implications for increasing AF ablation effective- dibular adaptionplate. J. Carniomaxillofacial ―Who needs and operation for appendicitis?‖ness. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 2010;139 Surg. 20:1193-6, July 2009 MUSC Postgraduate course Charleston, SC(4):860-7 2010 Buck, D.W., Lewis, V.L. Jr.: The Use of ArgonMcCarthy PM, Lee R, Foley JF, Phillips L, Kanay- Beam Coagulation in Pressure Sore Reconstruc- ―The Development of New Technology for Liverinkal T, Francischelli DE. Occlusion of canine tion. J. Plast. Recon. And Aesthetic Surg. Resection‖ MUSC Postgraduate course Charles-atrial appendage using an expandable 62:1684-1687, August, 2009 ton, SC 2010silicone band. J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg.February 2010, In Press ―Bile Duct Strictures‖ MUSC Postgraduate Page 38
  • 39. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationscourse Charleston, SC 2010 than the standard? Thai Physicians Association of Strategy. Tokyo, Japan, February 2009 America - Annual Convention.Organizer and moderator SSAT Postgraduate Chiang Rai, Thailand, 2010 Speaker, Edwards Heart Valve Treatment Fo-course. New Orleans 2010 rum. Tricuspid Regurgitation: Leave It or Not? Percutaneous Non-Coronary Interventions: Atrium, Tokyo, Japan, February 2009Zen and the Art of Surgery: How to make Johnny Valves and Septum. Oral presentation.a surgeon. SSAT presidential address New Or- American Heart Association. 2009 Scientific Speaker, Edwards Heart Valve Treatment Fo-leans 2010 Sessions. Orlando, FL rum. Tissue Valve – Tissue Valve Replacement Benefit. Tokyo, Japan, February 2009Publications LVADs and Complex Aortic Repairs. Baxter BioSurgery New Hire Sales Training. Speaker, 12th Annual Society of CardiovascularKrantz Seth, Mahvi DM. The Stomach In: Sabis- BioSurgery/MarCam. Chicago, IL, 2010 Anesthesiologists Comprehensive Review &ton‘s textbook of Surgery 2010 Update of Perioperative Echo Meeting. Surgical Will Percutaneous AVR Affect Referrals for AS?: Repair of the Mitral Valve. San Diego, CA, Feb-Strigel RM, Schutt DJ, Webster JG, Mahvi DM, The Problem of ruary 2009Haemmerich D. An Electrode Array for Limiting Unoperated AS. St. James Hospital GrandBlood Loss During Liver Resection: Optimization Rounds. Olympia Fields, IL, 2010 Discussant, 12th Annual Society of Cardiovascu-via Mathematical Modeling Open Biomed Eng J lar Anesthesiologists Comprehensive Review &2010; 4: 39-46 Update on the Partners Trial. Center for Heart Update of Perioperative Echo Meeting. Case Valve Disease Meeting. Discussion: Mitral Valve Surgery. San Diego, CA,Contreras CM, Stanelle E J, Mansour JJ, Hin- Bluhm Cardiovascular Institute. Northwestern February 2009shaw L, Rikkers LF, Rettammel R, Mahvi DM, Memorial Hospital. Chicago, ILCho CS, Weber SM. Staging Laparoscopy En- Speaker, 12th Annual Society of Cardiovascularhances the Detection of Occult Metastases in Publications Anesthesiologists Comprehensive Review &Patients with Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma. J Update of Perioperative Echo Meeting. Tricus-Surg Oncology In press 2009 McCarthy PM, Malaisrie SC. Mitral valve repair pid: The Rodney Dangerfield Valve. San Diego, and replacement, including associated CA, February 2009O‘Connor ES, Foley EF, Lund D, Mahvi, DM, atrial fibrillation and tricuspid regurgitation. In:McDonald R, Developing a Problem-Based Otto CM, Bonow RO, eds. Valvular heart Speaker, Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.Learning and Improvement Curriculum for an disease: a companion to Braunwalds heart Treatment Advances for Congestive Heart Fail-Academic General Surgery Residency in press disease. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, PA: ure Patients with Mitral Valve Disease DinnerJACS 2010 Saunders/Elsevier; Aug 2009 Symposium. Advances in Treatment for Conges- tive Heart Failure Patients with Mitral ValveMahvi DM. Zen and the art of surgery: How to Hirsch EM, Atoui R, McCarthy PM, McGee EC, Disease. Burbank, CA, February 2009make Johnny a surgeon submitted- JOGS 2010 Malaisrie SC, Lee R. Sternal salvage with rigid plating system after failure of Talon device. Ann Speaker, Edwards Global Heart Valve DiseaseMalaisrie, Chris, MD Thorac Surg. April 2010, In Press Summit 2009. Surgery for Ischemic Mitral Re- gurgitation: State-of-the-Art. Atlanta, GA, MarchAwards/Honors Malaisrie SC, McCarthy PM, McGee EC, Lee R, 2009 Rigolin V, Davidson CJ, Beohar N, Lapin B, Suba-Recipient of the Eleanor Wood Prince Grant Initia- cius H, Bonow R. Speaker, American College of Cardiology 58thtive; A Project of Contemporary preoperative results of isolated Annual Scientific Session. Treatment and Out- aortic valve replacement for aortic stenosis: comes of Patients with Tricuspid Valve Disease.The Woman‘s Board of Northwestern Memorial Implications for referral of patients for valve Orlando, FL, March 2009Hospital, 2009 replacement. Ann Thorac Surg. 2010;89:751-7 Speaker, American College of Cardiology 58thPresentations McCarthy, Patrick, MD Annual Scientific Session. Tricuspid Valve 2009. Orlando, FL, March 2009Management of the Distal Ascending Aorta during Awards/HonorsAortic Root Replacement. American Association Speaker, Dallas-Leipzig International Valve Con-for Thoracic Surgery – Aortic Symposium 2010. Named Director of the Bluhm Cardiovascular gress. Debate of Techniques of Mitral Repair:New York, NY Institute (formerly served as Co-Director Anterior Leaflet Repair is Not More Difficult. Dallas, TX, April 2009Should patients with atrial fibrillation requiring Presentations Speaker, Dallas-Leipzig International Valve Con-aortic valve replacement receive a gress. Top Ten Tricks and Tips For Mitral Valvebioprosthetic valve? Valves in the Heart of the Big Speaker, Kaiser Permanente Hospital. Cardiac Repair; How Not to Fail! Dallas, TX, April 2009.Apple VI: Evaluation & Management of Grand Rounds, Surgical Management of Heart Moderator, Dallas-Leipzig International ValveValvular Heart Disease 2010. New York, NY Failure. Los Angeles, CA, February 2009 Congress. Management of Mitral Valve Disease. Dallas, TX, April 2009Aortic valve repair and percutaneous valve re- Speaker, Edwards Heart Valve Treatment Fo-placement. Are new treatment options better rum. Surgical Treatment Update: Etiology Based Speaker, Illinois Chapter of the American Col- Page 39
  • 40. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationslege of Cardiology, AHA, Midwest Affiliate. 3rd Speaker, Edwards Global Mitral & Tricuspid racic Surgeons 46th Annual Meeting. JanuaryMidwest Fellows Forum. To Stent or to Sew: That Valve Summit: A Multidisciplinary Practical Up- 2010is the Question. Chicago, IL, April 2009 date for the Practicing Physician. Challenging Case Studies in Ischemic MR: Case 2: Cord McGee EC: ―Mitral Valve Repair for IschemicSpeaker, Northwestern Memorial Foundation Sparing Mitral Valve Replacement. Chicago, Mitral Regurgitation: Midterm ClinicalProfessional Council for Philanthropy. NUven- Illinois, June 2009 and Echocardiographic Results after Restrictivetion. Chicago, IL, May 2009 Complete Annuloplasty‖. Abstract Presentation. Speaker/Discussant, Edwards Global Mitral & 2nd Annual Joint Meeting of the Heart ValveSpeaker, 89th Annual American Association for Tricuspid Valve Summit: A Multidisciplinary Prac- Society of America and Society of Heart ValveThoracic Surgery Meeting. Should Functional tical Update for the Practicing Physician. Surgi- Diseases. April 2010Mitral Regurgitation in Heart Failure Patients Be cal Intervention of Mitral Disease. Chicago,Repaired? Boston, MA, May 2009 Illinois, June 2009 McGee, EC: ―Tricuspid Valve Repair at the Time of Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation:Speaker, 89th Annual American Association for Speaker, BCVI Summer Student Program. Over- Is it Warranted?‖ Presented at the InternationalThoracic Surgery Meeting. Where Does Atrial view of Cardiac Surgery. Chicago, Illinois, July Heart and Lung Transplantation 29thFibrillation Surgery Fail?: Implications for In- 2009 Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions. Aprilcreasing AF Ablation Effectiveness. Boston, MA, 2010May 2009 Speaker, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. CVD Fellowship Core Cur- McGee EC: Illinois Chapter of the AmericanSpeaker, The 5th Annual Dartmouth Conference riculum for Cardiology Grand Rounds. Cardiac College of Cardiology, 2nd Annual Cardiac Careon Advances in Heart Failure: Heart Failure – Surgery 2009: What the Cardiology Fellows Associate Symposium. ―Mechanical AssistanceFrom Prevention to Intervention. Valvular Heart Need to Know. Chicago, Illinois, July 2009 for Stage D Heart Failure‖. Chicago, IL. OctoberDisease: Surgical Perspective of Aortic and Mi- 2009tral Disease. Lebanon, New Hampshire, May Speaker, St. James Hospital. CME Lecture.2009 Cardiac Surgery in ‘09 and Beyond. Olympia Publications Fields, Illinois, August 2009Discussant, The 5th Annual Dartmouth Confer- Malaisrie SC, McCarthy PM, McGee EC, Lee R,ence on Advances in Heart Failure: Heart Failure Publications Rigolin VH, Davidson CJ, Beohar N, Lapin B,– From Prevention to Intervention. Faculty Up- Subacius H, Bonow RO. Contemporary preop-dates on Current Research Interests. Lebanon, Wierup P, Egeblad H, Nielsen SL, Schersten H, erative results of isolated aortic valve replace-New Hampshire, May 2009 Kimblad PO, Bech-Hansen O, Roijer A, Nilsson F, ment for aortic stenosis. Ann Thorac Surg 2010 McCarthy PM, Bouchard D, Jacobsen J, Paaske Mar;89(3):751-7Speaker, The 5th Annual Dartmouth Conference Johnsen S, Hvitfeldt Poulsen S, Mølgaard H.on Advances in Heart Failure: Heart Failure – Moderate mitral regurgitation in patients under- Hirsch EM, Atoui R, McCarthy PM, McGee EC,From Prevention to Intervention. Advanced going CABG – the MoMIC trial. Scand Cardio- Malaisrie SC, Lee R. Sternal salvage with rigidSurgical Techniques: Choosing When and What vasc J 2009;43(1):50-6 plating system after failure of Talon device. AnnTo Do. Lebanon, New Hampshire, May 2009 Thorac Surg. April 2010, In Press McCarthy, PM. When is your Surgeon GoodSpeaker, 52nd Annual Meeting of Kansai Asso- Enough? When Do You Need a ―Referent Sur- McGee EC, Atoui R, Olsen E, Lapin B, Barlieau G,ciation for Thoracic Surgery. Surgery for IMR geon?‖ Current Cardiology Reports Kruse J, Malaisrie C, Lee R, McCarthy P, Mikati I.and TR. Tokyo, Japan, June 2009 2009;11:107-113 Mitral Valve Repair for Ischemic Mitral Regurgi- tation: Midterm Clinical and EchocardiographicSpeaker, 52nd Annual Meeting of Kansai Asso- Navia JL, Doi K, Garcia M, Atik FA, Fukamachi K, Results after Restrictive Complete Annuloplasty.ciation for Thoracic Surgery. Complex Myxoma- Xu X, Kamohara K, Kopcak M, Gonzalez- Cardiology 2010;115:251-293. In Presstous MV Repair. Tokyo, Japan, June 2009 Stawinski GV, McCarthy PM, Lytle B. Implanta- tion technique and early echocardiographic Morasch, Mark, MDSpeaker, 52nd Annual Meeting of Kansai Asso- performance of newly designed stentless mitralciation for Thoracic Surgery. Should Functional bioprosthesis. J Card Surg, 2009 (In Press) Awards/HonorsMitral Regurgitation in Heart Failure Patients beRepaired? Tokyo, Japan, June 2009 McGee, Jr. Edwin, MD John F. Marquardt, MD, Clinical Research Pro- fessorship of Vascular SurgerySpeaker, 52nd Annual Meeting of Kansai Asso- Awards/Honorsciation for Thoracic Surgery. Tricuspid Valve Recipient - The Clinical Leadership Award, North- PresentationsSurgery: New Information No Longer the Forgot- western Medical Facultyten Valve. Tokyo, Japan, June 2009 Foundation, 2009 Management of Vertebrobasilar Disease. Inter- national Symposium on Vascular Diseases,Speaker, Edwards Global Mitral & Tricuspid Presentations Abano Terme, Italy, October 10, 2009Valve Summit: A Multidisciplinary Practical Up-date for the Practicing Physician. Challenging McGee EC: ―Mechanical Circulatory Support for Percutaneous Treatment of Aortic Aneurysms.Case Studies in Ischemic MR: Case 1: Annular Cardiogenic Shock – Adult‖. International Symposium on VascularDilation. Chicago, Illinois, June 2009 Course Chair. Presented at the Society of Tho- Diseases, Abano Terme, Italy, October 10, 2009 Page 40
  • 41. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationsTreatment of Aortic Infections. International Garcia-Toca M, Usman AA, Matsumura JS, Kibbe ber 10-13, 2009Symposium on Vascular Diseases, MR, Morasch MD, Rodriguez HE,Abano Terme, Italy, October 10, 2009 Amaranto DJ, Pearce WH, Eskandari MK. 8-Year ―Subclavian Artery Aneurysm.‖ Vascular Sur- Institutional Review of Carotid Artery gery—A Manual for Survival, Chicago, IL, Decem-What are the Results and Complications with Stenting. J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 ber 10-13, 2009the TAG Endograft when it is Used More Widelyand Not Only in Centers of Excellence (The Post- Leon LR, Mills JL, Jordan WD, Morasch MD, ―TOS-Which Way?‖ Vascular Surgery—A ManualMarketing Approval Trial)? VEITH Becker GJ, Kovacs ME, Arslan B, Dake MD, for Survival, Chicago, IL, December 10-13, 2009Symposium 2009, New York, NY, November 22, Katzen BT. The risks of celiac artery coverage2009 during endoluminal repair of thoracic Moderator, ―Essentials of Coding.‖ Vascular and thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms.. Vasc Surgery—A Manual for Survival, Chicago, IL,Update on TEVAR-Early Results from Post- Endovasc Surg 2009 Feb-Mar;43(1):51-60 December 10-13, 2009Marketing Trial. 34th Annual NorthwesternVascular Symposium: Vascular Surgery-A Man- Tang GL, Matsumura JS, Morasch MD, Pearce Moderator, ―Vascular Lab.‖ Vascular Surgery—Aual for Survival, Chicago, IL, December 12, WH, Nguyen A, Amaranto D, Eskandari MK. Manual for Survival, Chicago, IL, December 10-2009 Carotid angioplasty and stenting vs. carotid 13, 2009 endarterectomy for asymptomatic diseaseMesenteric Revascularization. Leading Innova- : single center experience. Arch Surg; 2008;143 Publicationstive Vascular Education (LIVE) 2010, (7):1-6Corfu, Greece, May 27, 2010 Amaranto D, Abbas F, Krantz S, Pearce WH, Vaziri K, Bhanot P, Prystowski J, Morasch M, Wang E, Kibbe MR. An Evaluation of Gender andSplachnic Arterial Aneurysms. Leading Innova- Hungness ES and Nagle AP. Retrievable Inferior Racial Bias in the Surgical Treatment of Arterialtive Vascular Education (LIVE) 2010, Vena Cava Filters in High Risk Patients Undergo- Disease. J Vasc Surg 2009, 50(6):1340-7Corfu, Greece, May 27, 2010 ing Bariatric Surgery. Surgical Endoscopy, 2009;23(10):2203-7 Brown KE, Usman AA, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD,Current Concepts in the Treatment of Mesen- Matsumura JS, Pearce WH, Amaranto DJ, Eteric Ischemia. Leading Innovative Vascular Pearce, William, MD skandari MK. Carotid Stenting Using TaperedEducation (LIVE) 2010, Corfu, Greece, May 27, Versus Non-tapered Stents: Associated2010 Presentations Neurologic Complications and Restenosis Rates. J Vasc Surg 2009;23:439-445Vertebrovascular Disease: When is Intervention ―Ask the Expert.‖ Northwestern MemorialNeeded and What is the Place of Stenting? Hospital‘s 23rd Nursing Conference on Selected Eskandari MK, Usman AA, Garcia-Toca M, Ma-Leading Innovative Vascular Education (LIVE) Topics in Vascular Disease, Chicago, IL, tsumura JS, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD,2010, Corfu, Greece, May 27, 2010 October 2, 2009 Rodriguez HE, Pearce WH. 8-Year Institutional Review of Carotid ArteryTreatment of Innominate and Subclavian Artery ―Carotid IMT: Is It Useful?‖ Echo Stenting. J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51Occlusive Disease: When, Why and How? Northwestern 2009. Chicago, IL, October Leading Innovative Vascular Education (LIVE) 17-19, 2009 Feinglass J, Sohn MW, Rodriguez H, Martin GJ,2010, Corfu, Greece, May 27, 2010 Pearce WH. Perioperative outcomes and Moderator, ―Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet amputation-free survival after lower extremityPublications Syndrome: Surgical Treatment.‖ Thoracic Outlet bypass surgery in California hospitals, 1996- Syndrome: Challenges, Controversies, and 1999, with follow-up through 2004. J VascAdel JG, Morasch MD, Eskandari MK. An uncom- Consensus, St. Louis, MO, Surg 2009;50:776-783mon cause for carotid artery stenosis October 23-24, 2009after carotid stenting. Ann Vasc Surg 2009;23 Garcia-Toca M, Usman AA, Matsumura JS,(2):258.e9-12 ―Subclavian and Axillary Artery Lesions.‖ Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, Rodriguez HE, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome: Challenges, Amaranto DJ, Pearce WH, Eskandari MK.Brown KE, Usman AA, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, Controversies, and Consensus, St. Louis, 8-Year Institutional Review of Carotid ArteryMatsumura JS, Pearce WH, Amaranto DJ, MO, October 23-24, 2009. Stenting.Eskandari MK. Carotid Stenting Using Tapered J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51Versus Non-tapered Stents: ―Vascular Assessment of the Diabetic Patient.‖Associated Neurologic Complications and The Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Vascular Conference: Lautz TB, Abbas F, Novis Walsh SJ, Chow C,Restenosis Rates. J Vasc Surg 2009;23:439- Frontiers in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Amaranto DJ, Wang E, Blackburn D, Pearce WH,445 Vascular Disease, Chicago, IL, October 28, 2009 Kibbe MR. Isolated Gastrocnemius and Soleal Vein Thrombosis (IGSVT): Should these PatientsEskandari MK, Usman AA, Garcia-Toca M, Ma- Moderator, ―Issues in Vascular Surgery.‖ Vascu- Receive Therapeutic Anticoagulation? Ann Surg.tsumura JS, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, lar Surgery—A Manual for Survival, Chicago, IL, 2009 Oct 24 (Epub ahead of print, PMIDRodriguez HE, Pearce WH. 8-Year Institutional December 10-13, 2009 19858700)Review of Carotid Artery Stenting. J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51 ―Vascular Book of Business.‖ Vascular Sur- Payvandi L, Dyer A, McPherson D, Ades P, Stein gery—A Manual for Survival, Chicago, IL, Decem- J, Liu K, Ferrucci L, Criqui MH, Guralnik JM, Page 41
  • 42. The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publications Lloyd-Jones D, Kibbe MR, Liang ST, Kane B, Congress General Session, October 2009 pilonidal disease: plugs, hairs, pits and lifts.Pearce WH, Verta M, McCarthy WJ, Schneider Surgical Grand Rounds, Northwestern MemorialJR, Shroff A, McDermott MM. Physical Activity Presenter: Time Management, Weekly Fellows Hospital, April 15, 2010during Daily Life and Brachial Artery Flow- Conference, University of Michigan, 2009mediated Dilation in Peripheral PublicationsArterial Disease. Vasc Med. 2009, 14(3):193- Women in Surgery: A Career Development Semi-201 nar, ―How to Suceed in Surgical Education‖ Lipskar AM, Rothstein DH, Soffer SZ, Edelman University of Maryland – May, 2009 M, Glick RD. 2009. Intrathoracic glial implantsTang GL, Matsumura JS, Morasch MD, Pearce in a child with gliomatosis peritonei. J Ped SurgWH, Nguyen A, Amaranto D, Eskandari MK. Rodriguez, Heron, MD 44:1817-1820Carotid angioplasty and stenting vs. carotidendarterectomy for asymptomatic disease: Presentations Rothstein DH, Reynolds M. 2009. Congenital single center experience. Arch Surg; 2008;143 Anomalies of the Esophagus, in Shields TW,(7):1-6 Infectious Aortitis, 34th Northwestern Vascular LoCicero J, Reed CE, Feins RH (Eds). General Symposium, Visceral Vessels Session, Chicago, Thoracic Surgery (7th ed.), Philadelphia: Lippin-Eskandari MK, Morasch MD, Pearce WH, Yao IL, December 11, 2009 cott Williams & Wilkins, 1867-1880JST, eds. Vascular Surgery: Therapeutic Strate-gies. Shelton, CT: People‘s Medical Publishing Popliteal Pathology, 34th Northwestern Vascular Russell, Hyde, MDHouse—USA, 2010 Symposium, Lower Extremity Session, , Chicago, IL, December 11, 2009 PresentationsEskandari MK, Pearce WH, Yao JST, eds.Carotid Artery Disease. Shelton, CT: People‘sEnhancing Educational Quality and Continuity Speaker, Common Arterial Trunk: Is ValvularMedical Publishing House, 2010 of Care in a Surgical Residency Program using Insufficiency Really an Indicator of Adverse Out- Industrial Engineering Methods, 2010 Joint come? Midwest Pediatric Cardiology Society,Morasch MD, Pearce WH, Yao JST, eds. Surgery Annual Meeting of APDS, ASE and ARCS, San Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 7, 2009of the Aorta and Its Body Branches. Shelton, Antonio, TX,CT: People‘s Medical Publishing House, 2010 April 21, 2010 Speaker, Vacuum Assisted Clsure of Pediatric Sternal Wounds. Congenital Heart Surgeons‘Pugh, Carla, MD, PhD Publications Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL, Nov. 2, 2009Awards/ Honors Eskandari MK, Usman AA, Garcia-Toca M, Ma- tsumura JS, Kibbe MR, Morasch MD, Shapiro, Michael, MDExcellence in Academic Medicine Grant - Use of Rodriguez HE, Pearce WH. 8-Year InstitutionalDecision-Based Surgical Simulators to Assess Review of Carotid Artery Stenting. Awards/HonorsIntra-Operative Performance: A Focus on Operat- J Vasc Surg 2010;51:1145-51ing Room Efficiency, Patient Safety & Associate Examiner, American Board of SurgeryTeam Communication 3 Years $260,817.00 Feinglass J, Sohn MW, Rodriguez H, Martin GJ, Certifying Examination, Chicago, IL, April 2010 Pearce WH. Perioperative outcomes andOutstanding Women in Technology Award – amputation-free survival after lower extremity PublicationsCircuit Court of Cook County, 2009 bypass surgery in California hospitals, 1996-1999, with follow-up through 2004. J Evans HL, Cuschieri J, Moore EE, Shapiro MB,Chosen as a Chicago Visionary – Chicago Public Vasc Surg 2009;50:776-783 Nathens AB, Johnson JL, Harbrecht BG, Minei J,Radio and Chicago Matters, 2009 Bankey PE, Maier RV, West MA. Inflammation Garcia-Toca M, Usman AA, Matsumura JS, Kibbe and the host response to injury, a Large-ScaleAchievement Award – African American MR, Morasch MD, Rodriguez HE, Collaborative Project: patient-oriented researchWomen‘s Business and Career Group, 2009 Amaranto DJ, Pearce WH, Eskandari MK. 8-Year core standard operating procedures for clinical Institutional Review care IX. Definitions for complications of clinicalPresentations care of critically injured patients. Journal of Rothstein, David, MD Trauma, 2009;67:384-388Presenter: Simulation and Assessment: SurgicalTraining and Credentialing Reconsidered. Presentations Cobb JP, Moore EE, Hayden DL, Minei JP, Har-Northwestern University Department of Surgery brecht BG, Moore EE, Cuscheiri J, Maier RV,Grand Rounds. 2009 Current management of pilonidal disease in the Billiar TR, Peitzman, AB, Yung J, Hennesey L, Tomp- pediatric population. Illinois Surgical Society, kins RG, The Inflammation and the Host ResponsePresenter: Simulation Technology @ Northwest- Annual Meeting, Chatham, Mass., September to Injury Collaborative Research Program (Shapiroern, NUvention Board Meeting, 2009 MB). Validation of the riboleukogram to detect 17, 2009 ventilator-associated pneumonia. AnnalsPresenter: Making Sense of Haptic Data. North- of Surgery, 08/27/2009;Epub ahead of print International volunteerism in surgery: Globalwestern Conference on Simulation Technology burden of surgical disease and some things we Neal MD, Cushieri J, Rosengart MR, Alarcon LH,in Health Professions Education, 2009 can do about it. Surgical Grand Rounds, Chil- Moore EE, Maier RV, Minei JP, Billiar TR, Peitzman dren‘s Memorial Hospital, March 22, 2010 AB, Sperry JL, The Inflammation and the Host Re-Paper Discussant: Surgical Education Session, sponse to Injury Collaborative Research ProgramAmerican College of Surgeon‘s Clinical Latest thoughts on etiology and management of (Shapiro MB). Preinjury statin use is associated Page 42
  • 43. The Surgical Scope The Surgical Scope Awards, honors, presentations and publicationswith a higher risk of multiple organ failure after tinal Advisory Council as a Member, 2010 Invited Co-Moderator: SAGES Presidential De-injury: a propensity score adjusted analysis. Journal bates, National Harbor, Maryland, April 16, 2010of Trauma, 2009;67:476-82 Visiting Professor, Methodist Hospital, Houston, TX, 2010 Invited Moderator: SSAT Postgraduate Course onKotz KT, Xiao W, Miller-Graziano C, Qian WJ, Rosen- Multidisciplinary Management ofback AE, Russom A, Moldawer LL, De A, Bankey PE, Visiting Professor, 23rd Annual Joel W. Gastrointestinal Disease: ―Multimodal Manage-Petritis BO, Camp DG, Goverman J, Fagan SP, Baker Lecturer, Virginia Mason Medical Center, ment of Reflux‖, New Orleans, Louisiana, May 2,Brownstein BH, Irimia D, Wilhelmy J, Mindrinos MN, Seattle, WA, 2010 2010Smith RD, Davis RW, Tompkins RG, Toner M, TheInflammation and the Host Response to Injury Visiting Professor, 2010 Dallas B. Phemister Lec- Invited Lecturer: Virginia Mason Medical Center,Collaborative Research Program (Shapiro MB). turer, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 2010 23rd Annual Joel W. Baker, M.D. Lecture inClinical Microfluidics for Neutrophil Genomics and Surgery: ―Minimally Invasive GI Surgery: Past,Proteomics. Nature-Methods, 2010, in press Presentations Present and (?) Future‖, Seattle, Washington, May 21, 2010 Zhou B, Xu W, Herndon DN, Tompkins RG, Davis R, Invited Lecturer for International Surgery of theXiao W, Wong WH, The Inflammation and the Host Digestive Disease : Laparoscopic Visiting Professor, 2010 Dallas B. Phemister Lec-Response to Injury Collaborative Research Program fundoplication for Barrett‘s: outcomes‖, Adelaide, turer: ―Minimally Invasive GI Surgery: Past,(Shapiro MB). Analysis of factorial time course Australia, September 7, 2009 Present and (?) Future‖, University of Chicago,microarrays with application to a clinical study or Chicago, IL, June 1, 2010burn injury. PNAS, 2010, in press Invited Lecturer for International Surgery of the Digestive Disease,: ―Latest on transgastric Invited Speaker: 74th Annual University of Minne-De AK, Miller-Graziano CL, Hayden DL, Maier RV, and transvaginal procedures‖, Adelaide, Australia, sota Surgery Course: Advances in Hepatic,Bankey PE, Nathans AB, Minei JP, Moldawer LL, September 9, 2009 Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery, ―The Current StatusTompkins RG, The Inflammation and the Host Re- of NOTES‖, Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 3, 2010sponse to Injury Investigators (Shapiro MB). Post Invited Lecturer: American College of Surgeonsinjury alterations in leukocyte and cytokine expres- 95th Clinical Congress, Introduction and Invited Speaker: 74th Annual University of Minne-sion reflect both clinical outcome and initial sever- Rationale for Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Sur- sota Surgery Course: Advances in Hepatic,ity. Critical Care Medicine, 2010, in press gery, Chicago, Illinois, October 11, 2009 Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery, ―The Difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy‖,Finnerty CC, Qian WJ, Kaushal A, Jeschke MG, Xiao Invited Lecturer: American College of Surgeons 95th Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 3, 2010W, Liu T, Gritsendko MA, Moore RJ, Camp DG, Kulp Clinical Congress, Video on LaparoscopicG, Moldawer LL, Elson C, Schoenfeld D, Gamelli R, Nissen Fundoplication, Chicago, Illinois, October PublicationsGibran N, Klein M, Arnoldo B, Remick D, Smith RD, 13, 2009Davis R, Herndon DN, Tompkin RG, The Inflamma- Kwiatek MA, Kahrilas PJ, Soper NJ, Bulsiewicz WJ,tion and the Host Response to Injury Collaborative Invited Lecturer: American College of Surgeons McMahon BP, Gregerson H, Pandolfino JE (2010)Research Program (Shapiro MB). Determination of 95th Clinical Congress, Single Incision Esophagogastric junction distensibility after fun-burn patient outcome by large scale quantitative Surgery, Defining the critical view and CBD injury, doplication assessed with a novel functional lu-discovery proteomics. Journal of Clinical Investiga- Chicago, Illinois, October 13, 2009 minal imaging probe. J Gastrointest Surg,tion, 2010, in press 13:12:2219-2225 (February 2010) Invited Speaker: Northwestern University FeinbergShapiro MB. Splenorrhaphy, Open. In Soper NJ, School of Medicine Sesquicentennial Scherer JR, Kwiatek MA, Soper NJ, Pandolfino JE,Kaufman DB (eds). Northwestern Handbook of Symposium, ―Non-Invasive Surgery‖, Chicago, Illi- Kahrilas PJ (2009) Functional EsophagogastricSurgical Procedures, 2nd Edition. Landes Biosci- nois, October 26, 2009 Junction Obstruction with Intact peristalsis: A Het-ences, 2010, in press erogeneous Syndrome Sometimes Akin to Invited Speaker: Northwestern University Feinberg Achalasia. J Gastrointest Surg, 13:12.2219-2225Shapiro MB. Major Hepatic Laceration: Open Re- School of Medicine‘s Workshop; (December 2009)pair. In Soper NJ, Kaufman DB (eds). Northwestern Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery (FLS) TrainHandbook of Surgical Procedures, 2nd Edition. the Proctors: Aggarwal R, Mytton OT, Derbrew M, Hananel D,Landes Biosciences, 2010, in press ―Background / Validation / Content / Overview, Heydenburg M, Issenberg B, MacAulay C, Mancini Chicago, Illinois November 14, 2009 ME, Morimoto T, Soper N, Ziv A, Reznick R (2010)Soper, Nathaniel, MD Training and simulation for patient safety. Quality Invited Speaker: Japan Society of Endoscopic Sur- and Safety in Health Care in pressAwards/ Honors gery, ―Current Status of NOTES‖, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 4, 2009Named Secretary of the Central Surgical Associa- Onders R, Khansarinia S, Weiser T, Chin C, Hung-tion, 2009 Invited Speaker: Academic Surgical Congress, ness ES, Soper N, de Hoyos A, Cole T, Ducko C. State-of-the-Art Lecture: Multi-center analysis of cardiac interactions withNamed Vice President for Chicago Surgical Society, ―NOTES® - Where is it Going?, Feb 4, 2010 diaphragm pacing for ventilation: positive impli-2009 Invited Lecturer: Methodist Hospital, Grand cations for ventilator weaning in intensive care Rounds, Minimally Invasive GI Surgery: units. Surgery – In PressSAGES Distinguished Service Award, 2010 Past, Present and (?) 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  • 45. Issue 5 “Safer Surgery Today, Better Surgery Tomorrow” Upcoming Events, 2010-2011Grand Rounds(Thursdays/7am-8am/676 N. St. Clair / Suite 650) September 16: QA Presentations, Ashley Hardy,MD, Jessica Naditch, MD, Joe Phillips, MD, Melissa Pilewskie, MD, Akhil Seth, MD September 23: Intraoperative Teaching and As- sessment, Jon Fryer, MD September 30: Statistical Process Control and Sur- gical Outcomes, Donald Fry, MD October 14: Method Lectureship, John Tarpley, MD October 21: Educational Grand Rounds, Adrian Parks, MD October 28: TBA, Marleta Reynolds, MD November 11: NU Transplant Outcomes Research Collaberative, Daniela Ladner, MD November 18: Breast Reconstruction: Impact of Ra- diation on the Decision to Reconstruct, Neil Fine, MD December 9: Interventions for Emphysema, Mal- colm DeCamp, MD December 16: Appendicitis: Still a Surgical Disease, David Mahvi, MD December 23: Revisional Bariatric Surgery at North- western, Jeff Fronza, MD The following table is a reference for all future newsletters. If you would like the Department of Surgery to include your recent presentation/article/book chapter, upcoming events, etc. in the next issue, please send the information (in a CV-format) to by the due date listed below. Time Period Covered Articles Due Publication 9/1—8/31 2nd Friday of July September Publication The Department of Surgery thanks everyone who has contributed to this issue of “The Surgical Scope.” Page 45