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Oral Presentations - Graduate College - Missouri State University

  1. 1. Oral Presentation – Quick Guide Room 308<br />*Graduate students presenting in the Missouri State University Interdisciplinary Forum are highlighted.<br />7:30Check-in for Oral Session 1Oral Session 1308AMicrobiology308BBiology308CConservation8:00-8:15Erin MurphyBiologyLoss of Pil1 Disrupts Cell-Eating AbilityGilbert CorriganPractical Data Management Analytics in Epidemiological Analysis of Forensic Toxicological Autopsy Data Using Microsoft Access Database SoftwareJean ElbersBiologyViability of Seeds of Riparian Vegetation Ingested by Alligator Snapping Turtles (Macrochelys Temmin8:15-8:30Daobing WangBiologyThe C-Terminal GTPase Effector Domain of Yeast Dynamin Plays an Important Role in Early Endocytosis and Interacts Geneticaly with AmphiphysinN. DudenhoefferLincoln UniversityBio-Sequestration of CO2by Growing Algae Using Flue Gas from the Coal Power Plant at Chamois, MissouriJoseph LemenBiologyPredicting Habitat Use and Temporal Activity of the Indiana Bat8:30-8:45Brian PetersonBiologyRegulation of Synergistic Inducible Gene Expression in Response to IL-10 and LPSK. M. HartmanMo Western State UniversityComparison of Forest Versus Prairie Micoclimates in a Loess Hill EcosystemRebecca BrondelBiologyCrayfish Predation on Juvenile Freshwater Mussels (Bivalvia: Unionidae)8:45-9:00Christopher BergBiologyThe Functional Synergy Between Yeast Dynamin and Key Membrane Recycling FactorsJ. F. TaulmanPark UniversityA Comparison of Fixed-Width Transect and Fixed-Radius Point Count Methods for Breeding Bird Surveys in a Small Hardwood Forest in MissouriKrystal MorganMo Southern State UniversityHabitat Preferences and Leaf Decomposition Rates in Winter in Two Southwestern Missouri Streams9:00-9:15Chitra KambleMissouri StateImplications of SLM Genes in Endocytosis and the Organization of EisosomeD. AshleyMissouri Western State University Occurrence, Distribution, and 2009 Status of Missouri Populations of the Western Prairie Fringed Orchid (Platanthera Praeclara)9:00-10:00Poster Session 1 (PSU Ballroom)9:30Check-in for Oral Session 2Oral Session 210:00-10:15C. L. BrownU. of Central MissouriPresence of Babesia ssp. In Johnson County, Missouri TicksRobert HuntBiologyBehavioral Responses of Juvenile Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma Maculatum) to Alarm Cues from Damaged Skin and Predator DietR. A. HrabikMO Dept of ConservationSpatial and Temporal Patterns of Surface Water Temperature Observations in Main and Side Channels from the Middle Mississippi River, 1993-200710:15-10:30M. C. HastyU. of Central MissouriThe Effects of the Missouri River as a Geographic Barrier for the Incidence of Parasitic Infections in the White-Footed Mouse, Peromyscus LeucopusJanelle BowcockBiologyBat Presence and Abundance at Hibernacula in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways, MissouriR. K. HethMo Southern State UniversityDiversity and Density of the Macroinvertebrate Fauna of a Pristine Ozark Stream, Spring Creek, Oklahoma10:30-10:45Benjamin HaleBiologyMethods for Reliable and Repeatable Searcher Efficiency for Post-Construction Surveys at Wind Energy SitesPaul KlawinskiWilliam Jewell CollegePlacebo Effects Mask a Lack of Significant Difference in Frog Population Dynamics After a Canopy Cover/Detrital Manipulation in a Tropical Rain Forest10:45-11:00J. R. NortonMissouri StateComparison of Escherichia Coli, Bacteroides sp., and Enterococcus sp. Methodologies as Indicators of Fecal Contamination in a Freshwater StreamJennifer ParsonsBiologyInfluence of Prior Exposure to Predator Cues on the Territoriality of the Ozark Zigzag Salamander, Plethodon AngusticlaviusR. A. HrabikMO Dept of ConservationSampling Stream Fish Communities: An Approach to Improve Species Detection, Estimate Species Richness, and Reliable Determine Trend Through Time11:00-12:00Poster Session 2 (PSU Ballroom)<br />Oral Presentation – Quick Guide Room 312<br />*Graduate students presenting in the Missouri State University Interdisciplinary Forum are highlighted.<br />7:30Check-in for Oral Session 1Oral Session 1312AAtmospheric Science312BPhysics312CBiomed/Biotech, Chemistry, and Computer Science8:00-8:15See supplement below forAtmospheric Science Presenter TimesJ. ShawNorthwest MO State UniversityRole of Surface Band Structures in the Survival of Anions Scattered from Metal SurfacesD. CuebasMissouri StateWe Have Begun to Investigate the Exquisite Stereospecificity Displayed by the Reactions Catalyzed by B-Oxidation Enzymes Involved in the Degradation of Fatty Acids8:15-8:30J. F. WiegersWashington UniversityLearning How We Know What We Know in an Astronomy CourseJ. J. WangMissouri StateP2Y2 Nucleotide Receptor Activation Increases Microvessel Permeability8:30-8:45N. ChadaMissouri StateStructural Study of Metal Oxide Thin Films Deposited at Various Temperatures and Oxygen Pressures Using Pulsed Laser Deposition TechniqueS. SnyderMissouri StateIdentification and Characterization of the Histone Deacetylase 11 Homolog in Tetrahymena Thermophila8:45-9:00M. McCuneNorthwest MO State UniversityExperimental Observation of Chaotic Motion in an Elastic PendulumS. JaiswalMissouri StateCarbon Nanotube Hybrids: Potential for RNA Delivery9:00-9:15M. P. HillSoutheast MO State UniversityEffect of Al Substitution on the Structural and Magnetic Transitions of the Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy Ni2MnGaR. K. LeeMissouri StateElectrochemical Fabrication and Characterization of Conducting Polymer Films in Ionic Liquids9:00-10:00Poster Session 1 (PSU Ballroom)9:30Check-in for Oral Session 2Oral Session 210:00-10:15K. ManivannanMissouri StateAn Interactive Approach Using Spreadsheets to Understand the Concept of Reversible WorkM. ThompsonMissouri StateOn Efficiency of Point Cloud Visualization10:15-10:30N. NagMissouri StateSynthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanoparticles for Biomedical ApplicationsH. LiuMissouri StatePredicating Disulfide Bond Connectivity in Proteins Via Modified SVM Modeling10:30-10:45J. E. TansilSoutheast MO State UniversityContributions to Average Annual Ionizing Radiation Received by a U.S. ResidentD. R. NauglerSoutheast MO State UniversityConcurrent Erlang: An Answer to Teaching Multicore Programming?10:45-11:00J. S. MaloneMissouri StateDielectrophoretic Fabrication of Carbon Nanotube-Based Solar Cells and Their Photoelectric PropertiesE. ShadeMissouri StateTowards an Improved Lightweight Markup Language11:00-11:15R. J. WhitakerMissouri StateInternational Year of Astronomy and the Galileoscope11:00-12:00Poster Session 2 (PSU Ballroom)<br />Oral Presentation – Quick Guide Room 314<br />*Graduate students presenting in the Missouri State University Interdisciplinary Forum are highlighted.<br />7:30Check-in for Oral Session 1Oral Session 1314APlant Science and Agriculture314BGeography314CGeology8:00-8:15D. DunnU. of Missouri-ColumbiaComparing in Field Distribution of Zinc and Phosphorus in Plant and Soil Resulting from Applications of Mixed and Composit FertilizersMolly StarkeyGGPGeochemical Variation of the Lamotte Sandstone in Southwest MissouriP. A. EicksSt. Louis Community College at Florissant ValleyThe Unusual Gregarious Tendencies of the Gastropod Platyceras Found in the Keokuk Formation of Boone and Callaway Counties of Missouri8:15-8:30G. StevensU. of Missouri-ColumbiaRice Production with a Center Pivot Irrigation SystemKatherine TomlinGGPQuantitative Dye-Tracking Investigation of Groundwater Flow in the Ward Branch Watershed, Springfield, MissouriB. L. StinchcombSt. Louis Community College at Florissant ValleyLarge Shells of the Cambrian Onychochilid Scaevogyra Used by Hypothesized Hermit-Arthropods8:30-8:45F. KidwaroU. of Central MissouriEvaluation of Lowland, Upland and Intermediate Switchgrass (Panicum Virgatum L.) for Biomass Production in Mid-MissouriBarrett StankeGGPTime-Series Relationships in an Urban Karst Watershed in Springfield, MissouriR. J. GentileU. of Missouri-Kansas CityThe Late 19th Century Fossil Crinoid Discovery at Kansas City, Missouri8:45-9:00M. AideSoutheast MO State UniversityPotato Nutrient Uptake Patterns and Soil Nitrate ConcentrationsLea NondorfGGPSimulating the Effects of Carbon Sequestration on the Lamotte Sandstone in SW Missouri Using Geochemist’s WorkbenchS. A. HagemanPark UniversityHistorical and Scientific Significance of the Gut Contents of a Fossil Fish (Ichthyodectes) and9:00-10:00Poster Session 1 (PSU Ballroom)9:30Check-in for Oral Session 2Oral Session 210:00-10:15Ru DaiPlant ScienceGrapevine Stilbene Synthase Genes Exhibit Unqiue Transcriptional Patterns During the Berry Development and the Fungal InfectionNa YangU. of Missouri – ColumbiaThe Impact of the Chinese Air Cargo Hub Project on the Business Climate of St. LouisM. ForirMO Institute of Natural ScienceThe Discovery of a New Asaphus Trilobite from the Lower Ordovician Cotter Formation of South Central Missouri and Some Ideas as to its Occurrence10:15-10:30Yiming ZhangPlant ScienceFunctional Verification of a Key Defense-Related Transcription Factor NPR1 of GrapevineB. L. HoffmanPark UniversityDistribution of Influenza Deaths in Saint Joseph, Missouri During the 1918-1919 Influenza PandemicJ. P. PopeNorthwest MO State UniversityThe Tebo Formation in Missouri10:30-10:45Yu ZhangPlant ScienceViruses Are Discovered in Wild Grapevines Native to MissouriJ. R. MartinHarvesters:  The Community Food NetworkImplications of College Student Populations on Food Bank Distributions: A Case Study Using GISR. D. HagniMO University of Science and TechnologyOre Microscopic Study of Replacement of Pyrite by Copper Sulfides at the Mindola Mine, Zambian Copperbelt, Northern Zambia10:45-11:00Jennifer A. FordNatural and Applied Science-MNASEffects of Endophyte-Infested Tall Fescue on Post-Exercise Recovery of Horses in Hot Humid ClimatesJ. NoldU. of Central MissouriNew Analytical and Mineralogical Information on the Pilot Knob Magnetite Deposit, Missouri11:00-12:00Poster Session 2<br />Oral Presentation – Quick Guide Room 315<br />*Graduate students presenting in the Missouri State University Interdisciplinary Forum are highlighted.<br />7:30Check-in for Oral Session 1Oral Session 1315ANursing, Forensic Child Psychology, Applied Anthropology, Criminology, and Psychology315BEducation and Science Education315CGlobal Studies, Religious Studies, and Communication8:00-8:15Silvia ImandaNursingCultural Competence of Senior Nursing StudentsL.J. Gilbert-Saunders*Science EducationReading Fundamentals and Science SuccessAntoinette AfriyieGlobal StudiesChildren and Armed Conflict: The Case in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)8:15-8:30Kristen ShanahanForensics Child PsychologyPhysical Punishment and Child Abuse: Where Do Parents Draw the Line?Kandiah Manivannan*Science EducationNanoscience Education for the Classroom: Hands-on Activities to Explore Nanoscale ScienceTravis CooperReligious StudiesA Tale of Two Churches: Walmartization, Cultural Accommadation, and Modernization in Two Ozarks Megachurch Congregations8:30-8:45Chandra PastelCriminologyVictimization and Criminal Behavior of Homeless YouthThomas Rachow*Science EducationUse of Technologies in Teaching Human Anatomy and PhysiologyLaura GlasbrennerCommunicationFactors That Affect Identity Satisfaction in Retired Older Adults8:45-9:00Megan ScalesApplied AnthropologyThe Contemporary Critique of Ethnographic Exhibits: A Case Study of a Cultural Exhibit at Discovery Center, Springfield, MissouriJ.J. Smith*Science EducationCharacterization of the Tetrahymena Genome and Proteome Using a Multi-Institutional Inquiry-Based Classroom Laboratory ApproachScott HobanGlobal StudiesMutual Cooperation or Hindrance: China's North Korea Problem and9:00-10:00Poster Session 19:30Check-in for Oral Session 2Oral Session 210:00-10:15Melissa MeltonCriminologyThe Effects of Anger Management on Violent RecidivismPatrick Smith*Science EducationThe Existential Situation and the Emergence of EvilAbdoul KabaGlobal StudiesThe UN Humanitarian Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Role of Its Security Council: Somalia and Liberia10:15-10:30Jennifer A. FordPsychologyManifestations of Body Image Dissatisfaction Among Bariatric Surgery PatientsStephanie PowellElementary EducationThe Effectiveness of Whole Language InstructionMatthew GallionReligious StudiesAncient-Futures: Theology and Innovation in Two Ozarks Churches10:30-10:45Kristen ShanahanForensics Child PsychologyPerceptions of Sexual Orientation Affects Judgments of Guilt in Child Sexual Abuse CasesJessica StennettSecondary EducationOne Student’s Journey to Alternative AssessmentMoses MasiboGlobal StudiesThe Political Impact of the Instability of Somalia to the Horn and East Africa10:45-11:00Joshua BennettElementary EducationA Descriptive Study of Emints Instructional Technology PracticesAmanda KudaCommunicationMaking the Cut: Online Social Support After an Unwanted Cesarean Section11:00-12:00Poster Session 2<br />