Memorial Cardiac


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Memorial Cardiac

  1. 1. State-of-the-Art Roboticsfor Advanced UrologicProcedures — Page 3Leader in Cardiac Catheterizationsand Angioplasties in Browardand DadeMemorial Cardiac & VascularInstitute — Page 4Fighting Cancer with FocusedExpertise and Innovative TechnologyMemorial CancerInstitute — Page 6 MEMORIAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL JOE DIMAGGIO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WEST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PEMBROKE Simply the Best!
  2. 2. A C O M M U N I T Y H E A L T H P U B L I C A T I O N O F M E M O R I A L H E A L T H C A R E S Y S T E M BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Dear Neighbors, Albert C. Jones Chairman When choosing a healthcare provider, you want to know you’ll always receive exemplary medical care. Should a life-threatening illness strike you or a loved one, you want access to the latest, most effective diagnostic and treatment options, supported by highly qualified medical professionals. Just as important, you want to be treated with respect and compassion. For all these reasons and more, Memorial Healthcare System is the first and only choice for many people throughout South Florida — and beyond. Memorial Cancer Institute was created to provide an integrated, comprehensive approach toward cancer care. Today, the development of a new Breast Cancer Program marks the advent of the latest in disease-specific cancer programs at Memorial. This program draws upon a team of medical specialists and support professionals to deliver a complete range of highly individualized cancer services. Shane Strum Kevin P. Tynan Vice Chairman Further, Memorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute offers the latest advances in the Secretary/Treasurer diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular conditions. In addition to 24-hour Heart Attack and Brain Attack Programs for prompt intervention in the critical first minutes of a heart attack or stroke, Memorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute features revolutionary treatment options, such as minimally invasive robotic cardiac surgery. We were the first in Florida for robotic mitral valve repair, and we continue to expand the applications for this leading-edge surgical technique. TO PALM BEACH During our more than SUNRISE BOULEVARD 51-year history, we’ve I-595 distinguished ourselves with BROWARD BOULEVARD a powerful combination of STATE ROAD 84 I-595 medical expertise, innovative GRIFFIN ROAD technology and outstanding Harry R. Duncanson Kathleen A. Durham patient care — and we STIRLING ROAD continue to raise the bar for 46TH AVE healthcare excellence. SW 72nd STREET SHERIDAN STREET MEMORIAL DOUGLAS ROAD HOSPITAL PEMBROKE Warm regards, TAFT STREET MEMORIAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL/ 441 (STATE ROAD 7) FLORIDA TURNPIKE UNIVERSITY DRIVE SW 160 th AVENUE SW 172nd AVENUE FLAMINGO ROAD JOE DIMAGGIO 35TH AVENUE CHILDRENS JOHNSON STREET HOSPITAL I-75 MEMORIAL I-95 HOSPITAL WEST Frank V. Sacco PINES BOULEVARD HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD Chief Executive Officer MEMORIAL Memorial Healthcare System MEMORIAL PEMBROKE ROAD MANOR PEMBROKE ROAD HOSPITAL MIRAMAR Laura Raybin Miller Carlos J. Reyes (OPENING MIRAMAR PARKWAY HALLANDALE BEACH BOULEVARD MARCH 2005) IVES DAIRY ROAD IVES DAIRY ROAD MIAMI GARDENS DRIVE MIAMI GARDENS DRIVE TO MIAMI Memorial Healthcare System facilities are centrally located and easily accessible from I-95, the Florida Turnpike and I-75.HealthWatch is a publication that provides informationabout medical services and advances at MemorialHealthcare System. These articles should not be consideredspecific medical advice, as each individual patient andcircumstance is different. Should you need medical advice,see your doctor or call Memorial Physician Referral Serviceat (954) 985-3450 to help you find the right doctor. 2
  3. 3. MEMORIAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL JOE DIMAGGIO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WEST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PEMBROKEState-of-the-Art Robotic SurgeryAdvanced Urologic Procedures Now Performed with RoboticsSurgical expertise and advanced robotic technology take minimally invasive procedures for urologic conditionsto the next level, offering tremendous benefits to doctors and patients alike.With state-of-the-art technology and the skilland expertise of highly trained physicians,Memorial Regional Hospital is a leader in Robotics Was the Right Choicerobotic surgery. Minimally invasive, for 44-Year-Old Cancer Patientrobotically assisted procedures allow greaterprecision for the surgeon, while the patient Earl Smart underwent a radical prostatectomybenefits from reduced blood loss, less pain at age 44. Because his physician performedand faster recovery. yearly prostate exams, including prostate specific antigen (PSA) testing, Earl wasOne of the primary robotic applications in alerted immediately when his antigen levelsurology is radical prostatectomy, the surgical started to rise. A biopsy confirmed hisremoval of the prostate and surrounding doctor’s suspicions: prostate cancer. It wastissue to treat prostate cancer. In addition to at this point that Earl sought a secondan earlier return to normal activity, robotic opinion and was referred to Dr. can help preserve urinary continenceand sexual potency. Urologists work closely “Dr. Masel is a true professional. He was awith Memorial Cancer Institute to determine calming force of comfort to me,” says Earlthe best treatment protocol for prostate cancer about his first encounter with Dr. Masel.patients, which may be a combination of When it came to making a decision aboutrobotic prostatectomy surgery, surgery, Earl relied on Dr. Masel’s expertise. Earl is thankful that he sought a second opinion with “He fully explained all the pros and cons,” Dr. Masel, who performed a minimally invasive roboticchemotherapy and/or radiation therapy via says Earl. In addition, Dr. Masel provided a prostatectomy.external beam or radioactive seedimplantation. video that demonstrated the differences between traditional and robotic procedures. He even asked to return to work sooner thanOther leading-edge urologic robotic he was scheduled.procedures include bladder cancer Earl shares that after a previous surgery,cystectomy; removal of blockages in the he was in agony from even the slightest Now Earl tells his friends all about his roboticureter; removal of adrenal glands or part of bump in the road on the way home from surgery. He recovered so quickly, he tellsthe kidney due to malignant or benign the hospital. But after his radical them, that the only reminders are four smalltumors, traumatic injury or infection; and prostatectomy, he says, “I could have hit incision scars. “For me, robotics is the onlyremoval of cysts that present complications ditch after ditch without even flinching.” type of surgery I’d ever consider,” says Earl.and/or pain.For his expertise in the field of roboticsurgery, Jonathan L. Masel, MD, FACS, Chiefof Urology at Memorial Regional Hospital, wasrecently chosen from among his peers toconduct a live demonstration at the Society of “The da Vinci® SurgicalLaparoendoscopic Surgeons’ 13thInternational Congress and EndoscopyExposition this fall in New York City. System truly advances our“The da Vinci® Surgical System trulyadvances our abilities beyond the limitations abilities beyond the limitationsof the human hand,” says Dr. Masel.“Complex, urologic procedures that used totake many hours to perform with standard Jonathan L. Masel, MD, FACS of the human hand.”surgical instruments can now be done faster Chief of Urologyand with greater precision.” Memorial Regional Hospital 3 MEMORIAL PHYSICIAN REFERRAL SERVICE (954) 985-3450 • WWW .MHS.NET
  4. 4. A C O M M U N I T Y H E A L T H P U B L I C A T I O N O F M E M O R I A L H E A L T H C A R E S Y S T E MCardiac & Vascular InstituteLeading-Edge Cardiovascular Intervention and TreatmentThe Memorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute is a leader in cardiovascular care, performing more cardiaccatheterizations and angioplasties than any other hospital in Broward and Dade.In an effort to dramatically improve survival specific concerns, such as magnetic blood vessels following angioplasty,” saysrates against America’s #1 killer, Memorial resonance imaging (MRI), 3-D cardiac Bassel B. Ibrahim, MD, Director ofCardiac & Vascular Institute is at the mapping, electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), Interventional Cardiology at Memorialforefront of diagnosing cardiovascular echocardiogram, diagnostic cardiac Regional Hospital.conditions at their earliest, most treatable, catheterization, magnetic resonancestages and when necessary, providing angiogram (MRA) and the LightSpeed™ CT If the blockage is severe enough, bypassinnovative treatment options. Heart Scan. surgery — a common medical procedure — may be required to reroute, or “bypass,”Comprehensive Testing State-of-the-Art Cardiac Treatment blood through grafted vessels around clogged arteries. What’s new, however, is that delicateEarly diagnosis is vital to addressing “Approximately 75 percent of people who bypass surgery can now be performedcardiovascular conditions before they become have died from cardiac events have survived a robotically. The da Vinci® Surgical Systema problem. previous heart attack or have known risk features a 3-D highly magnified view of the factors,” says Raul Mitrani, MD, Director of surgical site and miniature instruments thatMemorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute Cardiac Electrophysiology at Memorial precisely mimic the movements of theemploys a wide range of tests to pinpoint Regional Hospital. surgeon’s hands. Patients benefit from smaller incisions, reduced bleeding, shorter hospital For this reason, Memorial Cardiac & Vascular stays and faster recovery. Institute works closely with high-risk patients. Treatment options that may help Although robotics represent the latest technical prevent a future cardiac event include an innovation in cardiac surgery, MemorialIn addition to Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD), a small, battery-powered device that monitors Cardiac & Vascular Institute is also a leader in minimally invasive, “off pump” procedures.robotic surgery, the heart’s rhythm and delivers electrical pulses, or shocks, when the rhythm is rapid and sustained. An ICD also can work like a Without stopping the heart or splitting the breast bone (sternotomy), minimally invasive surgery is appropriate for coronary arteryMemorial Cardiac pacemaker to treat slow heartbeats. Biventricular ICDs, a specific type of ICD, bypass, cardiac valve replacement and atrial septal defect repair — and often yields optimal control both lower heart chambers, or results for patients who do not require& Vascular ventricles, to help control the symptoms of congestive heart failure. traditional open heart surgery. Around-the-Clock Heart Attack ProgramInstitute is a leader Cardiac catheterizations can be used for diagnostic purposes, as well as to perform With our 24-Hour Heart Attack Program, an angioplasties, where a catheter is inserted experienced cardiac team stands ready toin minimally into the artery and a balloon is temporarily inflated to open a blockage. Memorial handle a cardiac emergency any time of the day or night. When the call comes in from Cardiac & Vascular Institute performs more Emergency Medical Services (EMS), the teaminvasive, “off cardiac catheterizations and angioplasties than any other hospital in Broward and Dade. simultaneously prepares for emergency cardiac catheterization and angioplasty — often before the patient even arrives.pump” cardiac Additionally, a cylindrical stent can be inserted into the blood vessel, where it is “EMS in Broward County has identified expanded and remains permanently in place Memorial Regional Hospital as an establishedprocedures. to help keep the blood vessel open. “Drug- eluting, or drug-coated, stents could be the Cardiac Center because of its emergency angioplasty capabilities,” says Luis Tami, MD, most effective way yet of preventing Director of Interventional Vascular Medicine restenosis, or the narrowing or re-closure of at Memorial Regional Hospital. “Heart attack 4 MEMORIAL PHYSICIAN REFERRAL SERVICE (954) 985-3450 • WWW. MHS. NET
  5. 5. MEMORIAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL JOE DIMAGGIO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WEST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PEMBROKE Second Opinion Saves 74-Year-Old Cardiac Patient’s Life Paul Smith was awaiting delivery of his vintage automobile to his home in the Florida Keys when he came down with what he thought was a bad cold. He was experiencing fatigue, weakness, nausea, lack of appetite and shortness of breath when lying down. What was more MEMORIAL unusual, however, was that he had retained 30 pounds of water and his feet Paul Smith is back in the drivers seat of his beloved 1940 HOSPITAL MIRAMAR and legs were severely swollen. convertible after receiving a life-saving biventricular ICD. Memorial Hospital Miramar, scheduled He would later learn that he had to open in March 2005, represents congestive heart failure, a condition Cardiac Electrophysiology at Memorial Memorial Healthcare System’s ongoing which results from an ineffective Regional Hospital. “Dr. Mitrani told my husband the good news that he was a commitment to provide convenient, pumping of the heart due to a weakened heart muscle. candidate for a biventricular ICD,” says high-quality healthcare. Barbara. After hospitalization and analysis at a The new, 100-bed, Mediterranean-style local hospital, he was told that nothing Today, Barbara proclaims the biventricular hospital, located at the corner of else could be done. “But I simply device “a miracle.” “This is the man I Southwest 172nd Avenue and Pembroke wouldn’t accept that,” said his wife, married – full of vim, vigor and vitality,” Barbara. she says. “He is so enthusiastic, so Road, will serve the rapidly growing energetic. He is doing everything he did community with a combination of It was at this time that the Smiths were 10 years ago. And he is back to restoring state-of-the-art technology, innovative referred to Raul Mitrani, MD, Director of his gorgeous 1940 Lincoln Continental!” treatment options and compassionate care. The hospital will offer private patient rooms and a comprehensive array of medical and surgical services, patients are routed here for rapid intervention Performed in the cardiac catheterization including adult and pediatric Emergency to open closed arteries and to restore normal laboratory, the technique involves advancing Departments, a specially designed blood flow in the critical first 90 minutes.” and deploying a stent in the narrowed carotid Maternity Unit, an Intensive artery (a main blood blood vessel in the Care/Critical Care Unit and various But you have to take the first step. Call 911 neck) to restore blood flow to the brain.” or get to a hospital immediately if you Memorial is one of only a select few hospitals support services. An attached Medical experience any of these signs of a heart in Florida using “cerebral protection” devices, Office Building will house nearly 100 attack: or filters that capture dislodged particles physicians, as well as an outpatient during the stenting process to help prevent pharmacy, outpatient rehabilitation • Intermittent pressure, squeezing, fullness subsequent stroke. services and a cafe. or pain in the chest • Shortness of breath Similar in concept to the Heart Attack • Numbness in the arms, hands, Program, the Brain Attack Program plays a Now Hiring! legs or feet significant role in providing emergency $5,000 SIGN-ON BONUS • Cold sweats, nausea or lightheadedness stroke intervention. Hoang Duong, MD, for Qualified Positions. Director of Interventional Radiology at Call toll-free (888) 251-JOBS Innovative Stroke Care Memorial Regional Hospital, is one of only a few neuro-interventionalists in the United or visit Memorial Cardiac & Vascular Institute is also States qualified to administer t-PA intra- committed to the prevention and treatment arterially within three hours of the onset of a of stroke, the number one cause of disability brain attack to minimize damage. in adults. For referral to a physician, or for a second “Carotid artery stenting (CAS) is a stroke opinion, please call Memorial Physician prevention therapy that is rapidly emerging Referral Service at (954) 985-3450. as an alternative to surgery, especially for high-risk patients,” says Dr. Tami. 5 MEMORIAL PHYSICIAN REFERRAL SERVICE (954) 985-3450 • WWW .MHS.NET
  6. 6. A C O M M U N I T Y H E A L T H P U B L I C A T I O N O F M E M O R I A L H E A L T H C A R E S Y S T E MMemorial Cancer InstituteFighting Cancer with Medical Expertise and Advanced TechnologyMemorial Cancer Institute provides a superior level of cancer care to patients and their families through research,diagnosis, treatment and support. As a result, more patients are finding hope and healing with Memorial.Memorial Cancer Institute combines state-of- In an effort to improve breast cancer survival Breast Cancer Center on the Memorialthe-art technology, innovative procedures, new rates, the Memorial R2 ImageChecker Regional Hospital campus in November 2004.medications and clinical trials for leading-edge represents an important diagnostic tool forcancer care. In the fight against cancer, our women. After the screening mammogram film The Breast Cancer Program draws upon a teamexperienced team of medical and support is developed and read manually, the R2 of medical specialists and supportprofessionals is committed to providing a ImageChecker digitally analyzes the image and professionals to manage and monitor high-risksuperior level of individualized care. identifies areas that require closer inspection. patients, provide second opinions for patients In addition, the Breast MRI Biopsy Coil allows treated elsewhere and coordinate progressiveDetecting Cancer Early physicians to locate — and in many cases, treatment programs for newly diagnosed and biopsy — small lesions that might otherwise advanced breast cancer patients. The ProgramBecause certain cancers are “silent” and do go undetected. also features clinical research studies, a geneticnot present obvious warning signs, Memorial counselor and a lymphedema assessment andCancer Institute utilizes diagnostic technology New Breast Cancer Program treatment program. Furthermore, with anto identify cancers at their earliest, most emphasis on treating the individual whiletreatable, stages. Memorial has expanded its level of breast managing the disease, the Program will offer cancer care with the development of a new, the services of a social worker or psychologist,For example, the LightSpeed™ CT multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Program. a nutritional and exercise program for the(computerized tomography) Lung Scan is a Co-directed by two uniquely qualified breast recovering patient, and a Complementary andquick, painless, non-invasive procedure that cancer oncologists, the Breast Cancer Program Alternative Program to include acupuncture,is powerful enough to detect small cancerous features a full complement of breast cancer Chinese herbal medicine led by a speciallygrowths that may escape an X-ray. “We can services — all of which will be available in one trained physician, reflexology, yoga, relaxationdetect four times more malignancies and six convenient location with the opening of the services and stress-management classes.times more Stage 1 lung cancers with CTscans than we can with chest X-rays,” saysKenneth Lee, MD, thoracic/cardiovascularsurgeon on the medical staff at MemorialRegional Hospital, Memorial Hospital Westand Memorial Hospital Pembroke. Inaddition, video-assisted thoracoscopy (VAT)allows physicians to inspect and sampleabnormal lung tissue through a very smallincision with greater effectiveness andaccuracy than an open lung biopsy.Traditionally, conventional colonoscopy andbarium enemas have been used to detectcolorectal polyps, but many people findthese methods unpleasant. “With virtualcolonoscopy, we use a CT scanner andvirtual reality computer software to lookinside the colon,” says Mark Schwimmer,MD, Chief of Radiology at MemorialRegional Hospital. “The whole proceduretakes only 10 to 20 minutes, and sincethere’s no sedation, patients can resumenormal activity immediately after thescreening. Virtual colonoscopy is 90-95percent accurate in detecting polyps Although a diagnosis of cancer can be extremely difficult, more patients are finding renewed hope and healing through thelarger than 1 centimeter. ” treatment options and vital support services available at Memorial Cancer Institute. 6 MEMORIAL PHYSICIAN REFERRAL SERVICE (954) 985-3450 • WWW. MHS. NET
  7. 7. MEMORIAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL JOE DIMAGGIO CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL WEST MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PEMBROKE Cancer Screenings Screening tests can save lives by detecting cancer at its earliest, and most treatable, stages. The following tests are recommended by the American Cancer Society: WOMEN MEN Ages 20 to 39 • Clinical breast exam every 3 years • Skin exam every 3 years (for breast cancer) (for skin cancer) • Pap smear and pelvic exam every year (for cervical cancer) • Skin exam every 3 years (for skin cancer) Ages 40 to 49 • Clinical breast exam and • Skin exam yearly mammogram yearly • A PSA (prostate specific antigen) blood • Pap smear and pelvic exam yearly test and digital rectal exam yearly after • Skin exam yearly age 45 (for prostate cancer) Ages 50 and • Clinical breast exam and • Skin exam yearly older mammogram yearly • A PSA blood test and digital rectal • Pap smear and pelvic exam yearly exam yearly • Skin exam yearly • One of the following to check for colon At age 5, Erica received leading-edge treatment for • One of the following to check for or rectal cancer: fecal occult blood test bone cancer. colon or rectal cancer: fecal occult yearly OR flexible sigmoidoscopy blood test yearly OR flexible every 5 years OR fecal occult blood Today, she is a cancer sigmoidoscopy every 5 years OR test yearly plus flexible sigmoidoscopy survivor. fecal occult blood test yearly plus every 5 years OR colonoscopy every flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years OR colonoscopy every 10 years OR 10 years OR barium enema every 5 years Donate Today — barium enema every 5 years for Healthier TomorrowsHighly Effective Treatment Options antibodies that have proven effective in On her 5th birthday, Erica was diagnosed treating metastatic colorectal cancer. with bone cancer. Today, 8-year-old EricaAt Memorial Cancer Institute, our team of • Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) – uses is cancer-free, thanks to the extraordinarycancer specialists collaborate to develop the electromagnetic waves to generate heat to care she received from physicians, nursesmost effective treatment plan for each patient, destroy small, targeted portions of and support professionals at Memorialwhich may include: cancerous tissue Healthcare System. • Robotic and minimally invasive surgery –• Embolization – shuts down blood vessels allows surgeons to operate with greater precision, and with less trauma to the patient, Your generous donations to the that feed a growing tumor, causing it to die• High-dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy – on a range of urologic cancers, including Memorial Foundation and Joe DiMaggio administers high-intensity radiation directly prostate cancer, bladder cancer and Children’s Hospital Foundation help in or near the cancer site for greater kidney tumors fund vital services that make a world of effectiveness and fewer side effects difference in patients’ lives. No one• Intensity modulated radiation therapy Research Excellence understands this better than Erica’s family (IMRT) – delivers tightly focused, extremely and all the other families who have found precise radiation beams that attack the In the pursuit of research excellence, Memorial hope, healing and a brighter future tumor from all sides Cancer Institute offers access to ongoing clinical through Memorial Healthcare System.• MammoSite® – uses a single catheter for trials sponsored by the government and other partial breast radiation therapy, which yields scientific organizations. In addition, we are fewer side effects than full-breast radiation accredited by the American College of Surgeons Please donate today. For more following lumpectomy for early-stage breast Commission on Cancer and are affiliated with information, call (954) 985-3454. cancer. Memorial is one of only a few the Community Clinical Oncology Program. hospitals nationwide offering this innovative treatment option. An Institutional Review Board (IRB) monitors• New drug therapies — involves all clinical trials and protocols to ensure that the chemotherapy drugs, such as CPT-11 and highest ethical and scientific standards Oxaliplatin, that produce greater survival are upheld. rates when combined with new radiation delivery methods and tumor surgery. In For referral to a physician, or for a second addition, Avastin and Erbitux represent a opinion, please call Memorial Physician Referral new class of drugs called monoclonal Service at (954) 985-3450. 7 MEMORIAL PHYSICIAN REFERRAL SERVICE (954) 985-3450 • WWW .MHS.NET
  8. 8. NOW HIRING! (888) 251-JOBS Our Nurses Are Simply the Best Find Great Jobs in Nursing Now! Memorial Healthcare System is seeking experienced registered nurses for a wide variety of departments in all of our South Broward hospitals. You’ll join an extraordinary team of dedicated nurses and doctors who rank among the best in the nation for patient satisfaction. You’ll also enjoy Memorial Healthcare System’s state-of-the-art technology and innovative services. And because we provide some of the best nurse-to-patient ratios in the region, you’ll be able to care for your patients and have time to learn and grow.a Join the hundreds of nurses who have experienced the Memorial difference. Call us today toll-free at (888) 251-JOBS.$5,000SIGN-ON BONUS Memorial Regional Hospital • Joe DiMaggio Children’s HospitalFOR QUALIFIED POSITIONS Memorial Hospital West • Memorial Hospital Pembroke Memorial Hospital Miramar (Opening March 2005) (888) 251-JOBS / Simply the Best!