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آقای دکتر غلامحسین کاظم زاده - دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد - Mashhad ...

آقای دکتر غلامحسین کاظم زاده - دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد - Mashhad ...






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    آقای دکتر غلامحسین کاظم زاده - دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد - Mashhad ... آقای دکتر غلامحسین کاظم زاده - دانشگاه علوم پزشکی مشهد - Mashhad ... Document Transcript

    • CURRICULUM VITA<br />(Updated: 24-Nov-09)<br />PERSONAL DETAILES<br />Name:Gholam-Hossien Kazemzadeh<br />Address:Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery,<br /> Imam Reza University Hospital,<br />Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (MUMS), Mashhad, Iran.<br />Telephone:+98 915 1130073 (Mobile) <br />Telfax: +98 511 8525311<br />E-mail:KazemzadehGh@mums.ac.ir Dr_Hkazemzadeh@yahoo.co.uk<br />D.O.B.: 07/08/1968<br />Marital Status:Married<br />Number of children: One<br /> EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS<br />Post-Graduate2005 to 2007 Received Fellowship of Vascular Surgery from Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences , Tehran, 20071995-1999Received National Board of General Surgery from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences , 2000Under- Graduate1995-1997Received MD (Doctor of Medicine) from Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, 1995<br />PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE<br />2007 -PresentDeputy of surgery (Imam-Reza Hospital MUMS)2007 - 2009Chairman of Emergency Surgery Department .2003 – Present Consultant in Vascular Surgery (Imam Reza and Ghaem Hospitals) 2003- PresentAssistant Professor of Vascular Surgery, Department of Vascular Surgery, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences2003- PresentAssistant Professor of General Surgery, Department of General Surgery, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences<br /> <br />HONORS AND DISTINCTION<br />2000Number one in "Fellowship of Vascular Surgery" examination 1995The third top medical student, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences .<br />Committees and projects:2010Catheter care and access to ports and other vessels in dialysis patient and chemotherapy.2010 – 20 May (Razavi & Imam-reza hospital)2007Executive Director of "Vascular Trauma Management" (First International Congress about Vascular Trauma 2007 13-15 Feb Tehran-Iran) 2006Judge of Legal Medicine in Vascular Surgery (Khorasan-Iran)2006Member of executive Board of “Access Surgery and Dialysis" (Congress &workshop) 2005- PresentMember of Insurance's scientific committee2004- PresentMember of Hemotransfussion committeeImam Reza's University Hospital<br />ARTICLES: <br /> <br />Diagnostic Application of Lymphoscintigraphy in the Management of Lymphoedema. Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal. 16 (3), pp. 346-349 (2010). Sadeghi R, Kazemzade GH, Keshtgar M.<br />
      • A case of Behçet's disease with pulmonary artery pseudoaneurysm: a long time follow up. East .Eastern Mediterranean Health Journal2010; 16(3). Modaghegh MHS, Kazemzadeh Gh, Jokar MH.
      Laparoscopic correction of peritoneal catheter dysfunction. Indian J. Surg. (September–October 2008) & (2009 article in press). 70:227–230. Kazemzadeh Gh, Modaghegh MHS, Tavassoli A.<br />Effect of heparin on the patency of arteriovenous fistula.Acta medica Iranica 2008; 46(5):379-382. Ravari H, Kazemzade Gh, Sarookhany A, Khashayar P.<br /> <br />Infection Management in Chronic Vascular Ulcer. Medical J of MUMS Vol.51, No.99, Spring 2008. Ravari H, Kazemzadeh Gh, Fazeli B, Haydari AA, Tayebi N, Hamedi S.<br />Temporary Worsening of Kidney Function Following Aortic Reconstructive Surgery. Iranian Journal of kidney disease 2008; 2:143-8. Ghaheri H, Kazem-Zadeh GH, Beygi Broujeni AA. (correspondence)<br />
      • Evaluation of patency rate for Arteriovenous fistulas using superficial basilic vein transposition in dialyzing End Stage Renal Disease patients in Mashhad Imam Reza hospital. Medical Journal of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences 2008; 1000(51). Modaghegh MHS,Ravari H, Kazemzadeh Gh, Khallaghi H.
      Comparing AVF ligature and transvenous endorraphy for AVF closure in hemodialysis patients. Medical Sciences J of Islamic azad university Vol.17, No.3, Fall 2007. Khoshnevis J, Khajavi H, Kharazm P, Khazemzadeh Gh, Kaviani A, Zeinalzadeh M, Saberi Ghochani Ar, Talebian M. <br />An Innovative Apporoach in Management of Chronic Lymphedema. Jpn. J. Vasc. Surg., 16, 2007:747-750. Moussavi SR, Kharazm P, Kaviani, Kazemzadeh GH, Meybodi F, Saberi A.<br />Determining Changes in Diameter of Internal Carotid Artery Before and After Primary Repair in Carotid Endarterectomy. Shiraz E-Medical Journal 2007; 8(4):168-173. Mozaffar M, Kazemzadeh G, Ghaheri H, Radpey M, Zeinalzadeh M, Behjoo Sh.<br />Fetus in fetu: Report of a case and literature review. Int J Surg 2008, 6 (6), pp. e94-e96 May 1. [Epub ahead of print] .Tofigh AM, Kavyani A, Abdollahi SM, Kazemzadeh G, Salman DN.<br />Evaluation of patency rate and complication of portosystemic shunt,at least one year after surgery in vascular surgery department of Mashhad Imam-Reza hospital. Medical J of MUMS Vol 50, No.97, autumn 2007. Modaghegh M, Kazemzadeh GH, Ravari H, Esmaeily H, Farhodi M, Fadavi M <br />Thrombophlebitis migrans as a footprint of Buerger's disease: a prospective-descriptive study in north-east of Iran. Clin Rheumatol. 2008 Jun 7 (Pub Med). Fazeli B, Modaghegh H, Ravrai H, Kazemzadeh G.<br />Buerger's disease &socioeconomic factors. Avicenne 2007 Feb; 6(1)- Available from URL (http// avicenne science.com). Fazeli B, Modaghegh H, Ravari H, Kazemzadeh GH<br />The application of thoracoscopic sympathectomy for the optimal management of hyperhidrosis and severe upper extremity ischemia. IRCJ 2007 Vol.9 No.3:139-142. Modaghegh M,Kazemzadeh GH,Ravari H<br />Liver trauma in the past ten years. Medical J of MUMS vol 47, No.85, 2004 (Farsi). Ghaemi M, Jangjoo A, Kazemzadeh GH<br />
      • Patency rate and complications of polytetrafluoroethylene grafts compared with polyurethane grafts for hemodialysis access. Ravari H, kazemzadeh GH, Modaghegh MH, Khashayar P. Ups J Med Sci. 2010 Mar 11
      datecodeResearch projects12009 present89049Study of the arrhythmic complications during insertion subclavian vein and jugular catheter in cases refered to ImmamReza vascular surgery centercenter since to22009 present88044Assessment of prevalence of clinical sensory and motor complications and Electro Diagnostic Neurological pattern of involvements due to permanent A-V fistula in patients undergoing hemodialysis in dialysis centers among Mashhad city32009 present88041Evaluating the effect of stem cells and platelet growth factor in treating chronic diabetic foot ulcer42009 present87932Assessment of prevalence, etiology and mechanism of ischemia and symptomatic steal syndrome due to permanent A-V fistula in patients undergoing hemodialysis in dialysis centers among Mashhad city52008 present87630Evaluation of perioperative ischemia and myocardial infarction in patients Undergoing major vascular surgery in Ememam Reza hospital from Dcember 2008 to December 200962008 present86611effect of educational drug pamphlets on medical students in order to correct drug prescription72007 present86299Evaluation of ocular manifestations in 50 cases suffering from Buerger's Disease886181Introduction of a new technique for peritoneal dialysis(PD) catheter placement(sub peritoneal tunneling)984084Determination on smoking cession by group therapy in patients with buger disease in Imam Reza Hospital.1084017Clinical study of diabetic foot from types of treatment and their outcoms in vascular surgery ward of imam reza hospital retrospective(2002-2006)1184016Study of Prevalence of Foot Problem in Patients who are under Support of Diabetic Research Center1283490Comparison study of vacuum dressing and moinst dressing in diabetic foot ulcer improvement. 2years study Imam Reza hospital-vascular surgery ward1383229determination of angiographic criteria for diagnosis of burgers disease1483206A study on prevalence of osteomyelitis and its relation with major amputation in diabetic foot patients referred to diabetic foot clinic and vascular surgery ward. 1583204Study causes of upper limb ischemia in patients referring to Imam Reza Hospital Vascular surgery ward and Ghaem Hospital Rheamatologic ward. 1683071Comparison efficiency of A new vascular prothesis polyurethane and polytetrafluoroethylene as a vascular access in hemodialysis patients. 17200987811In Vitro Analysis of the Effect of the Dextran-Coated Gold Nanoparticles on Platelet Function. 18200988026Evaluation of Spray OTC on diabetic foot ulcers. 1920091404Evaluating the effective factors on atrio-venous fistula’create and early access failure in children and adolescent younger than 20 years old in mashad Vascular Surgery Department in one year.20200584190Study of frequency and etiology of AVF complications and its failure rate in Department of Vascular Surgery in Emam Reza Hospital from 1384(2005)212004 - 200783206Incidence of Osteomeylitis in diabetic foot admitted in Imam Reza Hospital and relations to amputation . code: 83206 222004- Present83190Comparison of wet dressing and VAC (vacuum assisted closure) on diabetic foot wounds. code: 83190232004 - 200783075Evaluation of infection and dominant bacterial flora in 100 chronic wound ongoing to limb amputation. code: 83075242004 - 200683047Comparison of A new vascular prosthesis polyurethane and polytetrafluroethylen as a vascular access in hemodialysis patients . code: 83047 <br />
      • Presentations:DataLocationTitle2010Iran – Mashad. Weekly conference of Qaeem & emam reza hospitalsPortal hypertension(lecture)2010Kyoto, Japan The 11th annual congress of Asian society for vascular surgery. June 29- July 2Factors influencing on AVF blood flow (poster)2010Kuala Lumpur Vascular Access Conference 18th – 19th March 20101-Primary Patency Rate of AV Fistulas and the Effect of Patient Variables .2- A Study of Outcome Results After Therapeutic Interventions performed for AVF Complications During A one Year Period.(poster)2009Curriculum in anesthesia in cardiovascular surgeryVascular surgical techniques Anesthesiology Continuing Education Program(lecture)2009Curriculum in orthopedicVascular complications of limb fractures in children(lecture)2009The first seminar Trvmbvzv hemostasis diagnostic problems with visionHemorrhagic and thrombotic problems in vascular surgery(lecture)2009Blood Transfusion Indication for blood transfusions in surgery(lecture)2009The 10th Annual Congress of Asian Society for Vascular SurgeryBier Block as a Method of Anesthesia for AVF CreationSuccessful Treatment of the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm due to Tuberculosis With Ptfe . (poster)20082nd congress of vascular surgeon(Sbmu) .Case Report: successful foot replantation).2008Iranian Society of Surgery .DVT Treatment2008Iranian Society of Surgery.Laparoscopic correction of CAPD CAT (poster).2008Asian society of vascular surgery(Bangkok)Reasons of AVF Failure(poster)2008Abdominal wall surgery(congress,Sbmu).Tissue repair of abdominal wall hernia.2007Vascular Surgery and Diabetes(congress.Tums).Evaluation foot problem in diabetic patient.2007دومين کنگره سالانه کلينيکال انکولوژي2007سي و يکمن کنگره جامعه جراحان ايراننکات بحث انگيز در درمان تروما2007Iranian Society of Surgery.Member of Trauma Panel.2007Vascular trauma management (congress,Sbmu) .Abdominal vascular trauma.2006Access Surgery and Dialysis (congress &workshop).surgical aspects of CAPD catheters insertion.2006Access Surgery and Dialysis (congress &workshop).Factors influencing AVF flow volume .2003symposium of Buerger’sMedical Treatment of buerger disease.
      THESIS:<br />مقطع تحصيلي عنوان پایان نامهنام دانشجوشماره پايان نامه 6561بررسي ميزان شيوع باليني عوارض حسي و حرکتي و طرح درگيري عصبي ناشي از اين عوارض در اثر کارگذاري فيستول شرياني وريدي دائمي در بيماران تحت دياليز در مراکز دياليز سطح شهر مشد . امير برزنوني پزشکي عمومي مقطع استاژري 6562بررسي ميزان شويع و علل مکانيسم هاي ايسکمي و سندرم استيل علامتدار در اثر کارگذاري فيستول شرياني – وريدي دائمي در بيماران تحت دياليز در مراکز دياليز سطح شهر مشهد در سال 1388 علاء الحشيمي پزشکي عمومي مقطع استاژري 6414مطالعه عارضه آرينمي قلبي در هنگام تعبيه کاتتر وريد ساب کلاوين و کاتتر ژوگولار در بين مراجعه کنندگان به بخش جراحي عروق بيمارستان امام رضا (ع) امير مصدق پزشکي عمومي مقطع استاژري 6564بررسي برون تني تاثير نانو ذرات طلاي متصل به دکستران بر فعاليت پلاکت ها امير نوروز پور پزشکي عمومي مقطع استاژري 6571بررسي تاثير اسپري اکسي تتراسيکلين در بهبود زخم پاي ديابتي معصومه نبوي زاده رفسنجاني پزشکي عمومي مقطع استاژري 3824بررسي ميزان هموسيستئن سرم در بيماران آترواسکلروز بيماران بورگر با تظاهر ايسکمي اندام و بررسي تغييرات آزمايشگاهي و باليني در دو گروه فوق پس از درمان با اسيد فوليک دکتر محمد زارع حقيقي دکتراي تخصصي جراحي عمومي 5910مقايسه روش بي حسي موضعي با بي حسي داخل وريدي در عمل جراحي فيستول شرياني عذرا شورورزي رشته پزشکي عمومي مقطع انترني5996بررسي مقايسه اي تاثير پانسمان خلا و پانسمان هاي مرطوب در ترميم زخم پاهاي ديابتي بيماران بستري در بخش جراحي عروق بيمارستان امام رضا (ع) مشهد در طي مدت دو سال ابوالقاسم سنگکي عصيه محمد زاده وطنچي رشته پزشکي عمومي مقطع انترني5885بررسي علل ايجاد عوارض و از کار افتادن فيستولهاي شرياني وريدي در بيماران درمان شده در بخش جراحي عروق بيمارستان امام رضا (ع) از 1/10/84 الي 1/3/85 ليلا حسيني – مليحه ناطقي رشته پزشکي عمومي مقطع انترني1648-ت تاثير تجويز هپارين هنگام عمل جراحي بر کارکرد فيستول شرياني – وريدي در بيماران همودياليزي عباس ساروخاني دکتراي تخصصي جراحي عمومي 5672بررسي کار آيي کاتتر هاي دابل لومن جهت همودياليز کارگذاري شده در بخش جراحي عروق بيمارستان امام رضا (ع) مشهد ( از شهريور 81 تا شهريور 83انسيه ريخته گران رشته پزشکي عمومي مقطع انترني5599بررسي بيماري بورگر در مبتلايان مراجعه کننده به بخش جراحي عروق بيمارستان امام رضا ( ع ) از تير ماه 82 تا تير ماه 84 حداقل در 50 مورد بيمار بهاره فاضلي رشته پزشکي عمومي مقطع انترني<br />OTHER SKILLS:<br />INTERESTS, HOBBIES<br />I’d like traveling and swimming, and also my interest subject is meticulous and new vascular surgical technique.<br />LANGUAGE SKILLS<br />I speak, read and write English well.<br />