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LAMK yleiskalvopohja

  1. 1. AdultEducationat Lahti University of Applied Sciences <br />29.9.2010<br />Ljubljana, Slovenia<br />
  2. 2. Content of the presentation<br />Wecomefrom the City of Lahti<br />Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS) is ourUniversity<br />The mission of LUAS<br />Trainingprogrammes of LUAS<br />International activities of LUAS<br />Development Center for AdultEducation (DCAE)<br />Studies at LUAS for Adults<br />OpenStudies at LUAS<br />FutherEducation at LUAS<br />Case ” Equality in Divorce Parenting – Don´t Dismiss Dad-Project”<br />
  3. 3. City of Lahti<br />Inhabitants <br /> - ca. 100 000 in the city<br /> - ca. 222 000 in the city region<br /> Location<br /> - 100 km north-east from Helsinki<br /> - A one-hour drive from the International Helsinki-Vantaa Airport<br /> - Helsinki – Lahti – St. Petersburg – Moscow railway connection<br /> - A part of the domestic East – West gateway<br /> Characteristics<br /> - Private enterprises, family-owned companies<br /> - Lahti Symphony Orchestra<br /> - International Congresses<br /> - Winter Sports Stadium in the heart of the city<br />
  4. 4. Lahti University of Applied Sciences<br />Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LUAS) is a large, <br />multidisciplinaryinstitution of highereducationwithin the <br />Päijät-Häme RegionEducationalConsortium. Operations<br />begun in 1992.<br />PARAMETERS<br /><ul><li>Turnover 40 milj. EUR
  5. 5. Externalfunding 17,3 %
  6. 6. Over 5 000 students
  7. 7. 264 lecturers and 139 otherpersonnel
  8. 8. over 20 degreeprogrammeswithover 40 lines</li></li></ul><li>The Mission of LUAS<br />Weoffertraining and researchthatleads to highestprofessionalknowledge and insight in the fieldsrepresentedbyitsdegreeprogrammes.<br />Wepromote the development of individuals, cultures, working life and the rest of the society in changingcircumstances.<br />
  9. 9. TrainingProgrammes of LUAS<br />DEGREE-AWARDING EDUCATION<br /><ul><li>over 20 degreeprogrammes</li></ul>ADULT AND FURTHER EDUCATION<br /><ul><li>Degree-awardingadulteducation
  10. 10. Masterdegrees
  11. 11. OpenUniversity of Applied Sciences
  12. 12. Furthereducation</li></ul> (professionalshortcourses, tailor-madecourses for <br />enterprises, etc.)<br />
  13. 13. International Activities<br />Studentmobility (studies and practicaltrainingabroad)<br />Teacher and staffmobility<br />Degree-awardinginstruction in English<br /> International jointdegreeprogrammes<br />Multilateralprojects and courses<br />Participation in the EU action programmes in the field of education and training (LifelongLearningProgramme, Tempus)<br />Nordicco-operation (NordPlus)<br />Co-operationwithRussia (Interreg, Tacis, FIRST)<br />Co-operationactivities in Asia<br /> R&D co-operation<br />Exhibitions, competitions and excursions<br /> International networks and associations<br />eg. Cumulus, ELIA, EAIE, ENSSEE, Florence)<br />Co-operationwith 150 institutions of highereducation in 30 countries<br />
  14. 14. Development Center for AdultEducation (DCAE)<br />Established in 2009<br />DCAE coordinates and developsAdultEducation at LUAS:<br /> - Degree-awardingadulteducation<br /> - Masterdegrees<br /> - OpenUniversity of Applied Sciences<br /> - Furthereducation<br /> (professionalshortcourses, tailor-madecourses for <br />enterprises, etc.)<br />Staff: 5-6 persons<br />
  15. 15. Studies at LUAS for adults<br />Bachelor`s degrees (210 - 270 ects)<br />Bachelor`s degree programmes have a strong practical focus in creating skilled professionals<br />12 different DPs for adults, altogether 22 different DPs available:<br />Institute of Design<br />DP in Design & DP in Visual Communication<br />Institute of Fine Arts<br />DP in Fine Arts<br />Faculty of Music<br />DP in Music<br />Faculty of Business Studies<br />DP in Business Logistics & DP in Business<br />Faculty of Technology<br />DP in Information Technology<br />Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality<br />DP in Hotel and Restaurant Management & DP in Tourism Management<br />Faculty of Social and Health Care <br />DP in Social Services, DP in Physiotherapy & DP in Nursing (Nursing, Public Health Nursing)<br /> <br />
  16. 16. Master`sdegrees (60 - 90 ects)<br />Master's degree programmes are strongly oriented towards the working life. <br />They deepen and widen students' professional skills. <br />Degree programmes at LUAS:<br />Institute of Design<br />DP in Design<br />DP in Interior Design<br />Faculty of Business Studies<br />DP in Entrepreneurship and Business Competence<br />DP in International Business Management (conducted in English)<br />Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality<br />DP in Service Management<br />Faculty of Social and Health Care <br />DP in Developing and Management of Social and Health Care<br />DP in Social Services<br />DP in Rehabilitation<br />
  17. 17. Open Studies at LUAS<br /><ul><li>Open Studies are open for everyone interested in studies at University of Applied Sciences, no matter for age or basic training
  18. 18. Open Studies are chargeable: 10,00€ / 1 ECT
  19. 19. Open Studies are parts from the studies of the Bachelor's Degree or the Master’s Degree
  20. 20. Open Studies are possible to be included to the degrees
  21. 21. In 2010-2011 there is 116 courses between 3 to 10 ECTS in all our fields of study: business studies, design and visual communication, fine arts, music, hospitality management, social and health care, technology and engineering
  22. 22. Examples: Building the Brand and the Visual identity, 22 ECTS, Painting Icons, 3 ECTS, Instrument Studies (singing, piano or orchestral instruments), 4 ECTS, Special Questions of the Russian Trade, Introduction to Wine, 3 ECTS, English in Social and Health Care, 3 ECTS, SolidWorks 2010 3D –technical drawing, 4 ECTS, Francais des Affaires, 3 ECTS</li></li></ul><li>FutherEducation at LUAS<br />FurtherEducation<br />professionalshort/longercourses for individuals, tailor-madecourses for enterprises<br />organizedfrom the fields of the expertize of LUAS<br />partisipants/enterprisespay the fees<br />no subventions<br />main targetgroupsareleaders, managers, HR professionals, experts<br />someexamples of ourcourses:<br />work-lifebalance, social media, visualcommunication,EMBAEmergingmarkets – India, management of the future, China ja Russia – business contacts and culture information etc.<br />
  23. 23.  Case “Equality in Divorce Parenting – Don´t Dismiss Dad-Project”<br />The project started in the beginning of 2010. The main investors of the project are the ministry of Social Affairs and Health in Finland and The European Social Fund. Lahti university of applied sciences is managing the project.The purpose of the project is to create educational framework that helps social workers to estimate parenthood in a divorce situation. The main aspect is the fatherhood. There will be three similar updating educations between the years 2010 and 2011. The project will be finished by the year 2012. The main themes of the updating trainings are the changes of fatherhood, children`s well-being, men's and women's equality, changes of the parenthood and immigrant parenthood. The education costs 400 € for each students. There will also be three similar forums that are free for the participants. The themes of these one day forums are planned for all the people who are interested in the issue of the project. Lecturers are experts in the divorce area. <br />